Can We Make $1,000 Live With Google Bard AI?

okay so what's up it is very hot in my house right now you can kind of see I am a little sweaty uh it is uh probably like 70 or 80 degrees in this house right now and the reason why is my I have two ACS one broke and the other one has to compensate for that other AC that broke and uh it's like iced over so I had to turn it off so that would un-ice and now it's very hot so either way I'm gonna go live and stream regardless um today we're going to be looking at some AI updates I want to look at Google bard I haven't been able to check it out yet there's also a guy I found who's really really cool he's been doing like AI news updates and I wanted to kind of watch one of the videos with you because I kind of briefly skimmed it last night Rudolph's so yeah um let me go ahead and send this out I don't know if the Audio I don't know why the audio is clipping so loud right now I actually just got my old computer back I've wound up fixing it and this computer is a beast so I don't know if maybe the connections are better now but the freaking audio is like clipping I think it sounds fine though okay uh yeah I think it's fine I'm gonna turn on some Vibes here and then I'm gonna send this out to everybody a couple updates if you're um if you've been watching these live streams we just introduced a 47 per month membership to shine ranker which is basically the VIP pass and the VIP pass was only annual before so if you want the VIP membership to shine ranker you can get that it's uh well I'll leave a link in the description if you're watching this later and I will put a link in the chat connections out to everybody oh it's just on yeah buddy if you just go to you will find it um on the homepage like first thing you click on first button what's up long time no see what's up Chris B all right um let me send this off to everybody and we'll get started um foreign locked at 47 a month for uh like annual price yes so if you get in at 47 we raise the price you'll stay at 47.

I'll actually just show you really quick before we get into all this so if you go to you click on become a VIP It'll ask you to enter your email go over here and then this is the new deal it's basically the annual pass the annual pass gives you a better deal overall because right now the annual pass I think is 397 a year this is 47 a month so you're saving about a hundred bucks if you get a little over a hundred dollars if you get the uh the uh the annual but the monthly is about let's see 47 times 12. oh yeah it's 564. so paying a little bit more per year uh if you want the monthly but VIP basically gets you access to everything besides the cash cow so uh you get access to shine ranker you get access to the Facebook group you get access to or the Facebook chat you get access to the courses uh our updates we're adding in and then the best part is you get price locks so if the price goes up you don't have to pay more in the future [Music] it's enough an email here need to do the circle mask on this really quick foreign [Music] oh I think I might have inverted that accidentally wait let's see there we go oh no it's all on the edges like that it shouldn't be like that so I'm trying to fix this mask here so that way [Music] [Music] [Music] I think I got the wrong one I think I gotta get this one [Music] [Music] [Music] oh that didn't save us an image did it [Music] should work there we go okay yeah I think it looks better when it's like this [Music] uh [Music] foreign [Music] cool I have no idea what this even is nice marketing on price on both the annual yeah the reason why I did that by the way is because um turn down my gain a little bit the reason why I did that is because uh we were getting a lot of uh people that wanted to get like more of a monthly they didn't want to just jump straight into the annual so the new users you know and the cool thing is anybody who's using shinemaker that's an affiliate can promote this as well so if you're wanting to remote like the uh the monthly now you can do that okay let's go ahead and promote this stream remote this foreign stuff you definitely should thank you foreign it's literally a million degrees in this house right now it's crazy one thing I want to do at a certain point is I want to get um custom Shiner anchor merch with like AI designs that'd be really cool but we have so much stuff that we're already doing that it's like do we need more stuff to do I don't think so yeah it's literally a million probably not more stuff to do besides price any difference between VIP monthly and annual uh the only thing is price so you get a better deal on the annual than you do on the monthly but you get all the same stuff foreign we are good to go what's up Joanne long time no see how are you how much computer literacy do I need to keep up with this explain it to me like I'm old um well it depends on how far you want to take it there's definitely an easy way and there's definitely a more complicated way the easy way would be using AI to edit videos and post them the hard way would be creating your own content but we have a lot of people that are older that are in our tool and our products and they're watching our videos and they are doing well they're getting views they're making sales so you don't necessarily have to be an expert or understand a bunch of tech to get started hey I'm old understand it fine awesome all right so here's what we're gonna do first thing I want to do is I want to go check out Google bard because I'm trying to keep up with the trends if we look at Google Trends right now and we look up AI Google bards like the thing that everybody's talking about they're also talking about Martha Stewart apparently no I don't I'm not trying to [Music] all right so we're gonna do past seven days in the big sub interest right now is barred so let's go check it out so hard to keep up with all the pro uh different products that are coming out these days I mean it's just insane all right Bart can explain why lighting well Bart can create a fast balanced vegetarian meal for okay so it's basically just the same as I'll have to sign in with a different account okay uh Bard's not supported for either of these accounts let's just try a completely different account foreign [Music] says is there a way to collect emails without a website or domain uh well you can use an email opt-in landing page with like something convert like convertkit that's that's what I do but you don't really really need a website for that they just give you a link to a landing page created through them oh it's 431 that's the problem yep I can see when Chase when can see a thousand a little confused by that all right let's go ahead we're gonna go back to Google bard see if maybe we can access it now um so I guess nobody can really access this is that the issue [Music] maybe you have to have a certain account or something because it looks almost like they it's down or because I just tried three different accounts and it does not want to let me use it yeah I think it might be down um so one of the big things is just the i o event I guess I wanna I wanna watch this dude so there's this guy apparently you guys already knew about him I didn't know about him his name's something wolf what the heck this is this guy's name wolf Matt wolf [Music] and he kind of covers the news around this AI stuff and audio so this week was one of those weeks in AI where it was just announcement after announcement after announcement and we've got a lot to cover in this one Google had their annual i o event where they make all of their big announcements about all the cool stuff that they're rolling out and here's a super quick recap from The Verge Ai and aiki AI generative AI generative AI generative AI a-i-s-a-i-a-i-a-i-a-i-a-i-a-i-a-i-a-i-a-i-a-i it uses AI to bring ai ai ai or AI this is literally just the world right now is what it is open AI rolled out their new text to 3D model called shape e and as of right now there's a hugging face space available where you can play around with it yourself I'll make sure the link is below in the description oh yeah this is where you can turn things into 3D models shape e oh is this it you can like turn like a squirrel into a 3D squirrel or something where the heck is this shape e where's the link to this but I did not include the link to this oh I think I might have misspelled a shy shop e enter your prompt okay yeah here it is so text to 3D I can say I want a frog with a hat I think Okay click on run [Music] and then this will make me a 3D frog with a hat I don't know why that's important but like I don't know why you need 3D designs like this I guess if you're making video games or something but I don't really have a need for it how do I get a step by step to promote your stuff um so go to click on the link that says get become a VIP and then go watch the video on that landing page that's how you do it that video will show you how [Music] you pay him to access everything to promote his courses receive a commission well you don't necessarily have to um pay me to promote my stuff I mean you can promote my stuff it's just if you buy shine ranker it makes a lot easier and you learn you get all the videos okay so this is our frog with a hat I guess uh looking a little weird and then we can take an image and plug it in and it also it's supposed to make the image into 3D let's take morpheus's hands here from The Matrix see what happens how much is it uh Shine ranker the monthly is 47 a month to become a VIP again you can do it at and the yearly is 397 which is cheaper monthly but yearly you're paying all up front uh Nikki what's going on it's working for me I don't know maybe I should try it again in a second [Music] all right let's see what we get here uh well I guess this is like inside of morpheus's hands I mean I guess you're supposed to have a cropped out image or something first and then it turns it into the dog or whatever the thing is I don't know I don't really know what we're gonna need that for so I guess we'll just move on from that because it's not very important description but you can come to the hugging face page type in a prompt and it'll make a 3D image of whatever you prompt it with so I can type a rainbow wolf and I get this week we started off the week with Warren Buffett comparing AI to the creation of the atom bomb and Jeffrey Hinton saying that the threat of AI is more urgent to humanity than climate change but is this available with my legacy membership yeah I mean this is going to be with everybody so if you got the annual pass back when it was like 300 a year and you're still paying that you're still getting all this new stuff don't want to get all doom and gloom in this video I want to talk about some of the really cool the reason why I'm doing this is because there were so many people that were like confused with all my products like do I get this one do I get that one because I had like 500 products now we're just putting all the products in either to monthly for 47 which you get everything courses everything uh shine ranker or yearly for three 397.

I mean we're going to raise the price as well but uh right now like that's the only two things I sell forty seven dollar per month or for 3.97 it's just got everything combined and fun advancements that happen in AI so let's just move right along also on Monday we got this demo from Loveless Studio where they show off their tool to create text to metaverse essentially we can see that this is cool I I actually like this a lot I mean I don't know what we would use it for again because we're not making video games but this is still really cool it this was an alien snowy world that they created Great Lost City of Atlantis this is what it created got procedural terrain generation Dynamic Landscapes dynamic geologies dynamic lighting Dynamic post-processing all sorts of cool features that takes us one step closer to being able to just build video games using prompting and this all works inside of Unreal Engine we don't know when we're actually gonna have access to this this was just kind of a teaser video of what's to come okay so that's called text to metaverse but this looks like a creation also on Monday we got the announcement that meta was open sourcing their image bind research so that's Facebook right which has image to audio audio to image text to image and audio audio and image to image so you can basically take up like a video of a line or a picture of a lion or something so meta dot AI image thing uh and it will tell you what that sound is from that image how do we get access to it hold on let's go back so for example if we select an image it will try to make an audio out of one of these images so if I click on this dog you could so it's what is it it's image hold on creation also on Monday we got imagebind dot metademo lab okay image bind dot meta demo lab dot is it dot IO dot com okay let's see so here's the link see its capabilities click on a dog [Music] that's the lion all right so I guess we can't use it yet then that's just the demo audio to image bird singing text using text to retrieve image [Music] interesting okay got the announcement that meta was open sourcing their image bind research which has image to audio audio to image text to image and audio audio and image to image audio to generated image so for example if we select an image it will try to make an audio out of one of these images so if I click on this dog you can see it generated two audios from this dog okay that's not that cool I mean what what are you going to use a lot of this stuff for like I understand that there's a lot of new things coming out but most of it's completely pointless AI augmented reality Tech and it's pretty dang cool and we agree sorry this is my wife I'm gonna have to get this hello hey Bethany how's it going yeah I'm on the red circle right now actually let me show you something invisible devices should feel so natural to use that you almost forget about their existence okay this just goes ahead and mimics you and then translates your voice I guess hugging face so you can experiment with the open source models that are available on hugging face this appears to be their own version of like a gpt4 or Palm 2 like what Google has and they're expecting availability for Watson X in July so as more access for this one rolls out we'll probably be talking about this one a little bit more in the future the interest apology when oh this one's funny this would actually be great to make reaction video too if you haven't um if you are if you're looking for something to make a reaction video to on Tick Tock this would be perfect like anything else no cream packet no I didn't I just want a large water and a cup of ice cream now to catch it back oh my God I literally can't wait where did the butter come from I was just like a large water and a cup of ice cream they're still saving this week McDonald's I'm done for the Sunday um none plane zero zadden so apparently it worked at Wendy's though McDonald's airtable also announced that they're adding AI functionality into their platform which kind of felt inevitable I'm pretty sure everybody saw this coming anyway it looks to do the same kinds of things that you might get out of something like Notions ai airtable ai will be an optional paid feature with details on pricing and availability coming soon also this week hugging face announced Transformer agents you can control a hundred thousand plus hugging face models by talking to Transformers and diffusers and it's going to be fully multimodal meaning you can use text images video audio docs Etc in their Twitter thread they say you can create an agent using large language models like open Assistant star coder and open Ai and start talking to Transformers and diffusers it responds to complex queries and offers a chat mode create images using your words have the agent read the summary of websites out loud I want to try this one right here Google's reading announcements at Google I O this year this is one that flew under the radar because it didn't get announced at their event but they just opened up their music LM model where you can generate AI music now it doesn't generate vocals but if I go to the AI Test Kitchen I can actually play with this right now and generate some music with it you can see it all right let's do it AI Test Kitchen this is really cool because uh now you can have I think it's pretty I'm pretty sure it's copyright free yeah with Google .com okay place to prove technology oh we want the uh experiments music LM okay let's do oh I have to sign in can I try this okay here we go get started register your interest oh come on I can't have to join the wait list that sucks I can't even press play okay he has an example these are some examples songs that would play in a poolside party with a light summer Vibe I could see what this sounds like and this is totally AI generator that is so cool a pop punk anthem from the early 2000s [Music] that's a little bad that doesn't sound great I can actually download her announcement after like we're still a lot of these are really cool but we're still really far away I feel like from where a lot of this AI needs to be here so they started by showing an example of how it can help you in email where somebody got an email about a flight that was canceled they gave it a prompt to ask for a full refund for this canceled flight the AI wrote a short email they asked the AI to elaborate and then it wrote a more detailed email asking for a refund for the flight now while I think it's really cool that this is going to be built directly in the email it's nothing really new right we've been able to do this with chat GPT there's probably a hundred Chrome extensions that do this for us right now it doesn't feel into Gmail they also announced that Google photos is going to have what they call Magic editor they rebranded their magic eraser to Magic editor it can do stuff like erase unwanted items in an image adjust the brightness make it look like a more clear day and then even move things around in the image to get it closer to what you were originally looking to create in the first place why I think it's cool that it's going to be built directly into Google photos this isn't super novel technology this is the type of stuff they talked about how Bard is much better at coding now trained on all of these programming languages that you see on this screen they also announced barred tools which is really interesting because if you're familiar with what chat GPT is doing with chat GPT plugins it sounds like that's what they're doing with Bard Bard will directly connect with tools like TripAdvisor and Wolfram and Redfin and instacart and Spotify and YouTube and Khan Academy and a lot of the tools that we've seen are getting plug-ins on chat GPT this is really cool and I think this is a great feature but it also feels a little bit like they saw chatgpt do it and now they're doing it too now Google may have totally had this idea before chat GPT I can't say for sure but event that you know take a screen Google Sheets directly instead of Google slides and they all kind of tie together with each other you ready here's the death of SEO right here they also showed off what Google's new conversational search is going to look like it looks very similar to what Bing has planned for for their search engine you can see they asked a question what's better for a family with kids under three and a dog Bryce Canyon or Arches National Park it actually generated a response with AI gave some potential follow-up questions gave some sources and then below that gave the search results they also showed off some features for shopping on Google which will help you compare various products using AI on Google for example showing e-bikes in red for Five Mile commutes with hills I think that this right here whenever they release this next thing the one I'm about to play this is going to be huge because if you can start automatically translating your content like this you could reach so much many more people especially with video speaking translated that video into a different language and then the person's mouth and voice actually followed along as they were speaking in that other language so here's the example what many college students don't realize is that knowing when to ask for help and then following through on using helpful resources is becoming a productive adult like imagine if you could just automatically take every single one of your videos and just do this you would reach like a hundred times the audience so that's pretty cool but they also mentioned during this keynote that they're not going to make that available for everybody because they're too afraid of it being used for deep fakes and things like that so when the general public yeah a lot of this stuff is actually good they're not going to release is the problem most of this video on my Twitter account and a ton of people ask me how I did it and this video was Ultra simple to make now I went to my daughter's school father daughter dance and they had this cool 360 camera where you stand on a platform and the camera sort of rotated around you and they shot this video of us and the video they gave us back I just wasn't this like The Tick Tock filter or something through a tool called kyber and it gave me this cool like animated effect here that makes my daughter look like an anime character and me look like a scary monster but seeing all the comments about people wondering how I made this video made me want to do another video where I talk about you can only clone Spanish Chase all of the current video tools that are available with AI not too long ago I did this Twitter Thread about nine AI tools that are currently available to generate videos and it's one of my you know what's crazy is this guy still hasn't um he this video he didn't even talk about an AI video editor yet which is what we're building most popular tweets Ever Getting Over 876 000 views and 619 retweets and it just went crazy so I know people get excited about AI video tools and in this one you can see all my tabs up here along the top of my screen you can see that I'm going to talk about quite a few options for getting cool effects out of videos so let's start with did this is a tool where you can upload an image that looks like a person that has a mouth on it and make that person animated so let me jump into it they do have a free trial you do get a certain amount of free credits on it once you use up those free credits then it is a paid plan beyond that but it's a really simple tool to use so let's go ahead and create a video real quick so you can see down here you can create an AI presenter or you can choose a presenter that they've already got in here or you can add your own image and use that as the presenter so that's what I'm going to do I'm going to grab an image off my desktop here and you can see this is an image that that I made in mid-journey here I can either upload a voice audio over here or I can type a script and this character will speak it out so let's go ahead and change the voice to Brandon I don't know what this is going to sound like but I'm going to type some text hello my name is Brandon and there are a lot of papers spinning around my head right now this is really crazy sure then I can come up here and click on generate video click generate again it's going to use one credit I have 40 credits left now it says my video is done I can play it back hello my name is Brandon and there are a lot of papers spinning around my head right now this is really crazy you could see that it's actually animating his lips as he's talking it's animating his head he's kind of doing some subtle motions he even blinks throughout it so it's a really cool really simple way to animate faces and this one's called Dash ID the next one I want to show you is called Leia pics I've shown this in a few other videos really really simple concept uploaded image here's an image that I made of The Godfather you can see how it sort of animates it and gives it like a 3D look here you can change the animation length to be a lot faster you could change the animation style to kind of go back and forth or white the problem you can change the amount of motion you can change the focus point to far away or close up or Center and there's all sorts of different settings that you can mess with to kind of get this 3D perspective animation so if you have a still image this is a good way to add some motion to it these tools just have like such small use cases as the problem like okay I need I need a 3D picture let me go and use this tool and pay for a subscription just to get a 3D picture like how often do you need that I don't know wait A lot of times when I'm making videos instead of just having a single static image for b-roll over the video it's kind of cool to add an effect like this to just give that video a little bit extra motion this one's called Leia pics you can find it over at it's called the leopix converter and this one is currently completely free to use next up we've got animated drawings this one comes from meta it's actually designed to upload your children's drawings and animate those drawings but it will actually work with AI generated images sort of I made this in mid-journey it's a quick superhero image I'm gonna upload this and see if I can animate it using animated drawings here so let's go ahead and click next I feel like you're gonna image basically helping them do research and this is just for demo purposes only right now we're gonna go ahead and tell it where the image is confined to here click next it's going to scan it you can see it put a white outline around the character so it found the character just fine if it doesn't find the character you could sort of draw the mask around it and now it's asking us to sort of pick various points so where's the right ankle we'll put it right up about here left ankle right about here might come out a little funky but let's see what we get we'll click next and now it's going to create an animation out of that character and that's what we get a little rubbery looking but let's go ahead and make her jump up and down and wave and that's another way to make a real simple animation out of a image that you made in something like mid Journey or Leonardo or something like that or even a hand-drawn image let's make her boxing here I mean you could see it's a little rubbery just because it's meant for kids drawings not really designed to use with like mid-journey images right I just feel like there's all these AI tools and they're cool but when are you ever gonna use these like more than once you're gonna use it one time and you're like oh that's cool and then you're going to move on with your life for a woman effect here but I don't know it's kind of funny yep yep look at that just kind of something silly you can do to make static images a little more animated and fun here now I'm gonna get into some of the like really serious really cool AI tools that are available for video right now starting with Runway so over at they have an entire Suite of AI video editing tools you can do motion tracking you can add a green screen background you can blur the background replace the background automatically generate subtitles you can blur faces and videos you could turn I think you can do a lot of this in like cap cut too can't you any video into a slow motion video you can do in painting where you actually remove people or objects from videos that you don't want you can completely remove the backgrounds from videos but what runway's been most known for these days has been their gen 1 and their Gen 2 products so gen 1 is where you can upload a video let's say for example people here's this video of this animated girl dancing here and you can apply a image to it as well for example let's go ahead and apply this vibrant pattern to it and now we can go ahead and generate a video and it should take a combination of the existing video and apply this sort of pattern with it as well to create something completely unique and here's what it came up with you can see it's that same dancing girl but now it applied this sort of pattern style over the top of it and you get this completely unique stylized effect now this is what they call gen one and what is the point though you get an orange and blue person you can get access to gen 1 with your Runway account and Runway is also a freemium model which means you can do a certain amount of things for free before having to upgrade and actually pay I'd love to invite Matt tool live that'd be awesome hey but they also have something called Gen 2 which is actually still in closed beta access so not everybody has access to it yet but that's a complete text to video you yeah in about 12 months Sean it's going to be really like a lot of these tools are going to be okay now it's cool it's just like right now I feel like a lot of them are just kind of reaching you know they're like oh what can we do and then they do like a little thing and then it's just not really it's not there yet it's close you just enter a text prompt and it will generate a video from it so to use Gen 2 you come to runway's Discord and if you have access to it you'll see it over on the left sidebar you'll see this Gen 2 Section you simply type at gen Dash 2 and then you just give it a text below the video but it essentially does the same thing now the major downside of this one is it only generates two second videos and it puts a giant Shutterstock Watermark across the videos but I just went ahead and entered this prompt a monkey on roller skates and you can see I've got a monkey sitting on the ground I guess playing with its roller skates here's another example with Spider-Man surfing a panda eating bamboo on a rock and an astronaut riding a horse and again pretty much all these you see this giant Shutterstock watermark on them which I think proves to us that it was trained on a lot of shutter stock footage now the next tool I want to talk about is called genmo now there's the original genmo and then they have a new gen Mo that they've been working on that is still in beta access right now the original genmo is a text of video or you can upload an image as a starter image and it will sort of animate that image so for example if I upload this same image of the guy with the paper swirling around his head I can describe some edits and it will tweak the video a bit for example I can say turn the man into a cyborg let's set it to six seconds down here leave everything else the same and click make video and here's the video we got out of it where you can see that but that's completely different what that that's a completely different video now that's not even remotely close it's kind of cycling through our original image and kind of putting a cyborg behind him changing the guy's skin color a little bit putting some glasses on him but it gives us some Unique Images that could be an interesting stylistic choice if you watch my video about how I made a short film I use genmo to make a time-lapse sequence of a city that was in ruined again what are you gonna use this for as we just saw but based on the starting image that we generate here you can see there's our cyborg dancing in a field of flowers so if I check this box it just moves to this next phase here where I can describe some edits and it will do the same thing we just saw from that last video but from this image as the starting image now genbo has a new feature called genmo chat which is in beta it's not available to every yeah you could repurpose content change the images but I don't know anybody yet I'm not totally sure when this is going to be rolling out it doesn't really generate a video it kind of just generates a bunch of images that kind of swap out really quickly everybody but I did get early access to play with it and this also has text to video in it so I can use natural language and say something like generate a video of a cyborg dancing among flowers submit it sure I can generate a video of a cyborg dancing among flowers what kind of flowers would you like daisies and then it says starting video generation and here's the video we got out of it okay that is cool I don't know what that is but I don't think didn't he say that's private access cyborg dancing we just saw from that new feature called genmo chat which is in beta it's not available to everybody yet cyborg I mean it's still really limited but still that that's pretty cool apparently long curly hair dancing among the flowers but you can have this generate anything you can imagine as well you just ask the chat you can start with an image it's basically like chat GPT but with video I mean that's really cool tool with a text prompt there's all sorts of stuff that you can do with this genmo chat as well so this is just scratching the surface but since I still have a bunch more tools I want to show you I'm going to move on so when I showed you this video earlier of me with my daughter at the father daughter dance here this was actually made with this tool kyber if you look in my videos you can see I've made a handful of different ones in here including this one that I just showed you on my Twitter The Prompt that I used I basically uploaded this video and used The Prompt a happy father and daughter in the style of still from a retro futuristic film I don't remember exactly why I picked this prompt uh Lo-Fi steampunk cinematic Focus realistic highly detailed Masterpiece by kyber AI so let me guess there's a wait list let's see login sign in with Google why does everything have to have a sign in why can't I just try it all right create your first video of course I'm gonna have to pay something start a free trial well I gotta pay five bucks so hold on I don't even know how this works so you go to it and then what does it do are these what is this [Music] so it just takes videos or images and kind of changes them up is that what it is uh Transformer ideas into visual stories of Dreams okay so it's kind of like I mean it's kind of like it's just like uh all the other tools that we're looking at pretty much except it it just changes out the images really quickly which is what it kind of seems like all of them are doing so I don't really feel like I have a need for that robita so a lot of this stuff was extra prompt magic that kyber sort of added to the mix when I uploaded my video this is one where I started from an image and had it sort of morph my face into like an older man this one I started with a Nerf generation and then had kyber run through it which I'll talk about Nerfs in a minute here and kyber just has all sorts of cool stuff so if I come to create a video up here you can begin with an image you can transform an existing video which is what I did with the one with my daughter and you can add a song to your video as well and I believe it sort of syncs up the animation to the song if you use that feature but if I begin with an image here let's go ahead and start with the same image that I used earlier continue to prompt I want to create a video of a man with papers swirling around his head click continue and then the style it gives you some ideas for a style or you can type your own so let's select oil painting here and you can see it adds all this extra prompting magic to it here now I can click continue to settings I can have the camera move in or out rotate do all sorts of stuff let's have the camera zoom out and see what happens show initial image to start let's leave that and let's go ahead and generate and see what it does you can see here's the video that it generated from that where it almost it's just a bunch of images like it's mid-journey with a bunch of variations of images kind of put together kind of turns it into like an old-fashioned looking painting I don't know how else to describe it I guess is this one there are other styles that you can play with here click I'm good with that it'll be about 20 Village trees and animals wandering for credits this one's actually an app that sounds like they're all doing a tool like stuff come over here to the left and edit animation with videos every Friday running up so I don't know I mean I'm not really I'm not too impressed because all the video things like they're all kind of doing the same thing they're not really like they're not that impressive yet this was kind of an interesting video every single the prompt to get even better responses so the prompt is one of the absolute coolest most mind-blowing out of the box chat GPT prompts that will really show off the power of chat GPT give me 10.

Now just using this base prompt you're going to get a whole bunch of killer prompts all right so check out some of these prompts that it came up with create a new form of government that optimizes human well-being Innovation is sustainability while considering the potential impact of emerging Technologies like Ai and biotechnology now I'm not going to read all of these off but if you want to pause real quick and read some of the others this is some really killer prompting that chatgpt is telling you you're gonna get some awesome responses from some other great examples describe a future in which humans have merged with technology and achieved a post-scarcity society what new challenges and opportunities might arise and how would these advancements redefine our understanding of humanity or propose a solution to a major Global problem examples climate change inequality or political instability using a combination of cutting-edge scientific discoveries Innovative technology and new social policies or create a short story or scene set in a utopian society where AI has been successfully integrated into all aspects of Life highlighting the benefits and potential drawbacks of living in such a world develop a thought experiment that challenges our understanding of reality Consciousness and morality and discuss the implications of the experiment's outcome for how we perceived the world and our place in it let's take this prompt here because I think this one's fascinating and let's see what response it gives us I'm going to copy it I'm going to create a new chat I'm going to set it to four but this will work on any of these models I'm just going to use four because it's probably going to get the best response if you can use four so let's paste this in and see what it says the concept of a simulated reality has been widely debated with proponents suggesting that it is entirely plausible that we might be living in a highly ever chat a GPT prompts that will really show up prompt here and let's give it some different basically the concept is that you're having chat GPT write its own prompts so uh like for example if you're going to shine ranker we can go to the chat option and we can have chat gbt there was he did a video about this guy that um apparently used Chachi BT to tell him how to make like millions of dollars with creating a crypto and then like a meme coin and then wound up actually making like millions of dollars with it but here's the idea so what you do is you take like um you know how give me 10 chat GPT prompts on uh what questions I should ask to go viral on Tick Tock and get over 3 000 users on my software tool and then this basically generates all the responses and then you kind of plug them back into chat gbt it's interesting though because okay so the the real way that you make money with all this stuff and and this is what everybody always asks me is how do you make money you make money talking about the trends and you identify micro Trends within the larger Trend so the micro Trend within so the larger trend is AI obviously and then you find Micro like let me show you so if we go to AI right here uh AI type it in and then we go to past whatever 2004 at present you can see this is the big Trend right it's massive now what are the micro Trends within this if we go down here we can actually see what are the things that are really trending around the main trend we got open AI Snapchat Google AI gpd3 and then we can actually filter by timelines that are even more present to now so like past four hours and then we can see what are people looking up around this AI picture generator AI character chat AI detection tool you could go by longer seven days barred Google AI and this is how you can kind of get like the micro Trends within the main Trend and that's how you kind of go viral within the inside the main Trend if that makes sense uh if we do 30 days you can see Snapchats huge Snapchat Ai and so like for example you could make a video on how to make money with Snapchat AI and because that's a huge Trend within you know it's a micro Trend within the bigger Trend you can usually get a lot of views on it um but anyways if we go back to shine ranker here we can see we asked it give me 10 chat chat GPT prompts on questions I should ask to go viral on Tick Tock and get over 3000 users on my software tool uh and then this is the prompts it says that it should at you should ask chat gbt what type of content do you use do Tick Tock users engage with the most how do I make my videos more shareable so then you go back you plug it back in and then this is supposed to give you the answers that you're actually supposed to be asking in a sense Tick Tock users engage with variety of content types including dance blah blah blah blah it tells you whatever um anyways that said I really want to join that uh genmo chat waitlist that thing's kind of cool and this music thing I think is going to be really cool I'm kind of bummed that we can't use Bard I really wanted to try it out I don't know what why it won't let me log in maybe I should try a third account okay let's see if this will do it uh one of the other things he was saying is that apparently the open source AI tools are going to end up becoming more powerful at least Google said this Google thinks that the open source AI tools are going to become more powerful than the uh then Google's AI it's its own AI because more people will be able to use it because it's free and more accessible okay so I guess this is barred uh it says I'm barred you're creative and helpful collaborator I have limitations and won't always get it right but your feedback so I guess this is chat GPT in the form of Google Now uh so I guess we can take the same prompt that we just gave Chachi BT copy it plug it into bard [Music] is in my opinion Bard is worse than Chachi BT sure here are 10 chat GPT prompts on what questions you should ask a viral on Tick Tock and get over 3000 users on your software tool what are the biggest problem what is your biggest problem with software tool what is your favorite quote from software tool yeah that's kind of a weird uh that doesn't really make sense and it looks like it's just pulling a variable the variable like the keyword or whatever right here into the thing uh yeah that doesn't seem very good um let's try yeah I I want it okay so one thing I want to actually do is that guy the guy we were watching earlier what was it Matt wolf he's got a website and it's called Future tools and it kind of talks about or he has like his favorite tools on here um and I was wondering if maybe he had prompts because I remember seeing a list of chat gbt prompts list of chat GPT prompts I wonder if we can just plug those okay yeah look at this 215 chat GPD prompts 120 let's try that one [Music] okay can you provide me with some ideas for blog posts about AI I guess making money with AI let's go do that [Music] making money with bar Google bark AI [Music] yeah that's it's definitely worse than chat EBT okay uh sure here are some ideas for blog posts about making money with Google bard AI how to use Google bard AI to write content for your blog like look at these these are all the exact same outputs yeah they seem really behind chat gbt let's go let's take that same question we're going to plug that into chat gbt using shine ranker obviously so we don't have to worry about capacity wink wink get shine ranker if you're on the stream and you haven't got it yet the 47 subscription just got released if you go to you can go grab it right now it's crazy 10 ways to use Google bard AI for passive income yeah see you see how it actually kind of diversifies the things here but this is kind of an interesting idea for a website here he's it's basically like our AI checklist but he turned it into a website I'm wondering how much traffic this is getting let's check it out on shine ranker go over here traffic Checker check let's see what he's got I'm in I love shine Ricker awesome yeah he's not really ranking for anything you can see most of his rankings are pretty oh he's ranking for tutor AI oh because he's basically this is smart he's taking all of these random tools and he's just putting a page up for them and then I wonder if he's getting affiliate links for all these too what do you want to learn about uh SEO keyword research huh that's kind of cool so this is supposed to just teach you things it's basically like Google but in the form of learning learn anything how to make money online [Music] interesting what is this start lesson oh and then you just read it oh it makes you a freaking it uses chat GPD to write out the thing okay so that's a little a little lame but the the cool thing though so first of all we know that some of these things have a ton of search volume so look at this tutor AI 40 000 searches a month and he's ranking number five with a one-page website but how is he adding all of these is he just manually oh he's got little voting things on here oh wow I wonder if this guy saw my checklist originally look at this hey I'm Matt wolf creator of thanks so much for Twitter I share and I an eye on that uh where's that list it's almost like he uh look at that that almost looks exactly like our checklist wow [Music] so he kind of took our checklist a little bit further I guess or maybe he had his own already I don't know seems a little odd but that's a crazy way to get a lot of traffic isn't it based on what we're seeing here in shine ranker but he's not yeah look at that he's showing up number five for this one with just a sub page with nothing on it chase some guy in Austria sells like yeah I saw that and I'm really wondering if he has affiliate links all yeah look at that that's an affiliate link wow and I wonder if he's making all these Pages himself he probably has somebody else doing that I guess and then he's got the description which he's probably using AI to generate um okay so we got this guy's really smart and he's getting a lot of traffic too this guy's got to be killing it right now very very smart I like this strategy a lot that he's doing he's got all the news this is just links and he's got referring cookies to the website which means he's getting paid somehow this is a News website why would you have an affiliate link oh maybe to track the traffic or something I have no idea maybe he's sponsored by these websites he owns these websites I don't know very interesting but I mean you got to think about this this guy's getting hundreds of thousands of views on his videos he's sending people to this thing every single time he's basically just doing news on all these different tools and a lot of these tools are just not very good but because everybody's interested in AI I mean the searches that's what you really want to look at here look at this and here's what's even crazier a lot of these searches like watch if we take a lot of these and this is why shinraker is cool right because we can take all of these searches and we can make videos about them because a lot of them have crazy search rates but the competition is probably very very small like let's go look at the difficulty we're going to click on update difficulty here 24 difficulty for a 246 000 search rate keyword and that's why he's showing up with a one page look at 12 difficulty that's why he's showing up number five for this because nobody else is competing for it it's got 75 4 000 searches per month copy AI 49 000 searches a month 24.

23 for tutor AI another reason why he's showing up number five with a freaking one look 22 he's showing up number zero number he's showing up in the knowledge panel for oh no that's the commercial intent what is he showing I'll be showing up number 90 okay but look tutor AI showing it for a 40 000 right keyword because nobody's competing for it and all he has is this one page thing so it's because a lot of these things are new but because they're all going viral because it's all AI it's very easy to show up for them and and here's the other thing you got to think about this if it's easy to shop for this on Google imagine what the competition is like on YouTube or the sub platforms very very small likely so you could take all these different keywords like uberduck with 27 000 searches a month and you could probably rank number one on YouTube before everybody else and on Tick Tock and wherever wherever else make music videos with AI vocals [Music] so you could make a tick tock video on this and likely you'd be one of the very few to do that look 110 000 let's go look at filters under four yeah there's like nobody on here without it if you like there's nobody here showing like the commercial intent behind this they're just showing like examples of it you could make a video on how to make money with this thing and you'd be like the only one showing up for it so that's why um if you can ever find sites like this with a bunch of different tools or like sub pages of things put it in the traffic Checker you'll get tons of good keywords and then you can just add them all to your dashboard just add all of those in now look we got all of these that we can make content on with the keyword difficulties and the search volume and look look at this 246 000 24 Auto CDE 23 and it tracks his Pages too so you can compare them and here's what we're really focusing on by the way is um ideally what you could do is you could take these different keywords you could create a long form video of you reacting to them and then you could actually show up for those things as well with AI edited clips of the long form anyways we're getting a little bit off topic so uh great idea that this guy has though I almost want to build something like that into shine ranker an app for chat for companion companionship that's funny AI girlfriends um Okay so I want to I want to update everybody with what we're working on so right now uh we are about one to two weeks away from an AI video editor uh Opus just released their AI video editor oddly after I announced that we're gonna have ours and they said that they were gonna not have it for the payment plans for another month or two and now they have them um but uh they have the same features it's literally just drop a link and get a video um as the free version so they don't have any of their updates yet it's literally just that we're probably one to two weeks away from an AI video editor within shine ranker um the content editor is almost is going to be the new uh design is going to be dropped probably in the next day or so because we had we have this in the we've had we've been working on this for months and we just decided that let's just push it out because we already have it um one of the things I'm going to work on within shine ranker or after the one of my full-time devs finishes this in the next couple days I told him to start integrating our uh group inside of shine rankers so ideally what we would have is in here we would have a tab for the tutorials which we already have but this would be more like all the tutorials from our checklist so that way you can when we do our Zoom calls or replays or whatever you would just click on this inside of shine ranker so you don't have to do it within Thrive cart and if you cancel your subscription to shine right here whether it's the 47 a month or the 400 per year annual pass it would just you would just lose access to all the tutorials and everything um we're also going to be adding in the uh probably the chat because we have a Facebook chat right now that we're limited we have a capacity right so when you become a VIP you join the chat right the issue is the chat again has a capacity so we can only bring so many people into the chat so what we're thinking of doing is actually integrating the chat within the actual dashboard of shine ranker so that way the people that are in shine ranker that are paying for shine rank are the people that are serious they're actually in the chat within the website and uh then we'd have all of our chat right in there not this chat different chat right um so we're probably going to have the Ed the my one of my developers work on that while the other one's working on the back end for the video editor uh longer term goals for shine ranker is probably making it more mobile friendly because right now if you go to keyword research and type something in and let's say you're trying to make a tick tock video and you want to do keyword research well you're gonna have to deal with an iframe which is not fun which basically means you have to go through the data like this and like scroll over so that'll probably be the next update and then eventually down the line probably something to do with rank tracking or whatever traffic checking on places like YouTube channels and that sort of stuff um that's the plan for now uh as far as what I'm working on it's kind of I've been all over the place there's all kinds of things that I've been trying to do and so I'm a little bit scattered right now one of the things I've been trying to do is I've been doing like these live streams every day one because they're fun um and they help me do things but two because I want to keep doing content I've been doing about one short a day I should probably do more um I haven't been doing my long form content because it just hasn't been doing as well uh the last video I posted literally got what 700 views which for me is like not great at all um I guess it's at a thousand now uh one of the things I've been noticing is that when we do the content I've been doing pretty much all of this around chat gbt like if you look at the last however long on the channel it's all chat gbt I've been thinking if that work if we're going to do start doing long form again it needs to be around like we need to diversify the topics um so we can get more reach and so one of the strategies I was thinking of is doing kind of what we're talking about within the shine rank or keyword research which is taking topics that are like sub Trends within the the bigger Trend which is like if somebody's searching for how to make money with AI and whatever the thing is like I don't know Auto CDE or mid-journey or you know whatever these different things are we could go and I could make videos on those actual things so that these videos are different they're not all chat gbt but rather this would be like one on mid-journey one on you know Auto gbt or whatever the other things are um the idea here of creating the content would be not necessarily how to make money with the tool itself but how to make money capitalizing on Trends so if I made a video on you know here's the easiest way to make money online with AI and mid-journey I would say you know easiest way to make money with mid-journey is to start using mid-journey as a bridge to bring people into a checklist or some sort of opt-in and then sell them into something like a tool that they can use like shine ranker to go viral with so shine ranker we're really positioning as a tool to help you go viral to help you create viral content to help you find viral topics and then actually help you go and create the content with either Chachi BT or some sort of Auto editor um so hopefully that makes sense uh if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them from you but that's kind of what I'm thinking obviously I'm open to change the game plan at any time um [Music] as far as the plans I'm going to reiterate this one more time because some people I think are a little bit confused about it we have two plans now I only sell two things and and as far as the things that we're gonna be promoting with affiliate if you want to be a part of our affiliate program we're only going to be promoting two things number one is the shine ranker VIP pass the annual pass which you can find at forward slash VIP this is the yearly pass for shine ranker there's a there's a presentation I did on here kind of explaining how it works you scroll down you get the yearly pass it's 391 a year you get price lock so if the price ever goes up you don't pay more than that per year the second plan is on the pl is on the website itself if you click on it it's the 47 per month plan and it essentially gives you everything access to everything just like the annual pass would except it's a little bit more expensive per year but per month it's about 47 a month we probably will end up raising the price on these things at some point for for now we're just going to keep it like this um and I'm going to just keep trying to generate traffic and keep creating content around this stuff as far as like the automated things I'm probably not going to do a whole lot of like swipe files and automated stuff as we're changing the directions because I'm going from going and doing like full course mode to switching out of courses to doing like full SAS so our swipes and everything are not like a hundred percent like solid yet we need to focus on probably building those up as we transition because we're going to need to get new testimonials and we specifically need testimonials around people that are using the content for viral uh marketing rather than SEO because originally China was an SEO tool for showing up on Google now we're using it into a viral marketing tool that helps you go viral on all platforms so hopefully that makes sense um if it does let me know if it doesn't let me know as well um but yeah I think that's pretty much all of the updates again if you haven't grabbed the VIP pass whether it's the monthly or the yearly you really should do so you get access to so many things you get access to all my courses you get access to well except for the Cash Cow but you get access to pretty much every single course I've ever made uh you get access to the live chat you get access to shine ranker you get access to the updates you get price locked so you don't have to pay more in the future um yeah you get the templates so 47 bucks a month again or sorry and go grab it so uh anyways install my course I think um it done for the day we will see you in the next one till I do happy money making thanks for being here we'll see you bye

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