2 Hours Got Me 541 Backlinks – “Link Building” in 2023

yeah in under two hours of my time I was able to get 541 backlinks to one of my websites this is not clickbait it actually happened here's how I've said for a long time that one of my favorite ways to build Authority including getting backlinks on a website is to get yourself interviewed on podcasts now I've had a lot of people say yeah but it's kind of a lot of work and yeah it's hard you have to actually know something about your topic and I don't know all that worked for just one backlink doesn't hardly seem worth it well it really pays off I'm gonna explain to you exactly how here's how I got 541 backlinks a few years ago I went to a conference over in Washington DC it was a good conference I met a lot of cool people one of those really cool people I definitely stayed in touch with and guess what he invited me and Jim to be on his podcast what we do here creating written and video content is a good fit for his audience although only kind of one aspect of what he covers on the podcast because a lot of times podcasts are pretty Broad and so we were a perfect fit we got interviewed on the podcast and it took less than an hour and no real preparation on our part because he told us kind of what the topic was going to be and it's just stuff we know because it's what we do it's what we write about it's what we create videos about just like the content you create on your blog right a little while later he reached out to me again and said hey you know what I'd love to talk to you again but this time about a slightly different topic would you be interested in being interviewed on the podcast and I said yeah man that'd be awesome so I was interviewed a second time again less than an hour of work no prep needed I was interviewed on the podcast so where did all these links come from well every single podcast episode is published somewhere right oftentimes they're published here on the host website for example in this case right there on the host website this is one of the two podcast episodes but these podcast episodes were also published on other podcast players like Stitcher here we go one of the two episodes this is red circle where once again it's publishing the podcast episode as well as the show notes here's another one player.fm it's also publishing the podcast episode and the show notes each one of the two different interviews that we did were published on the website Plus at least three or four podcast players this happens on every single podcast I'm interviewed on but something else happened here it's not just that we showed up on like four different places that's that's not 541.

Uh we're not quite there yet right well we did two podcast episodes so let me double that we're not quite 541. so where'd they come from well here's the kind of next piece the fact of the matter is we have an information product a membership called project 24. it's a great fit for his audience it has an affiliate program so what does he do he includes this best business courses I recommend start an online business boom this looks like it links to his website but that's a pretty link if I click through it takes me to project 24. there you go it's a link to my website shows up as a backlink in my backlinks report and Google search console or any of the research tools like ahrefs or semrush that track these sorts of things these are actual backlinks I'll also point out that while these links that are coming from the podcast players like Stitcher FM and others they're not they're no follow links but typically the ones that come from the podcast host's own website they are regular old do follow links right that's the case for basically every one of these podcasts that I've ever been on as I look through those they all show up as do follow links so as this podcast now has 180 episodes on it multiplied across all these podcast players we now have 541 backlinks just from doing these two podcast episodes and having him see that we have a great information product now I get it this sort of a situation is maybe not the typical it's not even the typical in our situation right we truly did get 541 backlinks as of right now but a lot of those are because he's linking to project 24 in all of the other episodes on that podcast so let's talk about another interview I did that was like another hour of my time I was recently interviewed by Empire flippers and we did a podcast episode and once again what do I get I'll get a link from their website it's a do follow link I also get links from multiple different podcast players at least two or three in that case and in fact I actually got multiple links from each of those because they linked to me twice on that page once to the website and once to project 24 as a resource mentioned in that episode but I'm also linked to again from their podcast why well they have a page where they've linked to resources mentioned in previous episodes but I've also been mentioned by other people on their podcast and so what do they do every time I mentioned they go ahead and they link to me because they know who I am they know what it is and they know it's a worthwhile thing to link to this kind of magic happens all the time but there are two really important components that make it into the magic because yes you can go get yourself interviewed on a podcast but how do we turn this into multiple links right where you get other people on their podcast talking about you in the future how do you get it to build real Authority where the people that listen to this episode and others want to actually go click on the link you see because it's um it's not about the link the link is one way that Google measures the authority of a website really the eeat The Experience expertise authoritativeness and trustworthiness of the website the more authoritative websites that link to yours the more trustworthy and authoritative it tends to be not always a direct correlation but pretty close so Google does to some extent rely on backlinks but there's more that comes from a podcast episode that's worth substantially more than just getting yourself quoted on somebody else's website like you get with Haro which is a good thing to do by the way but there's more value when it's a podcast also writing a guest post is great because you get an opportunity to have people read your content but again people that read a blog post on your site or someone else's site aren't really that concerned with who wrote it or what it links to so you get a backlink but it doesn't do a whole lot to build your Authority on a podcast you get an audience that's listening sometimes it's tens of people but often hundreds or even thousands of people listening to an episode where you are being interviewed as a potential expert on the topic there's very little that I've found that builds your credibility more than that being interviewed on someone's YouTube channel or showing up in a collaboration has a similar effect I like that too but I've digressed again back to at the two important components to make this kind of a magic happen the first one is you have to know what you're talking about I've alluded to this already if you don't know your Niche very well because you're like a lot of bloggers and you just get content made or make it quickly or just use AI to write everything and don't actually know what you're talking about you're not going to be able to do a podcast interview and sound intelligible it's just not going to happen so this option isn't available to you it's part of why it works so well is because you can't really fake it the second thing is you have to have content that's really good on your website whether it's just the content on your site your if you have a YouTube channel your own podcast even or if you have information products you have to create content that's really good but also that has a unique perspective or a unique value basically people need to have a reason to want to talk about you even the people that disagree with you if you take a stance if you have something that's unique some people will love it and they'll talk about you like crazy if you take a stance and you create content That's Unique some people will hate it either way people are talking about you which which builds Buzz which gets you backlinks and gets you a lot more trust creating that kind of content is exactly what we do it's what we teach it's what this channel is all about make sure that you keep watching the videos on this channel but I am not done here I have a bonus tactic for you it's something that I alluded to earlier that you may or may not have picked up on and that is creating information products when you have an info product like we have with project 24 it gives you so much more opportunity to be linked to one it got me 541 backlinks because it's a product that's a good fit for that podcast audience so it's linked to in every episode but I've gotten even more links way more than the 541 because I created an info product and I created an affiliate program for it what is that going to do for you well when you get Affiliates you get reviews people write reviews about products that they're Affiliates for that's the way that they sell them and they have to link to the product to be able to sell it so whether or not they wrote a review they're still going to link to your product and they're probably going to link to your product in more than one place one example is I found a website where somebody built their website using our WordPress theme and literally in the footer of the website it says created using aquabato and that link is an affiliate link for acabato so that anybody reading that person's website might potentially want to I guess buy the theme and they would get an affiliate commission sounds great to me akabato is a is a digital product it's a software product and I guess that works just as well as information products the point here is that when you create some sort of a digital product an information product is a great way to go and then you create an affiliate program you will have people writing about it you will have people talking about it and we have literally thousands of backlinks to incomeschool.com from people who have written about project 24 who have written about income School the company because once you're selling something everybody in the industry has to have an opinion about it and about you and once again whether or not people agree with you if they're talking about you you're getting links and you're being viewed as a potential Authority it's going to build your trust and at this point because of the buzz that's been built around project 24 the reviews and all that stuff it's affiliate program driving a lot of that because of all that there are numerous search phrases that we were never ranking for from the content alone that we rank for now that is the value of building eeat including backlinks but again it's about the authority substantially more than it is about the links I hope you'll try these things I hope you will go search out some podcasts that you could potentially be interviewed on for your Niche whether you're creating a YouTube channel a Blog your own podcast or any other content-based business just find some podcasts in your industry start with the smaller ones the newer ones oftentimes those hosts are just looking for ways to create content they're looking for people to interview be one of those people but then have a purpose have a point have an opinion and those things are going to help you get a little bit of Buzz build a little bit of authority and that's going to help you work your way up and up and up to the big podcast the big YouTube channels and the big blogs until everybody's talking about you I hope you'll try it and I look forward to seeing you in the next video here on income school until then go make it happen foreign [Music]

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