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what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're going to be talking about how to earn 1783 dollars per day with AI and chat GPT I put together a simple step-by-step system for you and I'm going to show you some brand new tools that I've been building that basically help you automate this entire process and I think you're going to be really Blown Away by some of the stuff that I'm actually building right now because I don't think there's a whole lot of other things out there that you're going to be able to find that do what I'm about to share with you here so if you're brand new here you've never made money online before you are in the right place if you want to see more videos like this one with all the tools and the AI stuff that I've been building please reply to the word yes in the comments right now it helps me know to make more videos like this it also helps me reach more people with this video so let's talk about the app that I've been building and then I'm going to show you how you can use a very easy system to start bringing in views with AI and we're going to actually be talking about AI generated text to video so we're going to be using chat gbt to build out videos automatically and then we're going to actually be using the scripts to clone our voice and basically automate tons of videos that seem like we're actually in them but we're not we're actually cloning ourselves into the video so these are a couple scripts here I've been uh working with I'm going to show you what the first one does and then I'm going to show you what the next one does but before we actually go and use the script one thing that we actually need to do is we need to find some things that we want to show up for and some things that we want to get views with now one of the things I'll recommend that you use is our tool called shine ranker we have a special deal on it right now by the way if you want to get access to it it is around 397 a month or sorry a year and this tool actually allow you to access our private Community we have a Discord channel uh VIP Discord Channel we have a a bunch of different Tools in here we have a live bootcamp we do Tuesdays and Thursdays but this step is optional you don't have to do this part of the process if you don't want to spend money on a tool you can do this manually as well and I'll show you how to do this for free as well but uh either way if you want to get the shinemaker VIP pass before the price goes up go to shinerinker.com forward slash VIP and you can get the special deal before the price goes up so what we're going to do we're gonna go to shinemaker.com click on keyword research and we're going to type in some things that we want to show up for on places like Google or Tick Tock or YouTube pretty much we can use the system to rank wherever we want um and we're going to go ahead and type in AI tools here the keyword research tool will find us the easiest keywords to show up for on again places like Google YouTube tick tock and what we're going to end up doing is we're going to actually pull one of these easy keywords into the tool that I'm about to share with you that will actually go ahead and do something really really cool so let me go ahead and click on update select difficulty we can see a few of these keywords in green here AI generate picture AI generator images let's just go ahead with and start with that we'll click on copy here and then what we're going to do is we're going to head over to our first program in this first program what it'll actually do is it'll basically prompt us to enter in a query and so we're going to take the easy keyword we just found a second ago we're going to enter to enter it in here AI generator images and what we're going to do is we're just going to run this now what this tool is going to do is it's going to basically find websites that are showing up on Google that are listed for AI generator images and what it's going to do is it's going to go ahead and basically write us out a file a text file with all of those websites but what's cool about this is it's basically going to take the the data on these websites feed it to chat GPT and then chat GPT will print us out a list with uh descriptions for each one of these tools so you can see deep ai ai powered creative tools for artists and researchers uh Fodor free online photo editor and then what this is going to do is this is going to add all of these websites to a checklist and the checklist is going to basically contain all of our different websites that we're going to be creating content on now one thing that we could do from here is we could actually have chat GPT write us out longer descriptions for each of these if we wanted to actually go and create a blog post for this and get it to show up on Google but what we actually want to do is we want to take the websites that are getting put into this spreadsheet here and we want to create videos with these tools so what we'll do is we'll open up our other program which will go and reference that list and what we're going to say is we're going to say please go and pick five random websites off that list and then we want to rewrite those descriptions one more time because we're going to actually make each one of these descriptions even more unique because if we're going to be running this multiple times we don't want the same description every single time and then what this is going to do is it's actually going to go take a thousand screenshots of each one of these websites and it's going to turn it into a scrolling video with our voice so I'm going to actually show you what this looks like I think you're going to be really blown away by this what we're going to actually do is open up one of the videos one of the finished videos so we don't have to sit here and wait for this to run let me go ahead and go to the folder here so let me just take one of the outputs this one and play it for you and it looks like I need to turn on the audio for you really quick here but uh yeah this is really cool right because what we're going to be doing is using this as basically five different website videos right we're going to take website one website two website three we're going to smash all of them together until we get a uh file a tick tock video with about 50 seconds of video and what we can do is we can start automating our video creation like this all right let me grab this I think this should work now let's go ahead and play which AI so let me the first website is contentforge AI content Forge is a special helper that can help you make really good so what's happening right here is this tool is basically cloning my voice and it's using the the description we got from chat GPT which basically just figured out what the tool was talking about and it fed it into this and now we're we're using a cloned version of myself to make that video so what I can do is I can end up dragging all of these videos right this is five videos here into a tool called cap cut now you're not going to have to really do any of the editing once we have this all automated but essentially what's going to happen is we're going to be able to just automate as many of these videos as as we want at a time and what's even cooler about this is we could do long form we could do short form we could do a bunch of different stuff the third website so let's go and take actually these I think I have to do it in reverse order here Boom the third one I might have to just do one at a time for a second but I would take the first website here right and then I would take the second website and the third website and I would put them all together right so here we go special helper that's the first one first website is contentforge AI content Forge is a special helper so that's the first one right and then it would go to the next one the second website is content at scale content at scale helps improve your and so we're basically making automatic Tick Tock videos and and with this process um I've actually done this already uh basically we can automate things like on Instagram reels or again you know Tick Tock or wherever and look at this this video here got 36 000 views and I basically just automated all of this let me press play first website is scarytoolbots.com this is a free checklist of AI tools that you can actually get paid to promote okay so uh you'll see in the beginning that's me actually talking and what I actually recommend that you do is you don't just go and clone your voice you take about 30 clips of you talking in the beginning as well where you're like hey you know this website feels illegal to know or this is the best website out there these are the top five websites and so either way you would take all of those different videos and you'd either put them at the beginning like that or you would just completely automate them just like from start to end like this but um essentially what we're building here is a way to take any uh keyword right so we take any easy keyword that we wanted to rank for we would scrape the websites that uh you know basically show up for that keyword and then we would summarize what those websites are about with chat GPT and then we would go feed that into a text to video basically that would go and uh you know rank on places like Tick Tock Instagram or whatever for that keyword and so this is something that we're actively building into shine Rinker right now and so as I told you earlier if you go over to shinerinker.com forward slash VIP for about 400 bucks a year you'll be able to get access to all the new tools we're building in along with the boot camp we have boot camps every uh Tuesdays and Thursdays we have uh you know uh uh private Community chat all this stuff that you can go in and start taking action with our tools right now but we got some really really cool stuff coming uh that you're gonna love I'm sure that we're adding to the Tool uh right as we speak so I'm actually going and testing this stuff myself uh there's actually a lot more that we're building in here I can't even talk about yet because um people will get way too excited and I don't want to start getting a bunch of people messaging me about it but this is just sort of the tip of the iceberg um we're gonna actually I'll just say one other thing is uh in shine ranker we have a Content editor and we're actually able to figure out what the averages are for these different things right so we know that you know if we want to rank for a certain keyword like whatever the easy keyword was we can actually pull all the averages for that keyword right so we can say okay you know it needs 1500 words or 15 000 words you know this many images so on and so on we can actually go and automatically make 100 out of 100 average scores for web pages but as well as Tick Tock videos and Instagram posts and so again there's going to be some really really cool stuff coming uh if you want to get in the price is going up very very soon so uh go to shinerinker.com forward slash VIP you can go get access right now uh before the price skyrockets um but that's it I just wanted to show you a quick update um as far as how you make money with this you're going to basically just generate a ton of views right as you start to get views you would start sending people to an email opt-in like this you'd say hey go grab all my tools here or something you know at the end of your video and then when people go to your opt-in or whatever your call to action is in your video You're Gonna basically forward them to one of these tools that you can actually get paid to promote so you can get paid 30 recurring commissions on shine Rinker if you promote shine ranker uh same thing goes with like pretty much of these any of these other tools on this list and if you don't have this list you can go to scarytoolbots.com or you can head over to shine Rinker we actually now have a tools section here uh you can go check out all the tools on shinraker but a lot of these tools will actually pay you to promote them and as long as you can start getting traffic like I'm showing you here with the automations uh it's gonna be very easy to start making money and make sales because all you have to do is send people to Links right I'll give you an example this is a tool I promoted in the past all I had to do was promote a link to this tool in my videos or in whatever I'm talking about um even like my you know profile bio description or URL and every time people sign up through this link I'm making money and so you could actually have you know tons of different tools paying you out like this every single month but the hardest part is just getting the views and if you can automate your views like with what I'm sharing with you here it's gonna be very simple to start building sales so anyways again head over to shinemaker.com forward slash VIP go get the deal before it ends and that's it for today we'll see the next one thanks for being here until then Happy money making we'll see you next time bye

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