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hope you are having a great day my name is Ryan bordon and I just want to show you what I have in front of me here because it's a ton of leads and so we've been running Bots getting lots of leads you can see there's lots of yeses here and basically we ask him a question you know to engage them possibly give them away something for free make a sale that sort of thing and they're replying with the word yes or sure or you know send me what the problems are Etc right so tons of leads here we can go across this this one I've actually just cleared out a bunch of these and worked through them but there's still 142 leads in here um and we just work through like a couple thousand uh just yesterday so what about this well you can get leads um you know we've been talked a lot about uh using contact forms and running a system in fact we even built a done for you system where we like build the whole thing for you right build like a whole server uh just like this and get it all running for you with like the capture breaker software and this uh contact form software so you can contact millions of businesses but the problem here is that um one if you want to go at it yourself we've had courses in boot camps you can do that but it takes a while right you got to learn it and so there's that to overcome um if you don't know how to do it and you don't have enough time um and you can spend money doing it that way or then we had the done for you service which is better uh because we set it all up for you so you don't have to be an expert you don't have to take the time to learn it basically we just set it all up hand you a VPS and then you kind of load up your messages um and Away you go but you still have to run it right so you still have to mess with the VPS you still have to mess with the software if the software stops you have to start it up again uh if there's an issue with the VPS you got to put in a ticket with the VPS provider you got to manage the proxies you got to go and change the messaging got to set up all the projects you got to import all the URLs you have to get the URLs I mean you could buy them um you know like a huge list for like 1,000 bucks for the 14 million or more contact forms so we had that we sold some people got that um or you can go out and scrape the list which takes even longer it takes you could spend months scraping the list because there's hundreds of millions of websites to work through on the internet right so here's a lot of problems right so what is the how do you get leads uh with having all of these problems said right because this is just one VPS we have just so this is even all of them this just happens to be a string of them that are all together so every single one of these is a different VPS that we're running to generate leads and there's more than this but I just had these handy and so um they just keep going up in number as you can see through here so I have some of chases I have some of mine um and we're just running them all and so these generate leads of course this is just one inbox that you just saw with just some of the leads we have tons more but then you know we started selling a lead service actually because people were like well listen I don't want to do all this I just want to buy leads and that's fine right so there's a lead service that we were selling um in fact we we got so many this was it we have so many leads that people were buying that we got overwhelmed and had to shut it down for a while because we couldn't keep up uh because it does take a lot of work to run all these things and especially at scale right so you know we're spending over a th000 bucks a month just on proxies right so you can get into serious costs um and then the scale of just like all these servers and keeping it all running and um multiple people working on this and so like I had to build custom scripts and um flesh this out and solve as soon as you solve one problem right you know how this is right you've done this in life as soon as when you're trying to do something especially if you scale it soon as you solve one problem it's like you open that door only to get into the next one just to figure out that you have another problem and you already had that problem you just didn't know you had that problem until you solved the first one because you couldn't even get to it and then you solve the second one and then it's just problem three and you solve the 17th one it's just problem 18 right we all know this to be true right so um that's one thing I do well is just working through all the different problems to streamline and scale a system um I've done that for years and tons of different things it comes naturally to me not that it's easy um it's just something that I'm good at or I'm not good at other things so the point here is that I'm trying to make is you can do all this stuff right you can manage a farm of servers you can manage tons of proxies you can do all this stuff be technical learn how to do it or you can do it on a smaller scale send a few million messages whatever um or you could have bought the lead service we don't have it anymore this was it and the reason we don't have it anymore is cuz it's going to We Do have it um it's just going to change the problem was when we offer the lead service we're generating leads but when you're trying to manage it across a giant system like that we were only able to offer certain categories like Google my business or SEO we did website um we did a general lead service and then I think one more right and so that's fine but some people wanted to sell outside of those some people wanted all kinds of leads some people wanted English only some people wanted this that and the other right or they had other services they wanted so it's like well how you know Chase and I were talking it's like how can we help people because obviously people want it because we we flooded um we got so flooded like I said we had to shut it down right and I know how much work it is to manage all the servers and to to deal with all of this sort of stuff and make sure it's all running because I've taught tons of live boot camps and if you've been any in any of them or watched any of the courses it's not that you can't do it cuz you definitely can um whether you do it yourself or you get to done for set up those are fine options but some people they just don't want to do it right if if they are selling Google my business or they are selling you know whatever they're selling right so you're selling SEO you're selling um social media management you're selling video creation you have the choice to deal with all the leads but that takes away time from actually delivering the service right and so if you have more customers and you can deliver the service to more customers then you can actually make more money than if you try to manage everything yourself usually so for most people look it there's not a wrong answer some people want to manage it themselves and do everything some people just want the leads to work and have leads come in and then they just want to sell them stuff and deliver the service either way is fine so if you want to manage it yourself that's fine if you want to get the done for your service that's fine but if you want to just get a ton of leads you know hundreds of leads thousands of leads if you want to get that many right whatever it is that you need then that's why I'm making this video because we figured out a way to basically do a service well we will send all the messages for you right so you can write the message and so you tell us what you want and you write the message and then you give it to us and we'll ask you some questions so do you want to send to everybody for example uh like 14 million plus websites which will be all languages right and you want to work with different languages and that sort of thing do you want to own only work with English languages you know etc etc right so you can pick some different options of what works for you cuz some people are cool selling to different countries or whatever some people are like no I I just want to do English cool no worries and then you can say hey I want to do Google my business which is like a common one or you can say Hey listen I actually want to sell analytics stuff so I help people to go in and manage their Google analytics or listen I help people to make sure their YouTube channel is right or listen I help people to make sure that their website is functioning and is in legal compliance for whatever it is that they might be working in or listen I help people fill in the blank right so this way it gives you the flexibility to write your own message and by writing your own message you kind of Target your own audience because what happens is when we send out these messages so like if I go here for example and I forget what messag is in this project I was doing it uh on a video the other day but we have a look the message excludes people right so what does that mean that means that if you go here to the message and say uh so this one says I have a free checklist of tools that will help your business make money online with AI if I get this message and I'm interested in making money online with AI then I'm going to be like oh okay cool well what about this okay go check out this website right um scary tool bot.com right you can actually go there and check it out it's pretty cool you get a free list of okay so if I'm not interested in making money with AI I'm going to do what delete this and we move on so the messaging excludes people if you work with people's Google analytics you can write up a message that says Hey listen I can help you get your analytics in order your Google analytics or your whatever analytics that you're doing um so that you can stop losing customers start making more money whatever it is that you you offer right and if they're interested in that then they're going to jump on it if they don't use use Google analytics or they're not interested in analytics or or it just doesn't make sense for them then they're going to delete the message and ignore it right at any point you're going to have the stat is 3% that you have 3% of people that are aware of their needs and ready to take action on it so about 3% of the businesses out there are aware that analytics can help them and they're ready to take action on it 3% of businesses are aware of Google my business and ready to take action on it um you know 3% of businesses are again fill in the blank that's a a general stat it may not necessarily apply in your case it could be more or less um and when you send these messages right you write the message and I can't guarantee a certain amount of leads before we were shooting for 300 so you could potentially get more than 300 leads depending on what it is that you're offering if you're offering a Super Micro Niche service that only applies to a tiny tiny percent of bus businesses like it only works for accountants and it only works for accountants who happen to have at least you know $300,000 in monthly Revenue but less than 600,000 right I'm just making up stuff I don't know right because it happens to fall into there obviously you're going to get less leads right because it's super n if you have a more General thing then you could get more leads and so it kind of depends on what you have but you have total control and when you write that message people who are it's going to are going to get the vibe of it they're going to go with it and people who won't are going to just ignore it and delete it right and so what we're going to do is we're going to guarantee that we can deliver your message to our entire database of 14 million or more contact forms um we're going to submit to 14 million technically that doesn't mean that they'll all be delivered because sometimes they fail there's captures errors and different things right but we're going to take and and give you a submission to the whole database again that's all languages if you want English it's less than 14 million but you know if it's 5 million English speaking which I think it's um somewhere between 5 and 7 million or whatever right it doesn't really matter that's like just a huge amount of people right if you got a 1% response rate off of 5 million I don't even know what that is um my brain is not on math mode today uh 5 million 1 2 3 4 5 6times 0.001% that's 50,000 responses now I'm not going to tell you you're going to get 50,000 responses because I've never done a campaign where you got 50,000 leads out of just one blast right that's unrealistic but so you're you're probably going to get less than 50,000 responses the point is though you might wind up with more responses than you can handle so I've actually had more than one client when I did this for clients uh tell me shut it off I got too much going on because it's not a great thing to generate a lead and then not fulfill that lead because then you lose it if you don't generate the lead then um you know you can always generate that lead later by going back to that person offering it but you know nobody really wants to do get a bunch of leads and then not fulfill them right so that hasn't really been the case when we've done the service most people are able to work through like let's say that you got 100 200 300 500 leads right probably you can work through that many and get sales on that many um I would assume you know if you don't think that you can handle more than 10 leads you're probably not watching this video in the first place so anyways so what does this all mean well if you want it we can set you up at the service where we can blast our entire database of you know potential contact forms and again we can set it up English different things this helps you because if you don't have the time to generate leads then we can solve that problem for you because we'll generate it for you if you don't have the expertise to set up the system and run it or even run it if we give you the done for you service then I can solve that problem for you because I'll run the service for you if you don't have the money to invest you know hundreds of dollars in software and then turn around and also invest you know another 100 bucks a month or more in getting the VPS and the setup and then invest another 100 bucks a month or more a thousand bucks to pick up the whole database of 14 million contact forms and then turn around and take the time to figure out how to use it all um and then invest more time because you might need uh some help with that and that sort of thing if you don't want to invest all that money then I also can solve that problem for you because you can just spend a small amount of money and then turn around and get a bunch of leads turn those leads into sales and then you can just rinse and repeat so get some leads sell them some stuff make some money and then turn around and buy more leads right it it's like advertising in a way but the problem is when you go to Facebook or Google or YouTube you can if you've ever done it you know you can spend hundreds of dollars or thousands and there's no guarantee of leads like they take your money and you get what you get do you get any leads well you might do you are they expensive yeah like I looked up Google my business leads and on average it can cost up to more than $100 per lead but the average in fact it's several hundred I think the average Google my business lead for example is $23 so you can look this up you can go to Google um I don't know if yeah here it is so search Adge it's around 23 bucks for Google my Google local search lead with as much of sometimes you can get them as low as five bucks but you can spend as much as $130 on one so the service that we're offering um is $297 so it's 300 bucks well 297 so if you take 297 again let's go back to the calculator 297 and we divide that by $23 assuming you can figure out how to set up the ads you have enough data to make it run which is going to take some money and you get some time at the end of the day when it's all said and done you probably have to spend a few thousand do on ads I'm taking a guess you might get it for less than that um you can average it out so for $297 you get about 13 leads so the leads are going to be much less than $23 when we get you leads so basically it's a way to get leads for a much more cost-effective way and that's a big problem for a lot of people that I hear I don't have the money to go spend money on ads fine then don't you know I don't I don't disagree I have a friend um he is an expert he's been in business for a good while um he used to run a Facebook Ad Agency he spent more than $50 million on ads for his clients so he knows what he's doing then he uh got smart and realized he was growing everyone else's business and he quit doing that and he started buying and selling companies and the only way he'll work with a company now is if he gets equity in the company because he's so good that they give him Equity he helps build the company and then he gets a piece of it and every body still wins and I'm in a private group with him in fact I just had a call with him the other day and he even favors organic sources um and other sources like this in fact we've done contact form marketing together for years um doing this exact same thing generating him leads and he even said that it was his best lead Source um as far as being cost effective goes and all told after everything he's done with tens of millions of dollars spent on ads and everything else he still favors the organic and lower hanging fruit methods now to grow the companies that he owns and buys and sells so anyways if you want it it's here if you don't want it that's cool you know there's a done for you service we can sell you the list we can sell you uh information on how to set it all up if that's your thing and that's cool and I'm happy to help you with those things if you want it but if you just want to start and you just want to get set up um I'll drop the link in the description or if you're watching this on the actual page then you can go and get the new lead service where you get to do the messaging you get to specify you know do you want all languages English only and that sort of stuff and you just give us the stuff we will blast everything for you and guarantee that we get the whole list sent based on your criteria and then you can work through all of the leads that you get I can't again guarantee any particular leads particular quantity of leads CU each person's going to be different what I can do is guarantee that I'm going to get to as many people as possible and then you work through your leads make your sales and then when you're done come back and do some more so if this fits you then this is a great option if it doesn't no worries but if you want to do it just hop over here links in the description and we will get you set up I do have to limit this though because last time we totally crushed it and um then had to like shut it down cuz we barely were able to get through all of the leads just just too much demand really and so um I do have to limit this to only a handful of slots to start um and then we'll open it up more so if you get here and you can't buy I'm sorry um check back and we will open it up as soon as we can and scale it as fast as we can and so until then Happy earning

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