EASY $1,457 Daily With AI Shine Ranker / Go High Level (AI GENERATED LEADS)

what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today I'm going to show you an easy way to earn 1457 daily with AI we're gonna be using shine ranker and high level combined to basically create AI generated leads people booking appointments with you automatically and I'm going to be showing you exactly how to set this up this is actually something that I figured out last night at least the booking Pro part of it and this is really really incredible because you're going to be able to generate AI content with shine ranker and then you're going to be able to use high level to actually go and close leads for you with a really really easy to set up process now if you're brand new here you've never made money online before don't worry you're in the right place I'm going to show you exactly how to go from making your first dollar by getting your first sale from your first lead all the way to making over a thousand dollars a day so if you're interested in this type of content you want to see more of it you like AI tutorials and you want to see more of shine ranker and high level type stuff reply with the word yes or send me a text 805-514 -1672 and we're actually doing a setup service right now where we'll get on a call with you and help you get set up with this process if you want to get set up for free okay so Texas number if you'd like us to help you get set up all right and I'll explain more about how that works in a little bit so let's talk about this process let's talk about how it works and then I'm going to show you exactly how to do this so what we're going to be doing is we're going to be creating an automation where you're going to be able to take a phone number you're going to be able to send people to a funnel that you actually set up in a tool called high level and I also have a 30-day free trial for high level as well I'm going to show you how to get that but in side of our high level we actually have an automation that will go and send voicemails to people who text us right so if you text me right now you were you're going to get Chase GPT you'll be getting AI Chase what is AI Chase AI Chase is a guy that I set up within this funnel who doesn't actually exist but it sounds like me and what happens is once when you text me I'm going to leave a voicemail on your phone say hey I'm Chase uh would you like to get set up with our system for free now if you say yes and you respond then I'm going to send you some more messages with my calendar link and all that stuff okay now we can do this for any industry it doesn't matter if it's AI doesn't matter if it's for a software product doesn't matter if you're selling cats you can sell whatever you want with this with this process okay and you can generate content for any industry build leads automatically for any industry and then follow up and book appointments in any industry okay so let's talk about how you're actually going to get this set up so what you're going to do is you're going to start out by figuring out what kind of content do you want to get leads for now that's what we use Shine ranker for this is my company I'm we're specializing in AI generated content and going viral and generating leads with AI content now to get shine ranker you're going to click on become a shine ranker VIP go get our special deal and go grab shine ranker now if you don't want to use shine ranker that's up to you you can go create your own content manually if you don't want to use AI and you can still use this with high level if you're creating manual content but if you want to create AI generated content you would use shinemaker now how do you use shine ranker to create AI content you click on keyword research enter keyword topics and you want to type in something you want to get leads for okay so let's say you wanted to get leads for Real Estate or let's say you wanted to resell shinemaker or resell high level you could type in CRM whatever topics you want to get leads for now shine ranker is going to tell you the most valuable topics around the things that you typed in and you're going to select those valuable topics as things that you want to generate leads for so let's say you wanted to get leads for homes for sale near me I can go and copy that topic and I can head over to the new beta features inside of shine Rinker now these should be included in the actual app very soon and we're actually letting our VIP members inside of our Discord server test these new features within again the VIP chat and I'll show you more about all this stuff in a little bit I don't want to overwhelm you with all our different things going on here but this is some of the things that we're building inside of the new shine ranker tool a few days ago I well actually sorry a few months ago I decided to start hiring a lot more Developers and within the last month we've gotten up to over 10 developers now that are all building different tools so we have about five tools we're working on at once right now one of the tools is this video generator tool this video generator tool will let you select a list of videos that you want to generate it will clone a voice of yours or use a pre-made voice and then it'll give you a list of the top websites via video so let me show you what this looks like if I press play here this is just one Sample video the first website is unite AI get the latest Ai and Robotics news from unite AI so that's just one video right that's just one portion of of the actual full video you can make fully AI generated videos like this and I'll show you an example of one this is uh one I did over here fi these five AI websites feel legal to know and this whole video is AI generated like this with shine ranker let me actually play this Age Maker jump start in Bedrock developers can use a suite of services from AWS to build train and deploy machine learning models with ease and speed the second website is Jasper Jasper is a specialized so in this video I can put a phone number right I can say look if you want my full special list of AI tools or whatever I'm talking about right if you want to text let's say this is the top five Real Estate websites near me if you'd like to give uh buy your home text this phone number right now so no matter what industry I'm in I can have shine ranker generate like a bunch of videos like this automatically okay and this again this will be integrated into the main tool very soon we also have the list Builder as well in here which will actually go and build you this list of websites so you can keep track of all of the different websites that you're going to be loading into the tool to actually create text to video okay so for example if I have 100 Real Estate websites I can go and make 10 videos which randomly select five of those websites and turn it into a text-to-speech video okay so I can take those videos add a phone number in there I can say text this number and all of that AI generated content right is going to go and build leads that we can actually close or schedule appointments for within our high level follow-up okay and I'm going to show you how to do that it's very very simple what you're going to do is you're going to go to firstai tool.com download the new course that we actually put in here and click on get your free trial you can watch this video Jason actually hooked us up he's a good friend of mine he hooked us up with his high level course so when you go through this link you can actually go and grab the full course showing you how to use high level to earn money but if you click on get your free trial here start an extended free you get a 30 day free trial to high level now what's cool about this is when you're in the high level you can set up this automation okay so basically when somebody texts you you can set up an automation that will send them a voicemail and it says whatever this is saying right so if you want me to help you set up a um you know whatever if you want me to help you get your first home I need you to schedule an appointment with me are you interested and then when they respond yes you can send them your calendar link right now your calendar link is going to go and and basically schedule out all these a calendar uh events for you and you can actually start handing these off to your teammates as well you don't have to go and take the calls yourself if you don't want to okay now again if you're a little bit confused here let me just break this down because this can definitely get a little bit confusing but if we simplify it right step one we're just creating a video that we're going to get views for right whether we created ourselves or whether we use AI to create it it doesn't really matter okay a video that generates us views for whatever topic we want now shine ranker again will tell us the most search topics so we want to create content for the things that people are searching for the most around the topics that we want to get leads for then we add a phone number into our video how do we get a phone number very simple I'll show you so when you create a high level account you can create a phone number for one of your projects and if I go to settings here phone numbers I get a phone number this is the phone number right now I can have different phone numbers for all my different projects if you have a high level account and you're on I think it's like the 297 plan they'll give you unlimited projects you can have you know 20 different phone numbers between all these different projects and the cool thing is you can actually do this for other people right so if you have clients let's say you have you know this is your client this is your client this is your client you can set up phone numbers for all of them and you can start generating content for them with shine ranker and sell this as a service where they're paying you monthly for it right now you can even Bill them through high level and that's what's really cool about high level is that if you get shine ranker and you use high level to actually sell this CRM you can white label the CRM and say that it's your own CRM you can put your logo on it and it kind of looks like this let me show you what this looks like actually I have a separate project set up here just so you can see this and by the way when you go through that link at first AI tool.com you'll get this website already set up for you and the website looks like this if I go to bestemailtool.com this would basically look this would be your website you would have your logo up here you would have your pricing and this just goes to a high level account but your clients your local clients that are you're going to be doing AI generated content for and build leads for they're not going to have any idea that you're selling high level they're just going to think it's your software company that's what a white label software company is and so you can start selling a trial or a free trial and you could even get them set up like we're doing right where you say hey I'm going to give you some SEO uh content I'm going to give you some AI generated content I'm going to help you generate your first leads and I'm going to give you a free trial you don't have to pay anything today all you have to do is just sign up for the free trial and I'm going to get you set up with all this stuff now when you get them set up with all this content they start getting leads into their account they're not going to want to stop paying right and they're going to want to start uh paying you every single month just so that they can manage their leads keep getting content and all of this is going to be automated for you right the content is going to be automated the lead scheduling is going to be automated everything's going to be automated and let me actually show you what one of these conversations looks like it's really cool so look somebody texted me off one of my AI generated videos or one of my regular videos whatever doesn't really matter if you get a lead through an AI generated video a regular video it's the same thing they texted the number said hey I'm interested okay I leave a voicemail and the voicemail sounds like this hey it's Chase if you want me to get you set up with a free trial on a tool that'll basically allow you to resell your own software with your company logo on it so that's the voicemail I send another message again this is all automated hey it's Chase did you get my voicemail here's what I said if you want me to help you get set up with a free trial on a tool that lets you resell your own software with company your company logo on it I can do a zoom call and can help you get dialed in free of charge let me know if you're interested I just got it can't talk right now here's the link okay cool I'm gonna go and book a time with Chase right and so you could be doing this all day you could automate this right where you have accounts running and no you don't have to have a huge following a lot of people think oh I'm gonna have to have a huge following like Chase in order to start getting leads no we have brand new accounts with AI generated content right now that are generating thousands and thousands of views I actually have screenshots of this I just did I was just putting together a presentation on this but then I've decided okay well I don't have to do a whole presentation but look at this inside of this presentation if you look up this uh profile right now on on Facebook AI Cash Generator my team is cloning my voice with the shine ranker tool generating the content and getting 1.8 000 views 1.1 000 views 1.1 000 views these are all people that I can turn into leads by getting them to text a phone number right so if somebody watches my AI generate video and it sounds like me and there's a thousand people watching that video I only need to get 20 of them to text me to probably get about 10 scheduled calls and again this works in any industry if I wanted to make AI generated top five websites for I don't know Top Dog sites I could do top you know uh e-commerce sites top affiliate websites top whatever and then I get them to text me and I can get them on a phone call where I sign them up for a free trial for something and you could be doing this all day I mean you could be getting 10 10 20 new leads all day automated like this by automatically generating the content getting people to text you and using the follow-up sequence that I showed you within high level now again if you want me to help you get set up with this send me a text 805-514-1672 I'm training my team right now on getting all this set up for people and by the way if you want to get set up and you're confused you're like I don't know how shine Rinker works I don't know how high level works I just need to get on the phone with somebody and ask send us a text 805-514-1672 I'm building this to work within our own business but it's going to work with anybody's business it's going to work with your business it's going to work with your clients business it's going to work and it's already working the the the only thing that you have to do is just plug in the pieces we're doing it right now I mean I got in the last 12 hours I got over 40 leads scheduled 41 calendar invite calendars events scheduled in Under 12 hours with this so imagine if you even got five leads like this within the next 24 hours don't you think you could probably get somebody to set up on on a free trial for something it's pretty simple so again if you're interested in this type of stuff you want to see more of this let me know reply with the word yes in the comments right now but that's it for today I hope you enjoyed it until we see you next time happy money making we'll see you bye

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