what's going on everyone my name is Chase Weiner and today we're gonna be talking about making over a thousand dollars a day with an AI tool that allows you to clone your voice or your client's voice and create completely unique videos in just one click now if you haven't seen this tool yet it's called shine ranker and this tool is absolutely insane it actually just got a new feature if you click on Advanced options here it actually integrates with a tool called 11 Labs where you can actually clone your own voice or again your client's voice obviously as long as you have permission to do that you can generate a video with anybody's voice you basically want as long as you have permission and you can really blow people away with this tool I'm actually going to show you a quick uh preview of what this looks like I I took a video of a doctor or I had a doctor go and uh give me his voice I just had a voice clip of his and I actually generated this video with his voice just by typing in talk about this doctor and his uh practice so let me play this you can hear it and then you can see if you want to go make videos like this yourself let me press play here experience how we harmonize both physical and mental health with our unique approach our Clinic is a Haven a place for you to rejuvenate and heal we specialize in natural treatments that cleanse and restore your body to its optimal state discover our range of therapeutic services tailored to bring balance to your life meet our team of experienced professionals dedicated to your holistic Wellness Journey feel the transformation as you begin your pathway to Pure Health at our Santa Barbara Clinic thank you for visiting holistic Dr Santa Barbara's Purity Clinic we look forward to guiding you on your Wellness Journey so I sent this to him and I asked him you know hey do you think this is cool and he said it was super cool he says he wants to make videos about a supplement company that he's starting as well and I said any video you want just let me know and so I did ran some as a test for the supplement company and I'll let you know one thing the labels on this are a little weird right now just because when you go and generate videos inside of what we're using mid-journey it will go and sometimes add random texts like this there is a feature inside of mid-journey that we're working on adding in that basically eliminates all text in the images but let me just show you what this looks like and sounds like just discover the power of Purex premium supplements our range of vitamins and minerals are designed to support your health and vitality each tablet is packed with potent ingredients for maximum benefits our supplements are scientifically formulated to provide optimal nutrition experience the difference with our easy to swallow digestible capsules Purity Clinic supplements are your perfect health partner choose Purity clinic for a healthier fitter and better you and your search for the best supplements with Purity Clinic so you could obviously offer this as a service you could use it for your own content get thousands of views with that sell whatever you want but let me just show you how this works so if I go over to 11 labs and I think it's just eleven labs.io and I type in whatever I want I can obviously generate a text-to-speech uh synthesis with just any of these pre-made voices or if I want to add my own voice I just click on add voice add clip instant voice cloning and then I can add in any voice clip I want you just need a like a five second video you don't need anything super long I'm going to take anything from here this is like a five second voice I can call this a i Chase voice and you have to make sure that you have permission so you click on here just to confirm that you have permission to add somebody's voice and then this will add the voice now all I have to do to get this voice into shine ranker is click on my profile up here at the top right I'm going to click on a profile and then I'm going to show this API I'm just going to copy it and then I'm going to head back into shine ranker inside of the AI text to image tool and if you don't have shine ranker yet you can just grab it right now at shinerinker.com if you're already on the landing page you'll see a button below this video and it'll say grab shine Rinker for just one dollar now it is a 24 hour trial we can't do anything longer than that just because we are already at super high capacity in fact in order to generate one of these videos it might take depending on what time of the day it is and when everybody's using it over an hour but the cool thing is you can actually run a video and then just leave it running so once you sign in all you have to do is go to the AI video tools you're going to click on AI text to image it's the one that says hot and then all you have to do is type in whatever you want so if I type in uh you know AI robots will take over the world it'll make me a video about that ideally you don't want the text to be too long but you can it just sometimes will affect the image quality if it's too long we're working on a way of fixing that as well and then in the advanced options here you just paste your API key in click on get your voice models and then this will load all of your voice models let me just show you here so if I go like that boom then I'll have whatever voice I added in so Chase AI clone and then I can click on generate with whatever the thing is so let's do AI robot takes over world and generate and then this will go and start making me a video now like I said you can close out of this and come back to it if I go like this and come back later it'll run until it is finished and then it'll give me a video so while that's running I can start showing you some of the other stuff that we're actually adding into this tool as we speak so we have a ton of development going on I'm spending tens of thousands of dollars every single month developing different features in here one of the new features we're actually adding in that I think you're going to really like is uh a animation effect as well you're also going to be at able to add in custom text so if you don't want to just have an idea turn into a prompt you'll be able to add your own text but you'll also be able to add these scrolling videos here let me show you here so you'll be able to add in animated videos like this that'll automatically kind of turn the video with all the images into a more unique sort of um like animated experience while the voice is talking with the captions and everything else okay there's so many different things you could do with this Tool uh we're even using it just for like things like Instagram to get views and to sell access because you can actually sell access to shine Rinker too you get a 40 reoccurring commission for anybody that signs up for the tool but um like some of these videos we used just just shine ranker Alone look uh we got 3 500 views on that one 1500 um one thousand seven hundred four thousand views on this one three thousand eight hundred two thousand five hundred two thousand and uh if you check out like the testimonials by the way I'm just pulling these directly from our Discord group our free Discord group you can go in there and check it out but look at this we got so many people they're making sales with it they're getting views look one follower 700 views with an AI video 405 views in 15 minutes um so many cool testimonials 1 159 views uh just with two AI videos 1.2 000 views so go try it out I would love to hear your feedback again you could try it out for a dollar lots of really really cool things happening inside of this tool I think you're going to really really like it when you start trying it out uh when you go and grab the dollar trial here um what you would do is you'd add forward slash partner at the end of the actual link now what that's going to do let me just open this up in a private browser for you is oh I typed in partner wrong let's see partner what that's going to do is it's going to ask you to sign up and register for a free uh partner account then you just enter email whatever your affiliate ideas that you want it to be create and then they're going to give you a special link that anytime you send people to shine ranker uh you're going to actually get a cut of any time they sign up so you're going to get a 40 reoccurring commission every single time every time they pay um monthly all right so once the video is finished you're going to just click on these dots here click on download and then you can post that video wherever you want let's just preview it so you can hear what it sounds like with and I think we used my voice for this welcome to a future where AI robots are set to Rule the World Imagine a world where every task is performed with precision and efficiency that surpasses human capabilities consider the seamless integration of AI robots into our daily lives making our routines infinitely easier picture The Innovation and advancement that will surge as a result of AI domination Envision the technological Revolution that will occur when AI robots become our leaders Marvel at the extraordinary leap in science that the rise of AI robots will bring about think about the possibilities and challenges we might face in a world redefined by AI in a not so distant future AI robots may just take over the world are you ready so there you go you can download that I could post this on like Instagram or wherever I want and I can start getting views and then I can sell whatever I want right and so if I wanted to sell this as a service or if I just wanted to use this welcome to a future where AI robots are set to rules sorry that's autoplay um and then I could even use chat GPT AI chat inside of shine ranker to go and build the video as well if I want to or the the description for the video so I could say you know please write me out a three paragraph description description about AI robots taking over the world and then it would go generate that for me and I can go use that as a subscription so yeah lots of really cool stuff play around with the tool tell me what you think um and definitely post your videos in our Discord group um if you don't know where the Discord group is once you go into the shine ranker uh tool you can click on shinemaker VIP this is a full step-by-step checklist showing you how to earn money with shine ranker and then also if you go to the join our group right here uh you'll get a link to join our Discord and you can post the videos I'd love to see your results and if you don't want to promote shine ranker in your videos you can always promote any of these 400 plus AI tools as well so yeah play around with it let me know I'm interested to hear what you think but we'll see in the next one until I do happy money making we'll see you bye

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