EASIEST Way to $3,845 DAILY With AI / ChatGPT / Radaar Automatic Lead System

what's going on everyone my name is Chase Ryder and today we're going to be talking about the easiest way to 3845 daily with AI chat GPT and a new tool that we just discovered called radar so this is going to be an automatic lead generation system that you can use in your own business or if you want to sell this to clients you can do that as well I'm going to be giving you a step-by-step system that you can use for yourself right now and get started with today and the coolest part about this is that we already have proof that this works I'm going to show you a few case studies today showing you exactly behind the scenes what we're doing to actually do this not just for ourselves but for other people so you can see today 3845 dollars sorry 1 500 today 3845 yesterday and this year we have been crushing as well close to 608 what almost 700 000 dollars in sales and we're doing a lot of really really cool automated things that I think you're going to be kind of Blown Away by today so first of all all of the stuff that I'm going to be talking about today all the tools everything I'm going to be using I will leave links in the description of this video so you can go check them out but also we have a done for you service that we're setting up and right now you can go check that out where we'll just go do all this stuff for you if you don't want to do it yourself so dfy setup.com you can go check it out and if you're already on this landing page I will likely have this video on the page so if you're here watching the video no need to go back to that website because you're already here but if you're watching on YouTube or anywhere else diysetup.com we'll set up this whole system for you and I'll explain more about how that works in a little bit but again if you want to DIY it do it yourself just watch this video and you can decide all right so what we're going to be doing is we're going to start out by using a tool called fan and Buster now Phantom Buster will allow us to actually download content and what I do is I actually download my own content so I can go and repurpose it on multiple social media channels so here we go phantombuster.com as you can see right now I'm just pulling from Instagram uh the way I got this set up is I just went into the actual tool clicked on Instagram and then did Untitled Instagram profile post extractor and the reason why it's Untitled is because I just didn't title it okay so if I click into here I can connect to my Instagram profile they're going to ask you to download a Chrome extension so you can go ahead and be able to connect into your Instagram account and then once you do that you're just going to put your profile URL right in here okay now uh part of what I've been doing is if you're a customer of mine right if you're paying for my software shine ranker or you're getting set up with the done for you setup we'll actually go and give you access to our content to my content if you want to just go and schedule content out on your profiles without having to do the content okay and you might be thinking well why would I repost your content Chase because it works we have people that have completely automated profiles thousands and thousands of followers reposting my content and they're getting leads and Views and they don't have to worry about going and making the content so that's sort of up to you but let me just show you how you would do this if you were doing this on your own profile and you're creating your own content it's going to go and save save and launch and then this will go and actually start grabbing all of your different pieces of content now we can do this on different platforms right we don't have to just looks like I have to reconnect here we don't have to just do this on um Instagram but we could actually go and do this on Twitter on I think we can do it on Facebook uh there's tons of different platforms that this works out with but whatever platform you choose to use the reason why I'm using Instagram is because uh usually this is where I upload most of my content first so I upload my pictures on Instagram I upload my reels I upload pretty much all of my content that I'm going to post I'm going to want to post on any other social media platform okay so if I go and save here save save I just had to update that really quick and now I can re-run this and it should work now again I'm going to get a bunch of different posts here if I go ahead and click on download I'm going to get a spreadsheet of all of those posts okay now the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to head over to a tool called radar which I was telling you about earlier basically what radar is is it's a tool that'll help you uh do your scheduling when you're going and doing content okay so I'm going to be showing you how to take content like this and just schedule it out very quickly within radar so if I go into uh radar.io over here and again if you want to grab the free trials and everything all the special links I have I will leave them in the description and it also helps support the channel obviously if you go and grab it through my links okay so anyways we're going to go into radar and we're going to set up an account now all we have to do is connect our social media channels now you can see radar supports Facebook pages Facebook groups Instagram Tick Tock Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest YouTube all this stuff okay now right now we're just doing this with Facebook because that's what we got started with okay now these are all different pages that we're using and we're posting to if I look at over here the uh tool the publishing tool I can actually see all the posts going out you can see they're all automated on different pages I can also go and look at the Analytics and I can see how each of the pages are doing now I'm not going to go super in depth on this tool I'm just kind of showing you what it looks like but the most important part of the tool is if I go to publishing I can click on this right here this little uh I don't know what you would call this little airplane import and then I can actually go and import these posts now I have to use the actual radar format in order to do this so I would download an example CSV and then I would just make sure that my posts match the post that the CSV gives us okay so if I open the CSV I can see this is the different examples we have images videos links reels stories and text and so if I'm going to be posting let's say images off of Instagram that I just got from Phantom Buster then I would make sure all of these are images with the image with the Type image okay now I already have all this set up like I said um so I'm not going to go and match all of these but basically again it's very simple I would just go and download the CSV from that I got from Instagram and then I would just go match up those columns now after I'm done matching up the columns and choosing whether I want to use the pictures or the videos whatever I want to choose then I can go and actually import these into my account so if I click on the little folder icon here and I go and upload these posts and I actually don't remember which one of the these this was it's one of these probably this one go like that and then I can choose all of the different things that I want to post to now remember if I had Tick Tock set up or Twitter or anything set up I could go and just schedule that out all there click on save this is where all the posts are going to be going out and then I can even specify the dates you know one after the other okay now the way the the way this actually is set up inside of the CSV radar gives you they will automatically just do one day out every single so if I go like that look it's every single next day so when I go to schedule all this content it'll just post one video a day or one post a day at this time every single day okay then I click on Save and continue and then this will start going and posting all of the content now look at this I got all these uh just by doing this I got all these posts ready to go uh ready to get posted on my different platforms that I've specified this to and I can actually just go and schedule them all out at once like this okay now you might be thinking well Chase why would you go and take content that's already been posted on Instagram and go repost it on Facebook or go repost it on Twitter and first of all you can go and take the same piece of content post it on five different platforms and and the the content will still do well uh you can also post uh reoccurring content right so I've I've taken the same video posted it 10 different times on the same Facebook profile and it's gotten views every single time because uh there isn't really you don't really have to worry about duplicate content on places like Facebook and Instagram at least right not right now the only two platforms you kind of have to worry about that with is Tick Tock and YouTube so I wouldn't recommend using this for YouTube I probably maybe wouldn't do this for Tick Tock but definitely Facebook and Instagram super easy and also remember you don't have to do just video type content or reels you can also do image type content as well and uh part of the done for you service that we're giving to you by the way uh if you want to buy the done for you service which if you're not sure you can also schedule a free call with us we'll walk you through it but um we're going to go and just load up all this stuff for you so you don't have to worry about it right and again I'll talk more about that later so let's talk about the next step so like once you start getting some comments coming in by the way um and and one of the things but one of the things I want to mention too is if you're starting a page you're not getting a lot of traction on your posts uh one of the quickest ways to almost guarantee that you're going to start getting leads coming in is to just go and boost a post okay so I'll show you an example this is a post that um already did Super well on um Facebook before it's done well on YouTube it's done well on Tick Tock uh I can go and post this I just re I reposted this a couple days ago you can see I got all these likes and shares and whatever but I can actually go and click on Boost and I can actually boost this as an ad right so that's almost guaranteeing me to get comments and leads coming in and then when I start getting comments and leads coming in right people start saying yeah I want to learn more well what I can do is I can use another tool that'll automatically respond to those comments so this is a post I made yesterday you can see I got all these people responding with the word yes because in almost all of my videos I tell people hey respond with the word yes if you'd like to learn more and then I have a bot go and DM those people but what's cool about this is I can actually use chat gbt to go and interact with these people and get them to buy a service from me or book an appointment with me okay so oops sorry so let me show you how that works so I use another tool it's called manychat and again I will leave links to all these tools in the description if you want to check them out but uh this tool let me do an automation where whenever somebody comments on one of my posts right from those automated videos I can go and send them a message automatically saying hey we'd love to get you set up with a free strategy call um or you can start generating leads get on our calendar now just doing this between the different social media platforms um and a few other things I'm going to show you in a second we have over 300 people scheduled on our calendar to learn about the services that we're offering but here's the cool thing this would work in any industry if you were doing this in real estate if you were doing this in digital marketing it doesn't matter let me actually show you this this is our calendar 316 events and we have so many people booking with us now that we literally are somehow reaching people uh that speak Spanish at this point I don't even know how peop we can't even get on the phone with with this person because we don't even speak Spanish so uh we're just getting crazy amounts of leads with this system and it's all automated right so lead start coming in we have Bots going and responding to the comments sending the messages uh through the DMS and then when people respond to us we have another tool called go high level setup where go high level will actually go and utilize chat gbd to book them on our calendar in a deeper conversation so what does that mean so let's say somebody responds to this message or they reach out to us through our website or they go into through one of our funnels right they enter their information to learn more about one of our offers because we have all these different lead magnets set up right like this is a chat widget people can send us messages this is another thing where they can enter their information and then what we have set up is inside of this tool called high level we have chat EBD that'll actually go and deeper uh create a deeper conversation with this person okay so if they start talking to us and they go hey you know I watched your video or I saw you reached out to me on Instagram uh or I saw you DM me on Facebook we can say awesome um you know you need to book a call with us but that's not us actually saying that that's actually chat gbt saying that within our automation inside of high level so here you can see if I click on this chat widget here you can see right here we have uh oh and it looks like my camera's been frozen I don't know how long this has been frozen for but uh let me go ahead and fix that um so right here you can see it says send a prompt to chat GPT Ai and get a response and so all this is doing is it's taking anybody that sends us a message through whatever we're doing right so whether it's DMS on Facebook DMS on texting DMS on or just messaging on email and then what we're doing is we are uh saying hey two this is what we're saying to Chachi p a user from our website just submitted the following response or from Facebook doesn't matter because we're we're using all these different channels right we're using Facebook Messenger SMS uh some other ones Instagram DMs and so basically chat is hooked into all of these right and so what we're doing is we're going and uh telling chat HPD your goal in life is to book an appointment with this person that's messaging us through one of these channels and then Chachi PT is just sending the response to them and so that's part of the reason why we're getting so many DMS or so many people booking on our calendar because what we're doing is we're not just uh we're not just interacting them with them in an automated Way by doing an automated video and then getting them into a conversation but then we're actually having Chatterjee go and interact with that person as well and getting them to book a call with us in a deeper conversation so that so the amount of people that actually schedule calls with us goes way up now here's what's even crazier when when you're doing this system right you can either do these you if somebody gets on your calendar right you saw 300 calls on our calendar here if somebody books on your calendar you can either answer the phone yourself and you could sell them a system like this where you'll help them set it up or you can just Outsource it to us and so what we're doing is inside of our dfy setup again if you're on the website already you'll see this but inside here what we're doing is we're offering this exact funnel to the people who get this system right so if you buy the system and we clone it on top of your account you send people into the trout into the system you can go and get those people to book a call with us and then we'll just give you the say it we'll just give you a credit on the sale uh we'll just give you a cut okay now when when when the customers click on get full setup you can see there's a 300 option which is just the high level setup if they just want the back end uh automation uh there's a VIP setup if they want to skip the line and get Priority Access and get this set up before everybody else that's buying the 300 and then there's the thousand dollar set up if you get the last order bump and then we'll actually go and clone our content into your account so you can actually get streamlined leads coming in too and then you can start doing ads or whatever if you want to do that on top of that okay so hopefully that makes sense but um super cool that we were able to put all these pieces together and we're still just at the beginning uh some of this stuff will even be more streamlined when uh the shine ranker uh our new shine ranker video stuff starts coming out um if you if you're not aware we have tools inside of shinraker that'll basically let you bulk generate AI video content with a cloned version of your voice um which is going to be incredible because it'll essentially let you post your own content if you don't want to post my content it'll work in any industry but that's it hopefully uh you guys got some value from that again if you want to grab the full setup I'm going to leave a link in the description as long as well as links to all the other videos we talked about if you're already on the landing page and you want the links from the description just right click the video copy video URL and then open it up in YouTube you'll be able to get the links to the tools if you want to do it yourself but if you want it done for you again if you're on the landing page you can either schedule a free call with us right now we are pretty booked but we will try to get to you as soon as we can or you can just go and buy the setup we'll go set it up for you again dfysetup.com okay so that's it hope you enjoyed the video see you very soon till we do happy money making

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