EASIEST Way to Make $1,000 Per Day With ChatGPT / MIDJOURNEY (Even if You’re BRAND NEW!)

what's going on everyone my name is Chase Renner and today we're going to be talking about making over a thousand dollars a day with chat gbt and mid-journey so what we're going to be doing is we're going to actually be using chat gbd to generate Scripts for tools that we want to get paid to promote and I'm going to give you a free list of over 400 AI tools that you can actually get paid to promote in this video and then what we're going to be doing is we're going to be using mid-journey to actually generate background images for videos and then we're going to be using an AI cloned version of ourselves to go and actually talk in these videos so what we're going to be able to do with this is really really cool because we don't actually have to be in the videos ourselves this is actually an image of me with a automation again that runs in the background with different mid-journey images animations let me actually just play this for you so you can kind of see what it looks like if you want to make money online easily and quickly using Ai and chat GPT can be a great option you don't need any previous experience to get started here's how you can do it go to scary toolbots so I'm going to show you how you can do this you can kind of play around with it experiment with it right now this new Avatar function is about to get included in the system that I'm going to show you but you can make these videos literally just by typing a script and clicking one button so first of all to get started we're going to head over to scarytoolbots.com we're going to download a free checklist of different AI tools that we can get paid to promote so in here we got so many different tools these are all tools or most of them have something called a partner program or affiliate program that means you can go to one of the tools scroll to the bottom of the website or just type in the tool name on Google Plus affiliate program and most of them will have an affiliate program that you can sign up for and they'll give you a special link that you can get credited for anytime somebody signs up so all you have to do is get people to click on the link with these different AI generated videos that you're going to be creating and you can actually earn a lot of money doing this so look at this two thousand dollars unpaid earnings just from this one affiliate if I go to payouts here I can see in the last two years thousands and thousands of dollars getting paid out every single month and the idea here is that you're going to take one of these tools you're going to promote it with the videos and then you're going to go to the next tool and promote that one and so you're going to build up all this reoccurring Revenue just by promoting these different tools and the links that they give you so here's one of the links all I have to do is just get people to click on that okay now how do we do that so what we're going to do is we're going to use a tool called shine ranker to go and generate these scripts if you don't want to use shine ranker you can always head over to Google and type in chat GPT and just use chat gbt on there on their main site but if I go to login on shine ranker here I can go and use chat GPT within shine ranker and then I can also generate these videos within shine ranker as well but uh if you don't again want to spend the dollar that you would have to spend it's a dollar trial to go try out shine ranker then you can always go over to chatgpt and then I'll show you how to manually build these videos as well if you don't want to just click the button inside shine ranker to go and generate the videos so here you can see this is my past scripts that I was running through chat gbt what I'm basically doing is I'm taking one of the tools that I want to promote right let's say I want to promote this one system IO I can go look this tool up on somewhere like tick tock and what I can do is I can find trending videos let me just paste this in here system.io and right now I'm not signed into my account so I don't think I can see this here I might have to do a private search on tick tock let's do that system i o top it looks like I have to sign in when I when I look for a video though I go system.io what's going to happen is it's going to show me all the top videos right and then what I can do is I can click on one of the videos and I can actually copy the transcription so let's say this was a video about system.io sorry that was really loud I can go and right click on the video once I go to it inside of tick tock paste it in [Music] so loud and then I can go right here and there is usually a transcript button I don't think there's a transcript because it's just music here and I can just copy the transcript and paste it into chat GPT and I can have chat GPT rewrite it okay so let's say this is the transcription or let's say this is the transcription and you'll see that there's timestamps in the transcription what I can do is I can say rewrite this without the transcription and now we'll have a completely unique script that we can use that's already been proven to go viral that we can use to go and promote whatever tool we want now what I'd recommend is that you actually promote shine ranker itself because this tool gives you a 40 reoccurring Commission on anybody that signs up through the tool so you can get somebody to buy the one dollar trial you can actually get paid every time they pay for the tool so what you would do is you would take this script here you'd copy it and then here's the here's the way you would do it if you didn't have shine ranker you'd head over to mid-journey inside of your Discord server and if you don't have mid-journey just grab it at midjourney.com and then you go over to the mid-journey bot and you would do forward slash imagine and then you would type in a prompt so you would type in whatever the first thing is right so here are the five effective strategies to boost your conversion rate all right so that'll be the first prompt and that'll be the first image and then we would do imagine and we'd do the next prompt firstly implement it to click navigation system okay and we'd have to go and do each one of these oop I have to do forward slash imagine on that one but we'd have to do every single one of these prompts and eventually once we get enough images we would be able to drag these images into a tool like cap cut and cap cut not sure why this isn't running the prompt here let me try this again prompt imagine this there we go so you can see I got the first image I would download one of these images here I'd open a tool like cap cut I'd start dragging these images into cap cut but as you can see this is pretty manual it takes a lot of time and I'll be honest with you I used to do this before before we created this uh tool that did it for you I would actually manually go and make these videos like this so you would do this first one you would add an animation effect by clicking on effects put like some sort of Animation here on top of it but you can see it takes a while to do this right we got to go do that and then we gotta go do the text-to-speech so we know that use another tool called 11 labs and then we'd actually go and paste the script that we got from chat GPT into 11 Labs here and we'd go click on generate um we can clone our own voice if we want to in here but let's just use a pre-made voice here are five effective so I download that and then I would drag that into cap cut but again you can see like it this takes about an hour to two hours to do for each video now as you can see inside of our shine ranker tool I have a bunch of these videos already made um all I had to do was just upload the script in here custom script and then I clicked on generate and I was able to get these videos um this is what the new Avatar feature I was telling you about earlier this is still in beta but let me show you how some of these came out because I used the same script for each of them let's press on this one this one was with a robot Avatar here if you want to make money online easily and quickly using Ai and chat GPT can be a great option you don't need any previous exp okay and then this one if you want to make money online easily and quickly using Ai and chat GPT can be a great so these videos are pretty cool right because they actually get a lot of views you might be looking at this and be like well Chase why would I post these types of videos when I could just make the content manually well again remember this is one click and we're able to get tons and tons of um views on these like 3000 views four thousand views uh 10 000 views and these are actually without the AI avatars and then look at all the leads coming in here as well these are all people that are responding with the word yes they want to learn more and then we're using AI to actually automatically follow up with these comments as well I'll show you how we're doing that in a second so if you didn't want to use all this other technology what you would do is you'd head over to the AI video tools inside of shine ranker AI text to image you click on Advanced options and then you would paste your caption in here now you can see a couple of these video Generations failed it's because there are certain things that can go wrong with the tool if you have the wrong API key entered if you get some of the settings off you can you'll run into that problem and I'm going to actually probably make a troubleshooting video as well inside of the shine ranker VIP tab when you get inside of our tool there's a checklist here that shows you everything you need to do so I'm going to actually be updating these very soon to show you how to actually troubleshoot if you are running into any video generation errors but what I would recommend is just go into here and you can either type in an idea up here this will just give you a basic video or you can turn on Advanced options and you can start putting in um different API Keys which will actually allow you to do more custom type things like add your own voice if you don't want to use a pre-made voice it'll allow you to do more image image prompts so if you want a more unique video you can do animations so the video moves around and again I'm going to leave everything inside of the VIP checklist I'll actually be updating that today with some new stuff just to go and show you all of the new features inside of the tool but either way what you do is you basically type in your script and you click on generate and you will get a video like the one I showed you except again the avatars are not ready yet that'll be out soon right now you'll just get a video without the avatars which is basically just one of these AI generated videos with um mid-journey images okay but with the new update you will be able to put an avatar in here as well so you'll have that mid-journey images in the background with the Avatar in the front talking a bunch of cool stuff like that all right now what you do is you download these videos and then what we're actually using is we're using a system called radar to schedule these out so if I download let's say this video here I can go into radar and I can actually connect a bunch of social media accounts and what I can do is I can upload one of these videos so if I go here to this little green um button I can click on new post I'm going to go and drag that video I just got into radar here oh I gotta upload it as a real because this is going to be a real and it looks like am I doing the robot yeah I think I'll do the robot and then I can select all the social media channels that I want to post this to so I got a lot of different accounts here as you can see Instagram Facebook pages and I actually um have a lot of different accounts that I'm growing at once because instead of me trying to just go get a couple thousand views on my Instagram I'm gonna go and try to get a bunch of views you know a couple thousand views on 10 Instagram pages right it makes it so much easier for me to get you know 30 40 000 views when I'm posting to all these different profiles now I can call I can name my caption I can have Chachi PT generate this if I want or I can just paste the script that I put in here into the box so let's go ahead and see the script that we had here it is copy and we're going to go ahead go back to Instagram or no sorry radar and we're gonna put that there okay and we'll do hashtag AI hashtag chatgpt all right and now I can schedule this out to post later today or I can have it scheduled out to post right around now so let's just do in a couple minutes okay and you can see how I can start uploading all of my content in advance so I don't have to upload every day manually I can go and start making all this content so that I don't have to sit on the computer all day right I can sit here drink some coffee drink some tea and make all my videos for the week schedule them all out like this and I'm done okay and I can post all these different accounts now here's what's even cooler is when I start getting comments right because in all my videos I tell people to respond with the word yes if they want to learn more or if they want the link to the affiliate tool or whatever I'm promoting I can use another tool called manychat to actually automatically go and respond to all these comments so I can set up an automation here like this Instagram comment Auto respond you can see there's 12 000 of these sent so if somebody comments on my reel I can say hey it's Chase um get started with the full free training at this link or get started and then again the gets sent as a DM so um not only am I automatically responding to them to their comment like this but I'm also sending them a direct message with the actual link to the thing that I'm promoting so everything I do at this point is really really automated now on top of this I even have virtual assistants you can go to a website like onlinejobs.ph and you can actually hire people to go and run these automations for you okay um you just go search for talent type in VA and you can have somebody go and run the tool for you schedule out all of the videos in advance I'm actually not making most of these videos my team is my virtual assistants are and then they're uploading them here for me and then all I have to do is just click play the video make sure I like it and then click on schedule when I'm ready to schedule this out and post it okay so at this point I don't really have to do that much right it's all pretty automated and you can have this system too I'm actually again gonna be adding a lot more into this checklist here so that you can learn everything that you need to do we already have 140 videos in here I just need to clean them up a little bit but if you go to shinerinker.com you can grab the dollar trial just below this video it's right here just click on get the dollar trial you can also see all the people that are using this tool there's tons and tons of people that are using the tool and then if you type in forward slash partner at the end of this you can also get an affiliate link and you can actually get paid to promote this exact system now what's really cool is we actually give you a link where you can promote the home page or shine Rinker right so if you promote this home page here and somebody enters their email I actually have a fully automated system here where it will email the person that entered their email and I'll go and close them for you I have all these things set up where if somebody enters that email look at this they get this email then they get this one then this one then this one all these different emails and then when they buy it pulls them out of here and puts them in the next automation which you also get credited if they buy our annual pass which we actually have a yearly pass for shine ranker uh it's 4.97 a year which breaks down to about 40 bucks a month and you get unlimited use of the tool for 4.97 a year and so I'll do all this for you all you have to do is send people to that home page okay now if you want to get in on the monthly again go try it out for a dollar uh if you want to get on in on the yearly I'll leave a link to the yearly pass um that will uh probably expire pretty soon we're not going to have the yearly open forever um at that price because it is over 50 off I think it's actually more like 60 or 70 off so if you want to grab it you can go grab it again in the links below but if you're just on the landing page you want to try it out go try it out for a dollar if you don't like the tool I'll give you your dollar back okay you don't have to um keep the tool you can go try it out you don't have to have these apis to run the tool people ask me all the time Chase do I have to add these apis in here no no no they're optional you can run the tool without the apis the apis are really just if you want to add your own custom voice if you want more mid-journey prompts and everything else is you know pretty optional okay so uh let me know what you think I hope you enjoy the tool and I'll see you inside the training again go into this tab here shinemaker VIP and then while you're there make sure you join our group as well we have a few free groups that you can join a Discord group a Facebook group completely free and again if you don't want this tool if you if you go through some of the videos you try it out uh I'll give you your dollar back if you don't like it so I'll see you inside till I do happy money making see you next time bye

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