From Homeless to $250K Website Sale – Stefano’s Epic Journey! (FULL INTERVIEW)

hey everybody I am excited today to get to have a conversation with Stephano um Stephano is a guy who's built something fantastic sold a website um made a good income has had a big change to his life um as a member of project 24 and just doing really cool stuff so today we're gonna spend some time uh diving in and just kind of finding out what it was that made Stephano who he is um I'm sure it's not just one thing so we'll try to learn everything that we can from his experience so Stephano thanks for coming um today and just for being willing to take the time to have this conversation my real pleasure it's a pleasure to to be here with you speaking right now awesome well Stephano why don't you just start by telling us a little bit about who you are um you know where where you come from just how how how did Stephanos start like give us a little bit of background about about you all right look uh I'm a person with a very particular background so I am Italian Greek Venezuelan okay and so born and raised in Venezuela but uh with a bunch of uh Heritage from different parts over the world right like a lot of us in Venezuela we very mixed after the 1950s after the war a lot of people migrated to Venezuela to start a life actually because we were doing very good there so I got this uh very mixed world white background and I was just a normal guy in Venezuela was a very addicted to exploring always new things and new knowledge I didn't go to university it was never my thing but I would love to learn nonstop about all sorts of things I would just spent all day long on the internet investigating reading books and uh trying to educate myself as much as possible um my story of course it starts from a from way before about all the Crazy Life events I lived in Venezuela but let's move on to the to the biggest turning point which is 2017 when I I left Venezuela the situation in the country had gotten crazy enough at that time the country hit rock bottom okay uh inflation was uh climbing on a on a daily basis at a at a speeds you can cannot even imagine okay like it's insane and a lot of people especially those of us who didn't have a a strong financial background or something uh said okay listen either we go or we starve right so then a lot of us had to just simply go however we could I was very lucky to to have an Italian passport so I made the choice to go to Italy there was a cousin who agree to host me in Italy and said I could arrive and stay at least three months with them until I figured out how to how to move myself how to find a job etc etc etc I didn't speak any Italian by the way I learned learned it on the spot in Italy I was going to ask I was going to ask did you already speak Italian no no no no no I didn't wow uh the thing is that life was very crazy so after eight days in Italy I got thrown out in the street okay uh I'm not this kind of person who was very lucky to have like very good relatives and stuff no I uh you know nowadays the modal Decay is very complicated it's a very good subject that we can make even a whole podcast about it okay yeah but yeah but I was not very lucky that area so after 8 days I got thrown out in the street that's it randomly on a Thursday evening it's like listen go puff out you know so there I was with 400 and a back in Italy so that that's how my story in Europe or or the first world uh uh as it's popularly known right uh starts so uh a random distant acquaintance of my grandmother uh decided to to give me a hand and help me and gave me a room in the back of a of a restaurant where I could I could sleep and and put my stuff it was so hot that I couldn't sleep in the room so I would just sleep on the beach and use the room as a storage room uh from that point on I started doing a lot of work in the beach uh helping the guy running a beach restaurants is a very complex and interesting business you know uh a lot of hard man manual labor involved in in doing that and well after some time uh I managed to make a little bit of money selling photos to tourist and and saving up however I could but the the tourist were always the same so I I couldn't uh make more money right it was the the same customers always so luckily was a very it was a very strange situation but I found a friend who was living in Barcelona that I have like 15 years I didn't see and we got in touch via Instagram uh at that point uh it was a very uh dark evening for me I remember I was on the beach and I was I was drunk already like desperate drunk I was looking at the sky just talking to God a lot I believe in God a lot so like uh like what am I going to do with my life okay and I don't know why I open the phone I and this friend showed up in the suggestions so I just followed he followed back instantly and I sent the message like hey bro listen I'm I'm homeless in Italy can you help me yes or no why was I so desperate because the winter was going to uh come right now and I did didn't have any any money coming my way what am I going to do right like what's what's going to what's coming next and I got nobody to help me I need to help home not the other way around so miraculously this this guy came through and said like bro listen come to Spain we'll figure it out don't worry one week I got you so I figured I figured out the way I got a little bit more money Etc and boom I flew I flew to Spain in Spain the guy offered me to stay with his brother uh I didn't know he had a brother I didn't know the guy existed okay so so I ended up in like a very strange ghetto neighborhood in Barcelona that was very weird okay but like a uh I had somewhere to sleep you know they offer me a room there uh I started working on my my documents to be able to work even though you think okay yeah you're European but it's not so easy Spain is a very difficult country when it comes to paperwork and do other things uh so it took me a lot of time to make the right document to be able to get a job so during that time I was just in the casino Barcelona grinding every night okay playing poker yeah I played poker for a long time right I I think like I'm hearing already like this um uh just the theme Here is like doing what it takes right to get by even though like none of the things you've done at this point have had you know taken you to where you wanted to go but it was getting you by right yeah you know one one just one day at a time but just doing what it takes and I think that's uh probably something that really served you well later on exactly like one of my motos is like when failure is not an option the only ways to succeed okay like yeah what am I gonna do can I fail will I will I just fail and not eat like I I need to eat right so I just need to need to keep moving forward you know yeah so at at that point then I was playing poker in the casino Barcelona every night grinding making small profits in a very controlled way one night it didn't go so well but then that's a different story uh but I managed to get by doing that until I got my first job in the financial services industry in in that Financial Services industry I started working uh um I had a lot of experience before out of my own desire to learn about Finance right I I I loved it h so I managed to impress the person who was hiring me and and and and and get the job and Clos it on the spot was a very good interview I would say it's one of the highlights of my life you know some job they call you for an interview and they go like Hey listen Okay we liked you let's schedule a second interview right have you heard about this like yeah that that's how it almost always goes yeah yeah well I was on the interview and the guy said that and I sto like listen I'm hungry I'm coming from a very difficult Place either you get the job now either you hire me now because you appreciate who you have in front of you or I promise you if the next guy after you takes the job I'm going to go with the other company okay that's it so make a choice right now not after I don't need a second interview you saw me right now okay when you know a girl you like her you meet her that's it you make a decision on the spot that's it the guy stood in silence for like 10 seconds and then he stood up the desk you know like a make him a contract right now this is our guy you know nice yeah I love so that I started yeah I started working in finance and and from that point on there was a lot of events in my life about learning Etc how the industry works and Etc and then I'm like wow like it's a complex industry it's full of a lot of uh good things and bad things okay uh a lot of scams a lot of Lamborghini gurus a lot of uh you know it's very difficult and I said like okay but somebody got to do something nice about it like like a simple source of information also something very cheap something very nice to actually help people okay yeah like yeah and so I started working and and and slowly learning about what people were suffering with okay the idea came after I relocated to Cyprus my journey was very long across many many countries from Spain I left to Cyprus there was a random Company online who offered the job with relocation everything paid I'm like yeah why not okay let's do it boom I took the job flew to Cyprus when I was one of those nights working in a night shift it was a very difficult schedule it was uh 10: in the morning to 10 in the evening and the next day 10: in the evening to 10: in the morning was horrible like I I didn't have ability to recover and sleep so when I was working in that company one evening I had the idea because I just heard so many questions from the customers all the time it was a live chat job so imagine the kind of stuff I've heard all the time you know like uh I've been hearing is people were like okay but how do I do this how do I do that but what's going on I don't understand help me help me help me there like a million people going like this nonstop and I'm like wow but why doesn't why is not somebody doing something like simple to just help people so I figured okay the I need to go this way so that's when I started okay I should make a website right I still I still haven't gotten to the point where I met you guys and uh well and heard about all the content and all the great stuff that you were doing at that point I was just barely with the idea I should make a website okay and I should make some educational resource or something so that's when it started I started slowly planning what I was going to put out Etc building a a very small uh like just like a simplified course which I ended up like giving away okay uh or I put it on UI for like $10 or then just gave it away and they didn't make much money from it uh I believe that the good education should be shouldn't be expensive otherwise it's a like a different different scenario in in the financial space at least and I started started doing that and then I'm like okay I should make a website H and that's when I started Googling okay let's see how does it works Etc and then I found your YouTube channel right your YouTube channel proved to be I I believe the the most valuable source of information I've ever found online for several reasons it's something even greater than the the quality of content okay because the quality is top but there is something even higher than that which is the kindness and the honesty that that you had right you are here to actually provide good stuff uh yeah yeah yeah you don't you don't want to create like 27 programs then to take money from people no you're making something very nice at a very good and fair price as well and you're teaching people like uh uh high quality information and also inside p24 you are very structured as well which is very useful okay so of course I I and I met you guys Etc I started watching the videos and all of that and I'm like I fell in love with the thing okay but wait my story then takes a different turn that's because of my own nature okay I'm very particular in the way I do things okay so I'm like okay let's launch the website and I'm there working Cyprus changing jobs going in going out I ended up in different countries I fell in love with a girl in Russia then in Ukraine and I went to Russia I went to Ukraine so a very very crazy messy life okay so the moment comes when I'm saying okay let's launch the project let's launch the website what am I going to do and then I look at WordPress and that's a very Stephano thing I'm like I look at WordPress and I'm like nah I can't I feel like I'm in a books I need to be wild and free okay so I I I need to build it myself okay so that that's when it goes even more crazy during one of the jobs I was in one of the companies uh and this big uh Financial firms in Cyprus uh the CEO of a company made me marketing manager in in a very beautiful uh and fortunate situation and when I was managing a team one of the developers quit and because of that developer quitting I said to myself like okay hold on I cannot look bad right now I don't want to get fired I cannot so what am I going to do and I cannot find a replacement so quick in the middle of a marketing campaign so I just started learning how to code and I just open this website like W3 schools this the other on ET open some HTML courses and started learning a bit about programming and I'm like after I do it more I fell in love I fell in love so I don't know some strange fashion uh just it was born on the spot just by because of doing that so then when the time of launching my website came I'm like nah I'm going to do it myself yes I don't know what you think when you hear a guy like taking taking these turns you know it's like very particular know but the like I I could I couldn't help it I couldn't help it so yeah so I went and I started uh deploying my own website in my own little shared hosting server Etc but with the full coded version using cpanel writing my own HTML and I made something that looks like crap okay complete crap but I was very proud of it okay oh yeah I was very proud you should be yeah yeah at that time I was but then I'm like okay then I kept watching more videos learning about SEO and I'm like how can I improve the game how does it work etc slowly slowly I end up building my own CMS okay a very primitive version of a CMS right uh to challenge to challenge WordPress and at least for what I thought it could be better and well I kept working a few other jobs I became Chief marketing officer for a company Etc then after that I I left that company and said okay I'm inan fully and and what I'm going to do and that's when I became a full uh project 24 member at that time uh I started learning watching the videos Etc and also working through through through the whole process of Designing building learning the SEO the strategies Etc and and slowly perfected uh the whole the whole process of building and launching a side now look I I made a lot of mistakes it's a miracle still that I managed to succeed because I did do a lot of mistakes okay for example one of the Holy things that you would say uh in p24 right is like hey pick a proper Niche site okay a very specific Niche site okay what did Stephano do no I believe in me oh yeah I'm going to launch the trading and Target the whole world and I'm competing pick the most competitive topic on the interet I pick the worst okay this is the worst Finance you know Finance worldwide is the worst thing you can pick in terms of competition especially Global Finance it's not like I picked a niche no I picked the whole thing okay yeah so mirac ously I I don't know how maybe well after I understood why I managed to succeed and start building some traffic by targeting certain keywords by going after certain um good opportunities I saw there yet so the site started growing the revenue started growing uh there was a lot of uh particular events in my life about relationships about location Etc and uh I ended up getting to know Dubai okay which is where I am right now uh where I where I where I I bought my my apartment Dubai is simply the best place that in the world for many reasons I mean everybody has their own best place but for me this is really uh the best as I as I say on my book if it wasn't because of Dubai I would need to help El musk build a spip spaceship and just like try try Mars because I really didn't fit in anywhere else okay yeah so this is a place for for for you know like dreamers for entrepreneurs for crazy people who want to invent things create things think about it like if we just have a desert and we have nothing built we need to build it right so a lot of people who want to build and create from zero they need to come and do it here right so anything you want you can create here because we need to make it it's not there already it's not god-given no we need to build it okay so I I H I met the city I fell in love on the spot on the spot when I saw it it was the most beautiful thing after I can tell you more about it like but then I was in a very unstable situation in my life so I still couldn't stay at that point in my life I was building the website I was making some Revenue okay decent but not enough to just live comfortably and say okay I'm going to stay in Dubai so then I ended up after a long time without seeing my family even though I was helping them and Etc I ended up finally traveling to Venezuela again and and reuniting with my my mom my dog my father you know like and and well then started a very unstable period in my life where I was going back and forth back and forth between Venezuela and Dubai right uh because I would go to Venezuela be helping around and helping my family doing Stuff Etc but wow uh then I would like oh my God I cannot take the stress anymore poof and fly back to Dubai right yeah because in Dubai Dubai is a great City to know yourself because all your external problems will be erased so you will only fight yourself okay we don't have problems here for example you're not like oh political instabil we don't know what's that here we have a very stable and very great government who's working perfectly and tomorrow it will be the same okay and after tomorrow as well okay electricity is perfect water is perfect money is going on this is going on the people are helping you everybody's kind we don't have danger we don't have problems so of course so if you don't have external problems the only problem you have is yourself right so then you end up getting to fight yourself and get to know yourself much better so anyways I was back and forth between Venezuela and Dubai and doing one of those trips I'm like okay listen I understand something I made a mistake I don't have the capital and the capacity to to develop the trading my my my my former website into what I envisioned okay yeah I was very very addicted to the stuff I built like a business plan imagining how I take over the world and build IOS app this that Etc I fight against Bloomberg okay yeah like come on like uh I was more naive at that point right so I understood okay listen with my situation in life with the funds I have and not willing to take on investors right because I don't want to end up like a slave uh I said okay I cannot develop this that's it I'm done I cannot reach higher than than what I want I can continue I can continue making money but I cannot take it to what I truly wanted it to be so I said okay look it's time to sell and get some stability in my life okay because I also needed a place a home a home in a in a in a in a in a very nice country such as the United emit right because yeah when you have people don't imagine it but when you have an address for example you don't have an address and you only address that say it's Venezuela or wherever you are over the world it brings you a lot of problems for example I I have an Estonian company right the Estonian authorities have contacted me hey Stephano why you logging in from an IP in Venezuela and I'm a normal guy I work in Tech Etc so you know what I do I just like reply with a photo of my mom my dog and my father you know together and I'm like listen here's my Italian passport it says born in Venezuela this is my mom my dad and my dog I need to go and I need to be there I I love the country as well I was born there but uh I know it has sanctions and Etc but I I need to go there okay like that's it right so yeah so now now having an address in Dubai having an address in in in a country who is doing very good who is very reputable Etc then of course brings me to a different standing in life right so well I ended up uh listing the company for sale after a short time let's say four months because of the very partic nature of my business what right it was non- us driven and also it has a it had a custom system and Etc and quite a lot of peculiarities after like four months I don't remember exactly right now how much we need to check the book look I know I got it written down yeah uh I ended up selling the business successfully and and well the the moment of the sale was uh very interesting I was in Margarita Island in Venezuela okay I remember I was there uh on the beach right uh just enjoying swimming Etc and I was with a girl at the time we were sitting together looking at the SE and there was barely any signal but I get the message boom this amount of money has been Etc the deal is closed blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and I'm like huh I just put the phone down and I'm like it's time to make dinner I go I get up the road and I go down again to fish you know like who who am I going to tell that I made this kind of money right like I can't I can't even discuss that or share it no like so let's just go andjoy and continue leave my life you know yeah so yeah if nobody knows you have money nobody can take it from you okay that's a very important point in life yeah yes yeah how long how long did it take from the time you started the trading Bible till you were till you sold it how how long how much time passed uh look my particular case was uh longer than it should have been so I started in the end of 200000 end of 2019 right uhhuh and I sold it uh last year at the end of last year okay yeah but it was longer than what it should have been but that's that's my fault it was not actually how it could have been done yeah but still you picked the most competitive topic you didn't Niche down and still in four years you you built up a business that you could sell for a good sum of money and made money from it along the way like that's that's a success like that's a an amazing thing to do and anyway I just want to highlight that that like that's that's really really fantastic thank you you yeah it is it is but uh look you you you teach so many good things right from on the knowledge you shareing your channel and Etc but um some people I don't know if a lot of more people like me also suffer from it you know like a um let's say we struggle to with the areas of discipline okay for example so look if you put me to if you put me to code and write and create applications and build stuff I can spend 200 hours no sleep okay pop a few beers and just coat and then and forget about the world okay great okay now if you put me to write e that's I will clean the house I will try to cook I will organize my desk I will check my emails I will do anything I can to avoid it okay it's a matter of way I'm the same way I I here I am teaching this stuff and it's I will I get everything else organized and then I'll sit down finally and write a blog post and then I'm like okay I'm done I I would rather sit in front of a camera and film and then edit the video and do any number of other things before I write and I don't I don't know why it's not like it's it's not like it's that hard you know it I think about this all the time I tell my kids because they'll avoid putting their laundry in a you know in a laundry hamper they'll just dump it on the floor and I'm like it's easier to just put it straight in the basket now rather than take it off and then later have to pick it up again and but still they don't want to do it and you know I think about that and then I realize I'm not any better it's not hard for me to take the thoughts in my head and type them I type really fast but I just don't want to do it yeah I know why I know why I know why because um when you're a smart person and the task is not exactly consuming your full brain power and challenges you to do problem solving then you'll simply be like eh and you will prefer to go cleaning the house you'll be like washing the dishes polishing the lamps you know like anything oh look and you then you're about to start oh but my laptop screen has a bit of dust go get some screen cleaner and anything else do not do the stuff yeah anything else do not do the stuff awesome did you so at what point did you realize I think you you probably already answered this but at what point did you realize I need to sell this um was was was it really like that four months before it sold you said you know what I need to sell this and you listed it or did you start to realize earlier on that um you know maybe it would make sense to sell and take that money and then be able to do other things with it I didn't want to sell let's start by that I didn't want to sell I still believe in the business and I still believe in its potential okay like I told the buyer which is also working very hard to now grow it and to do something even greater so if I would have had already like some Financial backup or something right I would have never sold in my life okay never never never that business has so much potential especially with all the Deep knowledge I have about it but but I was forced to sell out of my own situation and understanding that I could not develop further okay because we need to compete oh look we have a thumbs up here in the so because of all the knowledge that I had about the industry and I understand how far the business could go I didn't want to sell but my own situation forced me to say okay listen I need to get out I can't develop further you're competing against companies who have a $50 million a year marketing budget okay I took the worst possible industry to enter so still I I I believe in God a lot so like it really was on my side to helping me during this all this journey as in my book because my book is a story where it's also mixed a lot with with God as well uh it's not even possible look if I tell you this you would even say yourself like what the hell so one of the first articles I published was a review on one of the biggest brokers in the world it was the first article on a No Authority Zero website nothing Etc yeah Ricky I posted the article three days after it was top one and the other websites were all domain Authority 99990 Etc hey when it works it works right but then of course I couldn't sustain I couldn't sustain that miraculous luck over the over the whole period of uh building the site so yeah I understood I needed to sell uh because I didn't have the resources to develop I needed some stability in my life and Etc that was the situation yeah yeah okay so you sold the website it gave you some Financial stability so then yeah I guess what what's next what what came next for you okay um it gets very interesting now so look because I learned how to code right and I got very deep into coding then I started thinking a lot about Google and how does Google think right because what is Google it's just a a trillion dollar answering machine but it's just an answering machine right yeah what is the job what is the job to provide the most relevant answer to whatever question people are asking okay yep cool so then I said to myself okay but how is it possible that I go and I build a completely custom site I post something and maybe I get to the top against the domain Authority 90 site when I have zero like how is that even possible yeah and then I started thinking okay hold on a second so if I was uh the creator of Google right what requirements would I have and how would I point people in XY Z direction to actually judge and understand what makes a website good right mhm and then I started thinking as technology keeps evolving as WordPress become more accessible as uh artificial intelligence becomes more accessible then I'm going to have to downgrade websites who are using certain types of Technology okay so for example the entry barrier to deploy and build the website like the ones I'm running now it's extremely high you need to know how to code how to deploy servers VPS in AWS and how to custom code and many things Etc the entry barrier to war press is just Hey listen I walk in here I do this and boom enter I'm out there right okay so as the industry is changing and as everything's changing I said okay let me sit down just for a moment as a programmer let's say I'm going to build my own search engine okay take the book and say how am I going to rank it okay cool age publish author links to the author profile length of the author profile start making a lot of variables and then somehow wait them to understand how would I build a search engine and I'm I'm like okay I get it now so if I'm able to produce clean efficient simple coat that really melts in the uh in in the dreams of the search engine right that is searching for me then I'm going to have an an edge over what's going on so then I was in a hotel sitting down here in Dubai that was before I bought the flat actually uh I was I love to live in a hotel uh felt like home very nice place very a great VI great people so I was sitting there and I'm like huh you know what I should do it okay the same system that I did for trading Bible but the 20x version improved so I started building something called Mozart CMS it's still not available to the public for a very funny reason which I'll tell you now um so I started building that system so I went and fullon designed the whole thing designed the application using sketch then started coding it building it deploying it testing it Etc I'm like okay great so now using a single system private IP a private server I'm able to run 20 websites at the same time spending $40 a month with a teex stack that would cost you with a shared hosting provider would cost you so much money you have no idea right so now we have the maximum speed maximum Tex maximum okay so I'm like okay great I'm going to launch a website to test I go and I launch the website three days after I launch it I'm getting ranking okay I'm getting Impressions S three days after okay it's impressive yeah for me I don't know like uhuh yeah so I'm like okay but what do I do with Mozart like I wanted to release it and sell it as a as a software but now I know that I'm putting it out and I'm also getting extremely amazing results no so right now I'm on that edge of deciding what should I do should I continue just using it myself and building the whole financial group which I'm building now the whole project is different now I found an answer to all the questions that I didn't have before for example my discipline problem with writing and Etc so I started uh uh glofin as a project to run several Financial uh driven websites under a single umbrella and now I'm getting Partners who are very talented writers people who wrote for Bloomberg for benzinga for other for banks Etc and I'm like okay bro listen 50/50 you and me that's it okay you take care of that I take care of this I make sure this is the Tex T the advertisement the contacts Etc blah blah blah because I got all the contacts the big Brokers and all of that and you take care of the other thing okay the content Etc this is a planning I help you with the strategy you help me with this my discipline will not stop us from succeeding because while I'm out in a Bo partying and living My Crazy Life as I am then you will be writing and then I will come back and I will be coding nonstop and developing and preparing everything that needs to go yes so that's exactly what I'm doing now and it's all powered by this beautiful thing called Mozart which is it's not even a big deal if you think about it it's just like if somebody took WordPress and removed all the problems that it has okay such as the 10,000 templates which we don't need we need a single one that works good right such as the 75 plugins to be able to do something no I already got everything already from this from the moment you enter you have even a SEO preview tool already with the the the how the Google snippet looks like so you can write on the exact length upload the images provide all the metadata the structures all Etc so that's what I'm doing now I'm building three things Moosa I'm keep I'm keeping improving it because it's designed to operate with uh an owner an editor and several writers using the same system uh I'm building Linex the financial group and I'm building something called which is for fun and passion uh I go Venezuela and the iigo network uh which is the whole project so I I don't know how I I I don't know why or how is it even possible but you know I go Spain I go France these domain names were available so I just bought them all I bought them all okay all of them I have like all the countries possible all the all the at least and I launched a website called I go Venezuela to promote tourism in in my in in my own home country to help the country however I can yeah uh so I started I went to Venezuela I bought like a Jeep uh and then got the the Drone Etc all the stuff and started traveling across Venezuela and filming shots and taking their photos everywhere and building a u like a tourism some website that is very oriented towards exactly pointing out where are the right places to go why how Etc with precise locations and okay so I started that and I'm like oh that's an interesting project maybe I should do it for like a lot of countries right so I went and bought all these domains and and I'm working on that so I got I got a lot of stuff going on in the back it's still all very small very humble very simple let's see how it goes I'm in the stage of uh taking it forward you know but the real baby on the back it's Mozart CMS yes so one of the things I'm hearing that I love is first of all well it's really two things the first thing is you always have a vision of something bigger right so a lot of people kind of got into this space of building a niche website or a Blog and they're thinking well I'm gonna build a Blog and I'm gonna make some money from it and I'll put some ads on it and do some affiliate marketing but it was always just kind of a you know I'll build a thing and you know maybe I'll make some money and maybe eventually I can make enough to quit my job but from the very first one you were like I'm gonna build this big Financial thing that Rivals Bloomberg and right now you're thinking yes you're talking about building right now like a network of sites in the finance space like it's a whole yeah network of covering different topics and and same thing with this with the tourism it's like well I'm starting with venezuel but you know the io Network like that's the way you're talking and that's the way you're thinking and that's that manifests itself in your in just the way that you approach your work and so even if you're you know I discipline is is great but I think like discipline is a little bit like it's it's it's really good but I think for the most part it's kind of an illusion because I mean I not totally okay like let me clarify what I mean by that and there are things like you said when you're solving a problem and using your brain you enter that flow State and you can work really hard and I think um there are things that aren't easy for you that you probably are able to make yourself do but like mentally emotionally like we only have so much energy and at some point it's like okay you know I'm trying to be disciplined I wanted to write another article today I I I can't right now I'm going to go to a place where I can recover you know what I mean and so like we see some people and we're like oh man that person's super disciplined in the gym but like I know people where like the gym that is where they're in their Flow State that's where they can I mean people could spend three hours a day in the gym but maybe they're less disciplined in other areas of their life I I think I think there's there maybe some people who are great at discipline but I think most of us like we just have to either create habits or lean into our strengths find people with discipline yes and that's the other thing that I wanted to point out that you're that you're doing and that is that like you're taking the things that you're you're good at and that's what you're focusing your time and effort on and then you're partnering with the right people um or and the same goes like for anybody in a business it's like if you hire the right people or partner with the right people um I read a fantastic book um called 10x is easier than 2x um by Dan solivan and Benjamin Hardy and this is one of the principles there is it's like the Dan Sullivan who's like the guy who's been coaching lots of entrepreneurs for decades he didn't write the book because he's like I'm not a good writer and I've written lots of little books they don't really that well I want a bestseller because I want this information to get out there so what did he do he partnered with Benjamin Hardy who is like a top blogger on medium for years like um one of the most read bloggers on medium and uh who had already written some fantastic books because he's in the like psychology that's his thing and so they work together and Benjamin wrote the book you know because he he knows how to write a bestseller Dan's like why would I try to write the book that's not what I do exactly um and so that's what you're doing though is you're focusing your attention and your main efforts on the things that are your strengths to allow yourself to live the life you want my problem and maybe you can give me some guidance here my problem is that I think one of my biggest strengths is I love to solve problems and learn new things and so when there's a new problem to be solved or a new there's something going on in the business a new project I want to do all of them but I can't and because like I'm only one person and so I have a hard time like delegating yeah just like you just take this and own it and and you know report back to me because I just I enjoy learning everything so um so anyway I just keep uh piling too much on to myself instead of properly delegating to other people so if you have let me tell you something to start let me tell you something it would be hard already from my humble position to give advice to somebody so experienced like you already you know in the industry right but still if I can make a humble a humble suggestion it would be the following it's like uh we need to drop the perfectionism and we really need to learn to delegate okay because look for example uh you can you would not believe it but uh you would take me and sit me down and there is an article on trading Bible called how to buy stocks it has 8,000 words that took me two and a half hours okay to sit down without research just doing this just enjoying myself okay now my question is should I just hire a writer and expect him to do it in two and a half hours 8,000 words no chance right right okay and for sure if if he's doing that kind of stuff most likely he will not be doing it for me and for the price I could afford he would be already like working for a hedge fund okay so yes also it's also understanding that everybody has their own capacity and that Perfection is very hard to achieve you can achieve Perfection only within your within yourself and not even close you can get as close as possible to Perfection but when it comes to other stuff it's about uh learning to delegate learning to enjoy and and just relaxing and not wanting to to to let that anxiety Drive the desire to get to the to the highest level because there's no point in the end it's still not going to make us happier I love that I love that I think I think a lot of um a lot of people watching will will be able to benefit from that lesson like we all a lot of us had struggle with perfectionism it's got to be my the very best I can do which means delegating that to somebody else uh I don't know I'm probably GNA then have to go back and rewrite what they wrote Because it's got to be good enough for me and we just need to chill out something different My Philosophy okay even if it looks like crap post it okay and then let's let the person look and say Hey listen I think maybe we can improve in this and this and that what do you think show your article to your friends so other people then tell that person that the article was crap right and then acquires more motivation to then continue improving but trying to control everything it's impossible because imagine you are the leader of a country right for example every decision you make is going to affect positively 100,000 people if you're a good leader and maybe negative 10,000 okay you remove some money from this chest and move it to the other then 100 people gained 10,000 lost so to be able to to to manage effectively that's that's I think one of the most complicated skills because it requires a lot of uh spiritual patience and anxiety release and as an anxious person super anxious person that's very difficult and apologies is there is something I want to uh uh uh tell to to all the people that are watching which is related to something you were saying a few minutes ago um about keeping a big vision right yes and and it will be very helpful so as a dreamer all the time I was like oh yeah this that what ET if you see the plans for the trading ble it was taken over the world they were like helicopters flying with the logo of the company yeah okay great you know kid utions let's call it like that sure but you know what really helped me and changed me completely 180 investors so I had a a very crazy crazy situation where I met an investor I was like yeah I need investors to grow this and Etc and then in Cyprus then some guys like listen I know an investor I know a hatch fund manager actually so we drove 11: in the morning and all the guys UK people very nice people party lovely Good Vibes everybody drun at 11: in the morning in a bar you know in paos in Cyprus you know enjoying party and Etc and then I come to the table here's the investor you know the hedgeh manager like on a Sunday so then I'm like there with them Etc making my pitch and all of that and yeah I need 4 million and then the guy's like 4 million okay look what is your business plan and I don't need a business plan because I'm yeah uhuh UHA and the guy at least saw some potentially me at least from my humble perspective at that time and said like listen without a business plan you're nothing okay that's it so he assigned some people from a team of high quality experts wow insane people to guide me and teach me how to make a business plan okay so that I started with that stuff making my business plan and then submitting it again and failing it and again and then I didn't need for million then I understood I need it one and a half good then I continued continued again Etc and then came the funniest part of the story I just said I don't need investors man so I just called the guy I said listen thank you so much for everything you have done I promise you then when the come comes a next company that is worthwhile your investment you're going to get a call from me because the guy was like yeah Stephano look I want to get an option on whatever you do next on your life to I want to make a contract and an option to buy and I'm listen listen leave me alone okay leave me alone but I promise you I will call you when something good comes up again okay but thanks to him and thanks to the knowledge of business plans I understood that I didn't need investors I understood where I needed to focus the Manpower the energy and where could I reach and how could I reach making a business plan is by far one the best exercises I I've ever done in my life okay so if you really want to uh this is not blogging in a very humble and simple way this is a super fully fledged international business you can get from a single website okay making millions of dollars per year right so approach it as such and then that's the advice I give to other people like set up a business plan do competitive analysis do everything that is required do plan every single detail I had a plan of where am I going to get the writers on what level what cost on what opportunities what if they get sick what if everything was written on that 45 page business plan and then of course after after it I understood I didn't need the investor so he's like laughing like oh man I shouldn't have guided you you know like could I have taken the money and buildt something better yeah would I have been happier no for sure because it was not going to take me in the right direction also when you're dealing with the hedge fund the VC level they have some crazy brain bending tactics to make money that are above your knowledge so the guys were like yeah sure we give you a convertible depth Equity we take 80% of your company and you buy it back on a loan and if you default and you screw up then we make up millions of dollars because of insurance and if you succeed we still make millions and if you fail you lose everything so like no listen bro like I mean thank God I I researched a lot and understood but make a business plan if you really want to get a vision of of your business and where you want to go that's I would advise it for sure yeah yeah absolutely um you know content creators need to be thinking of themselves as you know entrepreneurs business owners we need to treat what we're doing as a business because that's what it is and that's what it's always been um and that's I think probably going to be one of the most important things going forward just given the way the industry is changing the way information is changing the way AI is doing what it's doing um maybe we could talk about that for a minute what what are you seeing because I know I mean you're still in the content space you're still working on um multiple websites so what are you seeing after these you know latest Google updates and what what are your thoughts as we move forward okay so Google updates destroyed a lot of websites okay that's for sure like everybody took a hit I took a hit everybody took a hit at the at the at the given time okay uh now the thing is the photo which was going back to what we were discussing asked before about if you were Google what would you do okay so the question is I got a trillion websites in the world and I got 10 spots on the first page to show how am I going to make that decision right how can you make that decision you see more websites that are very generic ranking top for whatever it is they do right like I don't know let's say CNN Forbes ranking for what is the axotal fish you know okay like some something very particular right okay so to compete really got to gain an edge in other areas okay and go as specific as possible okay and then explore as well different languages I'm operating at least in in the new project in 10 languages included English as well with a level of specificity that it's insane like but why because I know that regardless how long is the query and regardless that it brings five visitors they're very five profitable visitors especially with what what we know how to do in finance right so AI did not kill the game it made it actually easier for some people okay it's just about knowing how to profit so if we know that you have WordPress and you have a Ai and Google says oh God WordPress and AI e no M don't don't let them rank then then we need to make some changes we need to say okay good custom system AI editing with a professional writer as well then to make sure that the content is really amazing because look AI will throw some barbaric statements sometimes I never go and make something with AI and just throw it out there right like at least when I'm reviewing the work that uh people who are working with me now are doing I see some stuff and I'm like bro what is this why because I'm I'm into Finance after after after a couple years so like I'm it's it's already in the head like without doing the research so I just read and say okay yeah shares of a company are not a cheeseburger okay no that's not good right so like okay we need to fix this no expand it here expand it there and make it as relevant as possible and also a personal theory of mine I believe that long form content is not the way to go it's is a very controversial statement okay because everybody wants to write the 7,000 wor blog post for for whatever but I just want you to remember this moment for a second think about when you're Googling how some food I love seiche how to make Seviche what happens when you Google that you open it and then some Blog shows up that says history of Ceviche what is ceviche the first person who cich and I'm like bro how do I make the ceviche that's the only thing I want to know show me straight where is aich okay you can do it with a th words or 600 maybe okay yeah some of the some of the blog post that I have in several websites who were ranking very high had 700 words but they were very relevant down to the point it's a trillion dollar answering machine whose job is to provide the most relevant possible answer and who likely wants to take all our jobs as well in the future you know but at least now while they can't okay we need to make sure that we are very relevant Google analytics for and the updates of of the level of tracking that they have for user Behavior yes okay now there's no running away from the engagement game now they know oh Stefano went right now to the toilet and open Google Chrome and continue reading and then he went to the computer and maybe he drank a coffee and he didn't like the article so much because he scrolled seven times less okay like like like now the level of tracking and engagement will not lie so to make sure we solve that problem now we need to be as relevant and as precise as possible and a very good exercise for this is chat GPT you can go and say look make me an article of 10,000 words on this and chbt will go and give you a th000 words and I'm like fighting like I ask you 10,000 why don't you give me 10,000 is like answering listen this is as much as relevant and as precise we can't describe it there's nothing left to say about this and I'm like okay now we're talking yes so I I totally agree with this and it's funny because for years you mentioned you know your example with ciche um you know a recipe and recipe bloggers for a long time it's it's an it's a this is so prolific that it's like a joke in our industry that you go to a recipe website and you know you pull up a recipe and you're going to get 5,000 words about their Grandma who used to make this recipe and it's like that's a great heartwarming story fine but that's not what I came here for and and everybody knew that and so what did they do they would often have a link at the top to skip to the recipe but there was this concept for a long time that in order to outrank all the others you had to have a longer article you know we had to fill it with the keyword enough times and but Google's smarter and you're right A lot of people are they don't like Google analytics 4 it's different they can't find the reports they're used to but we have so much more information about engagement about the actual events that are happening with a user when they come to the page and we can track how a user flows like they came in on this page and then they went to this page and the thing is that we have access to that data now but you brought this up so does Google it used to just be the code loads when the page loads Google knows people came to the page but even the um time on page number was way off because Google couldn't Google only tracked when the page opened you know now Google actually knows and so Behavior also all of it all of it so i' that's got to be feeding back into the algorithm and so we can't get get away with just writing long AR articles that are full of whether it's fluff or helpful content but helpful content that's not relevant that we can't get away with that there there is a solution I propos to The Helpful content uh wording so look the days of building crappy blocks are done okay yeah you gotta you got to build Brands okay for example I'm building a little monster on on the finance base a single IP with a bunch of websites driven to that same IP on the finance space with high Authority high quality content etc etc etc it's a brand okay it's a solid big thing going on on the back it's still very small and it's in its Beginnings but that's what I'm aiming to build right cool yes so now you cannot just go and and just uh put whatever out there and make it no you need to think about how you build the brand how you how you you really need to have the long-term Vision on how you scale okay and the most important thing everything is scalable you can make a website about this I don't know like uh bedside tables you know and still make an amazing website but it needs to be a brand you need to think about how will you set up Partnerships with Ikea how will you have the affiliate programs how will you have this how will you have that and and how will you communicate with your people what kind of YouTube channel you will have you need to think about Brands now but the business is still doable it's still very good there's still a lot of low competition on many things that are impressively good for example buying I go Spain I go Venezuela I go would you think that that's available right I mean from a perspective of an SEO guy and a a professional blogger like you would you go and sitting in your sofa would you be like yeah for sure I go Venezuela must be available no it's not right it's like a like a perfect domain names right so there is a lot of domains available for different kinds of websites for different kinds of niches the thing is about really follow now is the time to follow the receipt much better be very specific try to build a brand try to connect with people try to think about the long-term vision of things you cannot just go and slap some war press stuff there and put some articles and expect to succeed now you you're going to see Zero traffic if you do that I think you're you're absolutely right that's I completely agree well um Stephano I mean I don't want to take up your whole day but uh I guess happy to be here I mean what what is kind of the the big takeaway that you'd like people to take away after hearing this what you know your your I guess your main advice for people who are um either just starting or have been in this for a while but they're not where they want to be yet what what do you say to someone okay oh I got a lot of stuff to Sayad okay let's start but why are we here right now so I think it was November last year yeah I had a car crash okay and I've always been very uh Keen to trying to give something to the world and Etc so I had a car crash a car accident was relatively small but still some airb blowing up some stuff I me like PLU getting knocked out you know like a and at that point I'm like oh bro life is short you know like you never know when it's going to hit and I'm like I'm not afraid of dying honestly as a believer in God and as a as a person who's like trying to do always I'm not perfect I've made so many mistakes I'm a disaster okay like I party too hard Etc all good like but I try to do my best in what I can as a believer I'm like okay what can I give to the world and my fous not giving something before I die okay so after the car crash that's when I I I I wrote the book right the my book uh zero to Dubai okay so yeah the book is just a story of of my life and how everything came from the point of uh being the the kid in Venezuela to the then the homeless guy in Europe then to the coming up and buying a flat here in Dubai okay and what I want to to leave people with look nowadays we're living in a very complex society right like uh there is a lot of things going on there is moral Decay there are uh influencers and gurus and people saying all kinds of weird stuff on all the time on the internet okay now that's not the world the world is very different okay for example I need to expand a lotting what where I'm going to go with what I want to leave people with let's take an example about love and dating nowadays if you open Instagram Tik Tok Etc you're going to be like high value men is this the women are bad you're like oh God God God and then people go out and they're like ah they see a woman it's like oh God no listen bro relax this is this is social media this is people who really have lost the North in life and they want to make money okay from you listening to them okay but that's not how the world is you go out and there will be kind people there will be bad people there will be all kinds of people right cool so what like the world has become complicated enough and the information sources are becoming very mixed up and we don't know what to believe what to do how how how to be we are developing the wrong uh role models for example you open Netflix and I mean to be Netflix you need to be a narco okay yeah that's it all you need to do is sell drugs and then you get to Netflix okay because then if you are an entrepreneur most likely you will not get there okay unless you the Apple so uh in this complicated world the first thing I would love to to leave people with and that's why I wrote my book and shared my story and did all all that I did in a very humble simple way and I didn't want to be famous honestly I want to live my life just chilling and that's it is this first find your find your North okay of why are you doing things so okay you want to make a website why what is the plan do you just want to make money or do you actually want to do something nice with it and help people okay if you want to help people then most likely you're going to have a very much better uh Direction and motivation to do what you do okay then also decide what you really want and set up a Target more money money gives a marginal level of of happiness for example you can deposit into me $20 million right now and and it will not honestly increase my happiness marginally because as a very chill person with a very detached lifestyle I'm happy in flip flops on a boat on the sea just enjoy my life and Etc so you need to really set your Target on what you really want uh and then comes the struggle and dedication and the understanding of how things work in the first world okay uh as a how do you call it in in the polite way nowadays you know like a friend of mine like as a person born in developing countries you know okay we know it's like countries who are behind in some areas okay we like we we have to struggle a lot all the time which somehow it keeps us very healthy very awake very very good in very great condition uh mentally okay now when you move to the first world that's where things get messy okay like I I I was talking it to a friend also a podcast very nice girl like like I never had depression in my life okay now after I I I sold the company I bought the flat Etc I had like depression for the first time in my life I didn't even know that that was real and I always like wow I was always making fun of depression and I'm like no it does happen now I know how to fix it very quick I just blew all my money away took higher risks you know make sure that I'm so stressed that I cannot get depression okay good yeah but that's my way of dealing with it you know so but the like the first world will will will drift you into into very different areas that will not help you see who you really are sometimes you will be in positions where you have too much comfort or or where you have people chasing after the wrong things or where then like people develop spe they are less developed spiritually and Etc and all of that will play a big role on who you will be as a person and the choices you will make in life so I guess the top thing I would love to to to to leave to people I'm being very diverse but I'm trying to squeeze in a lot of information on on a very short uh sentence you know like is find the North find the true purpose okay also believe in something greater than yourself right and and don't let the distractions and all the crap that is going on out there take advantage of you right uh stay true to a purpose if you want to build the best gardening blog or whatever I don't know I don't know anything about gardening my mother loves playing with the gardening okay but I don't know anything about gardening you want to build the best Garden in Block you can do it and for sure you will succeed okay the question is how why do you want to do it what are the steps you're going to take what are the vision you have how do you remove all the Clutter from your head that is stopping you from getting to where you want to get this clutter comes in many forms it comes in crap your digesting from social media in in gurus in everything in media uh in the fake news you know like in in everything in everything that is getting out there okay so find a purpose stay true to it work hard don't let the first world contaminate you and remove your your uh your the core of the energy you have put yourself in positions where you really have no option but to move forward um I'm sorry if I sound very spread out but I'm this is a long philosophical conversation and I'm just trying to like squeeze it in as as fast as I can you know I I love that so honestly I believe basically the same thing um and that's it's been the thing that's guided me the most and that and that is that one like the some of the the hardest mental health issues that we Face often happen in large part because our the societ that many of us live in is very comfortable we have a lot of time to get stuck in our heads and we have very little that we struggle with it's it you know it kind of comes back to masa's hierarchy of needs right if you're worried about where your next meal is coming from no depress these higher level needs like they're just not even there your mind isn't even focused on that um yeah and so you know know if we and and I think to your other point about just having your North your reason your why you know there's a lot of ways people talk about that but when as we reach for these higher level needs you know and we reach towards self-actualization you know at the very top which is you know if all of your needs are being met and you reach this point where it's like okay but you still have a need and that is self-actualization um if you don't have a North if you don't have a reason then you can't ever have that need fulfilled and so every you it's impossible you have to have a something that's driving you that is beyond just you internally and so I think I think those are critical if we're going to so you know if you don't have that it's going to be really tough but also if you don't ever give yourself things to struggle through then it's also really hard to you to I don't know to me like having to overcome solve a problem and have it matter right it's like if I don't achieve this or if I don't solve this problem I don't know what's going to happen to you know next month or even tomorrow you know exactly that gives you so much I don't know I I get a lot of um just Joy a lot of fulfillment out of overcoming adversity so allow yourself I wouldn't say ne necessarily like throw stumbling blocks in your way like let's make life extra hard but but don't shy away from things just because they're hard like doing hard things is what's gonna make you great so I you gotta fight you gotta fight I have a a good comedian and there's a good comedian in Venezuela right um who who said a short joke that we love there you know it's like because in Venezuela even though it's very difficult and we have a lot of problems and Etc people are generally very happy okay very Lively all the time very welcoming very fun so the Comedian says there was a Venezuelan guy who Moved abroad to to Canada okay and then he was talking to his relatives and like how are you great we have safety we are doing good the kids are doing great we bought our third house Etc ah and then when he was talking to the other guy who was in Venezuela is like how you doing I'm okay man my mother got robbed yesterday but we're fine man we're fine you know like we enjoying life you know so it's really it's really the the the situations where you're in right one of them makes you constantly be on on on the go and the other one gets you too comfortable and then puff depression kicks in so stay on a challenge and you're going to stay with the right North I care I care a lot honestly I care a lot about trying to slowly propagate and also because of my own mistakes and the stupid things I have done in life because I'm not a perfect person at all you know I'm a disaster in the in some you know like I'm trying to to find a way to propagate these ideals and to try to to help people however I can especially because I see how things are going nowadays you know somehow this a small crazy thought of mine people think that uh population control all over the world is going to be driven by some some people who are going to go and try to kill everybody to make sure that we don't uh reproduce more and Etc right as a conspiracy theory let's call it sure and I believe that it's already happening in the most clever way possible that if an AI went rogue and decided how to separate people simply did it by keeping us all apart dividing us using the right propaganda via social media putting people far away erasing love erasing values and Etc erasing family as an institution okay and and that it's already happening and somebody needs to do something about it and we need to do it in in all areas in business in love in family and Etc so that's kind of like where I'm going with that I love that I I think that's a fantastic Mission or fantastic you know goal or purpose to have is to try to spread good and help people um we are to distance and you know social media has so many benefits like so many things that it can help us with but it also it makes it very easy for for us to divide ourselves and um you know by different identities you know uh um and that just it just leads to exactly what you just described we're separating ourselves yes the Power of Choice you know what social media before if you remember for sure as well like me you know like uh we used to go and say I want to search about this and then I will see a couple suggestions and try to find it nowadays you're not searching nowadays you open Tik Tok or whatever and your brain and your eyes get plugged into a super computer who's destroying whatever random stuff is there maybe a beheading video then a cat a meme a cat playing piano and then some successful guy successful or whatever except so nowadays we are in a in a very delicate moment in time where the the influences are really driving us in in in the wrong direction you know yeah so that's that's that's what we need to to be careful to to fight against because it will affect us in everything I know we are in a I know right now we are talking and there's a lot of people here who are interested in in building blogs and building websites and Etc but you can't build the block if you're not doing good inside you can't build the block and you can't Advance if you are not uh good in several areas where you need to be right like it's like without a purpose without this without that you cannot do all the other stuff we talked about before without the spiritual part being in in check and we have an opportunity as content creators to have a positive impact I mean we can the there's money to be made in feeding into the negativity and to the divisiveness there's money to be made there if that's your only goal you know but to me that's not fulfilling I would rather spread honesty Integrity goodness and um and positivity and so I think we have an opportunity as content creators to shape the world into what we want it to be so and I think that's a heavy responsibility that that we need to take seriously it is it is it is I don't I I still don't see myself as a content creator that I'm just a crazy guy building his stuff you know but I'm trying my best to kind of like help in my my little grains of ss however I can you know but I do I do see the point like I do see the point of what you say a lot of people put out this negative messages and they don't understand the impact they have okay so for example now which I say love is the most uh Waring subject that that that there is for me because I see how it's getting erased from our from our society you know the idea of family of love and marriage and Etc but it's getting erased in a in a very strange way we have people who are saying no yeah the women are very bad no the men are very bad no the women very bad yeah marriage is horrible marriage is horrible but then the same people complaining about these things are actually not even doing something at all to help Point people in in the right direction they're just putting more hate and hate and hate and hate and hate making sure that everybody stays apart okay and if everybody stays apart then nobody wins right yeah you got a bunch of lonely girls lonely men you know and everybody unhappy you know like what's the point you know like but you reduce population right so that's the goal maybe I don't know exactly maybe it is but I mean it's already happening to a point where there's actually a lot of global concern about population being too small to be able to sustain the societies we have today so um correct that's a whole that's a whole other discussion topic we could go into too but um you can get me talking for hours about yeah we can go on get it I get it but uh no this fantastic well Stephano I really appreciate your time um if people want to learn more you know what what's the best way for them to find you obviously there's the book and I think we should all go read your book I'd love to hear to get more of the details of the story so zero to dubby we'll uh we'll make sure we link to that um anywhere else that you'd like people to go to look as a as a very I'm I'm I'm I'm very transparent person I'm not a content creator uh I have not even given too much thought about being one right so I got an Instagram with a couple friends and some people right which is my name Stefano Treviso right uh I got LinkedIn as well with my name and then you have the book on Amazon but uh I haven't focused on making social media presentence YouTube videos and this and that and Etc I wrote my book because I wanted to give people something nice and that's it with my story uh I was not hoping to make a living out of this you know it's just a story right so I'm happy if it helps a few people and that's it after I want to write new things to to to also help people with different kinds of knowledge uh progressively as my life moves on but to find me yeah you can find me on Instagram with@ Stefano triso the book is in Amazon zero to Dubai uh yeah that's it you know if you want to reach me find a way to reach me with my name you know with my name there's a couple articles out there you can find me but I'm not I'm not a social media presence or something you know like yeah yeah awesome well you've done some some really cool things and I again I appreciate you sharing a bit of your story here with us today um thank you very much thank you very much as well Ricky and uh I I I can't stress this enough you know also thank you for your great contributions the extremely amazing Channel and business you have built over over the last years I think you have helped so many people and you are one of the very few people who is actually providing high quality stuff who was actually helping people and I'm happy you are doing it in the right way I'm happy uh that no guru stuff here okay it's like proper high quality stuff you know so yeah uh I'm giving my full recommendation on what you guys are doing because yeah it does help and I have seen help people and also help myself as well you know well thank you that means a lot to hear you say that so it's a real pleasure awesome all right well I'll go ahead and stop the

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