Blogging Strategy: Do Less, Get More

if you've gotten very far at all or even just done the first couple steps in your blogging Journey you've probably already discovered that you can't do everything that you're supposed to do all at the same time it's just not possible I mean look at this huge list of things that we as bloggers do it's kind of long these are all things that people are telling you you got to do these things if you want your blog to succeed you got to do these things if you want to rank well on Google it's true that all of these things are beneficial and most of them are things that you'll probably do at some point on your blog but I was recently asked what's the 80 20 rule for blogging what's the 20 that you do that's going to yield the 80 of the results that's what I want to cover here in this video now as I thought about that question it occurred to me that there's not just like 120 percent that always yields the best results however at any given point in time there's kind of a 20 that's going to yield you the best results and that is why today we're going to talk about Pareto slice Theory okay I just made that up but basically it's the concept of the Pareto Principle or the 80 20 rule but allowing that 20 to shift over time in the beginning on a brand new blog and really over the lifetime of a Blog there kind of is 20 that will yield a lot of the results maybe not eighty percent but definitely a lot of the result that we want as bloggers that 20 is made up by I'm going to say mostly three specific activities these three activities show up in the center of this target slice pie thing that we're going to be using to illustrate what we're talking about here today those three things are these and I'm gonna spend a little bit longer on each of these than I am on the rest of the specific actions because these are the most important number one is research when I talk about research I'm not talking about going to the library reading a bunch of scholarly articles all that stuff's good and depending on what in what industry you're in what Niche you're covering maybe that is what you're gonna do if you're a beginner in your Niche you're obviously not going to be participating in like all of the big events in your need right if you don't have a bunch of money you're not going to go buy all the products that's okay however we should be involved to the extent that we possibly can all of us at least to some extent can take a little bit of time to watch YouTube videos and listen to podcasts and get to know what other people who are very engaged in the niche are saying about it we can read articles we can see what else is online and just immerse ourselves as much as we can in the things that are going on in our Niche this is an important starting point and something that you should be doing throughout the time that you're creating content in your Niche you should know what's going on and you should know a lot about it the more you get to know the easier it's going to be to create content as well as make connections and do all of the other things we're going to talk about in this video the second of these tasks are things that you need to do in that twenty percent is search analysis search analysis is what we call our process for how we identify the specific things we're going to write about some people might call that topic research or keyword research I don't like keyword research as a name because keywords is like super outdated SEO it's not based on keywords it's based on topics or search queries we like to identify specific searches that people are actually typing in on Google and then we create content that pairs well with those searches it's a great starting point but our search analysis process has really grown from there into a process of not only identifying the specific search queries but also identifying what supplemental content is needed to help ensure that you build real Authority through the content that you create on your website we call this topical Authority or authority on a specific topic and specifically through the content that we write by making sure we cover topics deeply usually in multiple articles not just one superficial article that covers everything in like 800 words okay I'm really kind of diving in on each one of these the third one is actually writing and that's because creating content is the single most important thing you can do if you have no content or very little content you will not succeed at this but if you do these three things plus just a little bit of some others you can get eighty percent of the results we have built many blogs many of our members and many of you watching this video have built several blogs where literally you just focused on content creation and basic monetization and that was it but for a lot of us as we're trying to build something that might grow faster or might grow bigger are 20 the things that we are gonna focus on for specific periods of time probably needs to shift Beyond just what's in the center of this target before I show you what's in the next ring I really want to reiterate the importance of focusing on the 20 that's just in that inside Circle for at least the first few months I don't think I would really move beyond that besides maybe occasionally having an affiliate Link in a blog post as long as I can do that while I'm writing and then a couple other little things that again as long as I can do them while I'm just creating content and they don't add substantially to the time it takes I'm okay with doing a few of these things at first but until you have about 50 blog posts I'm not really moving past just getting to know my Niche doing good search analysis and writing good content but now let's talk about the next ring at this point there's more stuff for us to do and there's no way that you're going to be able to do all of this stuff all over the time so here's my recommendation this is where the slicing comes in at any point in time we're going to take maybe one or two of these middle ring sort of topics or middle ring activities and we're going to take that as a slice and we're going to slice all the way into the center what that means is we're going to spend less time than we were before on just research search analysis and writing so that we can focus more on something new one of these other activities but we're still going to do some of that stuff especially as that stuff pertains to whatever it is so I'll start with original research original research is when we do our own experiments our own testing maybe we do an interview maybe we talk to an expert maybe we just get an expert's advice and opinion but we can lean on that and create something on the web that's new rather than just taking what other people have written and rewriting it our own way we're actually creating something of unique value when you do an experiment or testing or whatever you generate your own statistics you generate your own test results when you interview an expert you get an expert's opinion and advice on a specific topic this is unique content that's so much more valuable than just again repeating what other people have said a hundred times already on the internet but obviously doing original research pairs well with writing content when I do a bunch of original research there's always going to be a piece of content that fits with that so what do you do you you might after those first three months or so where you write your first 50 blog posts you might decide I'm going to go ahead this week and I'm going to create one piece of content where I dedicate a lot more time to it and do real good original research that way this content is totally unique maybe you'll spend two weeks on it maybe you'll spend a month on it and create multiple pieces of really good content that other people would be more likely to cite in their own articles it's one of our best tactics for getting really good backlinks is having something that's link worthy how about monetization boom this slice here with monetization what are we going to do we're going to start looking at ways that we can make good money from this website placing ads on the website is something that you can do most of the actions necessary in an afternoon so I wouldn't spend a week on that but implementing a good affiliate strategy moving beyond just placing a few helpful links and articles that's something that you could spend a couple of weeks on maybe you'll make a product page where you're specifically calling out recommended product products that you talk about throughout your blog we've done this on many of our websites we have great examples on income school and on channel makers you can go to both of those websites and find it in the menu it's tools and on channel makers you'll just find it right there in the menu there's not a whole lot there right click on that and you'll see two completely different formats for how we've made this work and that makes it really easy to always have a place to point people to when you want to make a more generic recommendation say you know all of our lighting recommendations for YouTube channels can all be found at this page boom they can go there they can read through what you wrote there and there's affiliate links it's one of the strategies that we Implement in fact we have videos on this channel talking about affiliate marketing strategies if you don't know what I'm talking about make sure you go check out those videos also I mentioned search analysis earlier we have a whole playlist on this channel all about search analysis so also go check that out if you want to know more about that process so depending on where you're at and what sort of monetization you want to implement you could spend one week on this slice you could spend a month you could spend two months on that slice really improving your monetization the cool thing is at this stage you know you're you're monetizing maybe you're updating a little bit of your content to better fit those monetization strategies but you might also realize that oh I've done some monetization and I realize there's this whole other branch of content I could add to my website so what are we going to do we're going to spend two or three weeks back focused laser focused on the 20 in the center when you reach a point where you're ready to implement something else boom maybe we're gonna now take this slice and we're going to work on building up an email list again you could probably in an afternoon set up an email list maybe take a few days to really think through and create a good lead magnet that you could use to get people to sign up and then you're going to just Implement that on your website and we're going to move on but it's something that's going to take laser focus which means you're going to need to slow down or maybe even stop this stuff in the center for a few days while you work on this slice same for building eeat we got lots of content on this channel about eeat make sure you go check that out there's so much it's a huge library of videos that we've created for you just totally for free also project 24 has courses on like all this stuff photos let's talk about photos for a second when you publish content from the very beginning I do recommend having images in your blog posts however I don't have any problem with those images being stock photos from the very beginning if it's going to allow you to be able to publish faster it is better to take your own original photos and if you're participating actively in your Niche that's not as hard to do you might already have a bunch of photos on your phone that you've already taken of doing stuff in your Niche and that you could put those in your articles no problem but if you don't have that or that would be difficult to do then keep that in the back of your mind as a slice that you're going to work on later when it makes sense and in the meantime go ahead and get some stock photos you can get an inexpensive membership with 123rf we recommend that in our recommended tools page it's a good platform has lots of photos that you can choose from it's what we use when we use stock photography as you do a good job of building this out you're going to realize like your content's getting better now it's monetized it's just going to start performing better because you allowed yourself to shift your focus just from laser focused on writing the things you were able to come up with through just search analysis but by doing these other things you're able to expand your vision and come up with new topics you never would have thought of and write better articles than you ever would have before but this isn't the end there are more things that are worth doing on your blog to improve it and that's why we have a third ring and just like that the third ring is filled in these are other activities that could be really been official to your blog but usually any individual one of them isn't worth doing until you've already built up a lot of content and you've already done the things in the inside circles but now we're going to expand our slices outward so let's say for instance that we decide it's time that our website just looked more presentable more professional more whatever it is that you feel like is missing so we're going to spend some time on site design and structure I'm talking about menu structure I'm talking about how we guide people from wherever they enter the website to wherever we want them to end up right ideally going through as many pages as possible but also landing on those pages that are the most valuable for you so we're going to focus on that but in the process of doing that there's usually a slice that doesn't mean design and structure always line up with email list though because these can turn well it's a whiteboard so they can't actually turn but they could in this model right so pretend that these can spin right so maybe design and structure will line up at some point with one of these other ones as well as something in the middle it could also be that you're just going to work on design and structure while having a little bit of emphasis still on just that middle slice you might kind of ignore the middle so maybe you lined it up with one of the spaces in between because design and structure is what needs your time at this point that's not something again that I would spend a ton of time on I'd try to get it down well and then move on but when you're working on it work on it I have tried so many times to say I'm going to work on the design of this and I'm gonna work on the structure of this or whatever but I don't treat it as like this is my singular Focus for the next few days or for the next week and as a result of that I get a little bit done and then it sits and then I get a little bit done and then it sits and in the end none of the things I was working on actually made a whole lot of progress so make it the central focus and give that 20 of the stuff on the board give that 20 all of your time do everything you can on that thing same thing with industry Outreach industry Outreach is one of the biggest things that we can do to help build our Authority much more quickly than just letting our content do that sort of on its own industry Outreach is one of the ways that we get other people to link to our content but it's also a way of building your brand your name recognition and building your authoritativeness we do this by participating in the industry we might go get ourselves interviewed on somebody's podcast podcasters are always looking for people to interview including us we have a new podcast and if you're a content creator and have something to say go ahead and reach out to us we actually if you go to you can apply to literally be on the podcast it's not that hard to do go get yourself interviewed it's gonna get your name out there I use that example a lot because it works so well it's actually one of my favorite ways to do industry Outreach you can also do other content collaborations with other content creators you this might even just look like literally guest posting on somebody's site not against that if it works well but I don't think it's worth putting a ton of time and effort into guest posting when you don't have that Central 20 really down it will pull you away from what really matters video content is another one where maybe you wanna you're willing to grow a YouTube channel and if that's the case please do it it's a great way to help build your content business but if you're not looking to build up a YouTube audience you can also make your blog grow so much faster and better simply by making videos that supplement your blog content really really well there's a video on this channel coming out very soon specifically about that topic I'm making it so go give that a watch if that's something that you're curious at all about social media is another one that you may or may not ever do in fact that's what I would call this entire outer ring these are often all things that you may or may not ever need to do but any one of these could be beneficial to building your website I'd probably put industry Outreach over like social media but participating in social media I'm not talking about just like trying to grow a Facebook page by taking all your blog posts and every time you publish like you'll make a post on Facebook it doesn't do that much for you but if you create an account and then go participate in your industry under the name of your account right go comment on other people's content as that person that is going to potentially go a long way toward building up your name recognition your brand recognition as well as your Authority if you're really helpful within your industry it could mean going and creating a calendar that name and going and answering questions on quora and Reddit that is one of the ways that some people have literally grown their entire early brand was simply by posting on quora or by responding to people's questions on quora or Reddit it's fantastic so just go participate in that way when you're working on that slice it may be something that that you decide is an important part of your ongoing effort and when you reach a point where you have a lot of content on your website and you no longer need to be adding articles every single week multiple per week oftentimes when we reach that point that Center we can always treat it as a small slice and almost never focus on just this again and when that's the case things like social media could become a regular sliver of our pie it's the other cool thing we can make a sliver here a sliver here a sliver here we can do that as long as the overall is not us trying to do all of everything all the time you will never succeed at that I love info products that's there it's one of the best ways we monetize blogs and YouTube channels we make a lot more money from info products than we do from any of the really basic monetization that most people do schema and SEO I'm referring to like technical SEO stuff and schema markup on some websites that's going to be a really valuable addition on most of our websites it's kind of a not something to spend a lot of time one add some author schema some organization schema and move on that's really all there is to say about that this is what did I call it Pareto slice Theory give yourself permission to just focus on 20 at a time but recognize that that 20 is not going to be the same thing from month to month I think if you do that you'll find that this whole thing is so much more manageable now there's one more thing I want to do in this video it's kind of hard to do this because I'm not great at just like I don't know being vulnerable I'm not great especially like publicly I'm also just like this is a pretty big like energy swing right because I've been pretty energetic about this I am passionate about this and I think this could really help you but I also want to tell you that this has been an incredibly difficult year uh here at income school I know it has been for a lot of people the economy is not great inflation's been nuts we've kept the price of project 24 with we haven't raised it in a long time because we know it's hard for you and I'm not raising it right now either that's just something that I'm pointing out we're we are going through a lot here too there's also been a lot of other stuff going on um you know with our team just things things that have happened that have been incredibly difficult and there's a request that I'd like to make of you if you're finding these videos helpful I would really appreciate it if you would engage with those videos in some way whether that's a like you know but more valuable for me would be to actually hear from you if you wouldn't mind commenting on the video with questions that you have things that were unclear commenting saying hey thank you this really helped me with this or I had never considered that point before yes it helps the YouTube algorithm that's part of it but right now more than anything what I and my team could all really use is like to know that what we're doing actually matters to somebody and so there are thousands of you that watch these videos every single week and it's okay that we don't always hear from most of you but I'm making this request right now very openly and very actively if this has been helpful to you will you please let me know if you have follow-up questions will you please let me know I will do YouTube lives in the future where I will literally just take the questions that we got from these YouTube videos and I will answer those questions directly to you as the very first questions I answer before I take any live questions I'll do that if you're willing to comment your questions here in these videos but more than anything we could really use more positivity we see a lot of negativity in the world today and we could use a lot more positivity so if you want us to keep making these videos um please let us know that they matter to you and that's my request for you today I really hope that's not too much to ask and I thank you for being here I thank you for watching our videos and I thank you for all the support that you do give and genuinely as always I hope to see you here in our next video [Music] thank you

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