Easiest Way to Make $3,687 Per Day With AI / Chat GPT (NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!)

what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're going to be talking about the easiest way to start making over 3 687 dollars per day with AI and chat GPT now this is a method that I'm going to show you how to get started with even if you've never done anything before with AI I'm going to actually show you how to use chat gbt if you've never seen chat GPT and I'm going to also show you how to get set up so that you can start today so if you've never made money online before don't worry you are you are in the right place this is my stripe account here I only show this to you so that you can see that it's possible I'm not trying to brag I'm going to give you some examples as well of different products that I sell because some people look at my income and they go wow that's crazy you must be selling just like one product no I sell tons of different things I have a software company I have a coaching business I do affiliate marketing I make money from a ton of different places and that's kind of the cool thing about this method is that you can really diversify your income and make money selling pretty much whatever you want if you can set up these AI systems so just in the last 12 months on stripe you can see I made 1.3 million dollars and again I'm not trying to show you how cool I am or brag I'm just trying to show you that it's possible okay so first of all what is chat GPT so Chachi PT if you haven't seen it yet is basically a tool that allows you to access AI that will pretty much create content or it'll do some other stuff as well you can actually use it for programming but in this case we're going to be showing you how to use it for Content but we're going to be using chat gbt to help us build a back-end automated sales system with email emails that we're going to be sending to leads that we'll be getting through something called short form content if that doesn't make any sense don't worry let me just show you chat GPT first we're going to type in make me a video script for how to earn money with chat GPT okay so I could essentially have chat GPT write out this entire video that you're watching right now if I didn't know what to say and the cool thing is anybody can do this right I'm using my tool here called shine ranker again this is the tool that I've been developing we have about let me actually show you the back end here we have about 1400 paid users right now and the reason why they pay for it is because first of all there's some cool features in here that allow you to do certain things like rank your videos on places like YouTube and there's some other cool things as well I'm not going to go into that right now but the main reason is that you can access chat GPT whenever you want and you don't have to be on the wait list or worry about the tool being at capacity because the tool goes down all the time because so many people try to access it for free and shine ranker lets you access it instantly without ever having to worry about that anyways we got a full script here you can see here's the intro Welcome to our video how to earn money with chatgpt step one sign up step two and so I can actually take this script and I can I can plug it into either a description of a video where I can plug it into an email I can plug it into a social media post there's all kinds of things that I can use this for but essentially we're going to be using this not right away because what we're going to be doing is we're going to first start out by figuring out what type of thing we want to sell again I wanted to just show you how chat GPT works here so that you know how it works but we actually don't really need chat GPT itself to sell something we can actually sell something in a manual way but we can also automate it and I'll show you what I mean so if I type in scary toolbots dot com I can go to a list of different tools that'll actually pay me to promote them okay now this is completely optional if you already have your own products to sell then you're not going to need to do this because some people already sell Services some people already have products and whether you want to promote other people's products your own products it does not matter this system will work for anything you want to sell so here's a list of a bunch of different tools a lot of the ones here at the top use chatgpt or AI in their actual tool and so you can actually get paid to talk about and promote these different tools shine Rinker is one of them so if you went to for example shinerinker.com and you scroll to the bottom of the website you're going to get access to the affiliate program which basically the way this works is you get a link you get people to sign up for the tool and anytime they sign up for the tool you get paid now I'll show you an example because remember I showed you earlier I told you earlier that I would I would show you examples of things that I'm actually making money with besides just my own software and my own products this is a tool that I promoted in the past called Jasper and this tool pays me about three thousand dollars a month and it's not a lot right because I've only promoted this a few times and it was a while ago too I don't really promote this anymore I just show people this as an example but look they owe me 4574 dollars if I go to payouts here I'm getting paid out about two to three thousand dollars a month okay over the last year now I have tons of examples of different Affiliates that pay me out like this and the reason why I'm able to make money like this in an automated way is because of the system I'm sharing with you okay but either way what you do is you choose a tool you choose a product that you want to promote and the reason why again I recommend you promote somebody else's product when you start out is because you're probably not going to be able to do any of the Fulfillment right you're going to have to build the product you have to do the customer support you have to do all that stuff with with this when you promote somebody else's link all you have to do is just drive traffic to that thing okay so you got you get your link right click on copy now that you have your link we need to get people to go and visit that link right and so what we can do is we can either do AI content that gets edited with something like chat GPT or we can build the content ourselves now I recommend you do short form content what is short form content short form content is anything under 60 seconds right so if you think about Tick Tock or Facebook reels Instagram reels those are all under 60 second videos right so what I can do is I can create a 60 second video talking about this tool how do I do that well there's so many different ways to do it right so number one I'll give you a few different options we'll say Okay a you can go and have chat GPT write out the video right right out the video script and then I can read off the script let me type in let me actually reset this here say type in uh make me a video a tick tock script for how to earn money with a chat GPT tool called Jasper and this will go and write me a script right and then I can go and make that video now making the videos pretty simple right you just pull out your phone you can either point at your screen when you're making the video or you can have you can have the video facing you and you can read off the script with just your face a lot of people don't want to be on camera though so if you don't want to do this yourself there's some other options B what you can do is you can do a screen record like I'm doing here I use a tool called OBS project for this and basically what you can do is you can just record a long form video which is anything over a minute right again the video you're watching right now and what you can do is you can edit out a portion of this video right so you could take this video for example you could plug it into a tool called cap cut go to capca.com and this tool will actually go and it'll automatically caption your videos it will go and uh it'll make it into a short form piece of content you can edit out like the different dimensions that you want so that it matches the size of a cell phone but then you're also doing it manually right so those are kind of the free ways to do it you can also you can do AI edited content and what does that look like so if you go over to the scary toolbox checklist you can click on Opus here get tool and this tool will actually take long form content right it'll take a long form video and it'll automatically edit out the video and I'll show you kind of how this looks let me actually go over to YouTube here so you can see I've done some tests just to see if it actually works and it actually does and it doesn't matter if you're doing this on a new channel or an old Channel or if it's on YouTube or Instagram it works pretty much anywhere so this is a video that I manually edited with cap cut this is one that I AI edited with Opus the video looks pretty much the same there's captions and everything except I only had to click one button to do this right to click a couple buttons to do that one but this is kind of what it looks like so you can see it does the captions it does some emojis it does face tracking all that stuff okay so however you decide to do it you would choose one of these things now you might be saying well I don't have ai edit I don't have long form content that I can plug into the AI edited uh bot right so I actually give you access if you go to viralvideovault.com you can go grab access it's like 29 bucks a month you can get access to all of my long form videos and you can just plug those into Opus and there's people that are actually doing this and they're successful at it we have uh people on Facebook people on Instagram people on YouTube and they're taking my long form content they're using Opus to AI edit it which again uses chat GPT to kind of like process the video and and caption it and add the Emojis and these people are getting like thousands and thousands of views on their videos and they're making money off of it too let me show you this one Facebook page called AI toolbox here this is some this isn't my own this isn't my account look 15 000 followers this is somebody else's account and they are just sharing content in an automated way now some of these videos they you know they get a couple on reviews some of them get thousands of views one of a few of them got you know hundreds of thousands of views if you go check out the the account on your cell phone you'll be able to see the views you can't really see it here because the uh for some reason Facebook won't show you it if you're on desktop but every single view every single video gets over a couple hundred views and it's completely automated because what you can do is you can actually use AI to edit the content right and then you can actually use something like radar it's r-a-d-a-a-r I think to actually schedule out the content for you so now you're not even having to post it every day you can have an automated system posted as well and so just to give you a recap here because we've kind of gone through a lot let me just recap this so what you're doing is you're starting out by doing what you're doing and doing a short form video well you're picking a product right pick a product get a link so you get a link it looks like this you know shineranker.com forward slash your name so anytime somebody clicks on that and signs up the credit goes to you right and even if they click on it and they sign up two weeks later it still goes to you because it's tracked on their browser now after you get a product and you start wanting uh to promote it right you start doing short form content now how you do short form content is completely up to you you can have chat GPT write out a script you can shoot it yourself you can use the viral video vault to get access to my content if you don't want to do it and then you can use Opus to go and edit the content right now what is the next step so ideally you would start building opt-in and opt-in or a lead magnet okay what's a lead magnet so in a lot of my videos You'll see like for example today I said go to scarytoolbots.com that's a lead magnet that's an email opt-in okay and so in order for somebody to go and grab the checklist they would have to enter their email right so you would kind of have the same thing with like let's say shine ranker you would have somebody go and enter their email to learn how how to access shine ranker and so you can use an email CRM system I use convertkit for this if I go to landing pages here I can create a new landing page and I can just go and make an email opt-in in a couple seconds and the reason why you'd want to do this by the way is because you don't want to think about just the short-term goal which is to make money you want to think about the long term as well and so what the long-term goal looks like is that if you start building out a list of people a list of buyers right or people that are interested in buying let's say an AI tool what you can do is as you start to build that list of people you can start promoting other products right so let's say you make two thousand dollars a month from shine ranker you make two thousand dollars a month from Jasper and you're promoting these different tools eventually you're going to have thousands and thousands of dollars a month in Revenue right because all of these different tools these the people on your list are paying for and you can want like let's say week one you send out seven emails so one email a day and you tell your fans the people on your list to buy shine ranker right now let's say week two one email a day you tell people when you're listed by Jasper and then week three now eventually let's say you're you're three months into this and you've sold all these different products you could have 10 or 20 different Affiliates paying you out every single month now obviously you can build your own products as well but again this process works for whatever you want to sell because what you're doing is you're doing content you're getting people interested in a certain type of content right like AI making money with AI and then you're just sending out emails around different offers to people right around that are interested in that thing now just to put things in perspective when I do this oh when I do this I get a ton of people opting in right I get people opting in for my checklist I get people opting in for my uh my tools I get people opting in for my programs I get people opting in for all kinds of different things and I'm not doing anything incredibly complicated I'm doing 60 second videos and most of the time I'm just doing videos that are um that are clips from my long form content and so if I can do it and the people that are following me can do it you can certainly do it as well we have people that are starting out getting hundreds or even thousands of views right when they start look at how many leads I'm getting here this is just today I'm already at 192 New Leads and yesterday I got over 377 New Leads that's 377 people right wanting to learn more about the things that I talk about which are you know AI products and so I can actually take this a step further though right so as you start to get these leads coming in let's say you start getting 100 leads coming in a day what you can do is you can start automating the follow-up with something like chat GPT right so inside of convertkit here if I go to automate anybody that goes and joins my list I can send them into a sequence so let's say they picked up my my checklist right or let's say they picked they wanted to learn more about shine ranker I can actually go and put these people automatically into a sequence and I can start creating emails to sell to them every single day without me ever having to send the email and I can offer them the tool again okay now how do I do that well all I have to do is go back to chat GPT here say please write me out an email about why someone should buy uh our tool that integrates with chat GPT okay so this is going to go write me out an email and then when I get the email I can plug it into the sequence right and I can have days and days and days of emails going out every every day I could be sending out an email but I never have to show up for it right so can you see how you can completely automate this system right once you get to a certain point you can have ai do all the videos you could have ai post all the videos you can have the AI write all of the emails and do the follow-up and then all you really have to do is just pick a product that you want to promote right now you might be thinking well I'm going to still have to use AI to edit the videos well you can even Outsource that part too because uh there's a website it's called onlinejobs.ph and you can hire people for very very cheap couple hundred bucks a month to go and do all this stuff for you right now there is a sort of a system here though right you're not going to just get set up with this in two seconds you have to set up the system but I've actually built out this full system for you I have a full presentation I actually did on this I recommend you go check it out it's at aicashcourse.com let me actually go over there so you can see it so I did a full I think it's like a 50 minute presentation and in that presentation I show you a ton of different people that are using this and they're getting success with it I also show you how to how to basically follow the whole process and then if you have a few bucks what I'd recommend is scroll to the bottom of this page and get access to everything I've already built for you so there's a full checklist that you can actually go through it's a step-by-step checklist and it's a ton of behind the scenes videos five ten minutes five to ten minute videos and I basically personally walk you through how to set up this entire system so how to set up your email opt-ins how to do all the video editing how to do everything right and I also show you how to Outsource all this because what you can do is you can hand this checklist to somebody on somewhere like online jobs or Fiverr they can go through the checklist and then they can go and set all this stuff up stuff up for you for very very cheap and the best part about this group by the way is we also have live calls so you can ask questions we do them live on Zoom you get the replays as well we also have a private messenger group so you can interact with us on messenger and ask questions you get the viral video Vault I was telling you about earlier you get all of our Google sheet templates and everything that you need in order to automate but most importantly you get to get started right because the hardest part about doing all this is just all the trial and error I've been doing this stuff for a very very long time and one of the things that I would really recommend if you've never done it before is just jump in and start taking action because most people are not going to get started right they're just going to sit back and they're not going to do anything so again aicashcourse.com the price goes up constantly we we raise the price up at least once a week and the reason why is because we're adding so many new things in here constantly but if you don't want to pay more for something you could have gotten for Less you need to get in right now at aicashcourse.com so I'll see you inside until then Happy money making see you next time bye

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