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and this is how much I was able to make 387 dollars and 30 cents but because I set it up in additional way I made an extra 187 dollars and not an accidentally not without any extra effort because I set it up this way I think it's actually much worse to do that because that's 187 dollars that I wouldn't made otherwise but even though I just made that extra I think 387 dollars without doing any of the work I think it's still really good what's going on guys in today's video I want to show you this three minute trick that I was able to use to make over 300 in pure profit and then an extra 187 dollars with affiliate marketing sales which is just a bonus this is a method that you can use to make twice the amount of money if you're going to set it up just the way I'm going to show you you don't have to pay for any traffic you don't have to pay for any tools and the best part is you don't even need to have any kind of website or social media followers for this to work this is something super easy but it gets slightly technical so at the end of the video please watch this video carefully because because it gets slightly Technical and if you're going to mess it up it won't make you any money but it's not really hard to do so I will show you exactly step by step how to set this up correctly so you are on your way to make a couple hundred dollars extra with doing this very very clever trick that I promise is going to blow your way but before that don't forget to please smash the like for the YouTube algorithm I heard that everybody who's going to watch the video is going to make thousands of dollars and also don't forget to subscribe to the channel and hit notification Bell if you are never going to miss out on any of my future videos and also comment down below something super cool for the YouTube algorithm so this video is going to push to a lot more people also if you'd like to see exactly how I'm making this amount of money per day and pretty much per month per seven days on Warrior plus you can see that today already 1.5 000 yesterday compared to other days kind of slow day just 984 the last seven days was eleven thousand dollars last month was 40 cal 42 000 and last 30 days is 42.7 thousand dollars if you'd like to see exactly how I'm making this amount of money I'm going to be running a five day live master class training 60 Minutes of your training every single day for a week if you want to join for a very cheap price click on the link in the video description the price is going to increase there is limited amount of spots so yeah secure your spot as soon as possible otherwise you might miss out on this and I'm going to be reviewing literally everything how I do that and also how you can get started and make your first two thousand dollars without shaving your face online creating any content or even selling anything yourself but right now let's get started with the tutorial where I'm going to show you exactly how I was able to do this and make this amount of money okay now pretty much the method comes around very simple hey that I will show you a little bit later but there are two ways of actually setting this up one is where you are not going to be making these affiliate marketing sales which you can definitely do but the other way is to actually make this affiliate marketing sales I will show you both of these methods but I will mainly focus on this one which already made me like 187 dollars which I think is like I just made it and I just checked it I was like 187 dollars that's very cool so I'll show you exactly how to do it for this one but pretty much if you know how to do it for this one you know how to do it for anything at all so first of all what you want to do is you want to go to Google and you want to search pretty much for free plr ebooks and you want to pick up any of these free plr websites and pick up something that's going to be like very high quality okay so I'm just going to open a couple of them because you want to make sure that whatever you're going to pick up you want to make sure it's going to be high quality and in very well known Niche so pretty much for this website you can just pick up the niches that are very big letters so for example in this one it's internet marketing business marketing Beauty finance and health so this would be like a website you can use then plr mines this doesn't really look like a good website let me just check it out oh yeah it actually is but it was just the wrong link you can pick up this one as well so pretty much this website is going to be as well then you can also pick up idplr which I think is one of the best ones because they have like very high quality books and pretty much when you're going to register you get two of the premium ones completely for free and when you're going to go to products and with ebooks with resale rights you're going to see if you're going to sort and buy new that are really bad one better looking ones okay and especially on the right hand side you're going to find that pretty much all of these are new ones you can use and pretty much like for example YouTube success USB Advantage any of these are going to work okay side hustle success Google mid Mastery any of these then pretty much also free plr any of these this one looks very cool social media marketing if you can get this one the method is going to work very very well so pretty much yeah that's pretty much it that's pretty much it you just want to pick up a book that is free and you can actually use it another thing you want to also do yourself is you want to pretty much this is the bad way of doing it is you want to pick up a PDF that's also promoting an affiliate product so for example when you go to ClickBank and you're going to search like through couple of them and check out the pages you're going to see that some of the pages especially this one The X Factor 2.0 not the X Factor the singing show but this one how to get your ex back you're going to check out the affiliate page and you're going to find that these are affiliate products specifically there's a lot of them but this is just an example I want to use for a video you can just go through them and just click on any of these affiliate pages and find something yourself you're going to see okay that there is like a viral PDF okay so like a PDF document now this PDF document has a sole purpose and that is to sell the main product and they have done everything they could to actually make this very high quality so if I'm going to click over here click here to view a sample you can see this actually looks very good but also it doesn't just get uh just uses your link when you're going to request it right here you want to make sure you're going to request it with your own of the link but also it's written in a very persuasive way so it's going to position the main product like the ultimate solution for any of the problems that are pretty much in the ebook Okay so pretty much this is like a very very good thing to do and this is what I use myself okay that's how I actually got that affiliate marketing sale because I used a done for you PDF that's promoting an affiliate product there are other ways to do this as well you using Sade app where you're going to replace the first the second page without affiliate link but this is better way of doing it if you can find a PDF okay if you can find a PDF just use this one okay so this is what you got to do then what you want to do you want to download this PDF and now I'm going to show you the exact hack to actually use this with okay so first of dial the main PDF and then also what you want to do and this is like an uh conversion booster you want to find the e-cour and download that one as well so in this case the only e-cover is right here so you want to right click on it and you want to save the image as as well so you have the PDF and you have the e-cover of the set PDF or the set ebook you want to go to Google and if you don't have this free software it's called WinRAR you can just download it it's a file where it's a software to package different like files all together make them smaller size and also it has one powerful feature which I will show you very very soon so just download it it's completely free this is what I use you can I guess use any other zip file as well well but I think this one is going to be the best one and I will show you the tutorial for this one now the next thing you want to go to OG ads or this is what I use myself and I will show you why just create a file go to tools and create a file locker for this one click on create a file locker and pretty much this is how the file locker is going to look like very simple very simple and also it's very easy to complete now pretty much let's call it like file locker X Factor just like this then you don't have to put anything there you can just change the theme for example but I think the blue one is actually the best one or the green because it awoks like something that people can trust but other than that you don't have to do it anywhere else and then this redirect URL this is something we are going to be using very soon now go to Advanced and this looks pretty okay and then go to customize theme and pretty much not file download you want to put here the title is going to be unlock password then the instructions which are going to be when people are going to be on the button the button is going to say click here to unlock and when people click on the start download it's going to tell them loading human verification and unlocking will allow access to the premium content and locking is going to give you the password for the RAR file okay something like this and this is what we are looking for now make sure to keep this open make sure to keep this open because we are going to create a password very soon just keep this open okay now what you want to do is go to your desktop now what you want to do right now is you want to get your PDF you want to get your e-cover and you want to get a simple text file now first off right click on the PDF and you want to click on add to Archive and then you want to select a zip format and then right here where it says set password you want to set a password so click there and just put any password like one two three four five six so one two three four five six and then click on OK and then click on OK and now it's going to create you this ZIP file this RAR file that is actually password protected now you can see this is the the PDF and it has this little asterisk that means that it's password protected and when I click on it I need to enter my password now what you want to do right now is you want to just drag and drop the e-cover into the zip file this is going to make sure this is not going to be actually password protected so when I'm going to open it up now the e-cover doesn't have the asterisk this one actually has so people can actually open up the e-cover see what is inside and then see that the PDF is actually locked okay now what we want to do is want to make sure we're going to add them instructions on how to get the password now right click on the text file and right there read me for password and then open it up and right there thank you for downloading the X Factor guide the password can be found here and this is where we are going to add our content Locker or file locker but before that go to website that's called and just write their passwords and add the password I believe it is one two three four five no three one two three four five six just write the pass password and then pretty much that's it that's it and just name it like pass or whatever and click on create a new paste and this is it okay now copy the link to the paste bin copy that go back to OG ads and just add it to the redirect URL and click on create a locker okay so now we have the locker right here and I'm just going to click on actions view details and then pretty much this is the locked URL so this is the URL we are going to be using and when somebody is going to visit it bam click here to unlock bam they need to complete the offers right here and that's how you're going to get paid so this is going to be the URL we are going to put into the document okay and when they are going to complete it then they are redirected to the paste pin they get access to everything they read the PDF and that's exactly how we can actually make those affiliate tells because once they read the PDF you already made the money on OG ads but also once they're going to read the PDF and if it's like a very good PDF that promotes an affiliate product as well you can make even more money with affiliate sales okay so now that you have this a text document there make sure again to just drag and drop it right here into the zip file and then this is how your zip file is going to look like so it has the readme for password unlock X handbag PDF it's asterisk that means it locks and then the e-cover again no asterisk so now they see the password they see the e-cover but they need to unlock the PDF when they unlock it you will get paid once they read through it and they make an affiliate purchase you will get paid as well and have a bonus step to actually make money from this you just need to upload it somewhere and don't promote it you can also upload it to a website that's going to pay you for uploading we just go like Apple app forever and you're going to see if that is going to pay you not a lot of money but it's still something for example like seven dollars or a thousand dollars three four four or seven dollars I know it's not a lot but it's definitely something and if you're going to upload it anywhere you might as well upload it like up forever because like zip file you cannot upload it to like Google Docs and people can read it right away they always need to download it so this is like a very cool solution just upload it to app forever and that's pretty much it now only you have to do is just drive some traffic to it from people who are interested in the main PDF they are going to be unlocking it and when they actually make a purchase that's where they're going to make even more money but most of the money is going to come from unlocking but depending on the product that you are promoting you can wake up and generate sales like this like 187 dollars extra which I didn't know I was actually generating you can see I have no earnings on this account at all I made an extra 187 dollars with no problems because I was just testing it out and I actually used a PDF that was promoting an affiliate offer and that's it guys hope you enjoyed this video now if you'd like to see exactly how I'm making over one to three thousand dollars per day and you want to join the five day live master class training which is happening on 19th of June click on the link in the video description or in the first link in the comment section pick up your ticket before the price is going to increase and I cannot wait to see you inside because this is going to be amazing training and I wish you all the best and for the next video which is going to show you how I also like make like 1 000 per day you can click right here and I'm gonna see you there bye for now

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