Did Google Just END Blogging?

blogging is dead well at least certain approaches to blogging are don't waste your time going down these roads which are total dead ends instead let me show you how to adapt your blogging so that you can continue to thrive as a content [Music] creator the first approach to blogging that really is kind of dead that we just need to adapt is Niche sites we've talked about Niche sites for years and years and years in fact a few years ago we actually stopped calling them that here at income school and mostly refer to all the websites we create as just income sites or just websites in general and that's because the concept of the niche site as it's kind of been defined and understood in our industry has become less and less and less effective over time if you're focusing on building a website that is maybe 30 to 50 blog posts on a very specific topic that you may or may not actually have any experience with focusing on very longtail keywords and where you hope to be able to remain totally and completely Anonymous yeah that approach to blogging isn't really going to work anymore but that doesn't mean if that's where you started that you need to completely start over the reality is there are some aspects of the niche site that are still working today and that make sense that they'll continue to work for a long long time the main advantage that Niche websites have is staying focused on a very specific Topic in fact in the Google helpful content updates over the last couple of years one of the things Google has said is that a website should have a specific topic websites do not have an advantage even if they have tons and tons and tons of content and a lot of authority in certain industries they're not going to beat you in your Niche unless that's also the focus of their website staying really focused actually gives you a bit of an edge but not if you only focus on longtail keywords that you're confident you can win chances are you're going to need to create more content now than you maybe thought you were going to need to if you started this a couple of years ago or if you started this based on videos you watched from four or 5 years ago so let's talk about about what we need to adapt first of all 30 to 50 blog posts still can bring in a lot of traffic but it's probably not going to cut it anymore and it's not just because we need massive amounts of content to be successful but rather because we need depth of information depth of content you see in order to be successful even in a fairly specific Niche you need to cover a topic with a lot of depth with enough information that somebody could leave your website and feel confident that one they got that information from a source that knows what they're talking about and two that they got the information that they needed when Google says that you kind of have shallow content they're referring to two different things the first one is each article itself you see an article should be written to respond to at least one specific search query often times we're going to end up ranking for multiple very closely related queries and for that reason it's a good idea to make sure that you have good depth of information in your article also because a lot of people are going to come even with one main primary search query but but they're going to be looking for slightly different things and so we want to make sure that we're responding to search queries that are not so simple that the few sentences at the top of the serp are going to completely answer the question that they had the second aspect of shallow content is having a website that only covers The Superficial aspects of the topic so if you have this Niche site that's really focused on one thing but you only cover those longtail keywords that you're confident you can rank for you never really get into the deep mey content the Deep mey information really what we want to do is plan our content in clusters so we start with our Niche and if you're building a niche site and we're only planning on like 30 to 50 articles chances are you picked a fairly specific Niche I hope if it was pretty Broad and you don't want to write a lot of content that could be a problem too but then we want to break that Niche down into much more specific subtopics and for each one of those subtopics we want to make sure that we cover that topic thoroughly every single blog post within that subtopic should respond to at least one specific search query even though we may feel like we're not in a position to actually rank for that search query because it's really competitive because it's only big websites the problem is if you don't answer that search query and it's the most searched search query in your industry then it looks like you didn't cover the topic very thoroughly and Google thinks that your content is shallow so one right post on the really highly competitive topics that everybody else in your Niche has to write about but also make sure you write articles on those low competition topics and then link together all the articles in these clusters so that Google can quickly see that they all relate to each other and that you've covered that subtopic in depth and build out a few of these clusters on your website you do that and a fairly specific Niche site can still do really well the second thing you need to do is gain actual experience it used to be that if you could just create content answering these questions that most other people are ignoring and haven't answered those questions before online you're going to be able to get traffic well now Google would rather point someone to another article that's maybe not as helpful from a Content standpoint but where the author seems a little bit more trustworthy or at least experienced with the topic if you're reviewing a product and you've never touched it before that's a problem and so if somebody else is reviewing a similar product or it is just even writing and including some information about that product but it's clear that they have it it's going to make a difference you don't have to become worldclass expert in your Niche to be successful online but you do need to work on gaining some experience and letting that experience flow through the content so that the reader and the algorithm can tell that you know what you're talking about the Third Way Niche sites need to adapt is that you need to stop trying to be anonymous if you want to have any influence over people you want them to trust anything that you're saying you have to sound like a person not a robot if you're going to stay completely Anonymous people kind of wonder who's behind this where's the information coming from and why should I trust this source that who knows maybe it's a foreign spy Network and they're just trying to get me on their website so they can hack my computer or something it's important that we at least give people enough that they can feel confident that our information is coming from a reputable Source or at least a source that knows what they're talking about people don't connect to websites people connect to people and so if you can be a person on the other end of the website instead of just someone Anonymous in the background you're going to be more successful this doesn't mean that you need to post your home address your phone number or other personal information on your website you don't even have to show a bunch of pictures of you and your family that's not necessary to be successful on on Google and realistically if you have a reason to do it you can use a pseudonym or n Plum as the more sophisticated like to say it's okay to do that but base that pseudonym on reality make a character that is a representation of who you are so that you can just keep your name and maybe even your likeness Anonymous but still be a real human on the other end you don't have to build a massive Business website to be successful on Google even if that's what the comment section is saying these days do you like that if you did let me know by giving me a big thumbs up but actually I can't see you so if you could just click the little Thumbs Up Down Below yeah that's better thanks we've got more though so let's get back into it the second type of blogging that totally needs to adapt or change dramatically is mass-produced content websites this is kind of like the other end of a spectrum so really like no matter where you lie on the Spectrum maybe some of these principles will still apply to you just a thought the solution to Ai and these changes with the Google algorithm is not just more content in fact more content that's not the right content is more likely to harm your website than help it in fact with these Google helpful content updates Google has specifically said if you have helpful content on your website it will impact the ranking of even the helpful content on your website in fact with the latest Google helpful content update helpful content update Google has specifically said that now they're actually placing a qualifier not a manual penalty but within the algorithm if it detects unhelpful content on your website according to their definition it's going to put a qualifier across your whole website that now is going to drop you in the rankings sitewide and it's a qualifier that gets worse with more or more unhelpful content so make sure that the content that you have published on your website is actually helpful Mass producing content it's kind of tricky to make sure it's all helpful so first let's talk about what aspect to this approach is still working more content is better as long as it's the right content so it's not that we necessarily need to back way off and have a lot less content on our websites your content just needs to follow a good content strategy and like I said about Niche sites your website needs to have a clear topic or a clear purpose if you have a really General Topic website that could be hurting you these days with Google the topic can be big it can be reasonably broad it just needs to fit together cohesively but this approach needs to adapt so what's the first thing to adapt well we need a cohesive content strategy we need to create clusters of content that cover specific topics pretty thoroughly this is sounding a little bit familiar if you watch the first half of the video it should create specific categories of content and within those create specific subcategories of content and within those create clusters of articles that are on topics that are very very closely related to each other that all link together and that cover that little piece of the topic exhaustively that means covering those really competitive search queries as well as the less competitive kind of longtail ones that you're confident you can rank for even from the very beginning we need to do it all or if not all at least enough to cover the topic in depth I mean imagine if you had a website about parenting but you're like you know what I find that disciplining children that topic is just it's very very saturated so I'm not going to cover that on my parenting website when a person looks at that or when Google looks at that and they say wow you don't cover disciplining children as part of parenting it's not a very thorough website is it and that's just what it looks like you know that you didn't cover it because it's competitive and that you're focusing on more longtail search queries but they don't know that and it makes it look like maybe you don't know what you're talking about for your website topic and for the specific topics you choose to cover there's going to be other content that those people are going to need if you don't include it on your website they're going to need to find it elsewhere include it on your website and that's going to make it really clear to people and to the algorithm that you do know what you're talking about that you have experience and some expertise in this topic the next thing that needs to adapt is we need to include real experience this is hard to do on a mass-produced website man this also sounds kind of familiar on a niche website this this is probably pretty easy because you only have a handful of Articles when you have potentially a thousand plus blog posts on your website adding personal anecdotes to all of them may seem overwhelming at best you're probably not going to be able to personally edit every single article that comes through and add personal anecdotes and stories and photos to every single one of your blog posts so what do we do one option is to utilize writers that have actual experience on the topic so they can include their own personal stories and anecdotes and maybe even include some of their own photos this works really well when those writers are writing under their own name and building their own reputation within the industry honestly it looks more realistic that way anyway because any website that has thousands of blog post all written by one person that's fairly questionable another option is to utilize writers who can do a good job of Behaving more like a reporter where basically they're going to go out and do real research they're going to talk to real people with real experience and they're going to write write it that way and that way they can include that experience that expertise from other people put that into the blog posts and publish them on the website by the way these same principles hold true if you or your writers are using AI to help with the content creation process if you just use AI to generate a bunch of content it's not going to be any better than those writers who once again go scrape a bunch of information off the internet regurgitate it in a new way and try to publish it we're seeing that become less and less and less and less and less effective every single day that passes for those of you who have been around a while or if you want to go look it up the approach we took to camper report.com when we first hired writers that's the one that seemed to work the best for me and that honestly I think will work the best going forward it's what I'm looking to do now on my project double time website so I will keep you updated on how that goes and give you more details about that process in more content later because this video is already getting kind of long wherever your approach to blogging Falls whether you're trying to do a very small very Focus website or a really big really broad website something very authoritative and massive or you're a business trying to create content for your website the approach to blogging needs to adapt and the adaptations as you can probably see from this video are very very similar small-end big end adaptations basically the same but just a little bit nuanced so go out there and adapt and I'll see you in our next video faith in faith

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