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welcome back my friends and fellow business people who use content to drive organic traffic to your business I'm probably going to need to come up with a better nickname for you look I have done website roasts before typically it's more like a site breakdown kind of like if I was doing a consult for you where I give a list of things that I would do to the website to make it better well that's kind of cool and I think kind of helpful but never quite as good as when we do the work and when we show you the work and that's what we're going to do now so here's what I have I have a website here from a project 24 member she has been struggling with dwindling traffic since the beginning of the helpful content Updates this is like a couple of years we worked a couple years ago on sight speed core web vitals I wasn't convinced that was driving the drop in traffic but it was a concern and so I helped her with that a little bit and I can see that she's continued to make further strides there but the traffic is still dwindling so we're going to dive in now and we are going to make a plan for exactly what needs to happen to this website and over the course of a few videos we're going to take all of those action steps that we can and that the owner of the website's okay with and we're going to put them into practice starting now here is the website this is Horsea book.com it contains a lot of facts about horses Lucy who owns this website knows a lot a lot about horses she has personal experience so that doesn't seem to be an issue but when we look at the traffic even year-over-year and last year it was down from before year-over-year it's down about another 50% now this latest update in March didn't seem to really hurt it but back in September it took a pretty big hit so to keep us organized we're going to focus today specifically on four areas the first one I want to look at is kind of like site structure um internal linking categories that kind of stuff I've already taken a little bit of a look and we've got several categories up here right we have trivia we have about we actually have some others that aren't showing up up here makes me concerned a little bit that maybe some of these blog posts aren't actually linkable or uh reachable just through clicks from the homepage one example of that I know there are blog posts in a category called Fun which I don't see up here I think there was a category called FAQs and I know that because I was in the Google analytics looking and her permalink structure shows category than blog post but it's possible some of these posts are in multiple so I'm going to go ahead I'm going to click on trivia and I just kind of want to see what sort of content she has and then we're going to click into some of these blog posts and look at what the internal linking is like so trivia The Ultimate Guide to the 105 best horse names okay is that trivia is that guides is it both and I don't know if horse names is really trivia so I don't know if that's really the ideal fit but that's okay we've also got some others here around names so I would certainly hope that these link together in fact this one the ultimate guide it should probably have somewhere where it says like for different breeds of of horses there are certain names that seem to be in even better fit for example Chestnut horses and then links to that one so let's go ahead and look and see if that's here anywhere so color inspired horse names Chestnut is a specific one here and I mean here we've got colored horse names I don't see any any links here that link to that chesta article we don't have to necessarily link to every article that is kind of in the same sort of Silo and I would I would say here that horse naming is definitely a cluster of content but these all should really link together overall so every article we have on the website that talks about horse names all of them should be linked to from at least one other blog post and should link out to at least one other blog post within that horse naming cluster sometimes idea articles like this can be really helpful but it can also be really helpful to give a little bit more in-depth information about maybe some of where these names come from and why they're good horse names all right that's something that we're going to want to do in a little bit more detail looking at a lot more clusters in fact ideally what we would do is we would make a list of every single blog post on the website as well as kind of where they're categorized today but what we're going to do is look for natural groupings that exist amongst the current content and ensure that there are good internal links between those articles so that we're making it really clear to search engines including Google that these articles are closely related and that in any one of those articles there is additional information that can be found elsewhere on the website it builds your topical Authority and helps to give you more views per session so people are more likely to click through to more articles on your website before they leave rather than just reading the one now I do know that on this website there are a lot of articles that do a great job of internal linking we just want to make sure that that internal linking is well structured so that those clusters of content are really clear that doesn't mean we can't link to other articles outside of the cluster that we're writing about that's totally fine too so the links you have are probably great in fact from what I've seen across the website they're quite good but just we just want to make sure that these clusters are pretty well defined all right next I want to talk about some of the top content on the website so I'm not going to reveal because I'm nice and I don't want to inspire a whole ton of competition on some of the top articles that Lucy's written so I'm not going to tell you exactly which articles are the top ones on the website but I did look at the top 10 or so articles over both last 90 days and over the last 30 days n out of 10 are the same whether it's the 90day period or the 30-day period And there's there's a bit of a drop off the the top one is getting 536 page views in the last 30 days and the next one's 471 then 347 325 then down to 190 so there aren't that many blog posts that are doing more than a couple 100 page views a month and in the top 10 at least the bottom in the top 10 is still getting over 150 page views a month we're we're doing okay and realistically for this time of year I would expect to have a little bit lower traffic than in the summer but still when I looked at the analytics the overall trend is is not great but what I love to do is to look at this top content and look for opportunities So within the top content I see a few places where either we can look and make sure that we have strong clusters for each of these top articles so there's other articles to link to that are closely related not just other articles on the website that might be helpful for the reader but other ones that are very closely related so they're much more likely to be helpful for this specific reader so that's another step that we're going to want to go through is just to as we're going through our clustering we're going to look for other opportunities and we're going to look for opportunities to add content to the website that would be ideal for the people that are coming to these articles now I didn't get Google Search console access and so without that it's hard to see the specific search queries that people are typing in and then landing on these articles which would actually give me even more insight so I'm going to have to talk to Lucy and see if she doesn't have Google search console set up we're going to add that right away because that's going to give us so much more intelligence for the future so overall on structure I'm going to say she's doing a good job but we're going to need to dive in really deep and it's a lot harder to do after the fact it's usually a lot easier to plan your website around clusters it's a little harder to do after the fact when you have hundreds of Articles and now you're like okay I've got to list all of them and try to group them together but that's what we're going to do and maybe we can use AI to help us with that we'll cover that in more detail in another video now let's dive into the content itself so looking at a specific article let's just pick one at random I'm going to go to page three and I'm just going to scroll my eyes are closed all right endurance writing a beginner's guide to getting started this is a beginner's guide so I would expect this to be a fairly meaty blog post so we've got what is it endurance writing hopefully if I'm looking this up I have kind of an idea but it's good that you're giving a little bit of a background it's not a real long background but it's there right what do you need to know okay so just even this is just one example so I'm without even reading the whole blog post I want to point out a couple things in this section it says what do you need to know about endurance writing first of all let's talk about that headline it's not totally Standalone if I were to see that heading in a serp because Google does this so use your subheading sometimes as the title The SEO title in the Ser if that's the thing that people are searching for so if that's the closely related part of your article to their answer sometimes they'll do that here this could be like five things any urance horse rider needs to know that would be a better Standalone title it could do reasonably well in the Ser if somebody saw that they might be more interested in clicking on that but what you need to know about endurance writing like endurance writing what M bicycles motorcycles horses what are we talking about obviously Google knows but if somebody sees that in a serp they don't necessarily know so make that clear make your subheading Standalone now here as the name suggests endurance riding or racing is a real test of endurance or stamina not just the horse but the rider too this is good this is a good intro here so it's basically like there's stuff you need to know and you need to be prepared for to be able to do endurance writing and all of a sudden the second half of the paragraph's all about maps and it just feels to me it felt kind of abrupt and it didn't feel like they went totally together what I would do is I would number these things so I mentioned putting a number in the subheading right so five things or four things however many you ended up being so here when you say so what else do you need to take into account before starting out in the endurance World well here are four things one you need to be happy spending a lot of time in a saddle and then I'd say number two you need to be able to read a map well many races especially long ones will issue you a map and you'll have to find your way to the various checkpoints that's that's an important Standalone thing I need to know number three you need to be able to control your horse's Pace not just so that you maintain a steady Pace but so that you don't Tire your horse or yourself out too quickly so right now we've got like two principles or two things to take into account in paragraph one two more things in paragraph two I would just break them out and number them so number three control the pace number four be able to do first basic first aid so you got four things there just number them it'll make the formatting more interesting it'll make that stand out people will want to see that list and it's just one little piece of the article I I think an article like this you should absolutely be linking out to other articles about endurance writing by linking to additional articles about endurance writing we're going to build a strong cluster around this topic of endurance writing you could have five great horse workouts to prepare your horse for endurance riding five great work outs to prepare you for endurance horse riding and and so many other things horse nutrition for endurance riding there are probably numerous different things that we could cover about endurance writing that would build your Authority on the topic of endurance writing if this is the only one and I don't know but if this is the only article about endurance writing then it's really fairly superficial it's a decent guide and it's good information but as far as your website goes the content's kind of fit I just think that there may be several of these sections that you could write substantially more as its own Standalone article and then link out to it so if that's what I would do or if you want to start making video content you can make videos about some of these specific aspects anyway I I just think that we could probably go into a lot more depth but to do that we're going to break it into multiple blog posts and we're going to use internal linking and treat that like a cluster of content all right so when it comes to the the helpfulness of content I'm going to say your content is good it's very helpful it's you clearly have the knowledge of the topic um what I'm not seeing here is you put into this okay so like this article could easily have been written by me and I don't know anything about endurance horse writing what I'd love to see from you is and if you haven't done like endurance writing yourself I think that's okay but you probably know people that have you probably know stories that you could include in here even if it's of other people I would I would use examples to illustrate more what you're explaining rather than just giving me the facts so that would improve the helpfulness we also talked about how we're going to build clusters of content around this kind of stuff and now you can see how this one website could turn into a thousand or more articles just to cover everything that you've covered in depth and that's where I think the structure of the website we probably just have we're probably covering too many different things man this video is already going long and I haven't even gotten through I'm we'll call it two down okay let's talk monetization real quick this site is monetized with from what I can tell from the affiliate side basically just Amazon actually the way that the monetization is done with Amazon I'm pretty okay with here we've got um internal links to other blog posts I showed those a minute ago right here do you need any special kit we've got internal links that link to other blog posts that are going to have Amazon links that's cool we also at the bottom of blog post have this kind of recommended product section where we're recommending some just some of her favorite products that she uses uh for horses what would make this even better is if we were to have one of these for each maybe category of content on the website and that way depending on what the category is we could make the recommended products like even more closely related to what the article is but as it is this is just it's a reusable Block it's being inserted into every article and I think that works there's nothing about the approach to affiliate links here that is spammy um that feels really pushy and I think that would even give Google any any pause we also have an email call to action and Lead magnet so there's a free 12-page horse record kit and there's an email list now that is not in of self- monetization but it's setting things up for monetization and it's giving people kind of a a preview of what a product an info product from this site owner would actually look like so I think that's a really good thing I think maybe we should start thinking about what that could look like what could we do to take that a step further and have a product we could sell I think that would actually help level up this website quite a bit the other way this site is monetized which you're not seeing right now is with ads so I'm going to open this up in a different browser okay so on the homepage here smart there are currently no ads it looks like there may have been there may be like a sticky footer ad that's just not showing but when I click into a blog post we'll just pick a random one but look at this we've got these two sidebars and they stick with you the whole time we have a video that sticks with me the whole time we have a a big ad inserted right here followed immediately by this is humix this is Zoo's video player so it's showing videos from other people that may or may not have anything to do with the content on this website um we got these these other sidebar ads we just have a lot of ads I've seen several places where we're getting ad immediately followed by video or ad immediately followed by another ad and so your own images often get lost with the ads also in order to reduce the amount of shift um it's CLS cumulative layout shift in order to reduce that ISO has just kind of made these ad boxes that are big and then they just put the ad there and that way first of all the ad can slide around like that but also if they decide to put in a little ad or a big ad or whatever it doesn't shift where the content is based on the size of the ads they decide to display it just makes it look super ugly there's just way too many way way way too many so one of the things I would like to do is I'd like to go in and first of all we would either remove aoic Al together and just work on improving the traffic and get it to a place where we can put media V ads on this website um or I would go through the effort to dramatically reduce the number of ads we can look and make sure that we keep the most the highest value ads this the sticky footer ad is usually one of the very top most valuable ads on my website there's a ton of these individual ads that's not an ad there's a ton of little ads in your blog post where that one ad earns you basically nothing but by having so many of them it makes the experience worse and this could really in the day of helpful content be hurting your website all right enough on monetization we're going to work on that a bit um we'll start by focusing on the ads but then we're going to look at the fourth piece and I think that's going to help your monetization to the fourth thing that we want to look at is just the branding and site reputation when I do a Google search search first for Lucy horse Factbook so we're looking at the author of the website in fact let's go to the about page about me my name is Luc so it is about you more so than about the website itself which I think is great because you're pitching this website as an independent blog written by you which I think is is totally fine so I think this is good so when I Google you though Lucy horse fabook I get this from Google Lucy is a guest blogger from the horse Factbook who shares tips for avoiding boredom in horses work and daily lives so Google's AI thinks that you're a guest blogger now part partly that's because you've written guest posts on a couple other people's websites but mostly you're actually the owner of a website called horse Factbook you're not like a guest blogger that's just something that you do sometimes for some reason that's how Google is thinking of you maybe it's not clear to Google that you're the owner of that website then I see this article that ranks on talking to horses.com that you wrote and another one that you wrote on boredom Buster tips on equest sorry on this website equestrian movement then there's the Pinterest post for this article that I believe is on their account then there is your archive page so these are the blog posts that were written by you which is probably all of them then there's this page from talking to horses that is like an archive page that lists the blog post that you're in down here right here there we go there is your about page from horse Factbook we don't even have Horsea book.com showing up in in the search results like the homepage but we do have your about page which I would expect to be at the top so basically what what that's saying is you as the author of this blog post don't have a very strong reputation with Google it does help you've written a couple of guest posts I think that speaks to your Authority a bit but I think we need to do a little bit more to make it clear to Google who you are that you're the owner of this website that you're the primary author of that website Etc and that's something we can work on some of that we'll do a schema markup and some of that will just do by maybe reworking a little bit your about page and some of the stuff on your website now let's just Google we're not going to type in horse Factbook dcom we're just going to Google horse Factbook okay I get jockey club.com I get then I get your Facebook page then I get your website uh then I get an Amazon listing for a book then I get your Twitter and your Pinterest so you have these social accounts and I think that's good but I clicked into these social accounts and what I saw basically on I mean Pinterest this is exactly what you should use Pinterest for you've got a bunch of pins to your blog posts I mean that's basically what you do and when I look into the pins we should have a little bit more written content here that would actually help you do better on Pinterest it would help you rank higher on Pinterest we can maybe talk a little bit about your Pinterest strategy there is a fairly new course it's only a few months old in Project 24 that was made by a project 24 member Cara who knows Pinterest way better than I do and man it's working and honestly it's basically the thing that's kept cook for folks traffic stable because when I looked at Google search console my my clicks from organic search have been going down but my clicks from Pinterest are going up and so my traffic overall looks really stable but now when I look at your other social media so let's look at Twitter let's look at Facebook I and I found you did there it is you had an Instagram too this is what I'm seeing I'm seeing the exact same text that was written for pinest here's your featured image and then here is um it's it's basically just pulling in a card a link that links out to your uh to your blog post th this is nice I hadn't I didn't see this one when I was looking yesterday this is is a separate thing check out this amazing book I would have liked for again for you to write a little bit more about why it's an amazing book I think it's much more likely that people are going to click on what you write on Facebook if there's just more to it than that if that's basically just a link to somewhere else Facebook's not even really going to show it to anybody and I think that's one of the struggles you're having is you're doing you're doing social media but you're not really using each platform in the way that it's intended to be used or the way that will optimize how it's used let's look at your Instagram same picture here I click on it exact same thing and then because it's Instagram you can't even make this a link um it's literally just the text which is better than nothing I don't think this is doing much for you it's better that you have an Instagram than not having an Instagram but I would like to see content that's been curated in made for Instagram that goes on Instagram and that helps your brand more so than just linking out to your blog posts we're going to talk about ways to do that in another video there's so many videos we're going to be able to make just for this website and with that we have our work cut out for us that is a pretty full um little consult right there and there's a lot of specific actions that I didn't tell you exactly what we're going to do yet because we're just going to do it and we're going to do it on camera and show you exactly what this is going to look like frankly I'm excited I can't really decide exactly which thing I want to do first so I guess I better leave and get to it I hope you'll check out the other videos um on this project because they're going to be super exciting for me this is going to be a real business and this is going to be exciting I think for Lucy as well we'll see you all in that next video

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