Getting Started: 4 Steps Every New User Should Do

welcome to Jasper let's dive into the first four steps every new user with Jasper should do when getting started so that you can get the most out of Jasper up first setting up Jasper brand voice when you pull your new phone out of the box you spend time by customizing it by downloading your apps setting up your home screen and creating your contacts Jasper's brand voice Suite is just like that it's not a step that you'll have to repeat every time but it's definitely the first step you'll want to take when you start using Jasper for the first time with the Jasper brand voice Suite there are three pillars that enable you to save to Jasper portions of your brand book and Style Guidelines that guide the AI to work for you in the future first let's start with enabling Jasper to mimic your Brand's unique voice with most plans you have access to set up multiple brand voices so take advantage of this and create different voices to use across your unique channels or for your most used assets we'll start by creating a new voice Here and Now Jasper will write content that sounds well welcoming passionate and professional just like we want the next way to personalize your Jasper brand voice is to add knowledge entries this is information about your company that will help Jasper learn about who you are when you're just starting out there are four knowledge assets that you want to include audience personas your marketing site white papers and your values and Mission today we'll upload the values and Mission here finally let's round out our writing with style guide style guide gives you options to select the terms and GR grammar and punctuation rules that you want your team to follow across all of your written content inside of Jasper with brand voice configur Jasper can use this information when generating content which brings us to step number two generate with the create flow these templates with Smart Suggestions maintain your content quality and decrease the workload required to get the first draft completed let's create a blog post and in just a few minutes you have your first draft and we're ready for step number three in document prompting let Jasper help you build out your drafts with fresh and creative suggestions you can accomplish this in two ways inline prompting or ask Jasper inline prompting gives you the ability to add new information while ask Jasper allows you to expand or rework existing content this blog post is looking fantastic but we're not done yet let's expand the reach of this post by repurposing it with step number four repurpose with remix instantly rework your existing assets into a plethora of marketing materials let's take this blog and turn it into a social media campaign remixing is also a great tool to use for any existing asset that your company may have that you may want to rework and just like that we have two assets that are on brand consistent and ready to publish now go get started let Jasper take your content calendar from due to done go get it ready to learn more check out the Jasper Academy our educational platform that will turn Jasper into your superpower access learning Pathways live or on demand training sessions self-paced courses certification and additional resources for continued learning see you [Music] there

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