Chat GPT Earns $300 Daily With Contact Forms and Affiliates (BEST WAY TO EARN MONEY WITH AUTOMATION)

you can earn $300 a day by using chat GPT with contact forms to sell affiliate products in what is perhaps the best way to make money online with Automation in 2024 and Beyond so let me show you what this looks like I've got a bot running in the background here this is the contact forms I mentioned some of you will know what that is you may not know what that is I'll talk about that more in a minute but you can see that's cranking away um I just want to show you that it's even possible right because it's kind of a big statement right $300 a day what is $300 a day it is $9,000 a month and if we translate that out to a calculator here that's 9,000 so let's just actually do the whole thing $300 a day time 30 days on average equals $9,000 time 12 months equals $108,000 a year now can you make more than this sure you can can you make less than this sure you can if you want to work less make less fine if you want to make you know a couple thousand bucks a month fine if you want to make 10 15 20,000 bucks a month fine the more that you want to make the more you have to work to a point right it is automation chat GPT but let me show you it's possible here this is stripe so we have stripe and PayPal is where the money comes from or how it like comes in right and so this is the past four weeks $41,000 right so $41,000 for a month I said $300 a day that's only $9,000 a month which is uh you know that's less than 1/4 of this amount not including PayPal right not trying to impress you but to impress upon you that it's possible right so this income amount not including PayPal is four times what I said you could earn so I wanted to be a little bit more reasonable because of course you can't start right if you're already going then you might be able to plug in faster but if you're just starting this is going to take a minute to build up because um step five we're going to talk about that but let's talk about what this really is but before we do that if you could help me out give me a yes down in the comments below if you like videos like this if you like stuff with contact forms chat gbt automation Affiliates that sort of stuff um so that I know that you want me to make more videos like this and that helps us on YouTube and the whole n on yards right so if you give me a yes in the comments that'd be great right now so how do we get from where we are now to earning $300 a day so I'm going to assume you're at $0 a day and that you have time and effort and willing to start but that you're making $0 if you're already making money you might be able to get there faster obviously but if you're at $0 day um maybe you haven't even made a dollar online we're just going to start at the beginning and work on this so basically the path looks something like this we're going to give away something for free right so we're going to give away here let's let's go out here just a minute freebie right we're going to give away a freebie but we have to get traffic to that in the first place so we need to send contact forms we'll talk about what that is in a second this is how we're going to get our traffic to the freebie and then from the freebie we're going to um collect their email their email and then we're going to email them and sell them right email them and sell stuff and once we sell stuff we get paid pretty basic right um you sell something you get paid you get a profit right so I'm going to assume that you know what affiliate marketing is what Affiliates is we are going to talk about it but the the basic premise is just you're selling somebody else's stuff they're doing the Fulfillment and you're going to get a percentage or a fixed dollar amount for each sale that you make this is everything from Amazon to Walmart to ClickBank to um our products to it doesn't really matter you can be an affiliate of like everything basically and so how we do that well we need to utilize this whole process here but let me kind of walk you through what we're going to do so I'm going to start at the end and walk backwards and then we're then just briefly for maybe like 45 seconds and then we're going to move forward with this so we need something to sell right so we got to sell stuff so starting at the end let's move this here for a second so I'm going to assume for the purpose of this video today that we are selling let's get rid of stripe here um that we are selling this which is the new master class that comes out here just in a couple of days and is going to teach you how to make money with not only Affiliates but your own products or Services how to White Label how to set the whole thing up it has everything right and so let's say that you wanted to sell this right cuz it's everything it's the whole nine yards it's going to have live classes where you have live Q&A so this should be something valuable that you could sell right so if you wanted to become an affiliate of this product you'd have to sign up and if we signed up we'll go in here so this is uh I just went ahead and signed up I'm not going to take you through how to like sign up for stuff I'm sure you know how to enter your name and email and we're going to click on view the product and we're going to have something that looks like this so we're going to have an affiliate link and this is a new account I set up just for the purpose of this video so that we could start freshh I said we're starting at zero dos so I forgot we have to set up Paypal so let me do that real quick so we can get our link okay so through the magic of video um we are now here so let's just refresh it uh make sure it's the right link so I set up the PayPal account here we have our link different affiliate control panels are going to look different but the concept is the same they're going to give you a link right so boom We copied our link and now we have it that's all we really need and so what are we going to do we're going to send people again we're walking backwards just so you have the overview we're going to collect their email address how we can do that with a landing page and to do that we just need to give them something so this is an example scary tool and here they can enter their email address and once they enter their email address then they're going to turn around and get an uh an email from us and we we've collected their email so now we can send them emails but they're going to get a checklist of tools they can use so we're giving them something for free so how do we do this we could go into our project go to the submission content and just change up the message and be like hey I have a free checklist of tools that will help your business make money with AI PS who uh what is it scary tobots dcom Okay click okay now what's going to happen is when we're sending out these messages the bot sends a message it goes to the website it puts in the form and sends that message they're going to get it in their email box so like in their Gmail I'm not going to go over what it looks like to get an email you know that they get that link scary tool and they click on it so what happens if we go back to here we can go scary tool and they get to this website where they can enter their email address it has an image it has some title and whatever but they enter their email and they get that free checklist of tools right so let's enter our email this is what they would do now they get get their resource the free checklist tools they're happy they got what they wanted for free away we go right but now we know that they're interested in whatever it was we were giving away for free which was a checklist of tools that helps their business make money with AI more or less something around that so now they're interested in AI tools that help their business make money so we can sell them affiliate products that are AI tools that help their business make money right there's all kinds of AI tools there's writing tools there's I mean we could even sell them these actual products right here so you can go to scary tool and get the list of actual Affiliates that you could then sell them right there's AI video tools AI image tools so audio tools so on and so forth right but you're going to pick one and focus on that and then you can focus on another one later so now what now we have given them the freebie but we collected their email which is key right so now we need to sell some stuff so we talked about landing pages that's where scary tool is and then we talked about the um automation here is what we're about to talk about rather and how that actually works so we have their email right now we have to email them so all we do is we use uh CRM for example like uh cartra here is an example of CRM and let this load up here and we just set up a tag so that when we build the landing page we set up a tag and whatever the tag is it starts the rule you can start the rule the starting rules can be anything but it's really easy I don't have time to go over how to build a landing page in this video because it would be too long um if you want you can join the master class and I'm going to talk about like how to build landing pages in there okay um but at the end of the day let's say you built a landing page it's really easy then they're going to start getting emails so they get the first email which is something like this uh let's see if I can view it just view it um they just get a thank you email hey thanks for signing up blah blah blah blah blah right okay so they get a thank you email then they turn around and get the next email which in this case uh I wrote a story email trying to connect with them personally it kind of just tells my story and how I started online and all that jazz and then I give a link where they can click to get started and of course that link is going to take them to the affiliate product of course then we can go in here and we can make more so how do we make more because we want to send them on average there's What's called the rule of seven the rule of seven in marketing you want customers need to see your brand at least seven times before they commit to a purchase decision on average right so you need to send them at least seven emails and if you just some people are going to want to just go over here to the contact forms and put their affiliate URL directly in here and you don't want to do that you need to use at least a redirect link again I don't have time to talk about that in this video um it'll be in the master class but um which and the link for that by the by the way is in the description down below should have said that earlier anyways you need to at least put a redirect link but you're going to have a low success rate if you just bomb out affiliate offers straight from here it'll work and you can use it for testing to see which affiliate offers are good if you get some sales but they need to see stuff seven times so typically you could just keep using this over and over and over and over and over again and keep reaching out to these people with your affiliate link with your redirect URL but that you know that's fine um there's a better way to do it because once we have their email then we can sell in perpetuity forever until they either buy or unsubscribe so that's what I'm talking about here because it's better in the long run so we go in here and we keep adding emails so we have two emails right one's really a welcome email so we really only have one selling email so we need at least seven selling emails so now I have to make um at least six more so all we do is you can right click and clone these things out too so we have like our template everything everything's already set up here now I just need to make an actual email right enter chat GPT because it's really good at writing emails and let me pull that up so enter chat GPT pretty straightforward basically I just said I have an affiliate product told it what it was I need to write six emails asked it to give me told it what the benefits are that businesses can make money from AI which we've been talking about the affiliate product is a course and I need to write six days of email sequences and it can reference it and ask for multiple emails so then hammer away and chat gbt is going to do its magic and it's going to give us multiple emails that we can choose from and of course if we don't like all of them we can keep asking okay give me five more whatever right so this is pretty straightforward I'm not going to spend too much time being picky about these emails at the moment um in the uh master class I'll talk more about you know good copy and good practices and emails and stuff like that so that you can tell chat GPT better how to do it but I'm trying trying to keep this simple and straightforward so you can understand the concept right can always layer and get a little bit more optimal I'm going to pretend this first one is ready to go right so um we're going to grab this and we're just going to build an email with it so if we go back over here to cartra all right hello I'm not going to put recipient name because we don't know their name because we didn't ask for it we only asked for their email a quick a little bit of quick formatting here right just dividing it into paragraphs so that it looks good War regards and then you don't even have to use your real name I'm just going to put mark because um we're just sending them to affiliate offer so it doesn't really matter and then we needed our title Revolution what is it revolutionize your business and let's pop this in here all right and then um we've got to put our Link in here so it says insert affiliate link here so remember we went back to our where we have our affiliate link copy our affiliate link from earlier stick the link in here um it says through our affiliate link you probably would want to just change that to like click here but link and let's highlight it who here all right wow I'm hitting the wrong key that's why it's doing it my bad um pop in the link pretty straightforward they have the link there now let us send a test email let's have a look I like to send a test email and make sure that it works so all right and so I just popped open the test email here uh I like to look at it for some reason I always catch spelling mistakes inside of a different just like changes how it works I also like to test the links which is obviously very important because if you're going to send out a ton of emails in an automated way you put the wrong Link in there and you know and it can be really little things we did an email the other day and it had this https and here twice and it broke the link so it's https and https and then the link right this link obviously worked so we are good to go with that email so now let us uh oh go up here to top hit edit and it's going to save it and then um I can close out of this and then I would just go here to activate right and I'm not going to activate it just because um in doing this video I'm trying to teach you the concept I do need to actually read the email that I just put in there cuz I didn't read it uh before I activate it because as soon as I click activate there's like hundreds of people are going to get this because this is live production but that's the concept so now i' literally click activate and as soon as I click activate then it just starts going and a away we go so I do the same thing with the rest of these just edit them grab emails from chat GPT um obviously read them and make sure they make sense because chat gbt is AI you know it's doing like 98% of the work but you should still read over it and there's six email s here and then um if you don't like him you can get some more all right so let's regroup here and look at where we are and so we now have used contact forms the bot to actually just crank away and reach out to businesses and people and then we sent them to a freebie page which was the scary tool and then when they enter their email address they get redirected to the sheet so they get value so you gave away something for free and you can go there to scary tool and check that out then we collected their email address as part of that same step and now we are using Automation in cartra here which is just a CRM does work with any CRM you could use highle you could use system you could use whatever you want I'm just using cartra um to then start automating them and then sending them email after email after email and we can tie in here at least seven because of the rule of seven but after we got done with our seven emails we could put in more so now we could say all right if they haven't bought a product probably in the first 10 to 14 days they're probably not going to buy that product right now so I would usually send personally send like 10 emails rather than seven and then move to the next product so first we sold them an AI product you know they're interested in AI products about how to make money for their business right so we sold them the master class which you can join too if you want description Link in the description they can join and then you get paid right then we could turn around and sell them the next AI product which is maybe a writing tool right like Jasper or and then we can sell them the next AI product with 10 more emails which is maybe like a done for you setup because you can get into the master class but there's still a lot going on and some people want to set it up themselves some people want to just pay to have the bot set up for them so then you could sell them that and then you get paid right so there's tons of stuff you can sell with Affiliates that's there's never a shortage of things to sell and then we just kind of keep rins Ing and repeating and that's part of it like building things up is important like I said it takes some setup here but once this is set up the contact forms in the background here are sending you know they sent 3 million messages since I recorded the video yesterday then um they're going to a landing page which is automated that's collects their email you know and uses automation to send them emails and so now we can start sending them emails every single day that's all automated so once it's built like set it up and then all you're really doing is continuing to get leads in there by just sending more and more and more um to different you could build different landing pages and different offers and cycle through things and recycle them but just keep going just keep building it up so what's the master method the master method is the exact thing we talked about here which is just the master course and um it's just going to go through and show you it starts here on Friday we'll have live Q&A on Friday for six weeks you can come on ask your questions interact with other people that are having the same uh successes and struggles you are and so we can work together and if you have obstacles we'll overcome them and I'll just walk you through it and then um there will be a full checklist of videos that show you not only how to set everything up that I'm talking about today how to set it up for affiliate marketing how to set up the landing pages how to set up cartra how to set up if you want to use cartra um you know how to set up uh automated emails we're going to have some stuff in there about chat GPT how to use that there'll be stuff in there about how to use other automation software to come in here like Scrap Box if you want to do that there stuff in there about how to utilize highspeed list or scrape your own list like it's everything right so it's the whole nine yards is all included in here um I'll put the link in the description down below if you want to go there and I have another video for you there you can watch uh and learn some more and if you join the sixth week uh or if you join the master class I'll see you in the six weeks of live classes starting this Friday and until then Happy earning

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