Easiest Way to Make $1,000 Daily With ChatGPT / Automation (PROVEN TO WORK SYSTEM)

what's going on everyone Chase here and today we're going to be talking about making over ,000 a day with chat GPT and AI I'm going to give you a simple step-by-step system that you can get started with that's going to help you land New Leads on autopilot and we're going to be using robots and automated systems to send out millions and millions of messages let me show you really quick just how this is going to work and then I'm going to show you how you can get started for free and if you want to spend a few bucks I'm going to show you how to invest in this as well but it's completely up to you on how you want to do this my goal is to help you make a few dollars so that you can spend a little bit more money investing in the system because you can scale this to the moon and again this system is really really cool because you can get start with it today all right so first of all what we're going to be talking about is how to set up some robots that are going to send messages for you on autopilot and by the way if you want me to keep you updated on the system and all the tests that I'm running and everything that I'm doing just respond with the word yes in the comments right now let me know to do that and it also helps the algorithm by the way it helps me reach more people when you respond with the word yes so just go take a second for me and and respond with the word yes in the comments right now so here what we can see this is a robot that has sent thousands and actually millions of messages for me and it's doing this through contact forms so what we're doing is we're loading in lists of millions of contact forms and we're able to send out messages to websites that have contact pages on them and so instead of doing something like email marketing which is very hard to do these days because everybody's doing it what we're doing is we're actually sending messages through contact Pages because we're not hitting as many spam filters that way and so what we want to do is we want to come up with an offer so that when we send out messages using this method using contact forms we can sell that offer by generating leads to that offer now let me just show you this is one offer that we just set up the other day where we were asking if people wanted to sell their car and we're doing this for a car dealership they want to have more cars that they're consigning and so what we're doing is we're looking for people that are interested in selling um their car and all we're saying is hey if you're interested in selling your car let us know and we got I think like 10 different people that wanted to sell their car just from um about a day's worth of Automation and some people have you know Ferraris for sale some people have um Mercedes Teslas all these different cars and the car dealership that we're doing this for is very excited because now they have more cars that they can sell and they can make money off of I'll give you another example um this is another email inbox we have here and we were asking if if people would be interested in a lead service or um if they would be interested in paying us a commission for us to generate leads for them and they said yes we got a lot of yeses for that and then what we're doing is we're offering them a service like the one you're looking at here where we're generating them leads and we're just taking a commission from it and so there's so many different ways you can do this and you can actually use chat GPT to help you formulate what you're going to sell and what you're going to say and how you're going generate these leads let me show you how so first of all let's go over to scary tool bots.in to the checklist that I'm talking about here in the description of this video I'm also going to leave links to all the different things I talk about in this video in the description because there's a lot that you can get started with and I don't want to overwhelm you with everything in this actual video because you will get overwhelmed but let me go get the tool checklist so you can go and check it out all right it took me a second but here's the checklist you can see there's all these different Tools in here and again we can get paid to promote these tools so let's just take one of these tools up here this is um a couple of the tools we're going to be talking about today and let's go to the website and if we scroll to the bottom of the website we can and join the affiliate program which is free to sign up for and we're going to get a special link and then we can actually promote our links now one of the things we want to do though is we don't want to start just directly promoting links okay this is what a lot of people get wrong when they start doing marketing or contact forms or any sort of sales they go okay I got my affiliate link I'm just going to go and drive traffic directly that link you never want to do that what you want to do instead is you want to generate interest first so instead of going hey here's my link and then just sell sending people to that what you do is you figure out what would people be interested in around that thing so for example shifi is a AI video tool that allows you to generate videos on autop autopilot just by clicking buttons and so what I can do is I can log into this tool like so and there's actually chat GPT built into this tool if you don't want to go and pay for chat GPT on it on its website because it's similar pricing um and I can say okay here's the thing that this is please summarize this into an Outreach message offering a service around it okay now this is going to give me an idea on what should I actually say to the lead in order to get them interested in the tool that I'm going to be selling all right here's the message you can see it says Dear recipient name are you looking for a hassle-free way to create highquality videos we've got a solution for you our Cutting Edge AI video tool can generate professional videos with just a few clicks and then I can copy that and I can start sending it now the first thing you really want to do when you get started is you don't need to go and make sales right away everybody wants to make sales they want to make money tomorrow and the thing that you want to think about is how can I start generating the leads first because instead of trying to go and sell something you have to realize that you have to have relationships that want to pay you for things before you can actually sell things to them and so I would just start experimenting with the different messaging okay and that's what we do pretty much every day we we have about five different virtual private servers where we're sending out messages and we're just seeing what are people going to respond to the most and then once we figure that out then we can go and figure out what we want to sell but your biggest goal in the beginning is trying to figure out how you can get a lot of people responding to you so let's say we take this message and by the way I recommend only doing a few sentences if you make it too long people generally won't read it and so we're going to go to the tool here we're going to go to submission content we're going to take the um AI generated tagline or or question and we're going to say are you looking for a hassle-free way to create high quality videos we've got a solution for you um respond with the word yes if you're ready to get started okay now one of the other things you want to do before you start sending these is you also want to go and start uh setting up your emails because you don't want to send this on behalf of your email your email inbox is going to get flooded with autor responses so I would recommend setting up like a burner Gmail account or some sort of G some sort of email that you don't care about all these autor responses getting in so like for example this one here you can see 7,321 messages right so I don't want to have to go and and and deal with that on my main email inbox and that's why we're going to use a you know secondary email okay now there's other ways that you can do this as well where you don't have to necessarily go and just load in forms if you don't want to and by the way if you're wondering how that works you can go and buy pre-made lists of contact forms meaning that I can go over to um a website again I'll leave links to everything in the description but I can go to a website and I can go and buy 13 million pre-checked contact forms okay it's a little bit expensive to get 13 million it's probably going to cost you like a th000 bucks but if you were to just get let's say you know 2 million contact forms that are pre-checked ready free to start sending to it's only like 90 bucks okay so it just depends on what you want to go and pay for and and by the way remember I told you earlier you can do all this for free if you just go and start finding websites that you want to go and message right so if I went for example to Google and typed in I don't know best car dealerships in California I can find a bunch of websites with contact pages and I can just start messaging them through their contact pages but that's going to take a very long time right for me to go through and fill all these out and that's why we would use something like this now if you don't want to go and buy premade lists though you can just go scrape it yourself and there's all kinds of different tools that'll allow you to scrape these lists right there's uh GSA there's scrape box there's um Phantom Buster if you want to scrape social profiles for their websites it's just up to you but if I click on new here I can go and start scraping any type of a website so I could go best car dealerships California right and then I can add some more keywords in here and by the way we can have chat GPT recommend the topics that we scrape or we can use our other tool shine ranker that uses AI to collect topics and we can just load in a list from there so it just depends on how you want to actually scrape these and and I could go into a full other video showing you how to scrape but if I type in AI or car dealership ship California maybe just car dealerships in general so this will use Ai and chat GPT to enrich the keyword data the topic data it'll show you the things that people are searching for the most and we can take all of those topics that we get we can export them and then we can load them into GSA so let me see these are all all AI topics here um I'm going to go like this or AI enrich topics I can go like this I can go to export and just copy to my clipboard go into here add import from clipboard and now I have all these things that I can scrape and I can click on okay start and scrape and then it'll start finding all these websites that are listed for what we just talked about and then I can start sending messages to them now again it's going to take a while for me to go and generate you know millions and millions of websites because right now we're just scraping the websites next we actually have to go and check if they have contact forms that we can send messages through and that takes a long time right and so if you don't want to go and spend all your time you know scraping data and you just want to go buy pre-made lists you can do that um but it's just up to you and then you can start sending messages um and then you can send whatever you want again if you want to send hey we're doing marketing if we're doing you could say we're doing video another thing we experimented with that had a really high response rate is saying that we have um a video service we made a video for your website and then what we do is we go into shiney we log in we go to the video generator and then we can just take one of the websites so let's say we took that car dealership website here we can go to the about us page we can take whatever is here on the about us and we can generate them a video with AI with chat GPT and AI that will basically be something they can put on their about us page and we could generate a video for each page of their website so there's all kinds of stuff we can do there's another another thing we can do is we can plug their website into the shine ranker um shine audit tool like so and we can start auditing the website and figure out what's wrong with it we can offer them a free report and then we can even have chat GPT Analyze This audit because with chat GPT 4 you can actually upload csvs and different files now and I can upload this CSV and have chat GPT recommend what we should tell them needs to be fixed so if I stop this crawl here I can download this CSV by clicking on export I can head over to chat GPT and I can up load a file and say hey analyze this file see this it's got a little uh clip now or uh paperclip and I can put this audit here and say this is an SEO audit please craft a message to the to the website owner saying what they should fix and how they sh and tell explain explain why they should hire us to do it now obviously you wouldn't go and send all these audits to everybody individually what you would say is that on your contact forms you'd say hey we already did an audit we already did an analysis of your website what you like to see it and if they say yes then you go and do this so you don't have to go do this for every single website so look at this based on an SEO audit for the website um certified Autos here are some key areas empty SEO scores missing uh ranked keywords metad description issues H1 tag not matching titles so we just took this and had chat GPT basically craft the message that we need to send to them and then it even pitches them on a service with us hiring us means investing in a team so you can see like you can go crazy with this stuff I mean really all it is though is getting the initial lead and that's why I was saying don't worry about selling stuff because that's the easy part just get the leads but if you use the system that we're talking about here to start bringing in leads you're going to be pretty Amazed by how fast you can start filling up email inboxes with these leads and let me just show you like this is one of them 7,000 responses here a lot of them are autor responses but we get a lot of leads here uh as well uh here's another burner Gmail 4,300 responses another one here um wait this is the other one 7,300 and this is only from like a day of Automation in fact what what I actually do is I have five different virtual private servers that are all running at once so I can go connect to any one of these five private servers and sometimes I'll connect to all five and I'll start sending out millions and millions of messages based on an offer right and and the offer is really again it's completely up to to you you can use chat GPT to craft and a message for any one of these tools right so if I wanted to go and sell Jasper which by the way just to show you that you know you could make a ton of money with with affiliate this is a tool that I made you know I think 20 or $30,000 off of just their affiliate program and I'm going to show you how often they actually pay me out I I haven't promoted this tool in like two years and I'm still getting checks for it $1,600 unpaid earnings look at this payouts look at all these payouts it's been going for over two years now thousands of dollars thousands of dollars and all I have to do is take the link that they give me the affiliate link right I copy the link and then I just get people interested in it and I can sell like a setup service on the tool I can set up or I can sell a um you know a affiliate service where I help them become an affiliate of the tool I can sell so many different things and really it's very simple I send a message I figure out I use chat gbt to generate a message I bring in the lead by getting them to respond with the word yes and then pretty much every day what I do is is I just wake up in the morning I go through my different burner emails and I see okay this P these people said yes these people said yes and then from there I can even use chat gbt to respond to the message and I think it's even built into Gmail now where if you don't want to use chaty BT itself um Gmail has a open AI plugin where you can just automatically write the responses with with the actual plugin and I don't even use it because a lot of the um time I'm just using the actual just chaty BT to write it because I don't think it really matters whether it's in the browser or not but um you can use AI to pretty much do all of this for you you just have to basically load the stuff in but yeah look at this I just loaded it in here chat GPT for email and then I don't know why it's taking all this time for me to click all this um but you get the point now I'm going to keep testing this stuff pretty much every day and if you want to stay updated with this again respond with the word yes in the comments another thing that you can do is you can go to the links in the description and if you join our shifi tool right there's a dollar trial you can go try it out you get shifi and shine ranker together for $1 um it's a 48 hour trial and after that I think it's like 90 bucks a month but we also will include you in our weekly training so we're doing a live training actually we're doing one today uh replays will be available and I'll be showing you behind the scenes everything that you need to do to get set up step by step we also have a dfy service uh where if you want to get set up with this we will actually set you up with your own private server we'll set you up with everything you need and you can choose what you want to get you know if you want to get really crazy and and and and get a lot of contact forms and you want it to run really quick you can pay some money um to do that or if you just want to do it really cheap and you only want the tool and you don't want to have to do a bunch of stuff um and you want to just you know experiment with just a few messages you can do that as well and it's a lot cheaper um but if you join our Discord server which I will leave in the description uh we have a Discord server it's free to join and you can ask questions in there uh you can message me if you're interested in getting the dfy set up but let me actually show you it's called make money online with AI um you can see here this is the free server and then this is the VIP chat this is how you actually get invited to the calls when you sign up for the dollar trial you get entered into the VIP and then you can join our live Zoom calls and be a part of the crew um but yeah that's pretty much it uh if you have any questions and or concerns let me know um I try to answer all my comments in the um in the comment section um and again if you're just happy to be here let me know any sort of Engagement helps me out helps the video out so again thanks for being here we'll see you very soon until we do happy M moneymaking we'll see you next time bye

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