Generate Unlimited Leads with Ai text to Video (Inbound Marketing Beginners Guide)

generating unlimited leads with AI text to video this is an inbound marketing beginners guide don't worry about terminology we're going to get into that and explain how to do it my name is Ryan bordon with shifi and let's jump into to how you can generate unlimited leads by using AI right everybody wants more leads because leads equal sales and customers and money and profit right so this is how you do it there are different ways of course to do marketing so what is AI video and inbound marketing so AI video is video that's created by Ai and let's look at an example of AI video and let me just pull it up here and show you so this is a video that is created by Ai and just don't get too caught up in it just watch the concept because I'm going to explain how you can leverage this in your business first go to scary toolots AI tools or just reply with the word Ai and I'll send it to you those tools will pay you to promote them next use shiny.

Comom to make videos about these tools and post them on Instagram or Tik Tok to get the full training on this go to the AI okay so there's a lot of hidden things here but basically this is a concept right it's a video right we all know what videos are so what is inbound marketing well inbound marketing is attracting people to you right utilizing Facebook Instagram X LinkedIn Pinterest YouTube the list goes on right A Blog um other posting other types of videos basically it's anything that's not ads kind of so basically there's outbound marketing inbound marketing so outbound marketing is when you go talk to people whether they want to hear from you or not okay this is Facebook ads this is Google ads this is YouTube ads this is billboard this is a TV commercial you're putting yourself shoving yourself in front of somebody like they're doing something else and you shove yourself in front of them whether they want to hear from you or not and then you know you hopefully make a sale right inval marketing is making content or useful resources or other things to attract people to you right so I want to come and see what you have for me right so that's what that's what we're talking about here inbound marketing um it has uh it's more cost- effective you are getting a warmer potential client potential person that wants to hear from you because they're becoming warmed up along the way uh inbound marketing has lots of advantages like you can go Google like the advantages of inbound marketing but the point here is that we're going to make some money right and the goal here is to get customers lead sales make money profit and we doing that by utilizing AI video now video has always been a really great way to get people in we know this look at YouTube I mean people go there and they watch videos kind of like the original video platform online it is the original video platform that original big video platform and so we know this but what we don't know is like it's been hard to make video because you have to spend the time and the money and if you roll back to like TV commercials which again that's a commercial but you're still making a video that has been uh a while and I was going to pull up YouTube here and I didn't pull that up but you get the point right we make videos people go and they watch them or they search for them on Google and then they come to you okay okay so can you profit from AI text video we already know that you can profit from inbound marketing making video uh you can profit from you know making stuff that draws customers to you because then they're already ready to buy and you make more money so yes the difference is is that you can now make video with AI That's the point here type in some text get a video back and you don't even have to make the text you really just have to type in the idea and then then AI can generate the script right and then they can generate the video for you as well and then um there's different components in that video saw there's a lot of hidden things but as you know when it comes to making a profit with people you just have to know how to do the things the customers don't have to worry about it you just have to set it up very nicely for the customers and basically lay out a path for them to follow and then they just follow the path and Meander along and they wind up buying you without necessarily like they know what they're doing you're not duping them but at the same time you have to make it easy for the customer to buy right so that's easy right so um before we jump into this and I explain this and break this down cuz I'm going to break it all down uh if you could do me a favor and leave me a yes down in the comments below if you like this kind of video let me know that um this is helpful for you helps out on the algorithms as well but I really just want to get a gauge of what if it's working for you so let me show you just quickly um this is stripe here we can just refresh it this is only one of our payment uh gateways not trying to impress anybody um this isn't killer numbers anyways I mean it it's good money but it's not killer numbers so um you obviously can make more than this but the point here is that uh I just want you to see it's possible right so the past four weeks $25,000 have we rolled to the past 12 months for example $632,000 so there's money to be made here for sure and you just have to get your piece of it so actually I do want to mention that's why I put that note there the AI giveaway if you actually go to the AI you can enter to win $1,000 worth the AI prizes and so I would jump over there and just enter it's easy just you just have to follow on Facebook and do a few different things uh and then you know you have you can win a, bucks and so that's really useful obviously free money is always good and free resources so how does this really work well we looked at a top five website video and that is it doesn't have to be five V top five websites it could be three whatever but if we look at the video here what's happening if we we roll through here we can read the the text on the screen here and just look at it for a second it t there's there's some script here of course and there's background but you see the website says first go to scary tool basically you're making a resource and telling them to to go there so let's take an example of something that's if you have a a flooring company please don't take insult but it's a boring business right flooring right it's not it's not an exciting business like you know a heavily emotional business now people get emot about floors don't get me wrong but um you know it's kind of a boring business it's like Roofing I've done Roofing I did that first summer I've put on roofs I've built stuff it's not exactly the most thrilling business you know it's not like skydiving right so let's take flooring for example if I have a flooring company and I want to generate leads so what does leads look like it means probably people calling me on the phone if I'm a mobile Flo flooring company if I have an actual store then it means getting people into my store to look at things right so maybe you do or don't know a lot about flooring but I think you can follow along and grasp this really quickly basically remember for inbound marketing the goal here is we're with trying to attract them right it's kind of tied together with engagement but attracting them so I popped up uh chat gbt here so you can just easily see it but um the concept here is to use content to get the audience's interest and then challenges and then draw them into your websites and social profiles right so that's what the the top five videos are doing and then we want to engage them so we want to basically look at their pain points and their goals so positive and negative remember people moove away people move away from Pain and they move towards pleasure and most generally and it varies but most generally it's about 80% of people move away from Pain and 20% of people move to pleasure so we really have to look at their pain points but then we want to look at their pleasurable goals too right because um you know if Sally wants new floors she definitely wants to make floors that her kids aren't going to scratch up that are easy to clean that aren't going to cause a problem that aren't going to you know cause a problem when her kids spill stuff on it she doesn't find it till the next day or 3 days later you know all that sort of stuff but she also wants them to look nice right so that's the pleasure so she can PR present them to her friends if company comes over right Bob her husband again making up Pro people here um he has a bit different approach to the things you know he might care about all those things too but his pain points and his pleasure points are going to be different like I want my floors for example to be solid so if I shove a chair across them or you know a stool CU I'm trying to step up and change light bulbs that I can't reach that are like you know recessed into the ceiling because I can almost reach them but I have to get the recessed ones I need a chair and so um right I don't want to scratch up the floor CU I don't want my wife mad at me frankly thank you so so pain points and then pleasure points right I want to be able to use the floors and not have to worry about them and that sort of stuff or if I get mud on them then you know I want to clean it up easy without having to have whatever all right you get the point here so how about that well let's look at our websites top five websites are really cool for this because basically you're making a video let's say someone wants to buy floors then you would make a script up that says something like okay first talk about you could talk about there's pleasure tips for buying new floors so basically we can send them to a website like a best flooring buying guide for example exle that gives them all the stuff know your traffic patterns don't rush insulation blah blah blah right a guide okay but there's also this the eight things to considering buying new floors 10 things to know before buying a floor right but watch this we can do what are the pit Falls to avoid paino when buying floors right um failing consider the room's purpose six common mistakes people make when buying floors so one one of our top five websites is the six common mistakes to people make when buying floors right because everybody doesn't want to do that and then one of our websites is going to be the uh top you know tips for buying a floor so like the positive things and one of our websites is going to be our flooring company website where in the world do I actually go buy floors all right let's look buy floors Detroit Michigan I'm in Detroit so here we go there's places to buy floors so that actual floor buying website so stick with me here so ideally you could send them here so there's scary tool there's another website let's find it um and I'll show you this in a second right so there's only three websites in this one and I'll give you three as an example you can do more one of the websites is going to be go to flooring company so R flooring whatever your flooring company is ideally though you would create a couple other websites so create your own so here's the concept create your own flooring company for the pitfalls to avoid and create your own for the you know positive side uh the flooring buying guide or the tips of you know picking out beautiful floors right and then you say in your video you pop that into chat GPT it's going to make a script and it's going to say here's the top here's the website for buying tips here's the pitfalls to avoid and here's uh a great flooring website that has it right now you don't have to have these need to be domains because people are going to type these things in and go there you can make them redirect and just put them all on one website and just have articles on your website that cover these things and just have domains that redirect to them so that would be fine you don't have to build several different websites but ideally you want to own all the Assets in the video that way no matter where they wind up all roads lead to Rome all roads lead back to you or they're going to buy from you again we're trying to attract the customer and then engage them with their pain points their pleasures so on and so forth and so what does that mean well we talked about that the Delight is the last step that's kind of like after they buy from you so I'll leave that to you um and this this concept I giving you flooring because it's really basic this will work with anything so I think you can understand if it works with flooring this will work with affiliate marketing if you want to be uh your own affiliate products you can actually jump over to BR up here where is it uh scary tool and this is a list of companies that will pay you to promote them so if you don't have your own products and services you can use another company you go register they give you a link and then you in your video you put the have your website redirect to that affiliate link and there are other videos even also this is a lot to give you in one video right so there's other videos here on this channel you can watch for it too but and then I'll give you another resource here at the end so stick with me but you can use affiliate marketing you can use your own products and services it doesn't really matter if you're selling SEO or if you're selling floors or you're a roofer or you're going to be an affiliate of Opus clip right here right it just doesn't matter the concept is the same you make websites and then you have them you make the video to attract people they watch it they're like oh yeah that's interesting and they go to the website and then eventually they buy something when they buy you get paid pretty straightforward all right so how do we do this so how's it work uh oh wait how we're on number four number how do we get started with this so there's two ways to do this we can do this we can utilize AI to make the components and then manually put them together or in step five I'm going to show you how to use AI to make the components and then have ai put them together for you but automation put them together for you here first let's talk about the components in a video we have motion and we have audio and we have the idea of the script the motion is as you can see here in this video it's the movement in the background right so you can see there's pictures in the background they're moving that's the motion the script is the idea right which is you know and post them on Instagram or Tik Tok so on and so forth and then the audio is obviously the person talking which is just the voice or the sound right so we have those three components now we can use cap cut which is a free program so I'm going to give you the uh in in anything making money you have two choices right your two choices are spend time or spend money right so you can spend time to get money or you can spend money to get money so this step four is spend time to get money so if you have more time and less money this is what you're going to do you can go and you can build a project and I'll just show you one that's already built here in capat let me bring this in so you can see it so we have a bunch of pictures here we're going to throw them all down here uh we have our audio which is right here we use 11 labs to generate our audio and we use chat GPT to generate the script so we would first go to chat GPT right and then say give me a script of like the top five website videos and here are the websites and then um it would give you the script back which looks like this pull this in here um so here is the script of the video I was showing you here on Facebook maximize your earnings with AI video creation start by downloading a list of 400 AI tools from scary blah blah blah the rest is a script right chat gbt makes this script no problem so we we have our script so that part is pretty easy and then um we need our motion so we can also go back to chat gbt and then say say we just pop in the script and say hey based on this script give me so we just say based on the script give me image prompts or make me images for all these things and it's going to generate images this isn't really a chat gbt tutorial obviously we can say Mak an image of a cat right so the point is you say you can tell chat GPT to build you scripts you can tell chat GPT to build you images and it will build those for you we're going to download all the images we're going to put them all into capcut where'd it go here it is and so now we have our images and now we need our here's the image of a cute and fluffy cat sitting Cal to talk to me okay so here's the picture of the cat so we would download it right obviously not a cat you could do flooring you could do again like this is anything and so in this case this is a video about how to make money if you're broke right so I have a person who looks sad and broke um it actually doesn't look that bad he's in a house and that sort of stuff but maybe he's still broke okay so we're using cap cut to put our pictures together and create the motion we are getting our idea from chat gbt and then we got our pictures from chat gbt as well and then we have to take our script with chat gbt built but we need to turn it into audio and so we do that with uh 11 Labs you can clone your own voice or you can use somebody else's voice 11 Labs is pretty straightforward and look there are other places you can get voice creation but this is just a good one because they have uh so you pop in I just pulled up a different browser here so you you pop in your script here and then you do generate and then it will generate the actual voice for you so get ready to groove with the most Boogie Licious marsupial you've ever seen I don't know you get the point right you punch in your script it generates the voice so this voice generated in this video was done by AI it wasn't a person talking right so now we have our components hopefully that makes sense we have our motion we have our audio we have the script and idea AI has built all those components for us but we have to put them all in here piece out our things we need to use key frames to create motion which I didn't even do in this video um we need to let the program generate the captions for us here and then we had AI generate the audio so we're going to put that in there and it'll look something like this how to make money online when you are broke this question might be echoing in your mind okay you get the point we're not going to watch the whole video all right takes about 30 minutes to do this you might be able to do it in 20 if you get really fast I usually wind up getting stuck in uh in the details um or adding stickers or something like that and playing with it and filters and blah blah blah setting up the motion to work certain ways so 20 30 minutes to do the video it usually takes me about 30 minutes and I'm pretty good at it I don't do it that much anymore I don't do it at all anymore I let AI do it because that's all the manual way so I'm going to spend 30 minutes a video that's fine post it up spend 30 minutes once a day post it up on social every day 30 days a month or you know once three videos a week whatever you can do is fine the next way we can do this is we can use automation to do this so instead of spending 30 minutes a video we're going to spend about 3 seconds a video I mean it's going to take a minute to get the script in the idea but let's take our script for example here and we have I'm just going to use this script CU already made obviously you would put your websites in here and so I have the script let's pop over here to uh shiney shiny is the AI automation tool that puts this together for us so if we log in we can go here to the tool go to script paste in our script right okay I have my script pasted in I can set the captions which is like the the words on the video I have animation which is the movement we talked about that I can set it to Portrait or landscape I'm going to do portrait because we're doing vertical videos cuz that works on all platforms um only a couple of platforms I think I think Tik Tok does now widescreen and YouTube does WID screen so you can do the landscape videos if you want but um the voice I have just I don't know this is just there's a list of voices but I'm just going to use Clyde and way we go right and it's going to generate all the movement stuff so I'm going to hit generate video and boom so it's literally paste generate boom done okay this is going to take like 15 minutes to generate we can walk away I built one already for you um so we don't have to wait that long with this script so let's look at it unlock profit with AI videos start by grabbing a list of 400 AI tools from scary tool or simply text AI for direct access okay so you get the concept right it builds the video for you again we can do this with flooring we can do this with uh affiliate stuff we can do this with anything so all I would do is put in flooring stuff here and I would have the the websites so I don't really have time to build that whole thing for you in this video maybe we will even in the next video so come back and watch the next video but cuz it takes a minute to get the concept I have my flow built for the other and so basically literally like remember how long we even talked about this step we only talked about this automated step for like just a minute so how does this work well we can buy chat gbt because you need a p paid chat gbt subscription to get the video so uh that costs 20 bucks a month for chat gbt right now and then 11 labs they have a free option if you want to make a few videos if you want to make a little bit more it's like five bucks a month so we like 25 bucks a month or if you make a lot of videos I think it's like 11 bucks a month or 22 bucks a month so you're basically 25 30 bucks a month okay that gets you there if you go to and that lets you do it manually right so you still have to spend 30 minutes video If you go to shiney you actually can it's at you can uh spend a buck for 30 days and then it's 27 bucks a month so it's like the same price but I don't spend 30 minutes video I literally spend what I don't know we spend 10 seconds I think on the video uh let's log in here and we can go back and we can see it's still generating but um all we do is paste it in literally if you have your script you paste it in hit generate video it's one click anyways so that's the concept here now are there some moving Parts yeah there's some moving parts I mean it's not like you push um I mean we literally pushed one button it's making the video and then we're just going to have to upload the video to Social and then let people watch it and come to us so that's not too hard but but there's some obviously moving parts to set things up as you can tell by watching the video so how about that well I said I would give you another resource and there'll be more videos coming on this channel and then of course uh there's existing videos with some of this but if you head over to Soaring riches there's actually an entire boot camp that starts next week which will be live and the cool thing about it is is that you get unlimited replays and everything's together in like a member Center membership Center which is great but if you don't want to do this you can have your employee or your VA or whatever you can have them watch the replays or come to the boot camp too and then they can do it all for you so you can do it you can have your employee do it it doesn't really matter but basically we're going to cover everything how to use AI video and do the whole nine yards and again it's going to work for um any Niche it works for if you're doing digital products if you're doing physical products if you can go sell to the whole country or the whole world or if you can only sell to to your local town if you have a physical store it doesn't matter it still works and it works for affiliate stuff it works for services it works for anything so you can do inbound marketing get customers leads sales and you can generate unlimited leads right because you can make videos like how long does it take to I lost my spot you can have chat GPT generate endless scripts for you with your videos with your websites and then just keep throwing them up and this isn't the only type of video you can generate you can actually generate all kinds of videos and then it's just going to get even better because Sora which is a chat gbt product open AI product is coming we don't know when but it's coming and it's going to generate even better videos and shifi already is Sora ready so when Sora is available for it it'll get plugged into it and then it's just going to make even better quality videos so the quality goes up more people watch them and then you get even more sales but you don't have to wait till Sor comes out because some experts say it might not be till like 2025 so this is 2024 early make money now and then make money later right that's my philosophy my opinion anyway so you can head over to the boot camp again at Soaring riches link will be in the description if you're in the boot camp I will see you next Tuesday but either way happy earning

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