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yesterday I made a YouTube Community post where I said I Nathan will be recording a video where I will absolutely destroy the worst blog post I can find and if you would like to throw your post in the mix link your article in the comments on this post and over the next few hours after making that post many of you stepped up to the plate to be destroyed but before we start destroying we need to cover the three rules of blog post destruction rule number one being these are not in-depth reviews I will be choosing a couple elements from each blog post that I review and I will be focusing on those solely rule number two I will be terribly mean in the nicest way possible of course and rule number three is no crying uh whether you get your post reviewed or you didn't get your post reviewed uh there is no crying here on a blog post destruction video that being said there's no way that I can actually go through every single post that was submitted for this video so if you like this style of video let me know in the comments and I'll record another one where I can cover some more of your blog post that you submitted and without further Ado it's time to destroy timeline 9739 says hi please help me roast this article Frank criticism is welcome well all right timeline in that case you can call me Frank okay this website is self the title of the article is how to air dry clothes fast a step-by step guide plus 11 genius hacks all right the first thing that I could call out here is come on the side bars are ginormous here uh there is so much wasted real estate and even when I pulled out my screen on my or on the computer when I pulled out the whole tab like it's just too big there's so much wasted real estate here and they're just empty there's one little ad here on the side but see if there's a way that you can use some more of this real estate the other thing that I would say is you need to remove this ad placement here if at all possible it is so ugly um it's right next to your kind of top image on your post and even though this ad placement may make make you some of your best Revenue just get rid of it just don't let an ad be there or For Heaven's Sake put ads in the sidebars there's so much space there number three get more of your content above the fold getting rid of the ad is definitely going to help that I have to make a couple Scrolls before I actually get anything substantive especially since you have this table of contents here so do what you can to get that content above the fold and I think that widening the space where your content is is definitely going to help that and finally how to air dry clothes fast a step-by step guide plus 11 genius hacks this feels like two posts that have just been unwillingly smashed together um just do a step-by-step guide in one article and then do 11 genius hacks in another article I could see and make an argument that there are two slightly different search queries so just separate them out as I looked through the post it just seemed a little bit muddled um and I didn't love the format that brings us to post number two from AI Smart Start they say oh yeah exclamation point let's do it exclamation point read and and cry well AI smart star if you remember rule number three there is no crying so I will read but there will be no crying all right this article is unraveling how AI affects human life and its benefits first of all I like the theme might I say it's even simple light and fast the first problem that I see here right off the bat is the keyword research or what we call search analysis this is such a ginormous topic um and given the size of the topic and the competition of the topic you are very unlikely to rank this article what I would recommend here is you need to maybe break this post into more bite-sized pieces that are more likely to rank smaller maybe longtail search queries that you could put into a cluster with this article and then Interlink back and forth overall I just think that it's such a big article such a big topic you're very unlikely to rank here problem number two the table of contents okay I'm not 100% against the table of contents if it makes sense but this is too much on my 27inch iMac it takes up my entire screen and I still have to do some scrolling so just get rid of this table of contents if you can find a way that you can consolidate the table of content so that people can open it up if they want it uh but this is embarrassing okay problem number three is where are the images in your blog post I see a couple pullout quotes but other than that like this is probably the driest most boring wall of text that I've seen in a long time in the nicest way possible um so put some images in here embed a video like just do something to make it a little more interesting a and Tool says this is a comparison article for Tool types and despite knowing all of the details I struggled to write this one I would love to hear your thoughts well my thoughts you will hear this article is titled splitting acts versus Maul what you need to know problem number one that I saw with this post as I looked through it your photos look too good I mean come on are you a blogger are you a photographer I think that you could maybe just level it down just a little bit and I'm actually not joking here your photos actually look really good and pretty professional I'd consider your photos like a nine maybe bring it down to just like a seven make them look a little bit more homet taken I know that sounds really crazy but just take it down just a few notches so that people feel like it's more relatable it almost feels to me like you don't actually have these products because these photos almost feel stock um and if they are stock that's a little embarrassing but I don't think they are I can I feel like they are haken but your photos look really really good um problem number two your answer Target is also too good um it's it's a really well done answer Target really well um word Smith I can tell you put a lot of thought into it joke all jokes aside here your post is really well done I looked it up in the Ser you know on this generative AI portion here you're being referenced I believe you're also position number three so this article is clearly doing well keep up the great work and for all of you guys who are watching go to that blog post see how it's formatted look at the answer Target see how concise and helpful it is look at how good the images look going it back a little bit but they look really good and it's just a very interesting and engaging blog post so go look at that blog post use it as a good example if any of you happen to be in the same space don't be jerks don't copy never copy do your own work thanks and that brings us to the fourth comment that I'd like to read mom van up says great idea uh well thanks Mom van up I thought this would be a really fun video so thanks I'm glad that I have your approval although you didn't submit an article I would have loved to see one of your articles um okay Post Number Four from Phillip stemon who says exciting Nathan here you go all right Phillip let's take a look at your article keyword revealer review find new interesting backlinks okay backlinks nope we're not going to review this one all right uh next no I'm just kidding no we'll review your post uh of course like you know what we think about backlink building but backlinks are good you know you guys all know that getting back links is is a good thing get them organically uh don't go building back links okay all jokes aside this is a a pretty well done article there's just a few thoughts that I had here uh the first section of this article just feels so busy uh you have your your title here a little bit of paragraph text you have a table of contents a video a button to go you know try this tool you have a pros and cons list you have a quick take pullout box you have a screenshot then you have more text then you have a newsletter then you have on and on and on it just feels like a lot just give the people what they want start giving them like this overview you know you have this little intro section up at the top I would just continue that on keep some of these pullout elements uh we just looked at an article that had essentially no pull out elements some along the way but you've kind of overdone it in this case and so I would just remove some of them readjust them kind of throughout the post so it just feels less busy at the top again I want to see more content above the fold here you don't want to make people have to work for the the content that they click onto so just keep that in mind and that brings us to post number five from cream and I waited so much time for this day please review SL roast me with your honest words you can also pick any other article I need your opinion all right well I you I picked the article that you sent over Sharon Rachel edrey um summer perfume complete guide my first thoughts here the fonts feel a little bit out of control um there are different font sizes different styles there's some bolded there's it just feels pretty busy because of the very uh different font sizes and styles so I would just simplify have your H2S or have your subheadings have paragraph text and then maybe just bold that paragraph text you don't need to have all these different sizes of text it just makes it feel really busy and disorganized even if it's not the second thing that is just atrocious when it comes to this blog post is look at the formatting on these images I mean it just I realize it's one image and they're big images but they only fit one after another and it's like three or four Scrolls to get past all of them try to format them in columns or format them in a table um just put them in a way that's a little bit better I it looks like they maybe Pinterest embedded Pinterest images or something I don't know if it's going to be possible but figure out a way so that it's just more Consolidated so people don't have to scroll so far other than that this post looks okay all right those were the five articles that I wanted to roast a little bit people around this office have been telling me that I'm not mean enough and when I review things I'm just too nice so hopefully you all feel destroyed by by watching this video um okay so those were the five that I had planned I I went through them and pulled out a few things I do want to go and just look at a couple more kind of off the cuff and we're going to see if there's anything that I can notice right away um that might help one or two of you improve a little bit all right uh scroll random scroll random scroll let's look at this one this article is titled working of O gate ddl okay uh first thing right off the bat a lot of text here add some images in um it looks like you do have some images a little bit farther down the page a good table here I would maybe add just a little image right at the top other than that the paragraph sizes look all right not too long anything else that I would recommend here I hate that I don't like popups otherwise this article looks okay um of course I know nothing about this topic and so that's why I'm not really judging the the quality of the information itself because most of these topics I have no idea what they're talking about um but over overall the formatting of this article looks okay a little bit boring up at the top maybe just like a pull quote something like that and then your title the the title could use a little bit of work here maybe someone who speaks this language knows what all this means but make it a little bit more explanatory what this article is about the reason for that is that on the serp when someone looks at your article all they see is the title and maybe a little bit of an excerpt from your article so the title is really the marketing for the article and so in search when people see you know your title against all the other titles if your title isn't like that engaging or interesting you're probably not going to get as many people to click so make your title um a little bit you know interesting uh make it a little bit marketed not just so boring in the nicest way possible right um but otherwise this post looks good all right let's do one more really quick random scroll random scroll let's do plant Science Academy here's my article let's see what mean thing we can say about this article 10 best fiber for keto surprising food sources 10 best fiber foods for keto um so maybe adjust the title a little bit it looks like you have an answer Target here which is good uh you have your image up at the top y fiber on a keto keto diet okay subheadings look good okay A little bit of a table here based on each one of these Foods I like the organization of this article let's see what these link out to want to new okay out uh outbound link to another article talking about different foods there was a one other thing that I wanted to look at where does this go okay so you have done some really really good research I don't have much to say about this article actually I'm really impressed goodlooking article I guess that's it guys I don't have anything else mean to say I'm sorry okay tell me in the comments below was I mean enough should I be meaner I'd love to do another one of these videos it's really fun to look at all these different articles and see what you guys are working on see where I can help you improve and so if you found this useful give this video a like maybe subscribe if you haven't and of course leave the comment below uh thanks guys for watching we'll see you in the next next [Music] [Applause] [Music] one

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