Chat GPT-4 and Ai Strategy Earns $25,000 Monthly (LAZY WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE)

you can earn 25 000 a month by utilizing Ai and chat gpt4 with a strategy that utilizes some traditional methods but also utilizes some smarter not harder ways to make money online so let's have a look at this and get started with the strategy so the real question is can you really make twenty five thousand dollars a monthly online well it's not magic and you're not going to push a button and get twenty five thousand dollars deposited into your bank account tomorrow you got to do some work you got to learn some stuff and you're gonna have to keep doing work if you want to keep earning it now we can leverage smarter not harder methods and there is plenty of that stuff that we can do but I want to show you that it is even possible in the first place so this is stripe the past four weeks here we've got sixty four thousand dollars in earnings if we go ahead and roll to three months we can see it's more and then we can roll out to 12 months and it's over a million dollars but um and even the past seven days right so like twelve thousand dollars which is seven days and I'm said that we could do um what twenty five thousand dollars in a month so even this based on this we're getting close to that in two weeks but you don't have to work as hard as it takes to get to here you can but you can definitely earn twenty five thousand dollars in a month or more if you want to so before we get into this if you can give me a yes for Success down in the comments right now so just pause the video and if you're committed to being successful and doing what it takes to learning some stuff to doing some work so that you can be successful online and break free in your own finances and earn money online give me a yes down there to show me you're committed and just commit to yourself that you are going to take action and start earning money online so pause the video give me a yes down there and then let's jump into this so what kind of strategies does it take to earn twenty five thousand dollars a month and the strategy looks like this basically it's views people enter their email address into an automation system and then ultimately the automation system is going to send emails to make money so of course the views come from a video and then there's a redirect link that directs them to the landing page where they enter their email address and the CRM is going to email them a link every day that is something that you get paid for and then when they buy you get paid a key component of this other than the video itself is the landing page itself because you need to have a great landing page and you can offer them a lead magnet which is something for free and the amazing thing about that is you can have chat GPT four write the lead magnet for you of course in order to actually make twenty five thousand dollars a month and utilize a strategy like this where you're gonna get views uh and people to an automation system that helps you make money you need some actual views which comes from of course video so an easy way to do this is reaction videos you can see this one I'm hovering on here it's got like 2.1 million views and so you can see something there's like an eagle and some dogs and whatever right and so you can take a video that already exists and then you can react to it so this person is reacting to it and they're just giving their opinion on it right so it doesn't have to be this video it could be any video but basically you can find some money making videos that make sense you can react to them and then in the video you're going to place your link and so when you place your link in there that's when they can get sent to the landing page and work through the rest of the process that get you the money so making the 25 000 a month by using the strategy what we basically understand is that we need a landing page where someone's going to enter their email address after they watch the video so they watch a video they click your link and then they need a landing page to enter their email address into so a landing page can look basically just like this right here if I can find it there it is so landing page can be like this and they enter their email address of course and why would they enter their email address well generally you're going to offer them some sort of lead magnet what is a lead magnet it means that when you give that you you're basically charging them an email address in exchange or giving them a name so the cool thing is chat gbt especially chat gbt4 can write amazing lead magnets for you so it can literally use AI to generate the free thing that you're going to give them so they can enter their email address and you can get paid so one of the amazing things about AI that I love that helps us earn money like the 25 000 a month is that it can do work for you and it's crazy how good it is right so we're gonna of course give away a lead magnet to people who sign up for our like to enter the email address after they watch the video but we can ask Chad gbt4 to write a lead magnet for us now I would use chat gpt4 if you could it is a little bit slower but it's going to give you a better quality product I'm using Chad gbd 3.5 right now so that you could see how fast it went because if we go up here to four and enter it in and go then it takes just a little bit longer which is hard to show during an actual video but you can see it working and I would just plan to wait the extra 90 seconds so that chat gpt4 give you a better quality product I mean you don't even have to make it in the first place of course we're going to use chat GPT to write emails for us what I'm talking about is the emails in the automation system part of things here because when someone watches the video and they click the link they go to the landing page they enter their email and then the CRM is going to send out emails with your link in it so you have to write those emails and that's how we ultimately get into our money that we're going to earn but if we write the emails you can write them but there's no point in letting in like writing your own stuff these days AI can write it for you so chat gbt can write it and once you have it written you're basically just going to load it into the CRM like so insert your links every day the CRM is going to send out the emails to the people that are subscribed when they click the link then they sign up you get paid and everything happens automatically it's all just on delay and that's how you make money at scale so we have the strategy for making the 25 000 a month but of course when someone watches a video clicks the link goes to landing page enters the email address and the CRM sends them lots of emails they need something to buy now what are they going to buy well they can buy your products and your services if you have them if you have no products and services you still need to get paid so you can utilize this free checklist right here at this website and these are companies that will pay you to promote their products they'll do all the customer service the Fulfillment all of the issues all of everything so you don't have to do anything just promote them and you get paid so if we take the top one here and we jump in roll down to the affiliate program that's going to be down at the bottom of the page and then we can apply to be a partner and then we log in they're going to give us this link the link is the link that you're going to need to put in the emails that chat gbt writes for you that the automation system sends out making twenty five thousand dollars a month is much easier when you can utilize a rinse and repeat method by stacking things so what does this mean well when we go back to the website that is the free checklist of companies that will pay you to promote them we're going to use more than one so you're not just going to promote one company you're going to promote more than one product there's tons of them on here right so you can even Google for more but this checklist has a lot to start and another great resource is the free Facebook group which is here in yellow so you definitely want to join there but what happens also is some programs so like this is Jasper for example have a reoccurring commission what that means is when you do the work now and sell something today you get paid first every single month for as long as they're a customer so when you work a job you get paid for the work you do when you do this you get paid every single month not just one time to get the full live step-by-step training go to this website right here take the next free training on this page and then jump into the live classes where we break it all down step by step it's every Tuesday and every Thursday and we break everything down step by step make it easy answer questions and other people help each other out of course you want to go to the website here where you get the list of tools that will pay you to promote it and you want to join the Facebook group because you can also go there and ask questions you can help other people once you know more and you can see other people posting in there every day say about their successes and moving forward and it's good to have the encouragement and the motivation but the way to move forward is to go to this website right here get into the live classes I will see you in the next live class and until then Happy earning

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