Ai Can Now Build and Sell Software For You 🤯

AI can now build and sell software for you today I'm going to prove it to you in just a few seconds we're going to use AI to generate leads for us then we're going to use it to sell our own software without having to pay for developers software companies are going to hate me for sharing this with you step one we're going to use AI generated content like this to go and make videos on Instagram step number two inside of our videos we're gonna tell people to text a call forwarding number like this one step number three we're gonna set up something called voicemail drops this will leave a voicemail on anybody's phone that texts us last step we're going to send people to a white label software tool like this one we can charge whatever we want and put our brand on top of the software if you want me to send you a full free training video on this just text this number or reply with the word yes in the comments right now

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