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when I think about using AI to create content 
I always think about making more content faster   and I think that's probably where most of 
our minds go but today in this video I want   to share a very specific use case to create 
content in a way that makes you more human   which in my case is much more valuable than 
mass-produced AI content let's get into it anyone who's watched this channel for a while has 
heard us talk about the value of original research   and today I'm going to talk about a few ways you 
can use AI in your original research process and   here's why Human Experience is what we all want 
and crave and in our content original Human   Experience is really really important there's 
only one problem most of us as individuals have   a very limited view on things limited ideas and 
and limited ability to come up with new Concepts   or thoughts and that's where AI is really really 
awesome when I go use AI for idea generation there   are tons of things that I just would have never 
thought of that I can end up using in my content   that I wouldn't have been able to use before the 
specific example that I have kind of prepared for   you today is something that Julia actually did 
a lot of the research on we we ran some examples   and some tests through to actually chat GPT and 
I want to show you kind of what we found so again   remember this is all framed around the idea of 
original research and how to use AI to do that   original research and so it all starts kind of 
with your title right and now we always recommend   that you do some sort of keyword research or 
what we would call search analysis until to find   the topics that you have a pretty good idea could 
rank well on Google but after that after you kind   of have that that key term or key phrase that you 
want to use the first thing that you can use Chad   GPT for is to find great titles throughout this 
process we're going to start very high level and   we're just going to get kind of niched farther 
and farther down into the topic so that we can   get some really good ideas from the AI so what 
we did is we started out by just asking chatgpt   give me ideas for a blog post about woodworking 
now again like I said you're going to want to do   some search analysis but this could be a great 
place to start to start getting those creative   juices flowing to find a topic for your article 
now Chad GPT put out a couple really great ideas   here and as we looked through them we thought 
okay what could we what do we want to kind of   use for this example and as we look through some 
of these ideas we kind of decided that we wanted   to pursue number seven here tool maintenance 
and sharpening and kind of dive into that topic   so then Julia went prompted it again and just gave 
it a very general very wide prompt now remember   none of us are prompt experts here for AI we're 
just doing what we would imagine someone who was   probably fairly beginner at blogging might try 
and do so here we go right 2000 word blog posts   on this topic tool maintenance and sharpening 
offer guidance on keeping woodworking tools and   top condition covering topics like Tool Cleaning 
blade sharpening and routine maintenance so cha   gbt went in and gave us a really decent article 
again something that would need some help some   wordsmithing some additional Human Experience 
added in but a really good place to start and   you can see here we kind of have our main points 
or our subheadings and as we kind of look through   this article I want to start identifying places 
for that original research and so we kind of   looked through some of these subheadings and said 
all right let's look at number six here storing   your tools safely the lasting impact that's just 
the AI generated title but you could change that   so he thought all right let's prompt it again 
see what the AI kind of comes up with so we said   give me ideas for storing your tools safely the 
lasting impact so then Chachi PT starts to break   down this topic for me right we started very high 
level it's woodworking ideas and then we kind of   got some topic to kind of some general topic ideas 
and then we said all right I want to see some kind   of an article outline for this specific topic and 
now we're drilling into a specific subheading and   I think that's really key is you know we started 
really big which most of you probably know is not   the best place to start or it's not the place to 
end up by by any means you really want to get as   specific as possible with your prompts when 
you're utilizing AI like this because it can   get very general and kind of off topic pretty 
easily so now we have some really great ideas   for tool storage and maintenance and cleaning 
and that sort of thing which is awesome plenty   enough for a subheading at this point Julie went 
and prompted it to rewrite a section in a more   casual and engaging way and this is something 
that we've recommended on the channel before   a way a good way to use AI is to kind of write a 
section of your article but if you don't love the   way that it feels you can just put that paragraph 
that you wrote yourself into the AI into chat GPT   and then ask it to rewrite in a specific tone or a 
specific way here I wasn't super excited about the   way that the AI rewrote it but again you should 
be re-prompting and giving it as many chances as   possible you should never take the first thing 
that it gives you unless it's just super super   good but generally prompting it a couple times 
is going to give you the best result possible one   thing to note here about putting your own writing 
into the AI is we did run the AI version of the   article or that kind of subheading through an AI 
Checker and it did come up as totally AI which of   course it would since it was regenerated by AI I 
don't think that's too big of an issue because you   came up with the information yourself so as long 
as it's accurate and it sounds good it flows well   that's not going to be a problem okay here's where 
it gets kind of cool so now that we've kind of   drilled down into some very specific topic effects 
we wanted to see how well the AI could do things   like kind of create an experiment for us for some 
original research purposes or create a table and   so you can kind of see here what it came up with 
we asked it make me a chart about this concept for   woodworking hand tool versus power tool Precision 
constructive project using only hand tools and   now they're using power tools so we asked it to 
kind of create this table and I think it did an   okay job it wasn't anything that I was like super 
super amazed at but I think that there's some good   application here this was only one experiment 
that we ran for this table idea I think that   there's probably some good application out there 
and if you prompted it well enough I think you   could probably get a pretty good result the next 
one that we did which is probably like not just   the icing on the cake but like maybe the whole 
cake I think it's pretty awesome Julia asked the   AI to give her criteria ideas for an experiment 
on wood expansion and attraction with temperature   changes and the AI just like gave her this really 
cool experiment idea that you can kind of read   through here on screen which would be pretty cool 
to actually do I love the idea of asking the AI   to do things like this like create an experiment 
for me or give me 10 ideas for experiments around   this specific topic this is where I I mentioned 
earlier like I have very limited experience in   most cases and I think we all do we don't all have 
infinite knowledge and neither does the AI but the   AI is pulling from so many different sources 
that it has a lot more ideas than we do and so   that's where I think its greatest strength is and 
that's where we can get the most use or the best   most valuable use out of it is for its ideas and 
so these this list of experiments that we got is   just amazing because I probably wouldn't be able 
to come up with these myself and I just think that   my blog post if I take one of these ideas and I 
actually implement it it's going to be so much   more valuable because I will have done the work I 
will have done that original research I will have   expanded my experience all the AI did really was 
give me the idea idea but that's one of the most   important steps if it didn't give me the idea 
in the beginning I would have never been able   to do this experiment so having AI to prompt 
you to do experiments or something like that   or tables I think that that's a really really 
cool use case for AI we all know the value of   original research when you have numbers original 
data on your website that is a great way to get   people to link to your website and to find Value 
in your content not only from other bloggers who   are linking to your content but for visitors who 
are visiting your content when they see that that   study the data on your website they're going 
to see value there and on top of it all Google   understands and sees the value of original data 
and so it's just like a kind of a triple whammy   like a really really good thing to do to have 
original research but these are just a few ways   we actually did a couple more tests and I just 
like to run you through them really quick because   I think that they're really cool so you can see 
here I prompted the AI please take this table and   draw conclusions from the data so this was some 
data that I pulled from one of our own websites   I just imagined like if I had done some sort of 
an experiment and I wanted to kind of take it   to the next level if I'd drawn if I'd gotten some 
data from doing the experiment maybe the AI could   potentially help me draw some some conclusions or 
give me some ideas of conclusions that could be   drawn and so I I put the the data table here and 
then I just asked it to draw some conclusions as   you can see here like some of the conclusions are 
fairly obvious and I didn't prompt it super far   because I had a couple other ideas that I wanted 
to do as well but some of them are not that bad   and even though I may not specifically use any 
one of these seven ideas that the AI gave me it   prompted thought and it gave me some places to go 
like I was like oh well what kind of conclusions   could I draw from this data it's like oh well I 
could go this way or this way I don't necessarily   have to just do copy and paste from whatever the 
AI says so here's another example that I thought   was pretty awesome we recommend that if you have 
some sort of audience that you occasionally pull   your audience to get an idea of what people think 
we all love Human Experience and we want to know   what people think on a specific topic and so if 
you have an audience pull them ask them a question   so just the other day we did this on one of our 
channels we asked them what kind of camera they   would want to use or want to see us use for an 
outdoor camera setup all I did was I simply went   and I copied all of the comment responses I just 
went on to the YouTube page and just copied all   the comments and I went and I just pasted all of 
it into chat gbt I mean it looked the pace looked   really really messy so I wasn't sure what chat CPT 
would be able to do with it but I just said review   these comments and give me the main takeaway and 
I was really interested to see what chat gbt would   have to say I was really impressed that chat 
GPT was able to read the comments and then give   me some main takeaways and so it said you know 
there's a variety commenters are using a variety   of equipment okay including and then it gives me 
the types of cameras they're using DSLR camcorders   action cameras mirrorless cameras and smartphones 
people want versus versatility there's a lot of   people who are using smartphones and they do that 
because of convenience and and because they're   portable so like all the things that people said 
in their comments rather than me having to go and   read tons and tons of these comments I was able 
just to put it into chat GPT and then it just gave   me some main takeaways I thought that was really 
cool I don't necessarily think that doing it this   way is always faster it's not that terribly hard 
to read through comments it's not that terribly   hard to come up with an experiment idea but all 
of these ideas can so greatly expand my thoughts   that it just gives me so much more to work with 
so many more ideas or opportunities things that   I just would have never thought of and I to me 
that's one of the Great Main takeaways here a   lot of people are just using chat GPT to kind of 
mass produce very thin fairly low quality content   I think that this is such an exciting way to 
use this technology because I'm taking the human   element that I want to put into my content and I'm 
just expanding past my own personal capabilities   and so I'd love to hear what what you guys 
think about this idea I'd love to hear how   you are using AI specifically chat GPT and maybe 
other AI tools for blogging throw that into the   comments we also have other videos on this 
channel where we talk about Ai and how we've   seen it do some great things and some things 
that just weren't as awesome but you can check   those videos out thank you guys for watching 
we'll see you in the next one foreign [Music]

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