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Hey Jake how's that article for train Traders coming along uh good not making any progress it's blank yeah I need some help all right so what are we looking at I'm having a hard time coming up with words honestly I just don't really like writing I'm not in the mood but this is the time slot that I have to write so I need to get something done what do you think I should do probably start by just sucking it up I mean like this is actually a really common problem when someone's new to blogging it's often really hard to kind of get into it oftentimes there's kind of a confidence issue yeah people have been blogging a long time even me like there are a lot of times where I just feel like kind of hate this I don't really want to sit down and write a blog post today and so I do think there's some really cool stuff that we could we could talk about that would probably help you quite a bit good to start out I guess I would ask like what is it that excites you the most about the topic about your niche well it's something that I love doing if I could spend more time doing it I would so I'm really trying to justify spending all of my time doing this if I can turn this into an income and make it a big part of what I do then that's a big goal cool well that's a really good thing when you have a niche that's super exciting to you it makes it a lot easier because frankly we can just start doing what we call original research which sounds also really boring but it's not when you do research like in school you're just like I hate research papers but what I'm talking about here is basically getting out and doing the thing that you're doing so with terrain treaders it's like off-roading stuff I know you like to you like you'll go work on your ATV and stuff like when it has maintenance problems and stuff you'll you'll ride you'll drive around camp and all that stuff the first thing is like get out and do things and while you're doing them what I like to do is like pick up your phone and just like make a note or even just I'll just like dictate to my phone just to set reminder or something saying yeah you know hey remind me to add this topic to my Hit List like if you if you were there was an article you already knew you plan to write but you're like I don't know what I'm going to say about it but idea strikes because you're out doing the thing then I'll just again like it's an iPhone so I just hold down the key and just talk to it and serious makes notes of whatever and I'll say hey remind me to write about this yeah remind me when I'm you know when I'm packing up the ATV after this trip to get some video clips so that I can use that in content later all that kind of stuff is going to make the writing way easier because now you have just like all these ideas that actually tie to things you were doing and it justifies you getting to do that stuff well that's brilliant because that's when I come up with the ideas that I think would be worth sharing with the community yeah that's what I come into instances where I don't know this I have a hard time finding information online at least easy to digest information sometimes I'll find answers in forums but I gotta dig through a lot of yeah mumbo jumbo that doesn't apply so when I find those answers then I can turn that into content that I can then share yeah totally I actually really like that one anytime that there's information I need for any niche that I have a site on and I can't find that in a good easy digestible format that's like a perfect opportunity to create content so again I'll make a note like I'll make sure that I make an article about you know replacing this belt on this particular ATV model or whatever it is right yeah make sure I make an article about that and then when I actually go to do that maintenance on the ATV set up your phone or a GoPro or whatever on a tripod or at least yeah right and let's get some video of it let's try to get close-up shots of the specific things you have to do because we can turn that into really good content in our case we're going to do YouTube which is great but even for those bloggers who don't want to build a YouTube channel if they're doing something that's visual like getting those video clips and then hosting those videos on YouTube we can embed them in our articles and make the content way better yeah for pictures a thousand words yeah how many words are in a video well there's like 60 frames in a second so it's a lot of it's a lot of pictures I'm not good at math but it sounds like a lot you know another really fun way to do content that actually makes for really good content is testing sometimes people get kind of caught up when I say yeah do some testing like get some products or something and they're like I spend thousands of dollars on product yeah but I'm talking about like testing even inexpensive things like people oftentimes will go on Amazon and be like ah I found like a 10 version of this but the 80 name brand one I don't know that's the one everybody talks about and so they just don't know right so if you can just do some product testing to show the differences or something that could be a cool way to go right yeah a lot of the expensive stuff on the market I feel like it's not expensive because the product's that much better but because they spend all that money on an advertising campaign and I don't necessarily want to pay for their advertising I'm just paying for the product and that's that cheap one's going to work just as well or even half as well but it's a quarter the cost I can help people weigh that decision and yeah if you're using it only a couple of times a year you're not a professional using it day in day out maybe the one that's a quarter the cost will do just fine you know that reminds me I recently got a cell phone mount for my ATV yeah there are a couple things I needed it to do I wanted to First hold the phone make sure it doesn't fall off even going over big bumps and whatnot but another thing is I needed to be able to charge my phone because a lot of times I'm out for six eight plus hours maybe even days at a time if I went camping on the ATV yeah so I wanted it to be able to charge while it's sitting in the mountain and with Qi technology that's totally feasible as long as it's wired into the electrical so yeah I went online did a little bit of research and on Amazon there was a huge range of ones available going all the way from 10 15 bucks all the way into the hundreds of dollar price range and if it does the same thing I'd be more than happy with the cheaper option and the more expensive so yeah I got the cheap one put it on it's worked great for you know six months now it's been out in the weather I have it out in the rain sometimes and the electrical hasn't been an issue but it does the exact same thing as these more expensive models that keep coming across my YouTube ads that's the perfect kind of thing you can share in a blog post in the YouTube video because people are going to do some research like you know what's the best phone charger whatever if we can get that content in front of them and again YouTube's a perfect place for this but where you can show like I've used this product for six months and it still works great and even if it broke I could buy five of these instead of one of those totally it's especially something on an ATV if I ended up rolling it or something yeah it would just snap off they're plastic parts even the expensive ones right CNN at some point if like when you had more money potentially to spend you could go buy a hundred dollar one sure and compare them side by side and show like is it better and maybe it actually is but you know is it better and what is it about it that's better and do you even need the things that are better yeah and that could be a really cool way to do sort of product testing so it can be done super cheap but it's still a great affiliate opportunity yeah and you sell enough 15 phone mounts that it helps with the income and you do that kind of stuff enough and you build a lot of trust well and I'd rather build trust with my audience and not just sell them the thing yeah the product yeah exactly I know that there's advertising dollars in those and those companies would be happy to pay me for it they might even like sponsor a video and everything but yeah but I really want the audience to be able to trust my recommendations and to not have to go buy all the most expensive things just be able to get out on the trail exactly so what if I'm talking about something that's not that terribly interesting it's great information some of the people need but it's hard to really dive into it and stay interested in a long enough period of time to to really get through the article like it's easy to say like yeah I get immersed in it when it's something like off-roading and it's something that you love to do right like we've worked on a lot of websites that we own that are just not that exciting there are a couple of things I would say the first thing is again depending on what the topic is sometimes you can kind of go down rabbit holes and do some deep Dives to find things that are new other people haven't really talked about yet Julia was telling me because she had a Blog about education testing out of classes that sort of thing and one day she came across something that ended up making her really excited to write about that content because it was something that was new to her and that she hadn't seen anybody else talk about online okay so if you can find those things just because you're immersing yourself deep enough and you can make a connection that other people haven't made online that can be incredibly motivating but then how do you get yourself to do the Deep dive when it's not that exciting to you that's the bigger trick and I think the most important and the most valuable thing we can do there is to go back to your kind of your why like why am I creating this blog in the first place we have a website about patent law right it is not fun for me to write about because I am not a patent lawyer and so for me the only benefit to that site basically is maybe a little bit of affiliate commission some ads but if I were a patent attorney and I owned that website working on it might not be exciting but you know what's the trade-off when I work on that site I'm working on content that's going to generate leads so now I don't have to pay for these marketing campaigns so I'm literally like saving thousands of dollars and driving leads to my business even though I don't have to pay for it right I'm getting these leads for free that can be incredibly motivating it could be like yes I'm making a Blog it's not exciting it's on a topic that I don't love or maybe it's what I do for my nine to five job too but by having the blog I'm turning more of my income passive so someday I don't have to do the job eight hours a day or 10 hour 12 hours a day as it as it is for a lot of people these days yeah so remembering the reason why can can do a lot to help you stay motivated and then I would say just break it up into small enough chunks if it's like you know what this is what I do in my normal nine to five but I can give it 30 minutes every day or I can give it an hour a day break it up into manageable chunks that can be enough especially if it's on a topic that you do know a lot about because it's your job or whatever you're not gonna have to spend as much time doing original research to come up with content to write about so in those cases it's oftentimes just like all right my normal work day's over I'm just extending it by 30 minutes to sit down and outline a blog post and then tomorrow I'll fill in the rest of it and in the course of two days you have an extra blog post and you do that enough times day after day and eventually you can have a great passive income that replaces the job and now you have way more free time you know what really works for me is when I lay out an outline and I know what I'm going to talk about but I don't necessarily know what I'm going to fill in since I've done the outline then take a day or two put it in the back you know on the back burner and let the back of my mind start to do the writing for me and then it'll start to fill in the gaps the things that I haven't really figured out what I'm going to say yet yeah I will have thought through that while doing other things I enjoy that's seems to be how my brain works so I should use that to my advantage yeah anybody that's like has ADHD like we do that's kind of how your brain works I used to do that in college I would literally like I'd do my homework and I would start each problem and I'd kind of lay out like here's everything I know here's what I don't know here's the equations and stuff I know that are part of it and it's late I'm going to bed but I would lay it out and then I'd wake up early in the morning before class the next day and it would just come like it's like during the night in my sleep or even while I was laying in bed like I wasn't even consciously thinking about it like I'd worked out the methodology yeah so that when I came down to actually do the homework the next day right it was like cool now I just have to do the calculation the actual laying it out and figuring out how to solve it was already done the same thing totally works for me with blogging I just get these ideas that once I start thinking through them it's it's practically written itself now we also live in a day of AI we can use AI to help us come up with great headlines to help us come up with the subheadings and the topics for our articles but we can also use it to help us with the writing I think as long as you can word vomit the information out just click the little microphone and just start talking I think you know the notes app will do the same thing on the iPhone so many voice-to-text options get the words out get the information out and then feed that into chatgpt and just say hey I want you to take this information and I want you to rewrite it with a friendly tone or with a professional tone it can do its job and what it's really good at is the writing making it sound like a human who knows how to write but what it's not great at is finding it it's not great that is finding the information and being totally accurate sometimes it's okay and sometimes it's way off but if you feed it the information I have no issue with you using AI to help with the actual putting the words together in a good way fantastic so let the robots do the work that's right the robots should be doing the work right no but since I put my own real content in there it's not just making up stuff like we're exact issues with exactly so I think with that I think with some of the the video and the photos and stuff you can take by actually doing this stuff it's going to make the content writing process so much easier but it's also going to make the whole project 100 times more fun fun I think I am prepared to write an article on The Handlebar phone holder so sweet go ahead and get out of here and all all right all right done don't tell me twice thanks Rick foreign

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