Behind the Scenes of My Million-Dollar AI Venture

all right how's it going everyone we are live hopefully everything sounds okay we've been really working on this setup and I think it's finally good let me know if you can hear me okay if you can just put a one in the chat and I'll know that oh the first day that we signed up for our department was already able to connect our that is not an ad for me that's an ad on YouTube sorry about that so yeah let me know in the chat give me a one in the chat if you can hear me okay if it's a little or there's any feedback just let me know um maybe I should just test this really quick and hear it so I can make sure everything sounds okay here so yeah let me know in the chat give me a okay it sounds good to me it's a little uh little grainy though is it grainy for everybody let me see if I can change the quality here looks like maybe we need to up the bit rate on this but that might be for a future video we're a little low on the bit rate here maybe I should just up this to uh I don't know five 5,000 maybe 10,000 don't want to go too high up this and tell me if it starts crashing the stream hopefully it doesn't so yeah last few days we've been working on getting this setup going I actually have another camera up here so you you'll be able to see the setup in one of our future videos and I want to actually walk you through it because if you're looking to start doing videos and you want to start going live and make money on YouTube um I want to show you the setup because it's pretty intense all right welcome Darren says I wasn't notified and the subscription was cancelled support oh we're talking about the uh software send us an email support shiny no no no support I need to get a shiny email so today what I want to do is something a little bit different than what I've been doing on the live streams and the live streams in the last ones I've been kind of just walking you through how to get started how to begin if you've never earned money online before but in this this one I want to actually show you behind the scenes what's going on in my business and the reason I want to show you this is because I think it's important for you to see what are some of the downfalls of running an online business a lot of people I think look at me and they go wow that guy's making all this money I would love to do the same thing and I'm going to tell you something just because somebody's making a lot of money doesn't necessarily mean that everything is running smoothly and everything things working out all the time in fact it's pretty much the opposite when you're running an online business it's almost every day something breaks something goes wrong and it's a lot of work so I don't really spend a lot of time just having fun I I spend a lot of time working I spend a lot of time thinking and there's always something going on so I wanted to kind of show you what's going on in the business go show you what's going on behind the scenes and that way you can kind of see you know if this is right for you if you want to do something similar and maybe you can learn something from all the things that I'm going through right now with our business so again if you can hear me okay give me a yes in the chat just want to make sure everything sounds okay I just up the bit rate so it seems like maybe the stream is a little bit smoother now let just change it to 1080 so it looks like yeah I'll be I'll be recording this by the way and I'm going to edit edit the video and post it after as well juvon says I want to start making money okay don't worry you're in the right place all right I think we're good to go here let me uh yeah yeah we're good I would I can't wait to show you this setup by the way it's really really cool um when we get this other camera hooked up I think you're going to like the uh the video we're going to make on it all right let me switch to my screen here by the way if you're not in our Discord server you definitely should be it's a great place for staying updated talking to other people that are also trying to earn money with AI and video and if you're not in there I will actually go drop a link in the chat really quick just so you can go join in because this is a cool place to be I just dropped it in chat all right so let's talk about first of all the money that's what everybody's here for right so you can see on stripe we did 1,784 yesterday today we're at 562 it is 11 a.m.

Here and on PayPal it won't report the last two days for some reason so it's I think around $3,000 we did $4,000 yesterday but the point here is we're making anywhere between1 to $200,000 a month with our business now that doesn't mean we net it we gross that uh that Revenue um after we pay out our employees and pay for everything that we're paying for we're looking at maybe a 70% profit 60% I don't know but um the cool thing about online businesses is they're usually pretty high net profit because especially in our business business we're not spending money on ads it's all organic now you can spend money on ads and you can make a lot more money spending money on ads but you can also lose a lot more money so one of the things you want to think about when you're doing the an online business is your ratios do you want to be super high ad spend you know tons of uh employees tons of expenses or and and make a lot of money or do you want to make a little bit less money have less expenses and less maintenance and scale a little bit slower it's kind of up to you but um when you start out you don't need to be spending a bunch of money on on things in fact when you start out you you really just want to start out learning how to make a few bucks yourself and then when you do that then you can really start to kind of ramp up and figure out okay this is what I want to do to scale this this is what I want to do to start putting some money into it so here we can see in the last year 1.15 million in Revenue we did about another 1 million on PayPal and the reason why we we have two payment processors is because some people prefer using PayPal Some people prefer using stripe or credit cards so either way you can see we had a big lift here in January and I can tell you what happened there and you can see we're kind of slowing down right now getting some dips and I'll explain why or at least my theory on this um but yeah definitely made one of our biggest months in January I think we did close to $300,000 between stripe and PayPal and in December we did really really well we did about I think 200 now let me tell you something remember how I said earlier you can run ads we were running in December last year I'm going to tell you my reasoning here for why I was actually spending ads back in December spending money on them it's because I wanted to offload a lot of my money because advertising is a write-off so if you spend um or if I spend you know $100,000 on ads I get to write off $100,000 in advertising what I was doing is I was getting a lot of people interested in something that I was offering and in January I sold to all those people I sold a course or a spreadsheet or something I sold software all kinds of stuff and um that's why I saw this huge uptick so I did make a lot more on these months but I also lost a lot more I behind the scenes I lost a lot of money so anytime you see somebody that says oh I make you know 2 i$3 million a year whatever they make whatever they're saying you got to you got to realize that you don't you don't know their ratios so they could have a a very high cash flow business but they could have a lot of debt okay and so there's people that have tons of cash flow but they're millions and millions of dollars in debt our business the cool thing about our business is we have zero dollars in debt so we're not spending anything beyond I mean what we're spending on labor and the cost to run our products and you know apis and that kind of stuff so when you model somebody and this is something that I don't think people realize when they're starting out it's like oh I just want to make money I just want to make money I want to model what this person's doing what this business is doing but they don't realize that they might model somebody that's in huge debt they're super stressed their business model they're actually trying to get out of and so you want to in my opinion you want to pick people that are not just High cash flow but their business model mod is super scalable and it doesn't require a whole lot of debt and stress okay so um I should have got my iPad ready for this so I could draw this out but let me just bring open the notepad and again if you can hear me okay just give me a one if what I'm saying is making sense to you give me a one or a yes and I'm gonna say hi to a few people Aaron what's up dude good to see you Ling the new office yeah so this is just a room um we have I don't know what four offices in our building Maybe yeah four uh and this is actually the smallest one but I kind of wanted to be in this one because it's a little bit out of the way all right so so different types of businesses right and ideally when you start out you don't need to worry about one type of business or another right you don't need to worry about should I sell this thing or that thing everybody's concerned about when they start when they're starting out they're like oh I don't know what to sell I I want to make money but I I just don't know I need the best product right I need the best thing I need I need to know like all these things no you don't in fact if you don't have any products you're actually going to do better and and here's why because there's two types of people that I've found online and most both most people don't make money because there's one there's the first person has a lot like a really great product right oh I have this really great product I have this idea and I think it can make all this money okay oh cool who's going to buy it so that's the first type of person right they don't they have the product they have the idea a but they don't have the buyers then there's a second type of person that you know they got views they got all these people watching they got these followers I don't know how to make money off them how do you make money off these people right now if if you could take these two people and just connect them to each other you could probably make some money right but I don't know why I don't I don't know why people can't just do both and I think I think it's because the people that are focused on the views and the followers are they have a different mindset than the people that are focusing on the product and the sales Now give me just just quickly in chat I'm curious which one do you fall under are you are you a the idea person that has a great product that's worth money and but you don't know how to sell it or get followers for it or or views or are you the person that gets views but you don't know how to make money that's B just curious to see in the chat so the the thing that you want to think about though is that you you don't make money with having nobody around you right and so ideally instead of focusing when you're starting out instead of focusing on the ideas and the products focus on just getting views okay now in our business tying it back to me because again I've said this over and over and over and I'm sure you've heard me say it on other videos if you've watched my other videos but instead of me just being a broken record here you don't need a ton of views to start selling things okay you want to think about it like this how much traffic can you send and this is the issue with the people that are getting views they don't know how to make money it's not because they don't have the product or the idea it's just because they're not sending traffic and they're not capturing the traffic and so ideally what you want to specialize in is leads don't focus on the idea don't focus on the product don't focus on the fuse or the followers or any of that stuff and this is this is the secret thing that that people really don't understand if they can just focus on getting leads you don't need a lot of leads to make a good amount of money okay if you can get let's say 100 leads a week that's that are interested in buying something from you you only have to sell 10% of them on a $300 product to make three grand a week okay so you don't need again a massive amount of views you don't have to have an amazing product you don't have any of that you just need to find a few people that have a problem and you are going to help them fix it okay so that's why what we're doing in business again tying it back to us is we're finding what the problem is what are people really struggling with and what I found people are struggling with is this formula okay most people online that are watching the videos I create and they're sticking around and they're in the Discord server and they're you know they're hanging out the big problem these people have is that they don't understand how to get views that turn into leads that turn into sales okay very simple formula ABC and and you can see here uh this isn't the ABC this is actually different this is the ABC step one can I get views step two can I turn those views into lead step three can I can I sell them on something okay if you can understand this formula and specialize in it you can make an insane amount of money like crazy and why is that because this formula is repeatable across any thing that you do online it doesn't matter if you're um on Tik Tok it doesn't matter if you're on Facebook it doesn't matter if if you're on Instagram YouTube it doesn't matter if you're in the health Niche doesn't matter if you're in the uh SEO internet marketing it doesn't matter what matters is can you get views that turn into leads that turn into sales okay and and and notice how this formula has nothing to do with um what products to sell it has nothing to do with what videos to create and has nothing to do with that because it doesn't matter what matters is can you just do this formula can you get people that are interested in let's say um give me an example put in chat can somebody put in chat right now an example of something that they'd want to make money off of just just a niche okay could be cats it doesn't matter because we can we can put this formula into any situation so in our in our example I'm just going to say AI right we're doing AI why are we doing AI because it's trending it's working well people want to buy things around AI it's it's also something that expands very quickly it's easy to find Sol Solutions around this it's easy to get views around it so we choose AI how do you how do you know that it's trending go over to Google Trends just go Google Trends click here we'll type in AI boom we're going to look at the uh last 12 months look at the last 2004 till present look at that huge Trend still going up still 100 trending okay so it's easy to take something that's trending and get views for it and get leads for it because people are interested interested in it and get sales for it because there's so many different things that we can sell around this and and again it doesn't matter what it is we can sell coaching we can sell a service we can sell products how do we figure out what to sell around this like how do we figure out how to create a coaching service how do we just go and look it up or ask ai go to Ai and say Hey how do I sell a coaching service around AI let's go do it you want to go over here let's go to uh this is our tool here shifi let me type in how do I sell a coaching service about AI okay oh we got a lot of good um ideas here travel digital planner Wellness travel web hosting and domains designer mortgage brokers so same thing right we would just change this over we' go web hosting and domains all right we want to get um views for this right so instead of going and trying to figure out how do I get views for this what we're going to do is we're just going to go see who's already doing it right if we need views we just go and see who's getting views look AI says here selling a coaching service by AI can be approached in several ways here are some ways you can follow identify blah blah blah okay anyways um let me go here I'm going to go and say okay web hosting and domains right so I'm going to go and do a um unbiased search on Google which uh if you're on a Windows it's control shift n and I'm going to go to YouTube I'm going to do a uh command V command uh paste we're going to search here and then we're going to look for shorts because shorts are the easiest way to get uh views right now I'm going to click on this let's listen to it I've used many website hosts in the past that are slow lack features and don't have great customer service maybe you feel the same way and if this is your experience it's time for some better hosting for less than the cost of your Netflix subscription you can get some of the best managed WordPress hosting for your site next is this is one of my favorite hosts and it's fast and reliable so the website load time won't cost so this is literally just an ad and what you would do is you would replicate this video let's take another one can you believe that some designers are still hosting their portfolios on a free domain like a Wix or a web flow domain friends if you're not willing to pay like $5 a year for your own domain how can you expect like and not to be rude but this guy's not even speaking proper English like he um Miss pronounced a few words which again it's fine like I'm not I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that I'm just saying that you don't even really have to hit a high bar to get views right now it's it's actually a lot more simple than you'd think you can also use AI to do this stuff nice to actually pay you a lot of money for your project so please if you want to take yourself seriously put your portfolio site on an actual domain it's not really expensive and it's going to make you look okay so look I can go here captions and it looks like uh he turned him off but I can go over to that link turn it uh plug it into shiny and I can go grab that transcription and I can take that transcription whatever the transcription is and then I can use a video generator if I don't want to go and do it myself and I can use something like shifi to go and remake that video so that's just one way to do this right but the point is is that you don't have to be some crazy internet influencer to do this um in fact you can you can do a lot of what we're talking about here with brand new accounts and if you don't want to wait to warm up a brand new account you can always um use a technique that I use which is hire virtual assistance for anywhere between $3 to $4 an hour to go and find these accounts that you can buy um you know we just got one with 50,000 followers on it for 100 100 bucks and we've just been reaching out say hey would you be interested in selling this they say yeah cool here let's start putting our our ads on it now what we want to do though is we want want to come up with goals okay because again tying it back to our company we're we're trying to hit certain benchmarks right we're trying for our company we want to be able to get a certain amount of leads every day we want to get a certain amount of sales and we got to think about the ratios we got to think about the numbers so let's say we're getting right now I don't know 200 leads a day and we want to get up to you know 1,000 leads per day which we've done in the past but sometimes you get less leads if you don't get have as many videos that pop off um we have videos that'll get a million views two million views and we'll start getting a thousand leads a day you know 2,000 leads a day and then we'll have other days where the videos aren't doing as well and you know we'll get a couple hundred but again a couple hundred leads a day of people that are interested in buying things from you is is a lot um and you don't need 200 100 200 leads a day you only need like let's say 20 or 30 leads a day um and again there's different types of leads right if you're if you're in a situation where you don't have a huge audience audience what I always say is get people on the phone get people to text you get people to call you and if you have a lot of people texting and calling calling you then you would start wanting to build an email list okay so for us again um we're getting about 200 leads per day and we got to think about how can we get more leads okay um and I'll talk about that in a second but we want to think about our other goals okay so we're getting 200 leads per day we let's say we want to get to I don't know 500 and and I usually think about it from like a doubling standpoint right if you are getting 30 leads a day go for 60 if you're getting 60 leads a g day go for 120 don't try to 10x I I don't I don't like that whole 10x principle and it's again not to talk bad about anybody but in my opinion don't try to 10x anything that's not sustainable just double it okay if you can do what you're currently doing let's say it's 10 leads a day 20 leads a day whatever it is can you double it can you get 20 to 40 because ideally all you have to do to to double something thing is either double the quantity of what you're already doing or double the quality okay and ideally if you do both you could 10x um but again the the rule in my opinion should be 2x okay so goals we want let's say 400 or 500 leads per day I need somebody to turn off this heater in here it's getting hot me just send a text really quick all right now we want to go from let's say I don't know what are we making like 100k a month we want to go from making like three .3k to day a day to let's say 6 6.6 okay um let's say we're getting 2 million views a month on Instagram and we want to get to 4 million okay now what do we do to accomplish this we figure out what are the things that are producing all of these and we we double down on it right we double the quality we double the quantity so how do we figure out first of all how many leads we're getting or where we're getting all of our leads from so we're using an email list I use a tool called convert kit doesn't really matter what you use to manage your leads but I use a tool called convert kit and I can go and see where all the leads are coming from I gu go ahead and log in over here got twostep on everything now logging in used to be so simple now you have to rify on everything okay um we're going to go here so we can see yesterday we got5 leads from this optin we got 54 leads from this optin 87 leads from this optin okay day before we got 175 from this optin and you might be wondering well what's an optin an optin is basically just a landing page it's where people can enter their emails to learn more now look at this on November 16th we got 434 optins uh leads on this optin form okay so we know out of all of our different optins these are doing the best th this specific form is doing the best so what do we do we do more of that right we advertise that more and then we we can actually tie it as well to okay well what form is doing well based on what video okay and then we can start looking at our videos we can say okay this type of video is doing well so we need to do more of those videos and then all we're really doing is just replicating what works and the reason why most people don't make a lot of money again is not because they can't it's because they're trying to go and reinvent the wheel they're trying to do it themselves okay if you already have success just go replicate what you did before and if you don't have success go follow what someone else is doing that you believe what they're talking about is working now the the issue though is there's a lot of people that are going to tell you oh well this is working and it's not or they're going to tell you this is working but you don't realize that they're super stressed they're in massive debt they're very unhappy they don't like the business model so do some research before you start going and try to replicate something that somebody else is doing because you might not actually want to go and do that anyways what do we know where works the best for our business so we know that optin is working well and that's the viral AI clone.

Comom optin we can actually see the conversion rate on it as well if we go to the actual optin itself can see it's a 50% conversion rate which is not terrible usually with these types of forms you have um about a 50% conversion rate if you're getting less than that if you're getting like 30 or 40% conversion rate uh you either have to change the page or stop promoting that often because people don't like it but um you could see from Instagram we got a th000 leads well sorry 1500 leads 64% conversion rate um from unknown we got 67% that means that's just a direct visit uh Google 53% so not bad now if we go and start promoting this again and we get some content that'll pop off we could ideally get to our 500 leads per day Mark pretty quickly now if we want to make more money we need to think about something called um EPC okay and I always forget the abbreviation for this but let me just look it up so I don't sound stupid EPC meaning and that's not the right meaning uh so earnings per click okay so ideally we want to make a certain amount of money per click okay um on average in the niche that we're in which is AI and money and all that good stuff we make on average anywhere between $1 to $2 per click okay and the way I know that is because just go and look at all the metrics so if I look at this course here viral AI clone let me actually just show you this here so you can see it this course has made I think it's a little under $1 per click pulling this over for you here all right so we got 18,000 clicks and we got $155,000 in Revenue 146 sales okay so um not the best offer we've seen offers that have gotten you know $3 to4 EPC meaning that if we got 18,000 visits we made $60,000 but there's certain reasons why this will be lower and what you can do to hire it um or up it but on average um when you're getting uh viral type traffic right you're getting people off Instagram people off short for form people off YouTube shorts you're not going to expect to get a huge EPC off that traffic right because these are people that watched a 15-second video and then they clicked on your ad right so it's not um it's not going to be usually a high EPC right so let's say on average we get about a dollar to$ two dollar per visit per click and let's say on average if we look at our seven days we can see okay, 1500 clicks 1,000 clicks 1100 clicks so we need to figure out how can we get more clicks if we're making a dollar per click how do we get more people clicking on our offer now one of the ways is just to get more leads and more views um but again ideally what it is it's just replicating what's working where are we getting all of these optins from and can we get these optins to like 500 to 1,000 leads per day um and really again um if we just start breaking down what we're doing okay well what's bringing in all the traffic and leads can we why is this not wrapping there we go can we double the quantity or the quality and most of the time the answer is yes we could also run ads but then we're spending money on and you know we don't really necessarily have to unless we want to uh scale but the more you scale stuff um the more things break so yeah we could probably double the amount of sales with ads but we also have to think about what is the consequence of that you now we have all these people using our software now the software is breaking more more frequently because there's heavier load like you want to think about what you're doing is going to affect the long term so I like to go as organic as possible Chase what's your opinion on creating non-real persons meaning creating an AI influencer to get affiliate sponsorships and more I think it's good business model um yeah so I mean a lot of our content by the way uh that's bringing in these leads is like automated right so if we go over to Instagram let me show you this Instagram shiny AI you're going to see all these videos here 23,000 views 6,000 views 16,000 views 34,000 views none of those are me talking it's all AI generated so The Voice we're using a a voice generator we're using a a script generated by AI uh the only thing that's not really generated is just the uh like the videos themselves um and and it's not that we can't generate them ourselves because we have something like shifi that can do it but um it's because I'm paying an Editor to go in and kind of more demo what we're doing um but yeah I mean sometimes I'll do the videos myself you're seeing it right now why am I doing the video myself when I can have ai do it well because you you want to in my opinion you want to combine them right you want to use AI to bring people to the door and then you want to do something like what we're doing here so that you can see that you know I'm a real person I'm not just this Instagram profile or YouTube channel that's just trying to you know bring in views with AI and and then sell somebody on something right I want to actually help people educate them and get them what they are here for which is a relationship most people who watch my videos they want to become more like me and I'm not saying that like I'm bragging or anything I'm just saying that people watch me because they want to learn how to do the things that I do and so if I have too much AI have too much automation what happens is people go I don't really want to just watch an AI all day now I think at some point people probably will I think that AI will get so good that a that it'll understand what they want better than actual people but I don't think we're there yet and I think people still want to be around people so um either way uh let's talk about what we need to do next so remember the formula that I put earlier uh views that go into leads that go into sales now there are certain things that you can do to up your your your sales with these leads right because people that are just entering their email and going to a landing page again are probably not going to buy if we get 500 people um a day going and entering their email and just going straight to a landing page chances of them buying is not very high just because they're brand new they don't know who we are they they just saw our you know YouTube video or Instagram video short and they go oh this is cool but I don't really know who these people are so our our job our goal is to warm up these leads how do we do that we think about things from a 7day time period and what is the 7-Day time period um really it's just a around an email to two emails a day and what are we we doing on those days we're sending testimonials showing people that are happy with the thing that we're selling we do things like this like live streams show that we're real people we do walkthroughs and tutorials and we build the trust that we need to build in order to make a sale and that's all it really is so but again what I recommend is do short form that turns into views that turns into uh emails if you have enough people coming if you don't from from the views if you don't then I would recommend H having them send you a text or a phone call and then from there you're going to put them into a sale which is hey buy this thing and and what you sell is really kind of up to you it doesn't really matter um the thing is is that when you start out the more time you spend the more money you'll make and and when you start out you're going to have a lot of time but no money and so what I recommend is if you have a lot of time and no money I would if I were you I would start getting people to text you text or call and then I would start selling some sort of hourly coaching service I'll walk you through how to get started with AI or with whatever if you pay me hourly and then you can use something like cenly to get them on a booked call where they pay money and pretty straightforward and by the way all this stuff you can get started with viral AIC we have a full walkthrough step-by-step checklist and um it basically shows you let me see if I can bring this up for you it basically shows you what you need to do to start selling services around this and start getting views and and start automating this let me uh just show you this checklist here really quick one second and we're still adding to it I might actually even add to it after this so that you can kind of get as much value as possible right now it's actually pretty uh pretty affordable um oh I don't have Outlook to show you this here I'll just take a screenshot of it so you can see it all right this is the uh checklist here so inside the checklist we basically show you how to edit the videos yourself how to hire somebody if you want to have them uh make the videos for you and automate the views we show you how to use your phone if you don't have a computer we show you how to start finding um viral videos to react to because one of our strategies in our content is that instead of just going and trying to sell people on something we create videos that are basically reactions to viral content that's already proven to get you know millions and millions of views and those videos end up taking off a lot more from what we've been testing creating your first video using stock video if you don't want to use AI video we show you the basic settings that we use our export settings um our you know captioning settings everything basics of posting content if you don't want to use a scheduling tool we show you how to use a scheduling tool if you want to use that we show you how to um go and acquire Brands and Instagram profiles and um different social media profiles if you don't want to wait to warm the accounts up we show you how to get phone call leads how to book book appointments with them how to sell them you know coaching Services um or tools or products we also give you a whole list of Affiliates that we promote ourselves that we make money off of we give you a list of viral reaction videos that you can use that we've already used that have gotten a lot of views um so we give you pretty much everything you need to get set up Neil says I want to buy shiny um so yeah shiny it's a dollar trial right now if you go to and this just more helps you automate your videos if you don't want to go and actually make them yourself um so one of the things though that we have in process in or sorry uh in progress is the ability to not just do AI generated videos because right now let me uh bring open the notepad again I just realized that I wasn't sharing my screen there we go um right now shiny uh just does AI generated content right so like uh what I mean by that is uh you know it generates the images it generates the voice it generates the whole entire video but what we want to do is we want to have the abil ility for you to start adding your own Clips so if you want to add a reaction clip or you want to add a clip of yourself or anybody and you still want a voice over on top of it uh shine ify will do that um isma says if I already have shine ranker VIP do I need to buy shiny or is it kind of included um no you should be good yeah you should be fine we're actually one of the plans that we have for the for the platform is that we're probably going to Sunset shine ranker and just have the keyword tool and the AI video clipper integrated over to shine ofy and we're just going to redirect that whole site so anybody that's in either of them we're just going to combine them because Shine ranker is just a tool that I just don't really feel like pursuing anymore it was something that worked well at the time when we were doing SEO stuff but I'd rather just focus on the AI video stuff just make it easy um by the way any questions uh zultan says the Clone course is fantastic I use it daily are you talking about the AI clone um if you're talking about the AI clone program um yeah and and we're definitely we're so one of the things that we're focusing on is we're continually building it out um we're also as we build it out we're raising the price and we're just giving all the updates to the people that bought it at its current price so people that bought it at $97 or whatever it was um they automatically get all the updates that we're adding in so you can get at viral AIC and again this is like really the starting point if you have no idea how to earn money with AI with um you know with videos with the formula I was talking about would want to go and grab this before we raise the price again and then you'll get added into all the updates as well very well or organized awesome glad glad to hear it um and yeah again I I'll probably end up adding more videos in there um today just because uh I need something to work on so um but yeah that's kind of all it is again like I'm not doing anything super intricate the only thing I'm really doing is focusing on getting views turning the views into leads and then turning the leads into sales um with an automated follow-up sequence and live streams and whatever we're doing here so um if you want to learn that again viral and uh you don't want to learn it no big deal as well but this is what I found works the best um and it's what I'm going to continue to do to scale between our software company shifi um and also just like our education with the you know uh checklist we're putting together is it live now yes but we are probably heading out pretty soon here um I appreciate you for for being here um if you're uh interested in staying up toate on these live streams um make sure you join the Discord server and um I will notify you when we go live you can see I just notified everybody here I'll put it in chat so you can go check it out um but that's pretty much it um I appreciate you for being here and hopefully you enjoyed the live stream we'll see you next time till we do Happy Money Mak see you bye

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