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what's going on everyone Chase with shifi here and today we're going to be talking about the easiest way to make over $1,000 a day with chat GPT and Sora now if you're brand new to the channel you've never made money online before don't worry you're in the right place I'm going to give you everything you need to do step by step to start earning money online and I'm going to show you how to automate the entire process so that you can bring in leads and sales without having to lift a finger now I'm going to show you a system that we've set up for our own company and then I'm going to show you how you can set this up for yourself as well and ideally you can get started with this today so let's talk about what you're going to need in order to get started so first of all you are going to need a way to create AI videos because what we're doing is we're creating AI videos using a few different pieces of Technology we're using chat GPT to create the prompts the scripts and to create the images because right now by the way if you're not aware of this Sora is not currently available to most people so that doesn't mean you can't do AI videos but what it does mean is that if you start putting in the right things the right steps you will be prepared for when Sora comes out now let me just show you um what some of these videos look like because these videos get thousands and thousands of views thousands of leads and they make sales for us on autopilot and so again we're using chat gbt to build images and build AI videos and this is the exact same process that you're going to use to create Sora videos when Sora comes out to the public and so let me just again show you what these videos look like we're going to pull open our Instagram page and by the way Instagram is where we actually get the least amount of views compared to our automated Facebook channels that bring in a lot more views but I just want to show you really quick what these videos look like so a lot of these videos here that you're seeing they're all made with uh AI every single video here so the voice is an AI voice the um scripts are AI the images AI um and the videos are all AI so let me show you this one this one we made yesterday and we're posting about 4 to five times a day on social media and these videos what we're doing is we're talking about websites that people can um get started with if they want to uh try out different AI websites that we can actually get paid to promote and we can siphon the leads as well by using something called redirects and I'll show you that in a second but let's just just watch this video really quick wait they do not want you to know about these five scary AI video tools shineiy.com will let you create AI videos like the one you're watching right now just type in a script and click generate that's terrifying scary tool bot.com will give you instant access to hundreds of AI video tools that you can get paid to promote don't tell anyone about that one the AI giveaway.com will pay you to perform simple actions that you can automate with Bots can you believe that the last website is more scary than all of these if you want me to send you the link reply yes to this video okay so let's talk about what's going on in this video first of all and we'll talk about how we're making money with this and then we'll talk about how we're automating these videos and then we'll talk about how you would use Sora to make these videos as well because again when Sora comes out these videos instead of them being images in each part of the video they would be AI video made with Sora so again putting all these steps in place right now is going to get you prepared so that when Sora comes out you can make videos like this that are going to bring you in a crazy amount of leads because just these videos alone we're bringing in thousands and thousands of leads a day just by automating these videos so first of all let's talk about what's in this video so as you could see we did like these top whatever websites top five websites now every single one of these websites we own the domains to each of these websites so the first website we own obviously shifi that that's our channel the next website we own which is a checklist that we uh have a email optin for and then anything that we mention in these videos we own the domains okay and so the idea is that you can actually uh talk about different websites but you own the domains right and what is that mean it means that let's say you want to get paid to promote 10 different websites okay and if you don't know which websites to promote by the way um if you head over to scary toolots dcom or you go to the link in the description um you can sign up for any one of these tools and you can get paid to promote them but instead of sending people to let's say shiny or uh any one of these websites what we what you want to do is you want to send them to a redirect domain and what is a redirect domain a redirect domain means that it's a site or a domain name a web you know a web URL with the whole point of the domain is just to redirect them somewhere so let's say somebody goes to uh let's take one of these redirect domains here AIS scheduling tool.com there's no website here the only thing that's here is a optin so we redirect them to an email optin page so they have to enter their email to grab this tool and then when they enter their email it takes them to the affiliate link that we can actually get paid for so when we do a redirect domain in these videos we get the leads we get the optins but we also get the Affiliates okay and so we're posting like five of these top videos top website videos every single day and the way we're able to do that is by using AI to automate the content now the results of this like I showed you earlier is thousands of dollars a day in sales but also it's thousands of leads and so email list is getting about 500 leads a day let me show you what that looks like and also our uh other channels like our many chat or our Facebook Messengers getting hundreds and hundreds of options a day and so between all of our assets we're getting over a thousand different types of leads every single day that want to pay for these different things we talk about look at this yesterday we got 625 leads these are people that are entering their email to learn more about our offer offers and so again you can do this exact same thing okay and you can even do this with brand new pages you don't have to have an established you might you might be saying well chase you have an established presence online okay but we're doing this with brand new pages as well um and the cool thing about this is you can do this with multiple Pages at a time and what I mean by that is in Facebook for example you can create as many of these Pages as you want look at how many pages we have we are posting to every single one of these different pages and even if one page only gets 100 views if we have 20 Pages well guess what that's 2,000 views and we can use tools and automation to schedule out all this content on all of these Pages for example this tool called radar will let us schedule out all of these posts so we can rake in all the leads and let me just show you one of the pages if I go to let's just say one of these Pages that's brand new it's a completely faceless page nobody knows that um we own this page right this is just a page that is called video creation rules and it's just a page that we built and we didn't send any emails about it nobody really knows about this page except for the people that organically saw our content but if we go to insights here again with a completely faceless page that we just started posting to without any ads or anything we can see the amount of views by going into here look at this in the last 28 days 106,000 post reach and or views and 10,000 engagements so that means either likes or comments so all these people on this Anonymous page are going to be going and checking out these websites um not all of them but a lot of them right and we're going to be getting those as leads but then imagine if we have another page I'll show you another anonymous page here we'll go to uh let's say this this one shorts makes money and again they're just named random things there's not really any sort of secret here we're just creating random pages with random names and look at this 347,000 reach 39,000 engagements in the last 28 days we'll look at this other page we'll check out shifi so imagine if you had 10 or 20 different pages that you're automating like this look at this 600,000 reach but all of these videos are AI we're not going and doing anything like crazy we're just doing these top five websites and then we're posting them on social media like four to five times a day and the tool we use allows us to post to all these different platforms at once like we could literally just click all channels like this boom now we're posting all these Tik toks as well okay so you don't have to just post on Facebook but we found that Facebook probably works the best so now that you kind of see how this process works let's talk about making some videos okay so open AI which is responsible for making chat GPT um and Sora uh is what we use to go and make these videos Okay so let's say we want to do the top five um websites for AI tools okay so what we can do is we can say we want image prompts we want 10 image prompts for these top five websites now right now I'm just showing you how to do this manually okay if you want to automate this just stick around I'm going to show you how to automate this in a second but we would take these you know whatever the image prompts are for the five websites we want to promote let's say it's this one and this one and so on and then chat GPT would give us all these image prompts right and then what we would do is we' go back to chat GPT after it gives us the image prompts and we would prompt uh each image basically right so we would say okay the first image is a dark Eerie background with a robotic hand holding a glowing orb okay so then we'd go here image prompt now if you're going to be using Sora uh ideally this is how Sora would work you would you would say instead of image prompt you'd say video prompt okay so the only thing that's really going to change when Sora comes out to the public is you're just going to change image to video okay now once you do the first image prompt let me just do this first one it's going to make us an image or whenever we get SORA it's going to make us a video okay and then we're going to go to the next one and we're going to go and make uh the next image or next video okay and so IDE after we do this we're going to have all these images that we're going to download and then we're going to plug into cap cut and um or whatever editing tool you want and we're going to edit it all together okay but this is going to take us a while especially if we want to do what five videos a day right so instead what you would use is something like shiny this is the tool that we've built and it's the tool that we're um planning on uh integrating Sora with so that when open aai releases Sora you're going to be able to automate all of these with one click or potentially zero clicks if you want to Outsource this I'll talk about that in a second but shiny to get started is $1 just go to shineiy.com enter your email um you're going to grab the dollar trial it's a 30-day trial uh you get like 10 credits for the dollar um that'll get you anywhere between like 5 to 10 videos on average depending on how long the videos are I'll talk about the credit system in a little bit but um go try it out it's $1 if you don't like it we'll give you a dollar back but you log in and then once you're in there's only really a few main tools here okay so first of all you have chat GPT right here so if you don't want to pay for chat GPT um shifi which is $27 a month for our base plan is basically the same as chat GPT so if you just want to use chat GPT through here and not pay for chat GPT you can do that it's the same exact thing um but otherwise uh we have these other two tools here called image to video and transcriber transcriber is really just so you can take a trending video and transcribe it and recreate it okay so I could take a video from our Facebook one of the ones that performed well let's say we took um one of our recent videos here like this one okay so we can copy the URL like so head over to shiny paste that URL in click on transcribe and then we will get a uh transcribed uh video okay now next what we can do is we can take the transcription click on Create and this will um pass the transcription to our video creation tool and so the way this tool works is it does everything that I showed you a second ago with chat GPT except instead of you having to um build all the image prompts and come up with the image prompts and do all the things that are required this just automates it with one click okay so how does that work so you put in the script whatever you want the video to say so let's say say these are the top five websites right um or it could be anything doesn't matter then what we can do is we can say okay we want a Tik Tok Style video uh a short form video which is 9 by 16 Dimensions you can also do landscape if you want to do a long form video um and then you can actually change your theme too so we' found that scary themes usually do better people seem to react more to the videos that are deemed as scary even if the videos aren't really that scary but let's say we want to do custom theme and we say we want make the images in the video scary okay now remember when Sora comes out we're going to change this prompt to we want to make the videos um in the video scary okay then we're going to do accuracy this just gives us more image prompts that's completely up to you um animation we're going to turn that on it just makes the video move around voice this is just um what voice we want to use we can also turn our 11 Labs API on and this will actually let us clone our own voice if we want to use our own um voice in the video if we want to use a voice clone and then music if we want music we're going to leave that off we're just going to click on generate and create and then what this is going to do because we enabled accuracy is it it's going to figure out how many image prompts um it needs and then it's going to ask us to do one more thing which is just make sure that that's how many we want we're going to click on create so once this video is done it'll take about 10 minutes now by the way you don't need to leave this um tool on you can actually um exit out of the browser come back and the tool will finish on its own and you can do up to three videos at a time so you can create a video then create the next one then create the next one all right so now that you're creating the video like I said you can come back to it um what we're going to do is just cover a few more parts of the tool just so you can see what's in here um right now we're actually adding updates in the tool so that there's going to be a AI video gallery and image gallery where you can actually um have these things shared on our actual shifi website and you can actually get even more views from our user base because we actually generate thousands of images a day and hundreds and hundreds of videos from our users so we thought wouldn't it be cool to be able to share these on the website so other people can see them as well just gives you more ways to advertise your top website videos or any videos you create now whenever your video is finished what's going to happen is you're going to get a preview so you can see what the video looks like and then you can go ahead and download it as well just by clicking on download but what I recommend is use something like cap cut which is a free tool that will do any extra edits you want to do inside of your videos because you might want to do different captions or add different music or do different Transitions and this is how you can really customize your video now is it necessary no you don't need to add um any extra stuff to the video but sometimes it is helpful and especially with the caption I'll just give you a disclaimer when you're doing captions inside of your videos on shifi or even in cap cut the platforms might not always get your captions correct so if I do create captions here automatically with cap cut uh it might misspell shinier it might misspell one of the websites and so that's usually why I'll go do the editing afterwards and cap cut if we're doing something like a top five website video because sometimes the captions can be off but overall you're going to be able to post these videos whether you use um cap cut or not but it's just up to you I usually use cap cut just to do anything extra on top now as far as doing these videos um without doing any clicks let's say you have a little bit of money to invest um I recommend using something like onlinejobs.ph to go and hire somebody in the Philippines that will help you uh start creating cont content by scheduling out all this content clicking the buttons to generate the videos and um setting up everything you need which by the way in the Philippines you can hire somebody as a virtual assistant for $5 an hour $4 an hour um and you don't even have to hire them full-time and so for three to four three to5 an hour you could probably have them in a few hours create all of your videos and have them all scheduled out on something like radar so you don't actually have to go and do all this stuff yourself but if you want to do it yourself and you want to learn the process that's always helpful as well now by the way we have a brand new boot camp called soaring riches boot camp it covers everything you're going to need to do to start earning money with AI video video and with sora's new uh or chat open ai's new Sora so if you want to join that I'd recommend going to this link and getting into the boot camp Before Time runs out it's a week boot camp and we're going to be taking you through step by step everything you need to do how to build your Facebook page how to set up your radar account how to do everything and these are live classes on Zoom with replays and uh again it's just 297 so go check that out if you want to be a part of the boot camp but that's it for today we'll see you in the next one till we do happy moneymaking we'll see you bye

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