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and by doing this you can see right here he made 5942 dollars right here on PayPal then one thousand eight hundred and three thousand five hundred and when he got started he made 445 dollars now all he was doing was actually just what's going on guys in today's video I'm super excited because what I want to show you is actually a success story of one of my students who was able to make over ten thousand dollars in completely pure pure pure profit without spending a single Cent out of his own pocket just using one of my methods that I posted on my YouTube channel just a few months ago now in today's video I'm going to actually show you the updated version of this method and more importantly what you can actually do to generate this amount of money just like he did completely for free and with no skills no experience and also without making any sales at all but before we get started don't forget to smash like subscribe to the channel hit notification Bell comment down below something random for the YouTube algorithm and let's get started with the step-by-step tutorial okay yeah so this is the proof that I actually received from the student and you can see that this is his CPA grip payment history and when he was starting he actually made four thousand uh sorry 445 dollars just by doing this method then the next payday he received was five thousand nine hundred and forty two dollars now to be completely clear I don't know if this is like per week this is per month but I suppose it's actually per month okay but I know it didn't take him months to earn this he was just actually cashing out the money on monthly basis so it's like 5.9 so almost 6 000 the 1.8 000 right here and 3.5 000 right here so it's like six two and this is like three so it's over ten thousand dollars he was actually able to make incomplete Profit just by using this method and this is actually by using this exact method that I posted like two months ago it got 41 000 views and in that video I show you proof of him actually making four thousand five hundred and eighty seven dollars in a single day by doing this so that's why I think he made this amount of money uh using it and pretty much on this payday he actually got me he most of the money was made in a single day and then the next day he made less and then next day he made nothing and then he just died off so this is the main method that he was actually using this is the same exact method I'm going to show you in today's video but I will actually show you more and better and upgraded version of it and exactly how anyone can get started right now and actually make almost four thousand dollars now listen I don't think anyone watching this right now and doing it for the first time is going to make that amount of money just like he didn't make that amount of money when he was first trying it out but the method has huge potential so the only thing that I encourage you to do is just watch this video from beginning to the end because I will show you step by step exactly what to do and at the end of the video I will show you the exact opportunity that can make you over four thousand dollars per day it can make even more but the number that I want to use is the one that I actually got from him so 4587.33 per day okay so let's get started now you can see his method of withdrawing the money was on PayPal so if you don't have a PayPal already I highly recommend just go ahead and sign up there now I also recommend using like wise.com it's another service that I I recommend even more but you can't really use it just like PayPal but it has a lot less face and what is cool about the wise.com is if you are like holding money inside this every single month they are going to actually send you some pure profits just for holding currency in this account so I think it's really cool and if you are pretty much holding some money there they are actually going to be paying you interest on your money every single month automatically just by having money there so if you are using PayPal I think using device is just better for that you can see they are going to pay like four percent I believe uh yearly on your money that you are holding and also it depends on the currency the most you are getting paid is for US Dollars okay so this is what I recommend just sign up to wise.com there's going to be a link in the video description as well it's my referral link I will get a little Kickback when you actually make money from Wise and also you'll get some less transfer fees when you are signing up for the first time so you need some account to actually withdraw the money so either wise.com I recommend it or go for PayPal it's not like I don't recommend it it's my second recommendation because his wife is just much much better now pretty much what he was using is CPA grip for this method and you can use it with no problems but I actually think if you are using CPA grip it's going to work very well but I want to introduce you to a new aspect of this method which I think is going to be converting just a little bit more so if everybody is just going to be using CPA grip some people are going to be like okay I don't want to be doing that but if you are going to be doing this with the upgraded version I highly recommend you are actually going to sign up for OG ads okay OG ads.com just go to OG ads.com and just sign up for a free account you can sign up now and this is like a Network that has very cool offers especially for mobile CPA grip has it as well but the requirements for them actually to be completed are slightly higher so the thing is if you are going to get someone that is not really enticed to complete the offer they are not going to do it on CPA grip because the alpha requires like a get to the level 3 or do some work instead of the app once they download it but with OG ads people can literally just download the application and just open it and that's it now I want to actually show you the method and how it's going going to be working so let's get started when you go to Google and you search for like IMDb books office of all time you're going to see all these movies that are generating hundreds of millions and billions of dollars every single time pretty much not every single time but whenever they are released okay just one time but there's plenty of movies like this released every single time and when you go to this link right here it's called Box Office Mojo top lifetime grosses books officemojo this is how it's going to look like and you can see like the top worldwide lifetime Rose movies and how much money they have made so you can see lifetime Grows Right Here for Avatar is two two billion for to 2 billion 900 900 million dollars that's how much they made then here Avengers end game 2.08 billion Avatar 2.3 billion Titanic and all these movies and whenever they are released there's really high hype about these movies and they are also making a lot of money but also this is a huge huge huge opportunity for you to make a lot of money as well because there's a lot of people who are looking for links to actually watch these movies completely for free without going to theaters or stuff like that and all these movies and I will show you the exact movie if I can actually find it right here I will just search for it it's called Ant-Man Ant-Man if it's going to find it Ant-Man is it all together it's actually not there it wasn't that good that's kind of kind of weird but it's actually called Ant-Man and Quantum Mania that's the movie that he used to generate those uh those results it's not here but nevertheless these are all the movies that are generating all this money you can make a lot of money just by like doing this little simple method so for example if you just go to Google sites I will show you exactly what to do and then I will show the exact opportunity to do this for because it can literally make you thousands of dollars per day if you're going to do this correctly and this is how to do this correct just go to Google sites and just delete the header we just want the blank website do you want to put a text box and for this example I'm going to use let's go with like a movie Let's Go with like I don't know the Avengers okay let's go with Avengers any any Marvel fans in the comment section comment down below who is your favorite avenger I would like to know if you're on the Hulk Iron Man Thor he's my personal favorite Captain America or I don't know any of the other ones that are not so powerful right so any of these movies let's go with Avengers okay and what you want to put here it's going to be Avengers so pretty much the name of the movie a watch full movie for free okay and you want to put it right here under that and for the Avengers because like a super short super super short name uh you want to put a year as well so Avengers so where are they at the Avengers so it's 2012 okay so it's the Avengers and I will put their 2012 just like this and they want to put it into the center make sure it's going to look some somewhat good okay so make it like this and then make sure the headline of the movie is like the bigger one so I will make this like latteo or actually let's use like Monster Rod and I will use the black one this is the exact template by the way you can use because this template is going to work for anything so I'm just going to make this one a bit smaller so it's going to be kind of like just like this and also I want to align it exactly below that so let's use this click on these little three dots right here and then go right here increase line and paragraphs let's go with like 115.

That's actually too much I want to make it custom spacing and I'm just going to put there like uh let's do like a 0.85 okay and apply so I want to make sure it's going to be right below that okay so it's not taking as much space and just make it slightly bigger let's go like 26 okay so it's going to be kind of like looking good okay and make this one like bold or yeah just like this and underline okay just make sure the headline of the movie is always visible and then like watch movie watch full movie for free now the next thing that you want to do is go to YouTube and you want to pretty much search for the trailer of the movie so pretty much this is The Avengers 2022 so just search for The Avengers 2012 sorry 12 2012 and you just want to get the the trailer okay it's right here 11 years ago feels like this was yesterday actually but that's okay and just right click on it and go copy link address and then just go to Google sites and go to embed and you want to select the buy URL and just paste the URL of the YouTube video and this is going to Auto grab the YouTube video and put it onto your own website and you want to put it just to the center but not exactly okay just like this so it's like the Avengers is in the middle and then the video is like not right here but like right here okay something like that and then the next part is going to be another text box and you just want to right here click here to watch the full movie for free just like this and by the way if you have seen this actually that's okay but I want to show you like the cool traffic strategy that he used okay so let me just make this a bit smaller and move this right here make it your Center okay and just like here and click here to watch and always add like two lines because it's like easier to read if there's like two lines people can just see the entire thing without actually moving their eyes but if there's like one huge line they have to go like from left to the right to right to the left if it's like two small paragraphs people can see right away so that's like little copywriting hack for you guys okay so 115 and make the second one a little bit bigger okay always try to make it like the same width that's like a little design hack because it's just just like this this one 12 okay just right here Coolio so this is the part we have right now the next thing we need to do is actually to deliver on the movie and also make the monetization part work for us but one more thing I also forgot to add just add the text box and write their trailer okay trailer so people can actually see that this is literally just the trailer and nothing else so I will just move it about that and put it to the center and make it bold okay just like this this is all there needs to be now what you want to do is you want to go to OG ads just log into your account blah blah and then go to the tools right here at the top and you want to go for the captcha lockers this is so unique to none other CPA affiliate or whatever kind of network has it and it works so well you don't capture lockers and we want to create a captcha Locker now the capture Locker is actually genius because it works just like the captcha but you are going to get paid money for that now let's call it like Avengers so we can actually track it and that's it so unlock action click on redirect to another URL okay and now what we need to do is actually find the url of the movie so the way to do that is actually super simple you can just go to this website called cmovies.so so just Google that because they always change the url you can actually find the movie right here okay now you can see this is where the Ant-Man and the quantum Mania was this was the movie that he actually made like three point five thousand dollars with I believe because there wasn't any big movie back released very very recently so this was the movie he pretty much just did it for a couple of movies but you can do it for all of the movies right here and if they are not that popular you are going to make like 500 2 000 per movie so there's like one two three four five six seven eight nine ten it's over ten thousand dollars a rate right here and all you have to do is just search for example also be be aware of the ads so when you search here every single time you do like click or something uh it's going to pop off an ad okay because that's how this how the website actually makes money okay so this is the The Avengers now I think I have ad block right here that's why I cannot see the preview but this is actually the link and this is where can people watch that okay so all you have to do is just copy the link to his website and then go right here and just put it as redirect URL and click on create Locker just like this and then right here you can see Avengers this is the the link this is the capture locker and just click on actions and you want to click on view details and now we are going to install it now the way to install is actually super simple all you have to do is just go back to your Google site you want to put it there embed and click on embed code and just copy and paste these two red codes okay this is the first one just copy it as the first one and then this is the second one just copy and paste it right here and click on next okay and it's going to preview the capture locker and this is how it looks like okay it looks just like a capture Locker you want to insert it right here and make sure it's going to actually fit under the right part that's why we want to leave some space because it's very wide and you cannot shrink it because you're going to shrink it after people click on it it's going to display an offer wall all where people can complete the offers you don't want this after wall to be like cropped because then people cannot actually click on the button to download the application complete the CPA offer or anything like that so click here to watch the full movie for free then this is a cap chat and we are going to add a text and just right here please complete the human notification by clicking below and then also add this little paragraph after the verification you are automatically going to be redirected to watch the full movie so this is all you need to do and this is like an example for The Avengers I'll show you another movie that is going to be released soon that will make you thousands of dollars if you're going to do it just this way and using the traffic Source I will show you in just a few moments and let me just call it so for example something like a watch Avengers for fun or something like that because a lot of people are going to be doing this and the thing is a lot of links are going to be taken but this is like the page you are looking for just something basic with the movie trailer movie name and watchful movie for free and then your locker right here and when people click on it the the after wall is show own and this is the reason why it's so wide because you don't want to crop it if you're going to crop it for example and it's grab like a right here they can they cannot click on the verify or they cannot click on the offers and it's just not going to make you money even though people would like to complete the surveys now this is just for Slovakia so that's why there's like only one offer but if you're going to get people from United States Canada United Kingdom there's going to be so much so many offers right here that you can choose from anything like that so now the page is ready I want to show you the cool traffic strategy that he used and also I I recommend it now the first traffic strategy which I recommended was actually go to Just AV forums.com and then if you go to forums right here you're going to see there's all these TV forums all these home audio pretty much about the video audio kind of like consumer Society where people are watching movies so all the audios all the TVs all the movies but also more importantly there are all these Marvel movie and TV show franchise Forum so there's like for Marvel movie right here now you've got to make sure it's actually made by Marvel because it's not going to make sense otherwise but also there's like Star Wars movie right here then there's also like DC movie Star Trek so all these sub forums for all these huge movie categories where you can just share this and all you have to do is just add your link to the description or the signature of your post of your profile and it's going to be added to every single the signature of your post you just add it there and then just make a few comments right before the movie goes live and they're going to be seen there and people are going to be clicking on your links and then you are going to generate the traffic so pretty much what he used for the traffic Source I will show you right now is actually Tick Tock okay and this is crazy you can see the exact results of other people doing this right now you can just go to tick tock and search for Ant-Man and the WASP went to Mania all together without any spaces you can pause the video right now rewrite it and just check on click on the videos check on the videos and you can see some of these posts are actually like lower quality and then in the description is going to tell like you can watch the full movie This is the link and they will just add like a bitly link or something if it's a new account if the account already has a thousand followers they are just going to redirect people to the bio okay so this is the the one that he actually done it for Ant-Man and the WASP Quantum Mania it was a huge Marvel movie now other people are doing it as well if if you just search for a free movie and go to videos you can see all these Tic Tacs that are getting like millions of views 43k 153k 72k 934k 43k views we are just recommending different websites where you can watch movies for free and all you have to do is just create a tick tag just like this just go and search for what's going on right now for the specific movie you are going to be doing this for and now actually the best niches to go for and the best movies if you just go to Google and search for upcoming movies 2023 and they just go through these that are right here okay in this uh highlighted category the only one way to get there is you need to have a proven track record of good movies I also like the best of the best movies are shown right here so pretty much this one right here Spider-Man across the spiderwires 2023 is going to be a big movie then this one's right here the Guardians of the Galaxy volume 3 uh 2023 is also going to be a huge one but also the I which I think is going to be a really crazy one it's going to be fast and furious 10 which is pretty much a fast X also it's very good name to rank it for so these movies are going to be the best one now what I recommend is actually doing it for multiple movies don't just go for the highlights because the high the best movies are going to make you literally can make like four thousand dollars per day but the other movies nobody's doing it for them and you can make even more money more often because when you're going to do this this method is going to work for like three days okay the day number one when the movie is released you make the most amount of money day number two you make a little bit less and day number three you make even less and then after that if you are done doing the promotions all the time you are not going to be making any money whatsoever and it's also going to get kind of demotivating because on day one you make the most money money and now you don't want to do it for any less so for the first three days you make the most amount of money and then I would highly recommend just switching to other movies but also use multiple multiple movies for this use OG ads use Google sites use tick tock for the traffic and you are good to go and that's it I hope you enjoyed this video guys let me know what you think about it in the comment section below if you're going to make money with this make sure to send me an email so I can highlight you in the next video and also check out another cool money making video check out this video right here which is going to show you another cool money making strategy you can use right now after watching this video

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