Earn $800 Daily Using Contact Forms, Chat GPT, Automation and Ai (Beginners Guide)

you can earn $800 daily using contact forms chat GPT Automation and AI this is a complete beginner guide so let me show you actually what's possible I said you could earn $800 a day where did I get that number from this is our PayPal account let me just refresh this here this is one of multiple PayPal accounts not including uh stripe and square which is credit card processors um and I'm not saying this to impress you just to impress upon you what actually is possible what's possible for you now this is not a get-rich quick scheme we can look at the past 7 days it's like $4,000 if we look at the past 30 days it's you know uh $26,000 and I got the um and then you know we can look back further like 2023 and it's like you know $837,000 but um this is January of 2024 point is the last 30 days if we pop open a calculator and we look and we divide um 26,000 for round numbers divided by 30 days average in a month gives us $866 again I round it down to $800 so this isn't even the bulk of the money the bulk of the money is actually in the credit card processors I wanted to get something that's more attainable now again this isn't get-rich quick you're not going to make this tomorrow you're going to have to do some work so there's going to be a beginner's guide an intermediate guide and then an advanced guide and you really need to go through at least this beginner's guide and then you really need to go through the intermediate guide as well um to really start getting making money but there's there's a solid amount of stuff right right and so I can't give it to you all in one video cuz I don't want to overwhelm you um and also um it works in iterations and steps right so you got to you know step one step two step three so The Beginner's Guide is step one um you can get started with the beginner's guide um but you know you really need to do the intermediate and advanced guides before you're going to start making more money so let's let's actually just do this but um I haven't done as many actual guide guides like this like a beginner's guide kind of thing um I'm more focused on specific theories so this is kind of more of a comprehensive guide so if you could do me a favor and just leave me a yes down in the comments if you want more guide guides like you know comprehensive guides that kind of covers everything from a beginner standpoint or intermediate standpoint and so on so that would help me out to understand you want this leave me a yes down there or a comment about that uh right now if you stop and do that that would be great helps me with YouTube as well all right so let's talk about this um so the concept here is we got to earn some money right in order to earn some money you probably have had a job in the past right some people haven't like I talked to a gentleman today who said he's never had an actual job job he just started in business at like 18 right and that's awesome uh most people had a job I worked at AT&T for a decade or so I worked at a grocery store for half a decade before that um I did some construction cleanup I've done uh telemarketing uh you know what you like get on the phone I worked at a government office for a couple of Seasons doing uh collecting tax payments um you know those are all like hourly type job jobs and I've done some other stuff um as well like multi-level marketing or I tried it anyways um and that and then I did outside sales the list goes on right so most people have had a job and some of mine were more like business ventures some of mine were more like hourly jobs like AT&T for example was like hourly plus commission and then like the grocery store is just hourly point is when you have a job right that equals go somewhere do something you're told get paid right now might be commission might be hourly but whatever you're going to you're going to do what you're told you're going to get paid um when you have a business that equals sell stuff and get paid right and you can sell your own products your own Services affiliate products um you know white label things go somewhere in the middle Outsource stuff it doesn't really matter but you're going to sell stuff and get paid you're not just going to show up and like do stuff in general and then just get a paycheck in the mail it just doesn't work that way now you can get paid more and make more money with a business but it's different and it's harder right sometimes you know there's more there's move more moving parts right you have to worry about more I'm not sure I'd say it's harder I like business but um you certainly have to worry about more with a job you show up you do what your told you get paid right so that's if you you know if you make money by doing what you're told or you don't make money you're still getting paid now you can get fired whereas with a business you're not going to fire yourself so you don't have that risk but you do have to worry about actually selling stuff to get paid right so how are we going to do that well at the core in order to sell stuff we have to do what's called marketing or sales right marketing or sales right that's one of the three stools so Alex hosi talks about the three stools of a business or the three legs of a business right if you have a stool has three legs one leg is sales and marketing one leg is the deliverable so that's like your actual whatever it is that you're selling if you're if you're shipping jars of cashews right then you're selling the jar of cashew that's the deliverable the sales and marketing is okay how do I get that I got to get someone to look at the fact that I'm offering cashew in a jar and then buy that and then your admin is the third stool where you have to like do your accounting you have to like take the money out of the bank account you have to pay your taxes um you know and if you hire people you got to take care of them that's like admin stuff if it's just you then you still have to pay taxes everybody has to pay taxes you can't get away from that but you don't have to like worry about hiring people and HR and stuff like that right so sales marketing right we have to get some eyeballs if I can spell right eyeballs and we want those eyeballs to look at our offer right when they look at the offer they're going to either buy or not buy and then when they do buy you get paid okay so eyeballs is traditionally you can use advertisement which is you know very common uh Google Yahoo or uh Google YouTube um Facebook Instagram ad ad you know billboard TV whatever right you can buy those uh you can also uh do more proactive direct Outreach so you could get on the phone and call people right that's not buying ads that's calling people you could mail them a postcard or a letter something in the physical mail you could go take a door hanger and hang it on their door um you could go to a conference and network right and get people interested that way um you could direct message people on social media uh you could send them emails through like email marketing all of those ways obviously buying ads is expensive you have to figure out what you're doing and then you have to actually be successful at it that's hard um if you've ever done that and you usually have to spend a good amount of money just to get enough data to even start so that could be expensive the um direct Outreach method you know I've done door hangers before uh it's not a whole lot of fun you know it's nice to get out and walk in some weather but you certainly aren't making a ton of money of money with it um I've done you know like I said tele marketing phone calls I don't like to cold call people on the phone I did outside sales which is also calling people on the phone not a fan uh networking is okay but you know it's still it's different right so if you've done networking you got to go places do things talk to people that sort of stuff right um most of those things and cold email is just hard to get stuff delivered so all of those things are hard in One Way Or Another We're looking for a way that is low hanging fruit and that is utilizing the contact forms and then of course chat GPT Automation and AI so in The Beginner's Guide we're not going to get into quite as much in the automation AI spot we'll get into chat GPT a little bit and contact forms but as you come back for the uh intermediate guide then we're going to Branch out and go deeper so I actually want to quickly say before we go any further that um number seven just because this is going to be a long guide uh over an hour and so um you can get to the fast lane if you want to skip all this right you can do all of this which I'm going to tell you along with the intermediate advance guides but if you want to go to the fast lane we actually can do it all for you you can jump over here links in the description and you can grab um the done for you service where we will actually send the message to you like whatever message you want we'll send it to millions and millions or 10 million plus it's actually closer to 16 million uh at the time of this video it varies a little we'll send that message for you to millions of people we can do all languages are just English language whatever you want English language um and we'll send it all for you so stick with me through this whole guide and I'll teach you how to do it or at least the beginnner portion of it or if you want to skip the guide and Skip everything and you just want to start getting leads and selling stuff and making money then just head over to the done for you uh message sending service which is in the description down below all right so let's talk about what the actual contact form is so contact forms right now is when you go to a website so let's pop this back open let's go let's say I want to uh plumber I always use plumbers let's use roofers today roofers in Dallas who Texas right could be anywhere in the world this works anywhere in the world um doesn't matter where you are I don't want a directory like uh BB the Better Business Bureau or Fort Worth roofers I want somebody like Bert Roofing it looks like which is an actual roofer um based on the name I'm guessing so we're looking for contact us and here we go so we can go here we can punch in our name our email our property address our phone number and a message now if I want to get a roof quote or whatever right I could fill this out and say hey come tell me how much it is to fix my roof it's leaking whatever but I can also solicit to them through this form so I can go here and say punch in my name and email and then I can say hey I have a cool product that can help you obviously you want to spell it right but I'm just trying to show you right help you make money and then I'm going to say I'm not a robot right and then I'm going to hit submit we've all done this at one time or another I assume um you know I've done this countless times so you hit submit the the website now is going to collect all your information it's going to send that company an email right and I'm not going to send it because I don't you know I didn't fill it out properly but um if I did it would send that company email and they would open up their Outlook or their you know their Thunderbird or their Gmail or whatever it is there you know whatever they're using on their phone or their tablet or their computer whatever they would read that email we all know what email looks like I'm not going to show you that read the email and then they're going to say okay I'm going to respond to this person because you said hey send me an email back or you give them a website and you know then they're going to go to your website and look at it or they're going to not right everybody's not going to um and so some people will some people won't we're worried about the people who will and so they go there they buy something or they they contact you and they buy a service from you like I said this works with your own products or Services it works with affiliate stuff it works with white label stuff it works with Outsourcing whatever it is that you're selling it works with it um I've helped people sell shipping containers with this like the big metal boxes on barges across the ocean I've sold personally sold uh subscription office snacks where people companies will mail other companies uh off you know healthy snacks like a kit of healthy snacks for their employees for the month I've helped people sell you know of course video marketing services and SEO and Google my business services and analytics um and compliance products um for handicap people for um the ertc tax credits I mean like basically I've sell bus benefits for your employees all kinds of stuff like the the list is virtually in list of what you can sell and so you know anyways finding something to sell isn't going to be the hard part right getting the message in front of people is the hard part so we talked about that for a minute again I don't want to go too deep this is a beginner's guide because there is kind of a lot here again it's not push button magic where you're just going to push a few buttons and show up you know 800 bucks a day shows up in your bank account that isn't what this is it does take work you are going to have to do it now a lot of the work comes in the setup and getting it ready to go which is fairly Technical and um has a fair amount of steps which I'm going to go over here at least some of here in The Beginner's Guide once it's set up it takes less work to run it and maintain it but there is work and then stuff breaks and you got to fix it but stick with me here and we'll get we're going to get right into this and I guess the most important thing overall is it's for getting eyeballs on stuff and doing marketing and sales it's cheaper than paid ads by a long shot you're going to have to invest a little bit of money to get this going but it's exponentially cheaper than running ads and um you know what I have a friend who spent over $50 million on uh his clients for Facebook marketing when he had an ad agency he doesn't do that anymore he buys and sells companies now but um I helped him do this for a number of years and he said this was his best most cost-effective source of leads it was more cost effective to do this by far than the Facebook ads right or any of the other AD stuff that he did for his clients so unless you want to go door hangers or call people on the phone then this is a massively cost-effective way so let's let's jump into it what do we need well we need some software can you run this on your desktop yes you can uh it is going to suck up resources if you turn off your computer it stops working so I would recommend that you run it onto VPS um which is you know a server I'm not going to get into that in The Beginner's Guide I'm just going to get into running it on your local machine on The Beginner's Guide uh but I will show it to you at the end here what a VPS looks like and so you get dedicated resources I have a fairly I have like a $2,500 laptop because I do a lot of stuff on it um it's got a great processor uh ryzen 9 16 gigs of RAM plus video uh RAM and that sort of stuff so my machine runs it fine if you have a a weaker machine it'll run it but it's going to suck up your resources so that slows you down from doing other things so I would recommend the VPS but we do need the software either way I'm going to put the links for those in the description um you're going to want a capture solving software but I'm not going to get into that until the the intermediate guide in The Beginner's Guide here I'm just going to stick with the actual website contact software so the link will be in the description you can go buy the software it's about a 100 bucks 97 I think you go or 92 something like that you go buy the software you download install it I assume you know how to download install software and put in your credit card so I'm not going to go through that once you have it downloaded installed it looks like this you open it up it'll ask you for a license key the first time that comes in your email just put in the license key and your name again I'm sure you know how to do that and Viola here we are so now we have to do what is creating a project and adding some proxies to make it run which is steps four and five so we do need proxies and we do need a project but we have to create a project before we can get to proxies um there is a wizard that walks you through some basic stuff here for me it just as complicates things um I'm not sure how to explain it so I'm just going to do the advanced here and we're just going to kind of walk through it so I can tell you what everything is is so we're going to give this a name I'm just going to call it test you can call it whatever you want doesn't matter doesn't impact anything so now we have our test project looks like this we do need to use proxies so we can use proxies here for scraping place a check mark there and submission content and then checking right so we do that then we want to change each one to private because we only want to use the private proxies um then we want to click on configure here to actually add our proxies doesn't matter which one the configure button is a global option so once you configure in one project it's used like if I configure it here on the scraping tab the same proxies are used for checking same proxies are used for submission and the same proxies are used for any other projects I create in here because I can create a bunch of them so I'm going to hit configure I already have my proxies loaded in here for the sake of this you're going to go to a proxy provider and you're going to buy proxies 20 proxies is okay uh if you want to go slower you can get away with 10 if you want to go faster 50 is great um I will put the link for that in the description down below I will tell you that when you go to the proxy provider so you go here and you click on like private proxies the link again is down below um so I clicked on private proxies by the way so like I said 20 is great 10 if you want to go slower 50 if you want to go faster 100 if you want to like crush it but I'm going to assume you're going to get like 20 and go kind of average so get started when we come to the next screen we're going to see use case case that's going to be scrapebox scrapbox is another automation software we're going to talk about that a little bit in the intermediate guide and then more in the advanced guide but we're not going to get into scrape box today but it's a it's a super amazing piece of software but it's the closest example so we're going to go ahead and say that as the use case and then for location I would recommend generally speaking United States is really good um you could pick some other countries I would not rec recommend a European country um because of the gdpr law and stuff like that that can just cause issues for you um so that just because of how this works so I would go with you know like Canada United States whatever but I'm just going to recommend you pick United States click next and or continue rather and then when we get to the continue stage we're going to ask you for a promo code you're going to put in Scrap Box again Scrap Box is going to give you a 20% discount I think let's validate it um yeah it gives you a 20% reoccurring discount so so every single month which is great I think they give you a couple extra proxies to I think instead of 20 they give you 22 don't quote me on that um but 20% reur discount anyways then we go to check out which is pretty easy you put in your credit card away you go right um so you all know how to do checkout stuff they're going to email you the list of proxies they're also going to give you a control panel where you can log in but you know the proxies are in email that's probably just as easy but you could log in if you want get your proxies and bring them over here you're just going to go to add proxy and you're going to import them there's two formats format one is like so with all colons format two is with the at symbol you'll be able to very easily tell if your proxies have an at in them or they don't so that's really it so with and without the at you're just going to import them you can copy them out of the email and paste them in here import from clipboard or you could save them to a file and import them from file doesn't matter when you import them it's going to ask you do you want to test them you can click yes to test is just like so um and it go through there it just blinks like that and if there's any bad ones or dead ones it'll turn red otherwise it'll they'll all be green like so and it'll say check down here 50 out of zero green yada y y um it should probably it's either going to ask you or automatically add them as private proxy type so you should see PR this is a yes if for some reason you see no on these go back and add them again it's probably not going to happen but you want to make sure it's private because we said we only want to use private proxies now in the intermediate and advanced we're going to get into how we can use um to pull in proxies from an API we're not going to do that today we're just going to paste the proxies in here and away we go all right so click okay and now we have proxies configured so we're going to back out of that and look so we have got step four done we got our software set up uh got the proxy set up and then now we have to build a project so for the project we're again going to double click here and I guess we should say um project and options here because we need to configure some Global options so for the project itself we are going to have to decide here on step five we're going to have to decide if we want to go slower or faster so we can scrape lists which is a Time based option so really in most things in life you have a time option or a money option now not always I mean some things you only have like time like you can't control how long you live you can't pay more money to live longer I mean you can pay to be healthier but you can't just you know give somebody a certain amount of money and get an extra 20 years on your life that's not exactly how it works but in most situations you have the choice to um buy things with your time which is cheaper or buy things with money um and that's you know you pay money but then you save time if that makes sense so in this case it basically is we can scrape lists which takes time right so depending on the size of the list you might take days weeks or even months like a lot of months to scrape a list so if you want like a giant list like so like I have a list of uh you know about 16 million contact forms at this moment like a huge database I can load that list in and just go and that's way faster but it might take a a lot of months to scrape up that list CU it comes from um scanning like tens of millions actually hundreds of millions of of websites so I go out and basically scan the whole internet and then boil it down to a list of URLs that work cuz not every website has a contact form not every contact form will work with automation software Etc right and so anyways we have the scrape list which takes time and then we have the buy list buy highspeed list that costs money uh but saves time could save you months right so you can choose which way you want to go but you have to do one or the other because we have to have contact forms to submit to and we need that list so you either have to make it or buy it right whatever you want to do um and so if you want to buy it I'll put the link down in the description if you want to make it then we're going to need some keywords so let's talk about setting up our project and we are going to go ahead and set up the um the list here separately so I'm going to do everything except for the list part so assuming for a moment that we're going to skip the scraping tab because that is if we want to scrape if we buy the list we don't ever use the scraping tab we're going to do the filter tab filter tab I'm not going to go too deep into some of these mostly we'll spend our time here filter tab is you can pick websites from a specific language like if you wanted only websites in French you could do that only websites in English Etc only websites from specific specific countries like if you only wanted Armenia or um Chile or you know Spain or the United States or Canada Thailand whatever right you can do that um you can also do filters here I'm not going to go into these here but you can filter out websites that have certain words in the domain name or that don't have them as well as words on the page or that don't have them right so there's filter options checking you really don't need to do anything on here CU if you start squirreling around with this you have a great opportunity to break something the one thing I would say here is if you buy highspeed lists you can place a check mark in this skip sublink parsing box and that makes it go even faster if you are scraping your own list you want to leave that unchecked so submission content we're going to spend our time here we'll come back in a moment captas this is with the capture software we're not going to get into this in beginner guide we'll do this in an intermediate or Advanced scheduler um I'm not going to get too much into this just it allows you to either do a certain time a day or limit the total quantity that you send like how fast like send so many per hour or so many per day that sort of thing and then notes you can just leave yourself notes about what the Project's about or whatever you want right so let's go to submission content and and look at this let me make this bigger so you can see it all right so we have several options here and most of the stuff down here uh you can just leave it defaulted you don't really have to you could set this retry subm Miss to fail to something but for the most part you can leave that defaulted um and then up here don't mess with this one just leave it alone you it needs to be there so for first name and last name and name you can put in or company rather you can put in things here or you can leave them as random for the sake of the beginners guide I'm going to leave it as random I'm also going to leave a random phone facts um City Street zip all this sort of stuff the only thing we're going to fill out in here is email country or email subject and message so subject message and email right and when you click on these you want to make sure that you don't so if I double click email I do not want to edit anything here that will break stuff we're going to go how to fill and self-defined if you edit something here and you click okay then just delete the project and start over so click okay and it gives us a box like this this is where we're going to put stuff in so if we in our message we have a call to action right so again going back here we need balls and we need people to buy something so how do they do that for someone to buy something they either have to if you're selling let's say an affiliate offer you're going to send them through a redirect link which I'm also not going to cover in this video I'll do that in the intermediate video or maybe Advanced um but you just send them through a redirect link and they're going to land on the affiliate link like the page where they can buy right so it'll be a website if you want to go more in depth and collect leads through like a squeeze page a landing page and collect their email and then send them some email campaigns then also that would be a website that you'd send through a redirect link so that's the call to action the call to action is click on a link okay another call to action is you know you could have them call you um if you wanted to schedule an appointment over the phone or if you're in high ticket sales where you're selling like $1,000 or more of a product price then maybe you want to have them call you um I don't really see people us that that much but that would be a call to action so you wanted to do something call to action is do something how do we get to the offer we click a link we call somebody um or most often usually you wouldn't call somebody I guess it would be text me so you'd give them a phone number and then they would text you you could do call um but I see text used more often um but the two big ones I see used are email me back or go to a website click a link go to a website so when you email me back that works really well for products or Services if you have your own product your own service you're doing white label something um you know Outsourcing thatp type stuff you know you're selling SEO you're selling you know uh whatever right that's when it's a good idea to say hey are you interested in SEO for your website question mark right and then they're going to respond to you some people are going to say no most people are going to ignore you if they're not interested and some people say yeah I'm interested or you say you give something away for free hey can I give you a free report about your website can I tell you something that's broken can I fix something for you for free if you're doing videos you can say hey can I give you a free video for your website right whatever we'll talk about that more um in a different video again this is beginner's guide strategy isn't for this video but anyways so the call to action is for these things ultimately the call to action is which is CTA right you you hear call to action referred to as CTA it is either reply to my email because remember they're going to get this as an email or just like you sent an email so think about it like you're sending emails except for you don't have the problems of cold email like worrying about getting in the inbox or you know it you don't have all the issues of dealing with different servers and whitelisting IPS and reputation management for the IPS and for the domain names and all this stuff right so they can reply to your email or they can click a link right pretty basic um in this one I'm going to have them reply to an email and and then um here at the end I will show you a server setup if they want to click a link to go to an affiliate product right so if they're going to reply to an email I have to put in a real email address I recommend you use a Gmail do not use your day-to-day email because you're going to get tons of auto replies and you don't want to flood your inbox with auto replies so day-to-day email is you know you can use that for other things this you want whatever and Gmail is very good at filtering out auto replies and actual responses so I would recommend Gmail and hey it's free right so I'm just going to do Bob I'm going to use a fake one here but let's say Let's Pretend This is real Bob Smith 3498 gmail.com right so click okay so you would put in whatever your actual email is here your actual Gmail and then for the subject I'm going to click on the little red pencil icon right here click that and they're showing you a bunch of stuff going on here you can use tokens or uh macros and you can use spin tax I'm not getting into which is this stuff here I'm not getting any of that in The Beginner's Guide but you can use it just so you know um would recommend you watch the other guides when they come out I'm going to clear that out and for the subject let's pretend that we are selling the most boring basic I don't know if it's a boring or basic product but like it's a basic product that people understand businesses understand SEO they understand that if they get on the first page of Google they're going to get more results than if they're on the second page of Google and if they get the top of first page one they get the most results right so um we're just going to call this website failing right because it's failing at ranking if it if they're not number one then they're failing right so you're going to put in the subject line here um you do want to be aware that there are laws uh compliance laws and I'm not going to get into that today that'll be like in the Advan video but at least in the United States and probably most countries the laws say that you cannot use deceptive things you can't lie to people you can't say that's one of the like specifically in the USA that's one of the laws you cannot say you want a million dollars and then turn around and say okay buy my product because they think they want a million dollars they open the email and they buy the product you can't do that you can't use deceptive stuff and lie to people I think you know that but I'm just telling you um so you do have to be on point here you can be like website failing obviously is a link to their website not being as good at ranking you can do stuff like that and so in message we're going to load that up here make this bigger and now you can write a message I recommend no more than five sentences keep it short and sweet it'll perform better I've tested really long spamming messages in a split test against uh or sorry really long professional professionally written messages against really short spammy messages and the spammy short messages get more results than the long professional messages now ideally you're going to make it short and professional and not short and spammy but um shorter is better one sentence is fine 2 3 four five sentences is fine if you start to go over 3 to five sentences then you really you know your success rate just goes down so that's what I'd recommend um if you know what to write then awesome just go for it if you don't know what to write then we can go to good old chat GPT here and actually let's get out of this so that I can see that window and go to chat GPT and grab a new chat here and oh wait that's not right my bad okay so we go here and we say um let me pause the video and type this out and then I'll read it just so you don't have to waste time here all right so I just typed up something basic that I'm going to send an email offering to help people to improve their ranking on Google but that I want to give away a free report about something wrong with their website um and then offer maybe even to fix one thing for free giving away free stuff is a great way to get your foot in the door and once you have given them a free report or fix something for free or whatever then you can turn around and sell them things and then you continue to sell them more and more and more until you know they've bought everything they can buy from you right and so um because you got to build trust right they have no idea idea who you are maybe you're a total scammer right especially in SEO there's there's too many companies out there that too many people that have been scammed by people in SEO uh so you got to build trust but you got to build trust with anything rule of seven says people want to see stuff from you seven times before they make a decision and that's because it's largely because of trust like if I get a random message from a random person you too like I don't know who this person is I don't trust them I'm probably deleting it right um unless they give me a reason to trust them if they're trying to say hey uh give me a bunch of money right no hey I want to give you something for free oh okay well scammers don't usually give away free things so let's have a look right I told it it can't be longer than five sentences and the call to action should get them to reply to me um and that I have limited slots that I can help people and I want at least three messages and then I also said that it should be focused on the benefit of the user which is basically uh helping their website rank better therefore they get more traffic businesses want to make money so if you make your messaging focused on the benefit of ultimately how they're going to make more money because the majority of things people are going to sell is how to make more money if I'm buying a shipping container it's so I can store my tools or do what I need to do with my business so that I can have the ability to make more sales fulfill more uh product orders whatever it is that I'm doing like build more stuff if I'm a contractor example and then make more money right so shipping container helps me make more money if I'm buying healthy office snacks it's because I want my employees to be happier and healthier which means they perform better which means I make more money right if I'm um you know if I'm buying benefits for my employees again it's so that they perform better so they help me make more money if I'm buying SEO or analytics or Google my business stuff or or stuff like that so that I can make more money now there's some fear-based stuff if I'm buying a compliance product where the government says you have to do this or we're going to you know shut you down then ultimately I have to do this in order to make money so it's fear-based because I have to do this and comply in order to make money but it's still about making money right because that's what a business is so you don't want to come on here and just talk about the benefits of how their website will look pretty that's nice but you could talk about how their website will be more interactive for users if you're doing web design more interactive for users which ultimately leads to users making purchases which makes them more money right so what's in it for them so Whi them right what's in it for me you always want to know what's in it for you when you buy things right what's in it for me you're buying your TV what's in it for me well it's 60 in and it has 4K um and it's a price I can afford and I love the remote and it's got you know Netflix built in and whatever right whatever it is what's in it for you right whatever they want to know what's in it for them I hate to tell you this but in business and in life no one actually gives a any care about you they care about themselves I'm my name is Ryan bordon no one cares about me right now people do like my family care about me and whatever but if I'm reaching out to somebody to sell something they're going to be nice and they're going to interact and we're going to talk about my kids and their kids and whatever but at the end of the day they don't actually care about me or my kids they care about what they can get out of it and how that's going to affect their kids and their family right so everybody is that way it's a little selfish but that's how the world works so we can all be nice but still care about ourselves at the same time but look they say that on the airplane too when you jump on an airplane what do they say when o if the cabin becomes depressurized oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling take care of yourself before you take care of anyone that's traveling with you so if you're traveling with a disabled person or a child you have to put on your own oxygen mask before you put on theirs might seem counterproductive but I have four kids and if I'm traveling and you know my older kids could put on their own mask but if you're traveling with four younger kids and you try to put on all their oxygen Mass you're going to run out of oxygen and stop breathing and then no one's going to help the kids put on the oxygen Mass because you're passed out so you you have to take care of yourself then you can take care of other people right which which holds true if you don't pay your own bills then you have no place to live and then you're not going to be able to provide SEO for anybody else and that's how they think too so that's my bit on marketing make it about them it's not about you okay so let's let chat gbt do its thing and here we go so we got the first message here boost your rankings um I'm I'm going to pause this and read these here and we'll pick one all right so the first one's fine boost your Google ranking I'm offering a complimentary website analysis to pinpoint areas for improvement by fixing these you can climb higher in Google results leading to increased sales and traffic making it about them plus you're going to fix an issue for free which is awesome let's build some trust are you interested reply tells them to call to action and grab a limited spot creates urgency for this exclusive offer perfect so let's use that all right so I've got this this is my thing and then I'm going to go in here and go to my message go back to submission content I'm going to go to the red pencil again I don't know if it's a pencil I call it a pencil uh I'm going to paste this in here it is what how you see it in here is how they're going to see it so that's like a giant line you do want to make it look better so let's add some spacing uh because you do want to make it readable I mean that would be ridiculous all right uh regards right did we put give a name we didn't um I'm going to put a name let's put Mark here for the first name and then random first name here I am going to go there and I'm going to change this to self-defined and I'm going to put Mark so it matches because you wouldn't want to have um Sally being submitted as the first name and then put Mark in your message that wouldn't make sense right and so uh look at it there it looks pretty good so this is kind of like now look um I would recommend that you at least watch the intermediate guide not the advanced guide because um there is some compliance stuff down here technically you're supposed to put an address and you're supposed to put an opt out option um I'm not going to get into that because I don't want to overload you there's different options there we can do that we'll talk about that later in a different video in the uh intermediate and advanced videos but I don't want this video to drag on forever and I'm trying to give you this stuff like I said there's a lot of stuff to set up right it's it's not complicated it's a little complex it's got a lot of steps right you got to take all the boxes and if you mess up some of the boxes is then it doesn't work so but you can watch the video again right um three four five times whatever it takes right so we have our message now and again we haven't even really got into these other tabs but or the scraping tabs so um but we have our message and our project set up let's do the next thing which we need to do here is the uh options here so under options not a whole lot going on I have some threads here let's say we bought 20 proxies we have checking submission threads and scraping search threads so for checking submission we can usually use a multiple of 10x of the proxies we bought what does that mean we bought 20 proxies we can use 200 threads so 10 times the amount of proxies we bought I have um I think I have 50 proxies in here let's go look uh we do have 50 in here so I have 50 proxies in here so I'm going to set this to 10 * 50 which is 500 um I said you could if you want to go really fast you can go up to a th000 um if you're running this on a home machine I really wouldn't recommend going probably over 300 to 500 cuz you could cap out your internet connection and cap out your stuff if you're on a server you could go to a th going over a th000 threads is really super diminishing returns so I really that's probably about where it caps out if you want to go more than a thousand threads and that's not fast enough I would just buy another VPS because you can just you know start stamping them out set up more than one but in this case we're going to do 500 search engines this is tricky right um this is all about speed you can go too fast Google blocks your IP so does Bing and then you can't scrape it all so this is one of the things where if you buy the list you negate all that but if you want to scrape it you can do it so the way that I recommend scraping threads is if you're going to just use like if you want to focus on the US uh then basically you're going to use Google and beinging so set this to like two threads right and make sure this delay is set to automatic that may still get your IP is banned sometimes but they'll unban after a while if you're going to use the default search engines that come with this there is 91 you can see right down here this tiny little number 91 search engines that come with this there's 2,00 2,22 that come with this 91 come checked off you got a bunch of them from all over countries all over the world it depends on your Market Market right you can sort by country here if you want to do France then you can pick all the search engines in France if you want to do Canada you can pick all the ones in Canada um you can pick a bunch of ones that aren't from the countries you want to do and that will give you Mass results at the expense of accuracy so you may find that you get a bunch of results that you don't want if you want to go to everybody all over the world and do affiliate marketing then just leave the 91 check then you're good to go you can set your threads to roughly the number of uh search engines you have so that's the easiest way I could relate this in this program right so if you're a scrap boox user and and you have started watching this video I say what might seem contradictory information to use with scrape box that's just because the programs work differently in GSA here GSA website contact um you can use so I would set this to 91 right so I'm going leave the 91 in there um well I'm going to change it to Google and being because I only want to work in the USA if you're doing affiliate marketing on the whole world you could leave everybody in there whatever right so anyways back to options I'm going to set it to two we'll talk about that minute most of the rest of this is pretty default a couple of things to note though is that stop projects when no proxy is alive you need to have a check mark in this box if you don't have a check mark in this box and your proxies die it'll continue to run on your local IP or your VPS you will generate a complaint at some point and then if it's your local IP on your home machine then your internet service provider can refuse to sell you internet what does that mean I am in uh uh Detroit and I have who do I have Comcast this is Comcast here I think I have Comcast for my internet um I have had AT&T before you can have Verizon you can have Cox you can have a cable provider or a phone provider in the United States right generally speaking to sell you internet access I have I think I have AT&T here or I could get satellite but of of wired providers um I have AT&T and Comcast so that's two choices basically there might be a third but basically to so if I generate a complaint which I did this before it's why I know it works this way if you don't use proxies um I got a letter from AT&T when I had them in Indiana and they said we got complaints if you don't stop this we will refuse to sell you internet so if AT&T says if I have AT&T and Comcast and AT&T says we're not selling you internet because you got complaints then I only have Comcast if I do it with Comcast I have no way to buy internet at my house now that may seem counterproductive but think about that for a second they will not sell you internet access so you have no internet that would suck don't do that so okay so proxies avoid that and what happens with this box is if you have this box checked then if the proxies die GSA will automatically stop the projects and prevent that from happening right and and I don't want to scare you but like they gave me GR and so I just didn't ever do that again um and it was fine right but we can avoid this so make sure that box is checked that was my story all right under Global filter you want this Global filter Blacklist you want a check mark in this box these are um entries that come with the program there's about 7,000 I think that come with the program I've added a few more that they're just complainers right there's automated software out there that runs on websites that will file a complaint it's just going to happen if you push hard enough um once that happens that complaint goes to your proxy provider the proxy provider will change out your proxy or your IP address and then you just keep going that's what proxies are for it allows a little bit of disposability but there's no point in pushing the limits um and when we get into using opt outs we're going this is how we're going to do it too so make sure there's a check mark there um and the rest of this is fine and then sending email is just like you can have it send you an email when a project finishes which can be handy if you want all right we got our option set up now let us talk about scraping or buying lists so let's assume that you're going to go the scraping route you have lots of time and you want to spend some time to save a few bucks great go here open up your project now we need to insert some keywords so keywords could be if I'm targeting um it comes with whatever the name of your project is by default I'm just going to delete that I can add a keyword here and enter it let's say I'm targeting restaurants right restaurants click okay great so now I have the red restaurants you're going to get about 200 results per search engine not always but like with Google and being 200 results Max per keyword so if I leave this in here and I tick off Google and being which we're going to do then I'm going to get about 400 results and that's be that so I want to submit to more than 400 I want to do thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands millions or tens of millions right um I'm going to go down here I'm going to sort this by country right and let us find I like I said said oh I'm going to sort it from a down I'm in the US you can pick whatever country you're in doesn't matter um United States right here so there is being us and Google us there's duck ducko I haven't tested them and I'm just going to stick with the ones I know Google and being maybe ducko gives you something and that's fine but I want accuracy so I'm going to take those off um actually my apologies now I have 93 search engines checked I'm gonna right click check none make it zero now I'm going to kick Google and Bing so I only use Google and Bing right so now I have restaurants in here you can go and use scrape box which we'll talk about in a different video um and use the keyword scraper which is amazing and get a massive amount of keywords in here you know like hundreds of thousands of keywords in here because if you're looking for affiliate marketing or something where you're just going mass and you want to go to like SEO like we're talking about where you can Market to the entire United States or maybe the whole world right um then you just want a lot of keywords because you want everybody and everything right so you could go find some online tools and and you can get some keywords to get started um and then you can just add those in here from file or clipboard I if you can see that the video uh add import from file or clipboard right I'm going to just leave it at restaurants for now and show you what else you can do here obviously the more keywords the better if if I want to do United States I can click this add city states pops open this box or I can click configure and now I get States you can do this with with basically any country around the world so they call it cities of and then this is the country country State and then whatever right so for the United States as an example so you can understand this or so I can understand it anyways um this is so cities of US State Texas right so if I want to go and get restaurants in Texas I just take this box so if you only want to work in one state in the United States it's going to start merging in things like restaurants Dallas Texas restaurants um Fort Worth Texas restaurants you know so on and so forth right and it'll do all that for us automatically if I wanted the whole United States I just go through here and tick off you know all the US you would go through and tick off whatever uh country States states and the countries that you want right and Away you go I'm not going to take them all but you get the point all right so now it'll merge them all in you you can do other things too like you could use scrape box uh you could get a list of zip codes like if you wanted to work in New York City right obviously putting in restaurants New York City it's just not going to cut it because you're going to get like 200 to 400 restaurants and there's way more than that so now you would start going more granular and using like restaurants 47111 restaurants 47112 I don't know if that's a New York ZIP code but you get the point right so you would use your post code um with that or some sort of identifier there you could use County names or something like that if it was broad but in a dense area ZIP code is probably the easiest so you can merge all that with Scrap Box and bring it over here um or you can get lists online and merge that in anyways assuming you get your keywords in here and you get some cities and states and that sort of stuff we're going to click okay right and now we actually need to scrape our list so we have three functions that's that needs to happen and they have their own boxes here we have sites which is total websites we have checked which is is the websites that GSA found a contact form on and things that it might be able to submit to potentially so they're like potentials and then we have sent that was successfully sent we obviously have failed if if it thinks it can submit to it but it was unable to solve the capture or whatever or the website happened to be down or fill in the blank it failed for whatever reason it failed and then filtered is either it's in The Blacklist so it's filtered or it's a redirect website in which case it gets filtered out of here and added back into the sites not going to go into that in this video but anyways that's kind of the basic and then obviously status so for the purpos of right now I'm going to do this scrap plus check option here which is going to first get us websites based on our keywords and then it's going to check them to see if they have contact forms if I want to start sending them I can do scrap Plus Check plus send and now that'll actually start sending our message and then it'll scrape the website see if it has a cont contact form and then try to send it but we're just going to scrape and check for the time being so I can show you how this works and so what's going to happen is it'll turn orange like this you'll see that um I'm going to click on it and it's going to gear up and it take a minute and then it's going to right now go out to Google and Bing and start looking for um the combination of cities plus keyword you can see it says 52 search tasks so in the states I checked off they total of probably 502 cities and it's going to merge those 52 CI with the word restaurants and scrape them now you can see this is taking a minute to get going here so I'm going to pause the video so you can see it uh once it gets started here all right and so this is the problem we run into here um it's been a couple of minutes we're down from 5002 to 465 sometimes Google and beinging can be stubborn um I'm 99% sure my proxies aren't blocked but I guess we could go checked Let's test them all against uh Google for example and this is just a basic check so it doesn't guarantee anything but looks like uh 49 of them passed Google fine I'm not sure why it's not working here so this is the kind of stuff you run into right whatever um little bit of troubleshooting let us here let's make this bigger and sort by country again oh okay I want a at the top that's how my brain works find United States United States I'm going to go ahead and take off Duck Duck Go um let's for kicks and Giggles here throw in um we can throw in Canada I think because we're right right at the top I think you can throw in some other ones I just want you to see that it works so let us do Canada for example Canada looks like it's the same okay um let us let's try this okay now we're cooking with gas um so we're moving along see I got it yeah okay um so you can see some stuff going so I added some more search engines let's have a look at what we're actually getting here you can see I might have had some blocked proxies or I don't even know um if we look here keywords used so it shows us so this is restaurant's new Richmond restaurants Warrington restaurants Silver lak so you can see how it's appending cities and then now it's telling us what it's using so it looks like all these results are coming from Duck Dugo us and duck Dugo Canada um it's possible that look lots of things are possible being in Google may have blocked my IPS and I didn't know it even though it passed the test it's possible they made some changes um and broke the search engines in here which um GSA will fix it if they did but you know it is what it is right so it is what it is uh you just have to work with what you have so anyway so it's now searching through here and we can see it found 81 sites it's checked and said that 19 of them it thinks can um do a contact form and then um I'm not sure why it even has anything in the failed column but oh because it had like this download no content failed the websites are offline they're dead or there's no contact form or whatever right so anyways it's going to keep going through that and this will keep going until it gets from 475 search task down to zero and then you're done so now you would need to go in there and tick off more States or just add more keywords and away we go so right now I can submit to 20 websites right so you could leave let this run while you eat while you sleep whatever again if it's on a home computer that's a challenge if you don't leave your computer on all the time um you know I pick mine up and take it with me because it's a laptop I like to go places and you know I'm always on the move and so I like the freedom and flexibility the uh value of a VPS is it's always running and it just works you can even get to it from your phone and manage things um a phone or a tablet or whatever right which is Handy if you are waiting in line somewhere and you want to do something at least I do I hate to wait in line so back on track though so now we're scraping some websites we could let this run away we go we could go in here and add some other search engines the 91 it comes with will provide you more resources again if you're going broad that's fine if you really only want to sell to restaurants in uh like a specific area you know getting a good search engine like Google in beinging is probably better just because you may get a lot of results from a random search engine in in some country that's not the country you're trying to work in but the results might not be relevant and then you're just going to waste all your time trying to post to those and so it's like spinning your wheels you're scraping them and then you're posting to them and they're not even the ones that you want right so do what you want there if you want want a big list though um this will take a while as you can see I don't know it's been 3 minutes and we've got 125 websites scraped and we have 30 submitted to right so 3 minutes all right I'm going to stop it now let's say that I have this all set up and optimized on everything and I want to buy a list I can buy like a million websites more than a million right you can buy like a whole list of like I sell a whole list of 16 million websites I'm not telling you to buy it you could if you want a few people do most people don't you can buy all 16 million websites if you wanted to go like crazy fast right but most people would just get like the list which the Link's in the description and you can get it and it's like um two million websites a month and you get 2 million new websites every month 1 million from the USA and 1 million not from the USA just cuz some people have asked for uh you know to to segment that you can do as you choose if I wanted to do that I would just right click here and import URLs from file and then I could go here and grab them so let me get these up right so here's a million of them I just click on it and import it and it's going to take a second it's asking me if I want to check it against The Blacklist and I say yes so I'll give this a second just to import because it's a lot of URLs so take a sec all right so got some URLs imported there was a couple of D two duplicates I don't know filtered some that matched The Blacklist whatever um and so I'm left with like 99,2 18 right after it removed the ones in The Blacklist so um and this is just my custom Black List just because I had different ones in there that's more than what comes with GSA anyways so now I have these that I'm ready to go with so I could actually so I just went from like 120 or 50 websites whatever I had there after 3 minutes to after like 30 seconds now I have a million that I can submit to right so that's the value of buying the list because it took 10 million or more websites so I had to scrape to get to this million that you see here I had to to scan more than 10 million websites to filter them down to the ones that had contact forms to get to this 1 million that's left so in order for you to get to a million that you can send you're going to have to go out there and scrape and scan more than 10 million websites right so that is basically where it's at and at this point now we're just sending the message right so pretend we scraped them we're doing this last step of sending I click on send and it's just going to start sending out the messages which I'll show you in a second um and away we go so let me see I don't even remember if we actually put a valid message in here so we should probably look because I don't want to send total nonsense um oh yeah it was kind of okay so we have a valid message in there so we can start sending right and I think I have my thread set to 500 the other thing I would say on a home internet connection so I have a decent home internet connection but a lot of times your choke point or the bottleneck rather on home internet providers is your DNS so I would recommend to use Google Google's public free DNS or another DNS provider or a blend of both um if you have if you're in the US I'm not sure how it works in different countries around the world because obviously every country can be different my experience in the US across the US when I've lived in different places around the US is that cable providers typically have fairly poor DNS um for this use case it's fine for your average user and if you're going to Netflix and whatever but if you're going to multirapid multi-thread like this 500 connections will crush the DNS and it'll lock up everything so like you won't even be able to it's going to fail first of all largely and then like if you try to go to Google it just won't load because it can't get a DNS request out um if you're using a a phone provider like AT&T and Verizon they usually have more solid DNS but you probably don't want to run more than a couple hundred threads through them um so just get Google public DNS I'm not going to go into it it's for an advanced guide but just go to um just go to Google and do Google public free DNS right or you could just actually go to Google and say public free DNS I think they're going to give you them as number one right so you can go here um and there's a bunch of free public DNS Google's really good uh what is it open DNS is is pretty decent Cloud flare is good um probably a lot of these are good level three what used to be level three which I forget who owns it now is also really good anyways um and if you do the Google public DNA s right they will and go here it tells you how to install DNS if you're familiar with changing your DNS fantastic go for it if you have no idea what I'm talking about this guide will walk you through it um how to change the DNS on your computer DNS makes your internet work so just make sure that if you have some default internet DNS settings in there I would take a screenshot of what you have because if you do it wrong then your internet's not going to work and so you want to put it back the way that it was anyways um there's my two cents so um I honestly have no idea I never use my laptop for actual production I only use servers dedicated servers and VPS so I don't even know if this is going to run 500 connections because I don't even know if I'm using Google DNS because I got this laptop not all that long ago um let's find out so we're going to hit go at 500 connections and see what happens right let's send the message it gives you a preview yes you'll see this all cranking away you'll see the threads cranking away down here where it's trying to get uh to that many threads you can see it cranking away up here so um when you send a list that you have scraped the websites checked and sent are going to be separate like if you're doing scraping and sending all at the same time when you buy a list and you just load it in this websites and checked or the checked and sent column are going to be the same so checked and sent will always be the same with a paid list um basically you can see that it's lagging a little bit there but um they're going to be largely the same there the when it's a scraped list these will be different also worth noting is that what's sent and what's failed are separate numbers so right now I have processed appr approximately 1,800 URLs 1100 plus 700 so the failed I have 700 that failed plus 1100 that succeeded so combined together look like 1800 URLs right it's not that these failed it's not that I tried tried 1300 and 800 of them failed I actually tried like 2,000 or whatever at this point and that many succeeded and that many failed and then filtered is on top of that so if you combine filtered plus failed plus scent that's how many URLs have been processed anyways so that's cranking away um and in our three minutes we've passed one minute and on my home computer um because I'm just in my home office right now it's one minute in and we've sent 1,800 successfully already and we processed like 3,000 roughly UR LS here now and we're roughly almost now at 2,000 successful plus 1,000 failed so that is um with 50 proxies running at 500 connections on my home computer probably crushing whatever DNS is in here unless I happen to put Google in here I forget anyways so um that's how it is on the home computer it's even faster on a server which I will show you here if you have a fully optimized server let me pull it up so I've got a server up here and of course this in the background is the GSA website or uh capture breaker software we're not going to talk about that today I just wanted to show you it's there um if I wanted to click on one of these projects here which are already set up and ready to go then we'll let that load all right and let's just hit start and uh send message yes we're going to verify what everness um oh and this is um this is here I'll show you on this project here so it'll take a second to gear up because it's running like a thousand threads but this is an affiliate offer I said I would show you one with a link um here it is the message that's what it looks like so I've got this in here and then I have a link when you put a link in here there's no HTML you can't use tracking pixels or track opens or whatever you just put in HTTPS col SL and then your redirect domain so this is my redirect domain if I punch this in it takes me to my actual affiliate offer um so we can actually see that here and I just set up the redirect remains at Squarespace that's the place ID so see it took you to somewhere else um not the actual uh whatever see I paste it in like this right here right that's my redirect domain and back to the message so let's close out of this and while we messed around there for a few seconds it sent 900 you know there's 's a th messages sent already and so it's just cranking away it just runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week and there's even auler so I can go start here and open auler and then do um set it set it up to run more projects when this one finishes right there's different ways to do it I'm not going to go into that but now we have sent you know there's I don't I don't feel like it's been that long I think it's been like a minute since we started this or so see what it says yeah p one minute so roughly a minute and we're at like 5,000 successful already so it cranks way faster on a server obviously this is running 100 proxies uh th threads so the connections are higher but you can do more on a server as well right anyway so it kind of depends on what you want to do and this is also with pre-filtered purchase lists so we can just crank a whole lot faster so that's kind of the thing and I just got out of the server here and let's just get out of this go back to our main thing right so we're a little over an hour for the beginner guide um there's more to cover but I don't want to give you too much at once so you can go check out the intermediate guide where we're going to talk about more things we'll probably um I have to think how logically do that we'll probably recap some of the stuff that I did here in The Beginner's Guide um or maybe we won't maybe we'll just dive in deeper I don't know it'll be there and the information will be there but but this is how you do it right so you get the messages you get them sent out you get eyeballs looking at them going to your offer whether again that's replying back to you or going to a website um some percentage of them are going to buy and then of those people that buy you get paid whether that's your own service you're selling SEO you're doing it doesn't matter what you're selling or if you're doing affiliate marketing and that sort of stuff um I will tell you that the quicker path if you need to make money today is to get somebody on the phone so you want them to reply to you engage them via email get them on the phone and sell them your own products or services or like a white label or partner with somebody and sell products or Services over the phone that's like the absolute fastest so if you are in the boat of I need to make money yesterday you want people to reply to you and you want to get them on the phone right that's the fastest path because you're going to be able to interpret where they're at you know they can ask questions and that sort of stuff and usually when you sell a product over 500 bucks um whether it's monthly reoccurring or even one off over 500 bucks somebody wants to get on the phone so if your product's 1,000 bucks usually you have to get on the phone with them if you want to make any quantity of sales um if you're selling a $47 item then they're probably going to be able to buy without getting on the phone with you but if you want to do affiliate marketing it is more passive it is more hands-off it is more scalable because you don't have to deal with customer services deliverable or any of that jazz but it is a slower path because if you you want to really do affiliate marketing well then you really need to bring in a CRM get them to opt in and start sending them a bunch of emails through like a automated sequence or broadcast emails newsletter type things um and then that way you engage them because it's like the rule of seven where you got to warm them up and build that trust right so when you get on the phone with somebody they're like oh this is a real person you get to build trust much F much faster so you get paid sooner if you do affiliate marketing and you don't get on the phone with them this in um gen these are General things right there are exceptions but generally speaking that trust process takes longer to build so it's longer before you get paid also if you get somebody on the phone you could collect a payment upfront like literally today um if you do affiliate marketing there's like 30 days holding before you get paid at least usually um so you're looking at 30 to 60 days before you start seeing money right so there you have it that's the beginner's guide the last thing I want to tell you is the fast lane um so if you want to go faster how do you do that right the fastest possible way to do this is to just do like a done for you service which we actually have if you want that um you can jump over here I'll put the link in the description again below and we'll do it all for you so we'll send all the messages all you do is you grab the done for you service and then you tell us what the message is that you want to send right so you I don't I know where it is on here where is it here it is so um you basically give us a message write the message that you want to send right hey buy my product I'm selling SEO Services I'll give you a free sample whatever right we talked about that and then we will do all of the sending for you manage the server set it all up and do everything for you and you just give us a Gmail address where you want the leads or whatever and then you just deal with the lead so if you again it's a Time versus money thing if you want to learn how to set it up learn how to set it up run it you can get the leads right buy the software manage the servers um manage the proxies set everything up and that sort of stuff right fine then you get the leads that way or if you just want to sell product and make money and not have to worry about it and start getting leads you know almost immediately then you buy this and you give us the message that you want to send we'll set everything up for you um I have the whole system set up and then we'll send all the to millions of messages for you and you you can do the whole world in all languages or you can do just English only that sort of thing whatever you want and then you get the leads and then you can just sell them your products and make money so whatever you want to do this is the fast lane where you just give us a message we do it all plug it in and Away you go start getting leads or you can go through the process of setting it all up links for everything are in the description down below thanks for sticking with me and then if you want to run it yourself be sure to come back for at least the intermediate guide to start layering on top of this stuff um for opt outs and all the other stuff right and and more in- depth on scraping and then getting into scrape box and that sort of stuff and then if you really want to go strong come back for the advanced guide as well so you can subscribe to the channel too so you make sure you get notified about it um and then also down below there will be a way for you to get email notification or actually if you just want to go to gtool bot.com you can go here pop in your email address and then we'll send you an email with the other guides as well and we'll be doing a bunch of more guides in addition to these um when we get into crms and different things so you get notified about that too and plus if you go here you get a free list of AI tools that you can use uh that you can sell as an affiliate but also that you can use um and that you can give away to businesses as a lead magnet that sort of stuff all right thanks for sticking with me and I will see you either at the done for you setup where we'll do everything for you or in the next video and until then Happy earning

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