EASIEST Way to Make $1,000 Per Day With AI / Chat GPT (Even if You’ve Never Used AI!)

what's going on everyone Chase Reiner here and today we're going to be talking about how to make over a thousand dollars a day with AI and chat GPT even if you've never used AI before so this is simple step-by-step process this is what I use in my own business to earn money you can see this month on stripe I've earned over eighty six thousand dollars and on PayPal it's probably about another fifty to sixty thousand dollars and just in the last 12 months you can see I've made 1.3 million dollars with a pretty automated system so I'm going to be showing you how to choose a product to promote if you don't have your own products I'm going to show you how to create your own content if you want to build content or I'm going to show you how you can use AI to build content and I'm going to show you how to attract visitors and leads from that content and follow up with them with chatgpt with automated emails okay so again if you've never made money before online with AI you're in the right place and if you want to see more videos like this in the future let me know by replying with the word yes in the comments and I'll know to make more content like this all right so let's start out with the first step which is going and choosing a product so I have a free list for you if you haven't seen my videos before you probably aren't aware of this if you have seen my videos and you probably already know about this but if you go to scarytoolbots.com you can go and enter your email and you'll get a list of different tools that you can get paid to promote and a lot of these tools use Ai and chat GPT and the way it works is most the tools if you click on them and you scroll to the bottom of one of the websites you will get something that says become an affiliate and when you click on become an affiliate you will get a link and that link whenever you send it to people and they sign up for the tool you're going to make a commission so for example this tool this is actually a tool that I've been building that uses chat GPT integrates with chat gbt and I'll show you more about this a little bit but if you go to the link the affiliate link click on sign up add your name you'll get a link and then again anytime you sign that link send that link to someone and they sign up through that link you're going to get credited okay so you can choose whatever you want on the list though it doesn't have to be my products you can choose any of these products a lot of them are great products this is one that I've actually promoted in the past if I scroll down to the bottom same sort of thing click on affiliate partners log in because I'm already a partner here you can see they owe me 4 247 and all I had to do was send this link to people okay so that's how you get a link that's how you get a product again choose whatever product you want it doesn't really matter and if you want to build your own products and promote those you can do that as well but if you don't want to have to put the time into building a product or having to maintain it or doing the customer support or any of that you can just go in from other people's products and for SAS or tools usually get about 30 percent for info products usually get about fifty percent okay so how are we going to get traffic to this offer how are we going to get people to click on this link so what we want to do is we want to follow a system let me bring up my notepad that allows us to create long form content and long form content basically means videos that are over one minute okay that you might be thinking well that's not very long anything under 60 seconds you get into a different type of algorithm on social media platforms so if it's under a minute you can go and get into the shorts feed right on YouTube or the reels feed on Instagram or you know Tick Tock so anything that's under a minute you're going to get into a different type of algorithm it's a different content feed basically and so if it's over a minute you're going to be basically competing with all the other people that are doing longer form content so like for example on YouTube this is a video I did recently and this video was about 20 minutes and so I'm competing with everybody that's creating long form content but if I clip a portion of this video and make it under 60 seconds now I'm in a different part of YouTube and I can post that content as well again on places like Facebook Instagram so on and so on and so the game here is if we can create long-form content that's over a minute like this we can clip portions of it minute long portions and we can actually get views on top of the views that we're getting for our long form okay now here's the thing a lot of people don't want to create their own long form content right and so one of your options is if you don't want to create your own long form content you can use my content if you go to viralvideovault.com I've set up a place for you to go and be able to just use my long form content and the cool thing is you don't even have to edit the content because you can use chat EBT and AI to actually go and edit your videos for you so I'll show you how to do that in a second but choose what you want to do create your own content if you do want to create your own content then you could use a tool that I use called obsproject.com this tool will let you it's a free tool you can download on Windows Mac whatever you could you can set up a screen record like what you're seeing right here or you can put your face in it and all you really have to do is click on the recording button but again I know a lot of people don't want to do their own videos so uh if you don't want to you go to viral video Vault and you basically just get a Google drive folder with all of my videos in it and you can just clip them now the manual way of doing this if you don't want to pay any money and you want to do this for free basically is you would do long-form content and then you would drag your long form content your recorded videos into a tool called cap cut and basically what cap cut does is it just automatically captions your videos and it helps you turn your videos into short form content like this okay and it's very very simple um you can take a 60 Minute or sorry you can take a 20 minute video and turn it into 60 second clips and literally just a couple minutes just by going into the video clipping portions of it and then clicking on auto captions and this will automatically add captions to your entire video okay so that's the manual way of doing it if you wanted to do it for free you would record your own content with OBS and then you would use cap cut to basically repurpose that content into short form or you could use AI video editing tools if you go to the sheet I told you about earlier and you click on this AI video editor basically it'll take a long form video and it'll use AI to be to to automatically cut different portions of that video and the cool thing about it is uh look at this I'll show you a couple of these I've actually experimented with if I go to shorts here on YouTube these two 1.4 000 1.6 000 this was from a video that I did um over here let me show you this is a long form video right there and then I plug this into that AI video editor tool and it basically automatically captioned the video like this it found where my face was in the video automatically took uh part of the video where my face was in it and cut that out and so it does a bunch of really cool stuff in just a couple seconds you don't even have to do anything and by the way if you want to see the full presentation I did on this go to aicashcourse.com I did a full step-by-step guide showing you basically how to do this um in real time it's like a 40 minute video so go watch that if you haven't already but whether you use AI or you manually edit the videos yourself it's completely up to you there isn't really a right or wrong answer the the biggest thing that you want to focus on is and and this is going to sound probably a little bit uh uh harsh but the biggest thing you want to focus on is not making excuses right and doing something every day and and practicing and and the reason why I say that this is so important is because most people 99 of people will not commit to doing something every day okay because it's hard I mean even today and a lot of the videos I do I don't want to do something every day right like it takes work you have to practice you have to commit you have to do something and so even if you're doing something small right even if you're going and clipping a 60 second clip out of cap cut even if you're using AI to edit videos and and upload them whatever you're doing you want to at least do something every day because it's doing something every day is is a hundred percent better than doing nothing and it's it's what makes the one percent of people the one percent because 99 of people will not do something every day okay um and again it doesn't have to be something big like even this video right now what I'm doing a 10 20 minute video it doesn't take that much effort it's the doing it it's making the decision to do it every day even if you don't feel like it right like I I have days where I'm tired I have days where I don't know what to say I have days where I don't know what to do I do it anyways I show up and I do what I say I'm going to do okay so that's also one thing I would recommend is make a list of things that you want to get done um I have different things that I want and I write them down every day so I want to go from what I don't know six seven thousand dollars a day to ten thousand dollars per day so every day I get up I write that down I want to get 6 000 visit page views visits per day to my uh offers so I write it down I want two shorts one long form per day so I write it down I want to Rolex so I write it down uh I want a thousand email opt-ins a day so I write it down the point is I write it down and the more you can write down what you want to do and what you want to accomplish the easier it is to just commit to it because I have the same things pretty much on my list every day right I need to do a long form per day but guess what there's days I don't do long forms because I'm like I don't feel like it I'll do it later I put it off and then I don't do it just do it okay all right uh where is that list that I just had we had it right here oh that's my to-do list so here we go so you can use AI to chat GPD to edit your videos with the tool I told you about or you can do it yourself manually and then what you're going to do is you're going to take the videos that you're making right so like let's say I showed you a second ago some of those videos that got traffic right and by the way I'm not the only one getting traffic like this there's a lot of people that um follow what I'm talking about here and they're with brand new accounts and they're taking content like this and they're posting it and they're getting thousands and thousands of views and they're making money they're making sales just by taking content like this and posting it but what you can actually do is in this content you can say hey go check out this right so let's say you want them to go check out um I don't know let's say aicashcourse.com right you can go put it in the comments here go check out AI cashcourse.com now what's going to happen is when somebody goes and clicks on that it's going to take them to an opt-in right so this is an email opt-in when they enter their email we can set up an automated email system to send them emails and the coolest part is we can actually use chat GPT to write these emails so remember how I told you about that tool earlier shine ranker so this is the tool that I've been putting tens of thousands of dollars a month into and this tool basically integrates with chat GPT so if I log into it let me go sign in really quick we can go to the chat GPT portion of the website or of the tool and clear the chat here and I can say write me out an email about why someone should buy R tool our shine rank or chat GPT integrated tool Okay click on that and then that's going to write out an email and so what's going to happen is we're taking that traffic remember how I showed you earlier we're going from doing the long form right to the short form we're posting that on a bunch of different platforms like Facebook Instagram wherever tick tock we're taking that traffic those views that we're getting and we're sending them to a opt-in like a link that link is going to redirect to our affiliate whatever our affiliate is and then when they enter their email we're going to set up automated emails sequences right that get sent out and close people on this tool we can use chat GPT to do that so look at uh I hope this email finds you well as a business owner you know how important okay so I can copy all that like that and then I can use a tool like convertkit and you can use whatever you want there's a plug there's a ton of different um AI or email tools out there this is the one I use you can use system.io you can use there's some just look up email crms it doesn't really matter as long as you can send emails and then what we can do is we can start building out like this one and automate it email sequence so I click into here click into here and so basically if somebody signs up for an email opt-in I can click in here and I can actually paste this or add a new one let's just do a new one go like this paste and boom now we have an email and we can start sending links to people right so that's just kind of the first part of this right this is kind of the tip of the iceberg what you can also do is you can even start ranking your content so uh with shine ranker here if I go to keyword research I can actually enter topics and I can say okay well I want to show up for different things on YouTube and Tick Tock and all these different places around making money online and so I can actually take that content that short form content and the cool thing about short form content is a lot of people aren't competing for it right now because they don't understand how to do it right they don't know how to do this system most people haven't figured this out yet and so what we can do is we can say okay well we want to rank for secret websites to make money and then we can take content from the the viral video vault turn it into short form content and then we can say in our video Let's show up uh for secret websites to make money we can optimize our video around that okay so again if you want to see the full system this is kind of just like a brief overview of how it all works if you want to see the full system head over to aikashcourse.com basically what we do here is we walk you through everything you need to do to get set up with making money with AI and this is a full presentation I did basically showing you how to make your first hundred dollars per day with chat GPT and tick tock and uh yeah I think you'll really like it we have live classes inside too if you want to get into them uh basically the live classes kind of show you what you need to do to get started we have a full checklist as well that kind of gets you set up with uh the system whether you want to do it yourself or hand it to somebody else but again I talk about all of that in the presentation uh go check it out aikashcourse.com but that's it for today thanks for stopping by we'll see the next one till then Happy money making see you bye

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