I Asked 100 Bloggers How Much They Earn $$$ #shorts

I just ran a poll on my YouTube channel and according to it only about six percent of you are monetizing your website using a digital or an information product however in a recent blogger earnings survey I just ran of you and project 24 members I found this to be the single biggest differentiator between those earning a little bit from their blog and those are earning a lot in fact people selling a digital or information product on their blog on average earn 5.7 times as much money per blog post that they wrote that's pretty awesome it's a huge return on your investment of time to create such a product and to create your blog to find out what other things differentiated those that earn the most from those who earn the least make sure you don't miss the blog earnings survey video that I'm going to be putting out on this channel on April 11th we'll see you there foreign.

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