The FASTEST Way To Earn $200 Per Day For Beginners Online In 2023 (Step-by-step) Pt. 2

in today's video I'm going to choose step by step one of the fastest ways you can make 200 per day online as a beginner in 2023 with a zero investment out of your own pocket using this method you can make money just like this like I received to my wise account 4591 or can also make money just like this I was able to make on my CPA grip account the CPA Network 9431 or nine thousand and one dollar and twenty two cents that have been actually paid out okay you can make both of these with method I'm gonna show you in the next few minutes before we get started don't forget to please smash like subscribe to the channel comment down below something random for YouTube algorithm and let's get started with the step-by-step tutorial okay so let's get started where we exactly left out from the previous video because in my previous video the one when you go to the channel and you go the right right after this one I'm going I just pretty much showed you exactly how to create these amazing automation machine that's going to be making money on autopilot every single day now essentially if you haven't seen the previous video what I showed you is exactly how to create these super simple landing page that looks just like this completely for free and when people are going to sign up right here they are going to receive firstly this message right here which is pretty much going to look just like this welcome first name thank you for subscribing you can click on the button below to receive the link to the gift card giveaway if you ever want to unsubscribe just guys stop and then the button actually goes to your CPA offer now that's right away then the next day they are going to receive the same exact kind of like message for a different CPA offer so this is the latest gift card giveaway for today act fast there are limited spots available on this one it's for 500 cash app giveaway okay now pretty much if you want to do it for a long time this is all you got to do once you have the second message because the first one is like welcome it's the first ever message you cannot welcome them every single day but the second one is just a daily update so just Ctrl a copy the entire message and then you want to pretty much go right here click on the plus icon right here click on messenger then put it like right here then connect this together then click on add text right here and again paste the message just like this just paste it or you can also just click on the first message again just copy that and make sure you have it copied and then click on Ctrl V to paste it and it's going to give you the message right here then connect them together from this next step but make sure you're going to edit it accordingly and then also just make sure to change out for something different so for example I'm going to go with this GoPro 8 card or gift card gift giveaway from CPA grip copy that change it up right here and also it's for a brand new GoPro let's call it like this so it's for brand new GoPro 8 giveaway okay and that's it that's essentially it what you got to do just make sure again it's going to be edited accordingly okay let's delete this one okay and let's add it right here just like this from The Next Step and make sure you're going to publish it after every single thing so now we have three messages in our automation you can do this over and over and over and again and pretty much set yeah for like the next week two three or even like a month one two and just repeat the messages and this is exactly how you automate this entire process because now you can just focus on traffic which I'm going to show you exactly how to get right now now the first thing what you want to do is again go to grow tools click on the growth tool and click on setup and this is the link that we are going to be using okay this link is going to do all the job for you when people are going to visit it I'll show it to you live without going to visit it click on go to messenger and pretty much send to messenger and the automation bar is going to do all the work for you sending the messages making money and it's also completely free now what I want to show you is going to be multiple websites that you can actually get free traffic from now the first one is this one right here called and I will show you exactly why this is a good website to get this traffic from you can see it's been a lot been around for a long time all you got to do is just scroll all the way down click on join our membership and just sign up completely for free I'm just going to log in right now so I'm just going to enter I'm not the robot55 BK I'm just going to log into my account now there's a lot of advertisements right here but this is a website that a lot of my students are currently using to make money okay but when you're going to sign up just click on skip offer and login now to the members area and it's going to get picture I put you right here then on the left hand side you can see there's like a lot of real shiny things but currently there's like 2.8 million members and you can definitely make money from these people because they are looking for these giveaways okay so let me just click on later right here and then on the left hand side you want to go right here to free classified ads just click there and click on Place ads for free and when you're going to come to this page it might ask you to actually just view some websites first so you get some credit or if you have a completely brand new account you can just post an ad right here and these ads are going to be showing up on all these different websites you can see right here like this is one of the offers again one of the offers one of the ads another one another one another one another one okay and this is actually someone from my YouTube channel posting this exact ad okay this one right here is a person that watched my YouTube channel and decided to take action so if you you're going to take action as well not only you're going to have your ad right here you will actually make money from doing that okay if I click on details you can see this is the landing page that I created for them and pretty much if I'm going to like fill it out I'm going to be taking to the golden Alpha golden ticket and they are going to make money so this is how the advertisement looks like okay so this is super simple now just gonna post an ad and you just want to write their title now what you want to do is just call it a real daily gift card giveaways 100 to 750 gifts every day and then add content sign up for a premium daily gift card giveaway contest where you can win gift card every single day anywhere from 100 to 750 depending on the offer sign up for free using your Facebook Messenger now you want to make sure you're going to shorten the link that you're going to receive because if you are just to post it there it will look like this okay manychat your name it doesn't look professional just make sure you are going to shorten it just like here and click on shorten right here and it's going to create it and then just click on copy and you want to put it right there okay so this is how it's going to look like then also the URL you want to put it right here as well and now you want to scroll down and you want to check the giveaway sections okay because they have a lot of data they also have a lot of different websites where they are going to be advertising your advertisement obviously that's what you do in an advertisement but also I want to make sure you're going to select the giveaways and freebies okay so home business freebies make money now freebies you can select two categories and two directories per ad but also you can just create multiple of them and find all the freebies in other sections as well and just submit them there and you just want to make sure to go and post that you post your advertisement and then it's already going to get autopilot traffic from all these websites and the messenger bot is going to be messaging people every single day or how long you're going to submit it for now that was the first website now the second one which is also faster is going to be very basic but I will show you amazing ninja technique you can actually use to get a lot of traffic very fast even if you have zero social media presence and you have zero followers just go to and just sign up for an account just enter your email enter your password and you just click on create a new account depending on how many accounts you created they might ask you for like a phone verification or anything like that just go with it it's not a big deal just complete it and then just sign up for a free account then once you're inside of your account this is how it's going to look like pretty much super basic and you just want to go to the search tab right here and this is what you want to look for it's going to be freebie that's one keyword but that's just one of the categories and go to the groups right here and you're going to find all these different freebie groups okay or you can just sign up and just go completely without any verification like some of them are going to require that but that's okay just go for these ones okay where you can click and go to the visit okay so that's what you want to join and make sure they have at least like tens of thousands of members because now what I'm going to show you is exactly how to actually get people to go to your manychat okay because you don't want to just write a promotional like okay sign up here make money sign up here still products this is what you want to do you just want to write here hey I just found this premium list of the gift card giveaways where you can sign up and receive daily message to your messenger with a new link for every day it works on first comes first of verses but also some of the giveaways are one on random you can complete them later and still have high chance of winning it's free it works on your phone so if you are interested in signing up just comment below this is very important and I'll send you a link most likely in one posted with the link so far I didn't mean anything but a lot of people Harry it's worth a try if you're five to ten minutes extra per day I guess this is what you want right there make sure being honest about the intentions and everything like they are going to receive the daily message to messenger just tell them about that because then you can make more money from people signing up because they will expect it and also pretty much they will know that they can complete the CPA offers every single day and also then go to Google search for gift card but we want to find not gift cards like this you want to find like a physical photo of a gift card okay not like this generated ones okay so let's go with gift gift card unboxing for example and it's going to give you like gift cards that look like this okay so all these real looking gift cards finally and not something that's like 2D okay so get any of the images for example like this one one or any of them like this one or like this one or anything that's going to be like a gift card image you want to put there as well so this is the one that I'm going to get for example like from Amazon right click click on save image and just put it right there and you want to click on post okay so now when you're going to post it it's actually going to go semi-viral because people are going to be liking and also replying to your post which is going to keep it at the top every single time and the more people are going to see it in the top more are going to comment and again more are going to be on the top and instead like the other post where people are just posting they get buried in the Facebook group this one is always going to stay at the top and that's it I hope you enjoyed this video now please let me know what you think about this cool money making strategy in the comment section below if you haven't seen the first part go watch it right here and then just use these cool amazing traffic strategies that I share with you in this video just make sure to take action on this and you are definitely going to see some very amazing results just go ahead and give it a try and I will see you in the next one bye for now

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