Earn $40,000 Per Month With ChatGPT-4 / Sora OpenAI Guide (AI Text-to-Video)

you can earn $40,000 a month with chat GPT 4 and Sora from open AI this is a guide on AI text to video and I'm going to show you how to use like I said chat gp4 and Sora great in this content and videos like you see running here in the background so stick with me we'll come back to that my name is Ryan bordon with shifi so I just wanted to show you here kind of like what we're talking about and so this is what I just told you so how does that work well we have Sora what is Sora if we jump over here to open.com Sora we can see that Sora is open AI who so open AI owns Sora and chat GPT so they're the makers of chat GPT they made Sora chat GPT obviously is the text engine and it can make uh pictures as well and do all kinds of stuff and code and that sort of stuff but Sora is video so if we look at this basically you pop in a text script you say like a video of a stylish woman walking down the Tokyo Street whatever and it generates this video up to 60 seconds this is 59c video and there are tons of videos right and there are even new videos um that they just came out with the other day in fact let me see if I can find one of those so there's all kinds of crazy stuff like um I don't know this is a bunch of animals having a race on the water right and so basically Sora lets you take text to image and oh this is a bicycle race and an ocean with different animals as athletes riding the bicycles with one drone camera view right there's in this videos here that you can see examples on Sora this is uh you know we can see the stuff going on here it's pretty amazing obviously there's going to be a lot of entertainment value here a lot of um all kinds of stuff there really could be a lot of art here there's a lot of stuff that will be very interesting to see how it works out but I'm more interested in how we can make money with it right so you can already make money with AI text to video but Sora is going to step it up a notch when it comes out so when does it come out well we don't know exactly the uh there was an interview this past week and some of the developers said they they think it's going to be a while and 5 days later one of the CEOs said possibly within a few months a couple of months so maybe it'll be mid 2024 somewhere maybe it be late 2024 we don't know right and so as you can see there's just a lot going on here um it's pretty epically amazing that you can just type this in because if you've looked at AI video so far it's not that great but it's not out yet so how do we make money now well this is just AI text to video so you say the camera follows behind right you write a text prompt and it gives you a video you can already write a text prompt in chat GPT and so rather than getting a text prompt here we can get an image so we can say we can't say create a video right we can see create an image of what is this back here it's uh an SUV going down the street right going down down a dirt road right and it's going to give us an image it takes a minute but it'll give us an image right so we can already use what chat GPT can give us and all the'll change is we say create an image we'll say create a video right it'll just change one word and so how we can already use this right now to make money is simply by utilizing some other AI to piece things together so here we have an SUV going down the dirt road right so I want to show you that but before I get too deep into that I just want show you like what's possible here so this is um Thrive cart which is one of our product sales and it takes roughly forever to load so there it goes actually pretty fast so average daily revenue for the past um 7 days is $3,500 a day so I said you could make $40,000 a day if we ma if you know if we run or $40,000 a month sorry if we run the 3500 and we do times 30 that's actually like $90,000 in a month and then if we jump over here to stripe just is another example um this is the past 4 weeks and we can go like the past 7 days and we can go the past you know 12 months and see like $714,000 but anyways back to the past four weeks 28 days $42,000 I said $40,000 um you know in a month so and we have money that comes in through PayPal and other ways too so I'm not trying to impress you or anything um you know this is a business there obviously are expenses with the business right people like to get paid um so we have to make a lot more money than this but I am trying to impress upon you what it is that's possible right there's a lot of money that you can make I mean if you look just in stripe again we have other payment processors $74,000 in the past 12 months so it's been well over you know if you look at the other stuff like PayPal and around it's well over a million dollars point being is it's possible to make quite a lot of money here by utilizing open AI chat GPT and Sora text to video so there's actually a giveaway too if you head over to I just want to mention before I forget the I think it's the AI giveaway at the AI giveaway.com then you can jump in to get you know enter to win $1,000 in AI prizes so that's really great because you can win free money which wanted to throw that out there but as we jump back into this and like actually look at this at the very beginning you saw chat gbt you know running away with some prompts right now so how do we make money right now even though Sora is out cuz the method I'm going to show you is so ready so as soon as s comes out it just plugs in and it gets better cuz the quality is going to be better there's some speculation on Sora uh how it's going to work when it comes out right because we just don't know yet but we'll cross those bridges when we come to it but it's sore already so how does it work well right now we're talking about the top three website videos which is really just uh inbound marketing right so if you're a business owner you might hear the term inbound marketing if you are a beginner you probably have no idea what that is and that's all fine it's just a fancy word word for meaning people come to you so if you want to go buy ads that's not what this is about but you could do that and you shove yourself in front of it think a billboard driving down the street or a TV commercial they put themselves in front of you whether you want them there or not even though you don't want them there right I don't want them there this is put up some really cool stuff and then people see it and then they come to you so what does that mean let's Show an example here's a video on Facebook let me just let me turn on the sound here and just play this with shine.com [Music] actually don't be left in the dark these are four AI video tools they don't want you to know about with shiny.

Comom making AI videos is like casting a spell just write your words press create and watch a ghostly show appear but there's more lurking in the shadows dig up Hidden Treasures at scary tool bot.com where countless AI tools await your command ready for you to control and even make money from our spooky secret and AI giveaway.com it'll reward you with treats while your tasks run like Phantom hands curious there's one more sight more chilling than the rest comment yes and I'll share it with you hurry before the clock strikes midnight don't be okay so you can see basically what we're doing is we're making a video and we're suggesting some information there's different ways you can do this but this is a way that works really well so I can't teach you 13 ways in one video so I'm going to teach one way and then you know you can watch some other videos and there's more you can learn I'll tell you about that in a second and so what does that mean well basically we make a video which gives them some websites and tells them how the websites work and then if they're interested they go to the website and away they go now we own all the websites and you would do this with you where you own all the websites and you don't actually have to own the website you just have to own the domain name itself which is really easy basically you're just buying a domain name and then redirecting it and so this works if you want to sell affiliate products if it works if you have your own products if you have your own Services if you're a business owner again or beginner doesn't matter it works the same way so in the video you can see for example one of the ones was scary toolbot so it said there's something at scary tool Bots if we go to scary tool Bots it's just scary tool bot.com then we can see it's a list of um companies that will pay you to promote their products so you can be an affiliate of any of these companies and then there's a bunch of free training down here as well lots of videos on how to do more videos on how to make money you know online right and so when someone goes there though it we capture their name and their email address and then they can we can send them stuff and we can sell them more things over time but what happens is they're interested they go there we get their information plus then they get what they're after and then um we can redirect them to if we want to somewhere else so not all of obviously this is just one of the websites because we're just trying to get leads there and if you look at the other websites in here um the giveaway uh there was shifi right so there different ones right and basically you send somebody somewhere and they get paid so let's say you go to Squarespace and you want to go to Squarespace because they have uh SS sell certificates but um hang with me I'm going to give you more on this just I know this might not make sense yet just bear with me here a minute um but let's say we go to Squarespace right and we register a domain name and it's um the we's see let's take a tool off this list we want to promote like radar which is a social media scheduling tool you can plug in your Facebook and your YouTube and your Instagram whatever and then they allow you to schedule videos out over time right so it's really great for a business to use or a person so they can get a bunch of contents over time and they don't have to do it like every day you know at 2 p.m.

Whatever right so you go to their website you register with them you become an affiliate they're going to give you affiliate link um if you want to go the affiliate route I assume that you probably know how to do that uh that's a little bit beyond it's really easy uh basically they just you register and they give you a link when somebody goes to that link you get paid right and so I'll show you kind of here in a second but basically the affiliate links are really long so here let me just show you one affiliate link here so if we go to for example right here it's like it's like looks like this so it's a really ridiculously long link people can click on it but when they go in the videos they have to type out these websites and yes you can put it in the comments which is good and you should um but we need really short domain name so what we do is we go to Squarespace and we just register a domain name it's just squarespace.com nothing really exciting here under product find a domain name you can register like um let's say we're doing radar best social tools.com all right I don't know if that's available let's say so it's unavailable I'm just going to put a one here you obviously can spend a few minutes and find a good domain name but best socialtools one.com right we register the domain name faila when we make a video in the video we say for an amazing Simplicity of being able Chad GPD is going to write this part for us but I'm just making it up um amazing Simplicity of being able to schedule all your tools out and have free time and have videos look like you're doing things and being productive when you're actually at the beach go to uh what do we say best socialtools one.com right and when they go there it actually redirects them to the affiliate link so let's pretend this is the affiliate affiliate link for that um we just plug it right here so all they have to do is visit this website which is pretty easy to remember and they get redirected here and when they land on this page then they can sign up for the tool and then you get paid right and so I think that's actually a reoccurring tool too because they charge monthly so you get paid monthly right so that's really nice you get them to sign up once you get paid every month as long as they're a customer that's the concept okay if you have your own products or services like let's say you're a roofer you sell flooring you sell SEO you sell you know social media Management Services you sell fill in the blank then instead of sending them to the redirect link you send them to your website right and so you could send them to a really long website or you could send them to a lead cast capture form on on your CRM you don't have to do that if you're a business owner you may already have that if you're a beginner you're not going to have that and you don't need it the philate handles all that but you send them to whatever your you know I guess whatever your link is that's where you send them you can send them to a really long link so that's the concept here we're making the videos we're doing that so how do we actually do that though since Sora is not out well that is where um well let me just before I get into that actually I'm going to show you how to do it the automated way and the manual way but I do want to mention there's a few steps here and I don't want you to feel lost there is actually um if you go to Soaring riches bootcamp.com there's actually a boot camp where you can get in and we cover in fact we already had uh a couple of classes but there's lots of more live classes to come and you can catch all the replays and we cover how to do this step by step by step right and you can even see what people in the class are saying you know and that sort of thing so basically um we're going to cover how step by step to find a niche if you don't already have a business plug it in and then watch the Bots they're going to create the videos for you they can schedule the videos for you and they can do everything for you so it's a step-by-step process and that's available to you if you want to go that route and the link is in the description too nonetheless back on topic of how we do this here how do we actually do that right so first of all if you want to do it the manual way we can do that um I actually have some scripts right here chat GPT was cranking him out when the video started here so dive into the realm where shine ofy bot wields the power to breathe life into your darkest video dreams right so you get the point here is a script that we can do right now so we have this script now we can say based on this script give me image prompts we're going to paste the script and I the the whole template where you make the script this this big long thing this is one way to do it right um and if if you join the boot camp I'll give you this 11 page chat GPD prompt for free in the boot camp in fact it's already in the members area but if you're not in the boot camp then all you have to do is go to one of our existing videos and just use the script off the existing video and then just edit it and put in your websites right so uh let's go back where I was at here Chad GPD right so here is so basically I asked to give me image prompts based on this and I'm actually asking it to give me the appropriate images so what's going to happen is chat GPT created a script for us and then it's going to turn around and it's going to create the image prompt so this is the manual way um and basically once we have our image prompt so here it is here's an image prompt so I would download the image I would stick it in cap cut and stick it here right so here's a project I've been working on to show this as an example I downloaded these images now I have to take the script which was the script right here I have to go over to 11 Labs which is the audio creation and I've got to punch it in here hit generate and then it's going to generate the Audio I have to download that audio and put that in cap cut so it be like this blue audio right here then I got to go here and let it generate the words so like the Yellow Part on the screen right so now I have my script I have my images and I go across here you can see kind of what happens we have to use um key frames to make this motion uh the video there turn into motion so we're turn making the images turn into motion sorry so we would take our image here from chat gbt I don't want to go too far into this because you know I show the manual way but like in the boot camp I've been showing the manual way but everybody's like that's a crap ton of work I'm like yeah it's a lot of work um that's why we don't do it that's why we do it automated but um if we go here just save the image then I could bring in this image right here and just import it to voila and then now we can dump it in the timeline and make it so that we come over here and you know here it is in there right and then we can add our motion that sort of stuff takes about 30 minutes to do this per video right I've done it as you can see I'm building this project here I have other projects if we go back to the homepage here and and just have a look see so here's an example of an entire video this one's 51 seconds and it has everything here right I don't want to do that I do it because I like to understand the manual process and it's good for you to understand the manual process but nobody wants to do this right I mean if you do more power to you but that is the manual way to do it spend 30 minutes copy an existing video or have chat GPT right you want and then do all this stuff and put it all together how about the automated made to do this well actually I was in the boot camp this past week and somebody's like that's forever amount of work and I was like yeah I know and so um they're like well is there a better way to do this I was like yeah you can do it with one click and then I was like actually it takes two clicks and they started laughing cuz it literally is that fast so let me show you if you go to um shifi it's just shineiy.com um which actually is a pretty great tool and you can get started for like a buck and I'll show you why that's important just a second just stick with me uh it's like 27 bucks a month after that or if you want to go big you can get like $4.99 for an entire year and the cool thing is is when Sor comes out sora's going to the price is going to go up cuz Sora is going to go make things more expensive but if you get in now you're locked in at that price and why is that it matter because in order to make images on chat GPT you're already going to need the $20 month chat GPT plan if you're doing this manually then you're going to need 11 Labs which is about five bucks a month or 10 they have a higher plan it's like I think it's it's 10 to $22 a month depending on how you do it so basically we're at like 25 30 bucks a month and we still have to do it manually so we have to combine everything in cap cut and spend 30 minutes a video if we use shifi it's like 27 bucks a month and it just works let me log in here and I'll actually show you pause the video here log in so I got logged in here and if you want to use existing videos you can just grab the video URL right here copy it go into shine ify actually and you can go to the transcriber tool and punch it in here and what's going to happen is we can then transcribe it and we can get the script and so it'll give us the actual script of the video but if we already have the ACT we can go to AI chat here which is chat GPT and you can use the prompt that where is it sorry I got too many windows so like the 11 page prompt and you can just plug it all in right here and you can have it also create the scripts for you as well but um I already did that right here at the beginning we have tons of scripts that we can work with here so there's like 13 ready to go literally it's just cranking them out and I've that prompt generates them perfectly so that they produce videos that have the potential to go viral so how do we do it let's say let's take one right here so we take this same video that we just did the same script I'm going to copy it I'm going to go back here to shiney I'm going to go to image to video I'm going to put it in right here I'm going to click script I'm going to paste it in right there it is and um there's a couple of options we can turn on we do want to make it portrait video These are already set but I'm just showing you what they are portrait which is like a phone we can turn on captions and animations we can select particular themes I'm going to do a custom theme um I created I'm going to do Gothic just because when I did this The Prompt is built to ask you how you want to flavor it basically and I said flavor it with a Gothic theme so I'm going to put the same thing in shifi so it matches because chat gbt built the script the idea to have a Gothic theme and in shifi this theme is going to make the video out of the idea to have the gothic theme right so I said one click and then I was like no it actually takes two here it is so how do we make the video instead of 30 minutes one click two clicks and then now the video starts cranking away and that's it that's going to takes several minutes to make the video that's fine AI is doing its thing we don't care because it just runs and it just works but that's it right and so the cool thing is this is not too expensive because this is like 27 bucks a month and you got to pay 25 bucks a month for chat gbt or 20 plus five bucks for 11 Labs whatever it's not too timec consuming because we literally clicked two buttons and it worked um and it just works so here's an example of a video this and so this will take several minutes to finish here's another video that's already done let's just preview it sh big secret five AI video tools that'll make your hair stand on end with shineiy.com crafting AI videos like this one is a breeze just enter your SC right so we don't have to watch the whole video we can see it it has the video motion already we put in text prompt and we get back to video and the text prompt came from chat gbt so it writes The Prompt for us and then it creates the video for us all with AI and we get back a video now all we have to do is take that video and post it on social media so for example throw it up on Facebook like so we can put it on um you know obviously YouTube and Instagram and x and Pinterest and X's Twitter um and then uh did I forget one anyway you get the point there's lots of social platforms you just upload it right and you can see here's for example this is uh Facebook this is like a control panel for Facebook you can get it um you can see like all the videos that are through here if we go to the actual dashboard here to home um or content rather we can see the sorry insights 583 th000 reach right just on this one Facebook page and we have like 20 different Facebook pages lots of them are new some of them are more established but it works on brand new pages which is the really amazing thing I mean 583 th000 views this is the last 28,000 28 days right it's crazy how much reach you can get on social I mean if you think about this right I don't know how old you are as you watch this um but if you even roll back to like maybe 15 years ago to 2010 streaming was was a thing um but people still really watch TV a lot they TV still had a really big foothold and it still has a really big foothold but a lot of people now you know have cut the cord quote unquote and they just stream right and that has really happened over the past 15 years I know because in um 2010 I worked at AT&T and I was selling TV so right AT&T had Direct TV I sold that and also sold AT&T's Erse so TV and before that TV had a really big foothold and you had to pay millions of dollars to be on TV if you wanted to to advertise your stuff right you can get all that same reach you know you would need a lot of channels to get the same reach as like a TV channel so you would get a little bit smaller reach just as you're starting out obviously but it's all free all you have to do is upload the videos and doing that is way inexpensive it's not and it doesn't take very much time at all so the opportunity here to make money is just completely crazy with AI as it comes in here so what about that well we talked about several different things here could you completely automate this Ryan I don't want to to run the AI and click the buttons and upload the videos fine right you can go to online jobs pH which is um this is where I've hired assistant from and it is you can hire from the Philippines which is really um works out really well you can get people I don't know here uh let's just put a assistant right because really it's just you're just looking for an assistant that helps you and you're just going to give them if you for example if you jump over to the boot camp um at Soaring riches bootcamp.com you can have your assistant watch all the videos and and understand how to do this or at a work with an employee whatever but you can get people so here's $4 an hour $4 an hour $5 an hour right 340 an hour fairly inexpensive if you want to hire somebody overseas well unless you live in you know I say overseas cuz I'm in the US it kind of depends on where you're at overseas is quote unquote you can also hire people in Fiverr upw work or if you have your own employees if you're a business that's fine too an employee can run this they don't have to have hardly any skill right if you can use a computer basic web browsing then you know and upload a video to Facebook then then you can do this right you saw how it easy is chat GPT is doing all the heavy Li in so if you want more information on this if you want to have an employee do it whatever you can join the boot camp it's at Soaring riches boot camp.com it's live classes every Tuesday and Thursday um there's a free training over there you can go watch there as well right now on how to make money and so you can start getting a better idea of what's going on but everything's here um you're going to get access to the members area where you can do all the replays we have weekly giveaways where we give away private one-on-one coaching calls where you can jump on the call and we can go over specific things there's a private Discord group you can get access to the done for you Marketplace um you can get an Outsourcing template where you can give it to your employees or your vas and they can do this for you of course they can watch all the replay videos as well cuz it's unlimited replays forever so even if you train one VA and then in two years they leave and you have another one you can still have them just watch the videos and it's like the training is done for you right limited access to the learning platform everything is here right and you can jump in and start doing this right now either way the boot camp is live every Tuesday and every Thursday so I will see you on the next boot camp class if you join and if you don't join then there are lots of more videos here on YouTube but either way happy earning

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