EASIEST Way to Make $1,000 Per Day With AI / ChatGPT (Even if You’re a Beginner)

what's going on everyone my name is Chase Riner and today we're going to be talking about how I completely automated my income with chat GPT and AI now I'm going to give you a simple step-by-step system that you can get started with even if you're a complete beginner and I'm going to show you how I went from making only a few th000 a month to a few thousand a day this is going to be something that if you've never seen it before you might be a little bit shocked about how easy this is but I'm also going to let you know that I'm not guaranteeing that it's going to work for you overnight this is something that you have to put some time into you got to put some effort into and eventually you can earn a ton of money with this so this is my stripe account you can see today I've already made over $1,000 yesterday over $2,000 and this is just on stripe if you check my PayPal account as well you'll see that I made probably somewhere around $3 to $4,000 yesterday again if you want to get started with this you're probably going to expect to start making over a couple hundred a day and then scale from there is it going to happen though uh by tomorrow probably not because again you have to learn the process so how are we going to actually earn money with AI now ideally what we want to do is we want to start out by finding something that we can sell now I've actually put together a full free checklist at scary toolbot and this is a bunch of different tools that you can actually get paid to promote now you can promote whatever you want it could be a tool it could be a service it could be a course it does not matter because with this system I'm going to be showing you how you can pretty much sell whatever you want but I would recommend that you just choose something that you want to sell now if you're going to be selling somebody else's products then you're going to get something called an affiliate link and the way an affiliate Link Works is you're basically going to to go to one of the tools you're going to sign up for their affiliate program and then they're going to give you a link that you can use in the content that you're going to be creating with AI and you're going to earn money with those links so let me just show you an example of a tool that I've gotten paid to promote in the past this is an AI content writing tool and if I scroll to the bottom of this website I can click on become an affiliate or affiliate program and this tool will give me a special link that I can use and I will get paid to promote now I've probably earned I don't know a few thousand a month for the last few years with this tool and I've only promoted it a few times and I promoted it a long time ago so if I go to payouts here I can see I've been getting paid $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 for a long time now the way you're going to start earning a ton of money is not just by promoting one tool but by diversifying your income you could have 10 to 20 tools like this paying you out every single month and as you get more tools paying you you're going to be able to earn more money now how do we actually go and sell these tools well what we're going to do is we're going to use this formula basically if we can get views we can get leads and if we can get leads we can get sales and if we can get sales we can earn money but the first thing we have to figure out is how do we get views so I've completely automated My Views by using AI now there's tools that you can use if you want to use AI tools and there's also a way to do this manually but it just takes longer now I've actually built an AI company that builds videos for you if you want to use an AI clone of yourself in an automated way to make videos that get views here's an example of one of the videos let me just play one of them so you can hear it step into the exciting world of AI let's unleash the potential of making money online with your AI clone imagine having a twin who's working tirelessly for you 24/7 that's your AI clone create an AI clone of yourself so this is just a short video which by the way I recommend you do short videos because they bring in a lot of leads and then I recommend doing long form videos if you want to bring in sales because long form videos like the one you're watching right now are great for selling things short form videos are great for bringing in leads and I'm going to show you how in just one second but I'm going to show you how you can go and make videos like this with our tool or if you don't want to use our tool you can also make these videos manually sorry I had to turn off the fridge in the background I got to fridge full of drinks and it makes noise so let's talk about these videos though how do you actually get views with them now what you ideally do is you download one of these videos or you create one on your own and then you go and post these videos on places like Instagram YouTube Facebook and more now here's a Instagram profile that I own and I own many Instagram profiles by the way because the cool thing about this method is that you can promote these videos on as many different social media platforms as you'd like and as many profiles as you'd like and you don't have to have a ton of followers to start getting views we have tons of examples of people using AI content to start bringing in views even if they don't have a ton of followers and that's what's great about the short uh algorithm or short form algorithm on most of these platforms is They Don't Really require you have to have a ton of followers to start getting views so here's an example of some of the content you can see we have 26,000 views on this one 45,000 and we're experimenting with a lot of different type of content okay it doesn't really you don't really have to have one type of content to be able to get views you could actually if you felt like it you could just make the content yourself it's really up to you but here's an example of a bunch of different videos that we're testing out some that are shine ranker or shiny and some that we're doing ourselves here's a few that we made with our tool you can see 10,000 views 4,000 views 2,000 views 3,000 views and we even have users that are using R tool and AI content to get millions of views on some of their videos now let's talk about the different options you have when it comes to creating these types of videos so first of all you can create the video yourself you can have ai create the video and you can kind of Stitch the content together if you want to do it manually I'll talk about that in just a few moments and then you can also use R tool shine ranker uh SL Shin ify we're actually rebranding it to go and build the content for you with just one click uh this option costs a little bit more money it's about 90 something dollars per month to use our tool and if you get the annual plan it's significantly cheaper if you pay for the year I think it breaks down to about 40 bucks a month or something like that I'll leave links to all the different options Below in the description and uh those are the three main options okay so if you do a video yourself you basically just pull out your phone and you start talking about whatever these um videos are about right so whatever you're selling so if you're going to be selling an AI tool you would create a short form video about an AI tool now instead of going and creating the video from scratch what I would recommend is just go to one of the videos that you're going to see on Instagram or Tik Tok or whoever's getting views for the thing that you want to get views for and you would just go and replicate that video so that's option one option two and you just use your phone phone for that option two is you'd use AI to create the video now how would you do that well you can actually transcribe these videos uh Tik Tok allows you to transcribe videos so does YouTube and you can take the transcription and you can plug that transcription into a tool called 11lbs and 11 laabs will actually go and clone your voice so if I go to 11 labs.

I can upload a clip of my voice and then I can use text to speech like this to go and get an audio file once I get the audio file I can head over to another tool like mid journey to go and start generating images for me and I can eventually once I get all the different things I need the images the audio files and the uh captions which I can get from cap cut I can pull all of this together and I can have a video but if I don't want to do all this stuff myself I can always head over to shiney or shine ranker and I can just go and use the tool to go and build this just by clicking on a few buttons and clicking on generate now we have step-by-step videos inside of shin ranker by the way if you click on Shin ranker VIP you can watch the full uh checklist the walkthrough that you get when you get the tool and it'll actually take you through step by step how to go and set up the tool so you can just start doing oneclick AI videos but again the choice is yours however you do it though again just choose a way of getting get views and the and the best way to get views in my opinion is literally just go find a video that's already trending and go replicate it okay now in my case what I actually do is I just do the intros to my videos so I'll go and record an intro saying hey if you're not using AI you need to get started today and then I have somebody go and clone my voice with 11 labs and then they actually go and make the video for me and the reason why we do it that way is because we do uh like step by-step tutorials on our videos and so you don't have to do that but if you wanted to have somebody go and make the content for you you could do something like hire a VA to go and do that for you how do you hire a VA well you can go to something like online jobs.

PH and you can go find somebody that you can pay to work for you if I go to look for talent here I can type in virtual assistant search and you can see here uh this person is willing to work 4 hours per day at $3 an hour for $264 per month okay now this is only if you start making some money I recommend you do everything yourself until you make a few bucks and then I would take that money and I would reinvest it into people that will do things for you and then you start automating at a higher level the reason why I don't really have to do anything anymore is because not only have I automated what I'm doing with AI but I'm actually having virtual Assistance or vas go and run the tools for me run the automations for me and so we'll get to that later but just know that you don't have to really do anything once you get this process set up all you have to do is really just monitor what other people are doing so either way let's say you start getting some views now when you get views you want to send people somewhere now where I recommend people to go is to a landing page so in some of the videos let me actually just break down the video for you so you can see what I'm doing here I'm telling people to go to a a few different websites and when they go to a website I'm actually capturing my visitors information so let me just play this for you so you can hear it hold on if you're not using AI to make over $1,000 a day you need to stop what you're doing and watch this video I made $1,000 yesterday using so notice that's my AI voice that's not me talking only Ai and today I'm going to show you how you can make money too first go to scary toolots okay so I say first go to scary toolots now when somebody goes to scary toolots docomomo whether it's a tool or a boot camp or anything that I'm wanting to sell I can sell that to the people that enter their email and remember it's very important to get people's emails and it's very important to get leads because if you don't it's very hard to sell to them just from them watching a 10-second or 30 second Tik Tok video or YouTube video right.com and download this free checklist it's a full list of AI tools that you can get paid to promote each tool will provide you with a special link that you so as you can see this is kind of just a summary of what we're talking about here I'm just kind of showing them how this works but in the video that you're watching right now I'm breaking it down even further so that way when I'm selling something right if I'm selling something in this video I can say hey I know you watch the short video here's the long form showing you exact like a little bit more about how it works and then I can go and sell the full solution which by the way here's the sale pitch right here if you haven't joined our boot camp we have a six week boot camp so if you really want to learn and you don't want to just watch a 20-minute YouTube video like the one you're watching right now and you want to like have us go and walk you through step by step everything you need to do from A to Z to get this set up you would join our six we intensive boot camp with um recordings so you don't have to join all the classes but what you would do is you would be on the zoom calls if you want you can ask questions or you just watch watch the recordings and we're going to be walking through every single thing that you need to do step by step to get set up with this will use to promote it now to get millions of visitors to your link we will use an automation software called now notice when they go to shine ranker they also have to enter their email so I have multiple options to get email addresses and again the reason I do that is because just getting people to watch a 30 second video is not going to make any money and I always say this you can't take views to the bank Bank you can only take leads and sales to the bank so if you want to make money you need to make sure that you convert the people that are watching your videos into leads sh ranker this software will create unique videos to drive traffic to get access to it go to shin ranker.com and then it just kind of shows how the tool works and how to use AI to generate content okay so remember you don't have to completely replicate the videos I'm doing you can get a ton of views just going and generating AI videos and telling people that they can go generate videos with AI as well there isn't really a right or wrong way to bring in views this is kind of more optional and it's more up to you so choose how you want to bring in views and by the way there's also another tool that you can use if you don't feel like going and posting all these videos yourself you can use a tool called radar which we will be showing you how to use inside of the boot camp but if you use radar you can connect social media channels to this tool and you can go and publish on social media without actually having to be on social media all day and you can see this is reddits because a few of these didn't post but all these other ones did you can see this automatically posted content to all these different social media platforms without me ever having to be on social media so I've actually uninstalled social media from my phone because I don't have to be on social media and it's really great because a lot of people think that they have to be on social media all day in order to make money they don't you can automate all of this you can have somebody post your content for you create your content for you post your content for you and you can have tools do this and you can schedule out all your content like you can really really automate this where you're not really doing anything except just making sure the the thing is running okay so you get your content out you get your leads and once you get your leads you can start getting some sales how do you get sales you start sending out emails so for this I use a tool called convertkit convert kit allows me to gather leads and it allows me to send out emails every day about the things that I'm selling so you could see I'm selling the boot camp right now uh if I wanted to send out a new email which I probably will about this video I could say right here new video about how to use AI to automate your income and I can go and send this off to all the people on my email list which I have over 200,000 people or about 200,000 people on my email list and so if I just keep repeating this over and over and over eventually I will start getting people to buy whatever I'm selling and remember I can sell whatever I want I don't have to be limited to selling my own products I could be selling other people's products however if I want to sell my own products I can do that as well if I want to sell a service I can sell that if I want to sell coaching calls I can sell that if I want to sell I mean it's really up to you and a lot of the things that I'm making money with are different things that I've just sold in the past so I've sold subscriptions I've sold Services I've sold courses I've sold all kinds of things you name it and now because I have all these different reoccurring payments coming in whether it's from affiliate tools or my own products or whatever I'm selling I have an automated income that I can sit back and relax on and then I could kind of just choose what I want to do you might be thinking Chase if you don't have to do anything why are you doing this video because I have nothing else to do I want to do something right you got to your life starts to go from I have all this I have no time to I have all this time and now I need to figure out something to do and so I just choose to do videos still because if I don't I'm literally just sitting on the couch doing nothing okay so uh maybe that's what you want to do but it's not what I want to do so that's why I'm doing these videos still but either way I will also be doing this brand new boot camp and if you're not in it you really should be uh I'm going to give you the link in the description but I think it is right here let me see if I can pull it up for you so inside of this uh boot camp what we're going to be doing doing it's a sixe boot camp and uh basically what's going to happen is you're going to join our uh classes you're going to be joining our calls and we're going to be doing two calls a week and inside of those calls what we're going to be doing is we're going to be just walking you through everything you need to set up the system okay so I'm going to be coaching in there I have some coaches that are going to be coaching in there and we're going to show you step by step how to get set up with your email optate we're going to be showing you how to get set up with AI video we're going to be showing you how to get set up with radar and an automated system we're going to be showing you how to get set up with everything how to send your emails how to how to earn money promoting tools how to get your affiliate links and a lot of people ask me you know Chase do I need uh to pay for anything besides the boot camp no we're going to show you how to do this manually and then you can kind of choose if you want to invest money in the different things we're going to be talking about but you can get started with this without paying any money in fact you can get started right now uh to today just by going and doing content if you can just go and start doing content getting views you can start bringing in money and by the way that tool convert kit they give you up to 500 emails for free so you could start doing content and building that list very quickly with that now this is a brand new boot camp it's not being offered to um any of our current um like we're not giving it away to anybody some people ask well Chase if I bought from you in the past do I get this no because we are doing this as a brand new thing separate from everything anything else we've done and I've went in and and hired coaches I've went and hired um people to come in and teach these classes and it's not just about AI video it's also about other things as well we have some really cool secret stuff we're going to be sharing with you in here uh along with some um brand new updates on contact forms uh we have a guy in there that's very very skilled at um I don't want to ruin it for you but we got some really cool stuff in there that's that's going to be a part of it as well so either way go join it I'm going to leave a link to this uh boot camp in the description of this video and I hope to see you in there I'll also leave links to all the things I talked about today and I hope you learned something if you did let me know reply with the word yes and I'll see you in the next video till then Happy moneymaking we'll see you bye

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