EASIEST Way to Make $1,000 Per Day With AI / ChatGPT (Here’s How I Would Start OVer)

what's going on everyone my name is Chase Riner and today we're going to be talking about how I earn over $1,000 a day with AI and how I would start over if I had to begin with no money and I didn't have any sort of system in place so I'm going to talk about the step-by-step system I'm going to show you some tools that I use and I'm just going to show you exactly what I would do if I were to start all over so first thing I want to talk about is understanding the formula so basically what we want to do is we want to automate this formula here we want to be able to generate views that turn into leads that turn into sales that turn into money now how do we do that first thing we have to do is generate views now to generate views it's pretty simple you can go out and do content yourself or you can use AI to do it for you now how do you use AI to do it for you it really depends on how much you want to automate you can use AI or chat GPT to build you a script and then you can go make the video yourself you can use AI to go generate images for a video and then you can just do a voice over you can use AI to generate a voice so the voice does the voice over and you can use an editing tool to edit all of this together if you just want to be completely faceless and do none of it and just have chat GPT do all of it for you or you can use a tool called shiny which is a that I've built that will pretty much do all of this for you in one click but let me just show you kind of the different options here and then we're going to talk about going from bringing in views to bringing in leads so chat GPT to build a script if we head over to the chat GPT website or we head over to shiny this is the tool that again I've built we can go to the AI chat feature or again we can go to chat GPT it's pretty much the same exact thing so when I go into AI chat here I can type something in like please how explain how to build an AI clothing company it will give me an output and I could use this output as a text or as a script that I can either speak myself or I can plug into another tool called 11 laabs now 11 Labs is what we would use to clone a version of our own voice and if I'm going too quick here let me just break it down really quickly in this text notepad so remember AI can build us videos that bring views okay now if we use chat GPT to build us a script right we go over to chat GPT and just type in build me a script about how to make money with AI for a Tik Tok video click on enter this will go and build us that script now it takes a few seconds but once it loads it will give us that script now when we take that script script we can either speak it ourselves by pulling out our phone and we could speak it into our phone and say hey guys this is the script I got I'm just reading off of it and talking on my phone here's how you earn money with AI or what I can do again is I can take that script that it gives me and I can plug it into 11 Labs now if I go to 11 Labs again here we go I just plug it in here copy and paste click on voice there are pre-made voices these are all AI pre-made voices that I could try out so for example I can click on this one click on generate and 11 Labs will generate a voice and again a lot of these things take a little bit of time asterisk asterisk identify your Niche and you can see it said asterisk asterisk because we at we left that in there decide on the type of clothes you want to sell and your target market this will help guide the develop so you can kind of see what we're talking about here it'll generate the voice we can click on add voice as well add generative or cloned voice instant voice cloning and I can upload a clip of my voice if I have a video clip or an audio clip I can add that into this tool and then I can actually clone my voice once I add it in and I go back it'll be added in here as one of my voices and then it will go and clone my voice let me just click on generate again so you can hear what it sounds like with my voice decide on the type of cloth you want to sell and your target market this will help guide the development now by the way the first time you make these voices they might not sound completely accurate you might say oh I don't like the way this sounds and that way you kind of just add separate versions of that voice till you find one that you like but here again you can see here's a script that it gave us this gave us a little bit more of how it actually should look as well camera on the speaker enthusiastic tone hey Tik Tok ever wonder how you can make money with artificial intelligence and then it goes to the next one and then it goes the next one right okay so you get the point now if I wanted to go and manually add images on top of this audio I can use a tool like mid Journey or there's another one called Leonardo and I can go generate images I'm not going to get into all of that because I actually don't recommend that you go and do that if you're already this far down the rabbit hole if you're going to go and build the script with chat GPT and you're and you're going to use 11 labs to do the voice and you're going to do the images it's much easier and affordable to just go sign up for shiny click on AI video tools video generator and then you could just start generating images and videos Within a oneclick system so the way shine ify works if I just go into this script here or idea I can say make me a video about a walrus or a seal fighting a cat and click on generate now you can see it says it costs four credits you get 10 credits with a free account with the monthly account I think it's about 250 but if I click on generate here it will go and start generating the video so it'll create the script it'll create the audio it'll create everything that it needs to do now if I preview one of these and I press play um let me do the one with the seal and the cat right here witness a unique bout in the natural world a seal versus a cat observe the curious intera now we're actually using an AI Avatar in here um which is optional you don't have to have the AI Avatar but you could essentially clone your own face into this app as well if I click on Avatar I can add um an AI Avatar or an upload an image of myself if I go to voice I can choose different voices including my own voice if I go to music I can go and select different music so this tool does a lot of really cool stuff and by the way we're doing free coaching calls for this tool um if you'd like to get somebody on the phone to just kind of walk you through how this tool works I'm going to leave a phone number in the description of this video so you can go and send us a text or call us and we'll actually walk you through um for free uh how to get started with this tool all right so that's the basics to how you would start getting some views right well at least how you would generate the videos now once you start generating these videos what we can do is we can click on download this will give us the video and what I recommend is we start posting these videos on different platforms now what platforms would we want to post on I recommend we stick to in Instagram res Facebook res YouTube shorts and Tik Tok now I get this question sometimes Chase what if I don't want to do the AI videos what if I just want to do regular videos just with me and them that's totally fine you choose what you want to automate okay so for example I'm doing a long form video right now that I could probably automate with AI but I just think it would be a better video if I did it myself and at some point you want to figure out what you want to be respons responsible for as well so I sometimes do the long form videos like this I sometimes Outsource and by the way you don't have to use AI to to automate everything you can also use um virtual assistants or people that you hire to help you automate right some of my other videos on this channel are other people teaching so you just want to figure out what parts do you want to be responsible for and what parts do you not want to be responsible for and what are you willing to pay okay the cool thing about AI tools is that they're very inexpensive our shifi tool to be able to run uh videos with 250 credits a month which I think is like what is that 50 videos 100 videos not sure um but you get a lot of videos and and you can top up the credits and I think the top Up's actually even cheaper than that but it's only like 90 bucks a month some somewhere around 90 to 100 bucks a month okay now if you were to go build all those videos yourself to go and build let's say 50 videos for Tik Tok and YouTube and Instagram and all these places you're probably looking at over $100 of your time at least right if you were to go work a normal job and let's say work you know five hours you could make a 100 bucks pretty quickly now if you were to go do 50 videos this might take you three or four days to do and if you don't believe me part of the reason I built this tool is because it was taking me so long to do all these videos If you go check out my live streams you can see about I don't know five or six months ago before before we built this tool I was going and manually editing all these videos and uh it was taking me a really long time it was taking me like every live stream I was doing this like an hour to two hours just to do like one to two of these videos okay so how do you post to these now what I recommend is you either manually post or use a tool like radar now just to put things in perspective we're actually building our own tool let me show you what this looks like we're building our own scheduling Tool uh it's going to be called schedul ay and this tool will basically schedule out all your content that you generate um or that you create so that way you don't have to go and manually post this between all the different platforms every day okay because one of the hardest things to do once you generate the content is go and post three times a day between each platform if you go if you had to go post on Tik Tok three times a day YouTube shorts three times a day Facebook reals three times a day Instagram real right it that takes a while and and what we're what we're doing is we're figuring out how to use AI to help schedule the content AI is really good at figuring out what people want and so we're going to use AI to analyze analytics of our users and see when is the best time to post okay let's say it's 9:00 a.m.

10:00 a.m. and 1 p.m. which by the way posting the morning usually does better um especially when you're trying to sell to these leads because when you post in the morning or to the afternoon by the time it's like 2 3:00 um you know it starts to get later and later the later you wait to get on the phone or to sell to these leads the more they start to die out so you want to sell early on do content early on because it's easier to sell when it's early in the morning people are awake they had their coffee and they're ready to go they're ready to start you know buying stuff and getting uh situated with whatever you're selling so you can use AI to help schedule that um and by the way all of these things that we talk about every single thing in this system if you want we have a six- we boot camp because obviously I'm not going to teach you all of this in 10 minutes 20 minutes right this is a long process I've been working on this process for close to nine years and so we have a six- week intensive boot boot camp where you can jump in right now you can join our live calls we have live calls scheduled uh I believe it's Tuesdays and Fridays um and you can also watch the replays um so you can go through and catch up on whatever classes you've missed okay so I do recommend that if you want to go through the uh intensive boot camp because we really make things very granular and we dive very deep into each of these things but if you want to go learn these things yourself right like I'm showing you here you know learn chat GPT learn how to do um AI image generation AI voice generation cap cut all that stuff you can do your own research and figure it out I figured it out all myself it just took a long time and I'm telling you this is the process that you would use but if you don't want to go figure it all out yourself I would recommend you go join that boot camp and I will leave links in the description okay so once you start automating your content right let's say you do some AI videos you schedule out the content on places like Instagram Facebook you know YouTube Etc you might say to yourself well I don't have any followers Chase how am I going to get views the the way the short form um algorithm works is that you don't really need followers to start getting views I've seen people with 10 followers go and get a million views um within like their first few posts how does that work it just does it it that's the the way the algorithm works the um the days of needing like links and you know signals from social platforms and whatever you know followers you have to realize the internet grows it doubles every year right the the uh the amount of content and so it's harder and harder for people to see content because of how much more content there is and so the the short form algorithm is really dis dispersing a lot of content to people right now because the videos are only like 15 to 30 seconds so it's your chances of getting seen here is a lot higher in short form than it is on any other platform um like long form or um Google or you know blog posts the easiest way to get views right now without a following is hands down short form content okay now there are ways that you can actually acquire Brands and that's what we do where we actually reach out to different profiles um and we offer them we say hey how much would it be for you to sell your brand to us your business and some profiles will get for $500 some will get for you know $5,000 it just depends on what the people are willing to sell their um brands for and what they're willing to um you know what they're willing to do for us so we have a lot of profiles that are actually bringing us in even more views because when we schedule out our content we can schedule them out to these new brands that we acquire almost every week okay now what I recommend is when you're generating videos or when you're doing videos you want to have a CTA a call to action in the videos what does that mean we need to have some sort of um button or text or some sort of um link where we say hey if you're interested in learning how to do this thing that we're talking about or if you're interested in this thing make sure you do this right so if this then that right so if you want to learn more about AI send me a text and part of the reason why we're doing this coaching program right if if you go and send us a text on the number I'm going to give you in the description and you want to learn more about our our app and our shiny tool and whatever we're doing yeah we're going to be giving you some free help but maybe that free help goes and turns into a sale because you go hey I really like the video Chase did I really like the help that Chase's team gave me I want to go and buy this tool and so what I recommend is that if you don't have a lot of leads and you don't have a lot of um money coming in uh not only doing short form content don't just start doing short form content but do a call to action where you get people to start sending you a message send me a text or call me okay now when people call you or send you a text all you have to do is walk them through whatever they saw so if they if the short form video they saw said um the easiest way to earn $1,000 a day is with AI and all you have to do is click on this button use this tool then and then you say give me a call or text me and they say hey I want to learn more about this all you have to do on the call is say hey you saw the video let me show you how it works and then once they see how easy it is then you can sell them on that thing okay cool it's you know 100 bucks now for example if you were selling shifi right let's say you went and learned our tool shiny and you wanted to actually make money with this process selling our tool but you could sell uh this process um for anything right it doesn't have to be for AI tools it could be for Real Estate could be anything anything that people need um to be able to generate leads with AI right which is pretty much anything and by the way let me show you this video really quick with shiny the one that we just generated welcome to the futuristic monetization world of AI avatars picture this your AI Avatar can automate the handling of customer service inquiries now by the way this video we didn't turn on animations so it's not moving we didn't turn on the Avatar so it's just a basic video with just the um just the images here okay so you can kind of choose how you want to customize it but to the point that I was saying earlier you can get an affiliate link for this tool right so um when you go and sign up for this tool shiny uh there's an option to sign up as an affiliate and the way that works is you just go to shiny .

Um when you go to sign up there's going to be a a page for you to buy and then when you go to the page you just do a forward SLP partner at the end of the page and it will allow you to sign up for the affiliate program now once you sign up for the affiliate program you can start walking people through the tool and there's two different options for the tool there's a monthly plan which is I think is around $98 and then there's a yearly plan for sh shifi which is like around $49 $8 and now you get a 50% commission anytime you sell that to somebody else and so you could specialize in learning our tool or learning one of our tools if you wanted you don't have to I always tell people look if you don't want to learn our tool go over to scary toolots dcom this is a um list of different tools that I've put together for you that basically you can use to promote any of these tools so you could promote um shiny or any of these other tools you could specialize them and walk people through them and earn money on them so for example that radar tool the one I showed you to schedule out content you could show people how to use that tool and you could take an affiliate of it you could show people how to use um the other tool that I'm going to show you called many chat and you can get an affiliate from it and so you can actually use all these different tools to earn money um or you can just sell a service where you set up these tools for people there's so many different ways to earn money with these tools now the other thing I was going to tell you about is this thing called Min chat Min chat will let you automate the followup to people so if somebody says hey I'm interested in this thing um let's say they comment on your post many chat will actually automatically DM those people and send the messages and get them on the phone with you um but really the biggest thing is just using this process to get on the phone with people and start going for 10 20 leads a day um if you can't do that I'd be very surprised just because look at this we're in our company we're doing about you know 500 to 1,000 leads a day and we're not even doing paid advertising now obviously we've built this system for a while so we have a lot of leads coming in but if you don't have any leads coming in then you could start doing this and you could probably start getting some leads pretty quickly but you're you have to decide which parts you want to do do you want to do the videos yourself do you want to do the um calls yourself do you want to Outsource the calls do you want to do the content like uh the scheduling all that stuff you have to decide I'm just kind of showing you what's possible but anyways let me know if this was helpful if it was um give me a yes in the comments and I'll try to make more videos like this but um just updating you on what's going on and uh with our company and what's going on with our system again if you're not getting on the phone with people I really would recommend that you get on the phone and start selling um a system to people so that's it for today I'm going to leave links to all the things I mentioned in the in the description and I'll see you the next one till we do happy moneymaking we'll see you guys bye

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