Going in Circles?

hello hello man these last few days have been a little weird um usually I'm pretty on point with what I need to focus on but the last few days have been really kind of like odd and I'll explain why if my camera stays on before I do so though I want to share this stream but I'll kind of explain it while I'm sharing this on my email list so basically about a week ago well let's actually talk about about a month ago about a month ago I decided to do some restructuring and by restructuring I mean I stopped selling courses you might be wondering why did I stop selling courses because I don't want to long term be the course guy so let me share this here let's share my screen just so you can see what I'm doing here I want to get everybody on here before I actually say this uh sacred geometry we talk about squaring the circle just give me one minute I want to make sure I get everybody in here I'm going to Ping the Discord group if you're not in the Discord group you should be there by the way it's a good place um so about a month ago I decided I want to stop selling courses right why did I do that because I didn't want to be the course guy I wanted to start focusing on selling software I watched a video from Alex Becker if anybody's familiar with who that guy is he's talking about selling his software company for like 100 100 million dollars or something and I was like well that makes sense you know he put a lot of the time that he was putting into because he used to do courses as well he's taking a lot of his time and originally was selling courses then I think he started building SAS and then I think he started doing crypto or whatever the point is he put a lot of his time into his software company was able to sell it and made a bunch of money and the cool thing is he wasn't selling courses anymore because again I would rather give information away for free I'm not a fan of of courses right so I decided I would switch to mainly selling software just give everything away for free as part of like anybody who signs up for my software that's what I did now after I started doing that uh first of all we got a lot more people engaging with what we were doing so like I was doing courses before we'd get on people on a zoom call we'd get I don't know 50 30 or 40 people on a zoom call now we're getting like a lot more than that which is cool um but sales secondly sales kind of dropped a little bit because now I'm selling reoccurring it's a little bit harder to sell a lot of people have already seen my tool I mean we have 1800 people on the tool which is cool I'm not complaining about it we actually have I think close to 700 or 800 000 yearly reoccurring right now on the tool but something kind of changed I was like you know I've been I've been I've been selling either I started out selling services I started then I started selling courses and then I started then I've been selling software and no matter what I do I make a good amount of money like when I was selling services I was doing 50k a month when I was selling um courses you know I was doing hundreds of thousands a month software same thing but no matter what I sell I look at like I look at my metrics right so I'm looking at let's say the last I don't know year right let's say I got 1.6 million page views page visits right that's pretty good right I made around 1.6 million dollars last year now the only problem with this is that I could have made a lot more than this I could have made way for 1.6 million page visits if I would have had a instead of a one dollar estimated click value I could have done let's say a two dollar click value could have done 3.2 million or even more and so I actually know [Music] um people that do a lot less traffic than this and make a lot more money and so part of my issue I think the last few days to summarize everything that I just said right now it's not that I'm necessarily unhappy with what I've been doing it's that I've been spending so much time focusing on driving traffic and trying to sell things that it's hard to do everything okay it's really easy to get burned out trying to do everything um and again historically my camera just I don't know what's going on with my camera I might need to get a new cable or something historically that's always been the case I've always tried to do pretty much everything you know do the sales do the webinars do the landing pages do the automation do the follow-up do the content come up with the ideas manage the team like if you saw the amount of stuff that I did behind the scenes you would never want like like it's not I don't even know if it's worth the trade because it's so much work so much stress and I think recently I've been trying to figure out a way to spend less time doing things that I don't like and more time doing the things that I do like and and so the question is how do you do that and the question is what do you like doing and what do you want to do what do you want to spend your time on so I've always had fun nerding out geeking out on Tech coming up with waste automate like I've always been an automation guy even before all this AI stuff came out Bots and that kind of stuff I think my issue is it's really hard to constantly come up with ways to do the front end stuff which is automation building traffic building views coming up with unique ways to do things and then also build on the back end which is like okay and then how do you convert that how do you sell it all this stuff so why am I rambling uh because I'm I'm literally at a point right now where I'm like last few days I've been like okay what do I do it's not that I'm not having results like I have really good results here I mean 1.6 million dollars a ton of money millions and millions of views I get millions of views every month I have 200 over 200 000 people on my email list um the issue is not like what do I do in a sense to keep making more money or keep getting more results the question is how do you how do you how do you remain consistent in a way where you're happy and you're excited about doing things because I don't want to keep doing a bunch of stuff that I'm not interested in so one of the things I was thinking is that instead of just only promoting shine ranker and building shine ranker and selling it I could start focusing on promoting other things as well in the meantime because it gets a little boring doing the same thing every day is what I'm saying here I'm constantly doing the same thing every single day promoting shine ranker or promoting a course um you know sell sell sell and then like a lot of my content where it was originally to me it felt very valuable has now felt more like okay how can I keep repeating the same thing to get the same result which is like you know do a tutorial that people will like to Target a topic people will like sell things that people will like but it's again me just selling the same stuff and so I think what I've been thinking about is instead of just selling shineraker thinking about ways to integrate other products as well into the equation where instead of me just selling shine ranker now I'm going and saying okay well you know here's a tool that works with shine ranker right so like shine ranker plus whatever tool which brings me to what I'm trying to say here because I've again I'm like kind of scattered right now and sorry if this is a long-winded like explanation but needed to put it out there so I've been looking at different tools that I was like okay what are some cool tools to pair up with shinemaker I was looking around obviously I have this huge checklist here scary toolbots.com this is all the different tools and I was looking at him I was like okay well maybe I'll do a tutorial on convertkit maybe I'll do a tutorial on Buffer I don't know whatever right and then I was looking at I don't know let me go look at maybe some things that other people would be interested in if I go to here my computer Community I did a post the other day what tool would you be interested in people said obviously they want to see shine ranker content the most and then these are the other ones now here's the thing I've already created so much content on shine ranker where I'm like I don't know how much more content I can create on this tool because it's just becoming redundant and without the new features in the tool it's like I don't know if I want to create more um until we get the new features which the new features are coming out very soon but I was thinking in the meantime what would be some tools that would work with it and I was thinking about either like scheduling tools or like email tools or anything that will manage leads and so Chase says so many people give me WhatsApp number no if somebody says give me your WhatsApp number that's not me that's somebody trying to use my my name so anyways uh I was looking at go high level because the affiliate program on convertkit's like terrible and go high level is kind of cool but um I just haven't done enough research on it originally when I was using go high level before uh it was actually to respond to text messages that we were getting from our contact form marketing so we'd send out like thousands of messages saying hey there's something wrong with your website we'd send them to a text message text us at this number and then we were doing I think voicemail drops from high level into uh into uh the text messaging and then we would we would try to sell them on like an SEO audit or whatever so I could keep exploring that I mean that's kind of a cool thing one of the things that I've been really finding and this is sort of the other thing that I've been really thinking about is that most people don't seem to be very interested as much in affiliate as they are like clients everybody wants a client I don't know like maybe that's the right of passage or something that's that's how I started was doing client work and maybe it's just an easier sell maybe maybe that's what it is but it seems that people are more interested in getting clients than they are like doing some sort of content and doing like affiliate and it's also in my opinion it's harder it's harder to do affiliate when you start than it is to just sell a service Brett says go high level is legit yeah so I don't know I'm just kind of explaining you my thoughts here I I'm like I feel like I'm like all over the place right now with kind of like the way I'm thinking about this but the more I look at what really worked well in the past um what people were really really interested in a lot like around our stuff around the stuff I was building was really like the stuff around built generating leads um which again I can I can sort of see the angle there but maybe that's the road I need to go back down which is like how do you automate your lead gen which is easy like for me that's easy I know how to do that very easily um I think for me I was always thinking well everybody would want to do affiliate but it's very hard it's very hard to train people to do to do what is required to get affiliate like affiliate is actually generally harder when you're starting and I think the issue is that I keep teaching beginners and then beginners don't want to do affiliate they want to do generate leads um Chase can I give you their number so you can report them to the FBI uh I don't know if that's how that works also this is just a great way to manage leads go high level is um you know again I was looking at showing people how to use like convertkit or one of these email tools but the issue is uh the tools are not friendly for like beginners I mean not and not not just beginners but people that are like starting out most of these tools require you to have your own products so anyways I want to look at this let me um let me turn on some music here so I was on a call with the affiliate team at high level I think yeah it was about a couple hours ago and they gave me a link which I think gives people a 30-day free trial so if you want to try this out as well let me know or I'll just put it in the description of this video um I'm gonna see okay switch to agency View uh um let's see if I got the link yeah it's weird it's giving me a 404 page so there's kind of a couple different ways you can use this tool and I don't think I ever really explored it in in great detail um because I was really just using it for its texting feature but I almost wonder if it's worth exploring showing people how to generate a client within here That Pays because again my issue is that I'm kind of tired of doing things that don't work like for the beginner because again that's like my main audience is people starting out or maybe I'm wrong who knows in a second let me get the link here um okay I think this is like I don't know if it works let's see okay so I'm supposed to it's this is supposed to go to uh 30-day free trial I believe um anyways once you get in I think so there's a few different ways that you like there's like three different ways that you can make money with this I believe the first way is you can make money uh doing what is it affiliate so you can sell this as an affiliate tool which I believe you get 40 reoccurring the second way is you can white label it I think it's 497 dollars a month or something and you can you can essentially sell this as your own tool that your clients can sign up for with your brand so that they can like I believe send emails and do all the things that that they'd want to do to manage their leads I think the Third Way is you can sign up clients manually through this and then they can pay you through this tool and then you like control their marketing I believe that's the three ways and this this way is like I think it's 97 you get one client 297 you get like what is it 50 clients and then 497 you just get your own software so I so I think those are the main ways that you make money with this I could be wrong I'm pretty sure that's how it works again I left a link in the chat and I'll leave a link in the description if you want to try it out um but I think there's actually things that are built into this even deeper as well um like you can sell services hold on I need it I need to like look at this so if you connect stripe let me just connect this here and see what happens so you connect your stripe account and then I think you can build a product in stripe automatically that will connect to here that you can then sell through here I believe enable 299 balance payouts enabled let me go back here so you can resell WordPress how does this work please configure your SAS subscriptions so you sell a WordPress website and people pay for the WordPress website through here I believe unlimited month standard pricing ten dollars a site I don't know what you're buying here so you subscribe WordPress Unlimited resellable I think that says resale oh resalable hosting monthly plan okay so this is if you wanted to sell hosting you can re you can sell yext listings so you're basically selling citations to people [Music] um and then they have this Marketplace thing here everything you or your client needs to get started on the go high level platform basic software setup email campaigns reputation management so I guess if you get a client you can sign them up for this for three hundred dollars and then they'll go set up the thing for you I don't know why this is so like confusing to me I think it's because there's so many layers to it but maybe I think it makes more sense to other people than it does to me uh White Label mobile work harder work smarter not harder with a tailored app so this gives you an app that you can sell oh no this is for mobile interested in offering a mobile app service to your clients but you aren't you're unsure um God this is confusing for me what's up James high level can do crazy amount of stuff really good customer Journey tracking and follow-up capabilities too heard nothing but great things no I get it I mean look I don't think there's anything wrong with that I just I think I have a hard time bending my brain this way built to help agencies solve three significant problems answering leads for their clients there's just so much stuff in here that I'm like I think I'm like trying to figure out like how do you angle this so you have affiliate portal you have Partners welcome to high level partner program search Partners in your industry browse for high level Partners based on the service they offer so this is like upwork basically oh my God I know this guy Jordan how's that guy doing I wonder how he's doing Jordan Steen I think I had a YouTube channel I don't know if he's still doing it oh well he hasn't done a video in two years what happened to this guy now he's just killing it on go high level is that what's going on conversion rate so high level partner high level Affiliates you click on this dude and then what you sent him a message I think we're Facebook friends so what happens now you send him a message and then what what does he do does he do you hire him okay University this teaches you how to use this hi there Chase from high level here and on behalf of our whole team it is my pleasure to welcome you to our community of marketers and to congratulate you on the success you're a very specific set of this set of okay what's up affiliate profits SAS education pleasure to welcome you to SAS Fast Track this is crazy I I literally am like so confused by where you go like where do you start wait is this just ideas what are idea what 387 ideas okay so these are like feature requests okay so I want let's say I want to create a sub account for a doctor SAS account a regular account I don't know the difference let's do where's where's doctors I guess the closest thing is Medical Spa maybe chiropractor I don't know okay you search a location it's a lot to unpack I got lost for hours just checking out all the features right oh you can just look it up got it okay they are there first name and then I can put in all their info save post all their info so I could offer yext I agree enable YX for this client without upsell thirty dollars automatically they get 250 emails okay so this will allow them to manage their email checklist I mean their email checklist their email um list and their texting list I believe right load snapshot I don't know so do I need to do anything else here let's see so they're in the account now right that's a sub account so that's their account now and then I can I have like a thing that I can do generate more leads Monitor and reply so then I would connect their listing I think right you get a lead widget you can have them accept payments through there through texting or something set up their citations move your WordPress site okay so this is if you want to set up a site for them quickly add one or more team members dashboard so I guess this is how you get them leads you put all their lead stuff in here and then they manage their appointments or whatever through here opportunities payments marketing this is so many layers I'm so like workflow list sites reputation so I honestly think the biggest thing that you would use this for really is more to generate like leads for yourself and then I guess you could manage the leads within here so I believe I have my own sub account right this is my own sub account basically conversations okay so if I were to set this up for myself and let's say I wanted to start generating leads I could set up something here I think I can do either email or let's see is this just is this just uh texting here like where's the social media campaigns okay so this is email here okay we need to build out the flow here so what would you do so you'd have them can you upload emails oh my god look how many settings are in here email services okay so you can set up Gmail thank you um I think the question is do you what what's the easiest way to get a lead coming in so you can automatically follow up with them so I mean the lead needs to be whatever is around like website audits right I wonder if there's another way to do this though around like Tick Tock or shorts like a short form audit okay so I'm still not understanding so you're so you're basically you get you get somebody to enter their email or whatever for a lead because we're selling I guess we're trying to sell a service rather than an affiliate so you'd have them enter their email how the heck do you build opt-ins in here marketing emails campaigns templates there's automation sites okay so I guess this is a new funnel okay from blank so we could offer a tick tock whatever service right so tick tock short form audit so we'll audit your account and tell you what's wrong with your tick tocks right or we'll set up your AI for you so we're going to name this page short form audit it's not that I need help setting up high level it's more that I'm trying to figure out how do you categorize this in your brain oh this is if you want to import something create from blank uh adrow we'll do this we'll do text headline uh learn how to automate your short form content with AI um oh you have to build that like somewhere else so somebody enters their email it gets put in as a lead and then I guess you're manually trying to sell well now you could automate a sales process because right now this is really set up to do like website management but I think the most important features really are just the uh email and text management if we're going to be sure if we're going to be signing clients up I guess I'm a little bit confused about how you actually onboard people because they enter their email right somebody enters their email I don't even know where we were emails so you build a site somebody enters their email oh I guess you set up their own okay okay I think I'm starting to get it no no I look I I watch tutorials at high level it's not it's not the features that I'm having a problem with I understand the features I'm under trying to understand how are people scaling this and I think I'm starting to get it so so let's say I did a video right and I said look easiest way to get easiest way to make money right right now online is to uh automate your take automate your short form content right automate your videos right step one you need a website so you can send people to step two you need an opt-in you need to be able to send emails step three you send the emails step four you profit right now how are you going to do all that you need a way to do that right you need to be able to automate your short form obviously first of all and then you need to be able to build a website do the opt-in and you need to be able to manage clients with the same sort of thing so I guess what you could do is basically say I'm going to set the service up for you right here's the easiest way to make money online I'll make your short form you know go over here we'll set it up for you so somebody sets it up somebody somebody goes and enters their information and then you have a back-end automation follow-up that goes and sends emails until somebody goes and books a call with you and then for 300 bucks you set them up on all this stuff but then they're paying monthly for all the things right that's how it works or you set it up for them for free and they're paying monthly for these things right is that how it works let's say they book a call and they set it up for free right you say all you have to do is just pay for your website pay for your emails and also All For You I'll set up your your short automation all set up right so let's say somebody in here right now says Chase I want you to set this up for me so let's say Addie in here right now says Chase please set me up with my own website my own opt-in my own emails I want you to do it all for me I'll pay you for it right so I say okay let's go over here foreign I'm going to create you a brand new account because I know you want to make money with short form content right so I click on create I'm going to do a blank snapshot we're going to call you whatever just add manually ADI m put your email in here test at gmail.com Addie one two three four Street in a barber California United States phone number just do my phone number so Addy let's just say goes great thanks for setting this up right because I go and I set this up I get the website set up all the things loaded up and now Addie's able to have her own email account and landing page and everything she needs to start bringing people in foreign so she can start getting her own clients for short form content right is that what I'm understanding here but I'm getting paid every month because every client that Addie signs up she's getting them to pay her to do to do the management she's billing them through this right is that what I'm understanding here am I am I getting this correctly so if you don't have a website what are you going to do yeah exactly so that's one way to use it but that's one way to do it so I guess the issue with that though is people are not going to want to do their own short form content right you're not going to want to go well you won't really need to because I could create a template for that not totally sure how the payments would work out but I would like I would pay you 300 per month or whatever price you choose for whatever features and also Services you include right so I theoretically I could just go make a landing page right now right saying I'm looking for five new people right yeah I want five new people who are interested in growing their email list and getting their short form content going right all you have to do is sign up for this service it's 300 bucks a month and I'll get you set up right so then I would get on the on a call I'd say look I'm going to set up your email list I'm going to set up uh your your short form content and you're gonna go and you're gonna go do it right you're gonna go get clients I don't know why this is so hard for me to conceptualize like is it because it is it because there's like five or six steps deep is that why it it's so hard to like why it's so confusing Clint says yeah I'm gonna switch over to this uh like I said it by the way if you go to the link in the description you can get like I think it's 14 days I'll just put in the chat now I think I think I think there is okay so I already get like thousands of leads right I get like probably 500 to 1000 leads a day so I don't really have an issue with getting leads and I obviously don't want to be on the phone all day like setting this stuff up for people but I know people that are starting out like if you don't have your own clients you're not making any money right this would probably be something that would be very easy for you to set up I don't know I don't know where to start is the issue I don't know where do you start in this process I got a 30-day free trial by hitting them up on Instagram well like I said I they're doing a they're giving me a 30-day free trial and then we're also putting other stuff in there as well like bonuses I have a guy that I'm partnering with on this and we're giving away a bunch of stuff a part of it um but uh I guess I have to build out how I'm gonna do this oh my God they built this to compete with click funnels and a lot of people moved over to high level yeah so again like here's my issue though so I think my my question is how do ice how do I sell this right because we can use shine ranker basically to generate the views right shine rankers basically going to make it so that you're going to be able to get unlimited leads like that's what shine ranker is shinemaker the the tool that we're building is literally going to essentially be able to give you unlimited leads uh because you're going to just be able to automate unlimited content so the question is how do you connect the two right if shinemaker gives you the leads high level manages them right so you go find some keywords you want to rank for with shinemaker you generate the content you post it you're good to go there and then high level will go and manage the actual leads that you get and then all you have to do is sell you're selling the leads right is that what you're doing or selling what it what do the people that sign up right what are you selling you're selling the you're selling the leads that you get from shine ranker to other people right you you learn how to use shine ranker and then you go set it up for people right word I'll do it through you when you got the link oh sweet okay so so step number one you you go and you generate let's say 15 videos with shine ranker with our with our AI feature you go and in that video you say if you want to earn money online go to this link that link is in go high level right the and that's this page it's like whatever the page is uh you know learn how to automate your income with Tick Tock videos learn how to automate your income with Tick Tock videos so you so the people watching these videos go put in their email and they say Okay I want to learn how to automate my income with videos and then we basically the whole goal of that is to get them on a phone call on the phone call we say hey look we're going to set up your email list we're going to do your Tick Tock videos we're gonna do everything for you we'll automate everything and we're going to help you sell a service let's say so we're gonna do Tick Tock videos on like let's say the top five Plumbing websites and I don't know wherever or or I'm trying to think the best way to do this or we just show them how to um okay so this is what I'm confused about if we're generating the videos should we be generating videos targeting business owners I guess you could have a separate type of thing oh my God are you this is what I'm confused about are you selling to other marketers or are you selling to business owners or is that two of the same thing I don't get that because if we're generating 15 videos saying hey here's how you make money and then people go click on the video and then book a call we'll set up your freaking email list for you I guess you wouldn't have to right you could just show people how to set up an email list and get their own clients so is it just you're just never ending that person's going and setting up the next person and setting up the next person isn't that essentially a pyramid uh now if you're doing videos generate 15 videos on the top 10 Plumbing websites it's not going to do anything I guess what you could do is you could get a bunch of people and then you could show those people how to generate leads with like G with contact forms and then those people could go set up people and inside of high level I don't know why this is so confusing all I know now is I need a drink selling to small businesses local businesses yeah but is that's the way to do it because think about this you could the the opportunity is not local businesses anymore everybody's so stuck on local businesses it's not that's not the opportunity they get sold to 24 7.

You want to know who you want to know who to sell to people who don't know how to do short form content which is everyone like I could literally say right now on an email hey I will go set up your email list and help you with your short form content automated for you and I would get thousands of people that want to sign up so I feel like that's the angle the angle is not like oh we'll set up your Google my business everybody says that literally everybody on this planet says that that's not the way you do it you say I'm going to show you how to create automated Tick Tock videos to grow an account in an automated way I'll set up your email list and I'll set up your email automation I mean the question is though what are they selling I guess affiliate products that would be the way to go I think that would work okay shinrinker generates all the content which it already does like our features coming out very soon in fact let me go see what my developers are doing I mean the the type of automation that we're about to run inside shine ranker is going to literally be disgusting like nobody else will be able to do this at least not yet eventually the people will catch on but we're going to be able to generate like email leads with AI pretty much out of thin air and then all we have to do is make it so that people that were driving traffic to this and then you're selling a service right oh my God the big opportunity is showing local businesses how to use video no I don't think it is I actually you might be right well it's not just low it's not local business it's anybody people don't understand short form content that's it doesn't matter if it's a local business doesn't matter if it's like Jerry down the block nobody knows how to do uh content short form content they don't know how to use AI they don't know how to manage leads okay so somebody watches a video they watch an AI video and it says learn how to automate your short form content with AI they enter their email and then it puts them into an automated sequence where it says hey I saw you just entered your email I guess we could even do it it might even be better to do this over text because then you actually get on the phone with them hey I saw you uh hey I saw you entered your phone number to learn more about automating your income with AI short form content when do you have a second discuss this they respond they say I can do two at two o'clock you give them a call you say hey it's Chase I saw you entered your email you know what are you interested in doing well I want to I want to build my profile okay cool do you have a way to set up your emails yet no do you have a way to automate the content yet no okay well if I set all this stuff up for you would you mind just paying for the website in the email like list it's just like 100 bucks a month sure so they sign up under you you set them up with the emails you set them up with whatever automations they need to run and now you're you get 10 people like that you're making a thousand dollars a month right does that make sense so the only thing I need to figure out at this point I think is how to set up these phone numbers I think it's with twilio so let's add a number track visitor Camp activity create multiple numbers that correlate calls now I just want a phone number I don't care about phone system isn't configured and I can even leave them voicemail drops I can call them automatically too and be like hey you know you entered your phone number I'm just leaving a voicemail I want to get you set up with this I mean this seems pretty easy to me light bulb is going off no I was literally sitting here and I'm like I don't understand why is this so confusing because like people are losing it over this stuff and I've been trying to get through my head what is the big appeal here I've literally been sitting at my computer like staring at my screen for like three days trying to figure out what the heck's going on and I think I'm starting to get it finally I don't know why it's so hard for me to understand it they use their own numbers now okay so I need what I need to do right now is I need to set up a basic phone number where people can text and then I'm going to set I'm going to put that as the link in my uh bio on let's say Instagram or whatever and then I'm gonna actually go and sign somebody up I'm going to get them to pay for their email list for their short form whatever I'm gonna prove that it works and then I'm gonna go and I'm gonna show people how to do this by signing up for high level right and then I that I make a ton of money selling the affiliate for this tool but I also make money selling shine ranker because you need shine ranker in order to use this tool yes like if you want to get views you need to use shine ranker if you want to track your leads you use high level right I feel like that's the move what's wrong with my phone system I don't understand so now I just need somebody to go in here and set this up like that's the only thing because I I don't even know how to do this oh my God okay I'm probably gonna have to like hire somebody to do this because I honestly have no idea and I don't want to spend a bunch of time trying to figure this out but I honestly think I could do that like I'm not kidding I think it I think it'll be very actually very simple now one of the other things I'm thinking about too is I don't even really necessarily have to send people to a phone number right I could get that one thing that like just gives you your own they literally give you this you just send people here with your own video or something take your agency the next level or whatever the thing is and then they go sign up through this so for 500 bucks a month I can just get people straight to sign into here oh but then they have to sign up for a trial I think that would defeat the purpose because then they'd be oh but I could tell them if they sign up through this if they get the 14-day free trial I'll get them set up right so they Okay so no I don't know I don't know how that works so you sell would be the 100 a month and they need to also sign up for go high level and shine ranker no no well thing it's like oh you could get an affiliate for shinraker too couldn't you so you could you could theoretically if they wanted to do their own content like automate their own content with shinemaker you can have them sign up for shinemaker but what I was thinking is you would just generate all the content for them with shinraker and then you could schedule it out for them I mean you could generate a Year's worth of content in shine ranker in like a day with the new thing we're building yeah so I think the only thing that I need to figure out at this point because I don't know about the SAS thing I need to figure out how to get the opt-in working with the text messaging and I think at that point we'll be like pretty solid but I don't know what's going on here I mean maybe I don't have the right account or something oh you got a contact support oh here we go numbers forward to my number number is local to number toll-free numbers uh sure 833 there's no numbers anywhere is there any numbers anywhere I guess you can't get any numbers I'm doing something wrong here well shotraker will have its own social posting as well but I guess that doesn't really matter what am I doing wrong here we could even set up a um we can even set up an API in shinrink at a high level too we could like integrate the two together would be pretty simple okay I honestly have no idea what I'm doing wrong I'm buying one new number same as okay do I just need to contact them or something I would rather not I guess I have to contact them that's really annoying so I think they have to they have to hook this up to like twilio or something changelog need help let's see I'm so confused I don't know what the answer is to any of these which part of the agency level menu uh phone numbers oh my God I'm probably doing this wrong is there a way to contact someone I don't even know what's going on Express what is this sub what is a sub oh what is the sub account ID so your cell would yeah I mean again I don't know if that's the best way to do it but it's one of the things I was thinking okay let's see if we can get the see if we can get them to set this up for us at my at the agency view I don't even know no I'm at the something else for you snapshot view I think all right trying to set up a phone number that someone can text you know what's the cool thing is we could actually set up a way for people to just text straight off the shorts we wouldn't even have to get them to visit a page we wouldn't oh that's actually huge because then they wouldn't have to leave the platform we could say hey if you want to learn more about this Texas number that's actually massive nice bike thank you I don't want to switch to agency view because I'm trying to get the phone number set up in here right that's where that count settings are for phone numbers oh okay let me try foreign lead connector you need to connect lead connector or twilio to manage the column text okay well which one better than the other just do this one I mean is that all I had to do LC phone I think I did it now right settings uh phone numbers phone system isn't configured yet I thought it was I thought I did it phone configurations are missing okay resolve my God my account is Curse do I need to go back over here to do it oh do I need to enable it is that what it is manage client email increase limit I need huh rebuilt telephone email I don't understand how the heck do I give them how do I give that account uh phone calls foreign what am I doing wrong here go to settings ah there it is I thought I didn't need twilio for this oh no it was linked wait did I do it why is this so confusing I should probably just look up a tutorial for this honestly Okay add number okay save ah I think we did it get a phone number to start texting done there's the phone number all right can can you guys text this please I think we did it thank you foreign it is confusing okay can somebody please text me at this I guess I can text myself there it is okay so watch this you ready for this this is gonna be sick you ready for how sick this is about to be it's about to be disgusting watch this all right watch this it's gonna be so cool easiest way to earn money online right now oh my God I'm about to freak out okay foreign foreign thank you for sending texts okay so here's what we do somebody just Rick Rolled me that's hilarious so here's what we do we get all of the text coming in right now right now what we're going to do here is first of all we have to turn off this automatic text response thing how do I turn that off and then all we have to do is close a few people on on getting them set up I mean literally we just set up this for them we prove the process and then we show people how to do this how to generate the leads that'll pay them to set it up for them or free you to set this up for them how do I turn off this stupid auto reply thing how do I turn off automatic text reply and go high level triggers why is this unsuccessful cannot send as DND is active for SMS okay I don't know how to do some of this stuff I didn't see triggers or any of that stuff trigger links DND off okay so this is only if they call automation triggers Maybe why did I see triggers in here okay this doesn't exist in here anymore oh my God I'm gonna have to be like on like 500 of these videos I think in order to understand this foreign this is not fun wait it's disabled why is it why is it doing that if it's disabled shouldn't be sending a thing okay so somebody texts me we already got like seven leads all right this is Chase uh set you up with a I did a free setup for you where I will help you create your shorts email list and texting like this would you I guess I could just get on the phone I don't really know what what do you say here you say if I created a way for you to hey I'm looking for hey it's Chase I'm looking for a few people who want to get set up with short form content automation [Music] automation but they need to be able to use a software for this process would you be interested in me helping you get dialed in to use a certain software for this process that costs I don't know what does it cost how much can you get set up for this I don't know the I don't know the the payment I don't know what the price of the payments are how much how much they have to pay to get set up 100 bucks a month so I guess I could automatically send these look that's already a yes there so I could just create this as the first automated response okay 97 hey it's chase looking for a few people when I get set up a short form content but they need to be able to use a certain software for this process it costs about 97 a month software for this process to manage their leads I can do that ready to get started I mean look at this it's it's very easy everybody literally everyone's saying yes so subscribe and part of your AI Cash Cow shine ranker I mean you could be making shorts like this all day getting these type of responses so I guess how do we set this up then so we set it up we we give them a call we say hey I saw you said yes how do I I gotta build them their own account now I mean how do I do this from here I mean literally everyone's saying yes um I don't even know how to do this I honestly don't even know how to sell this so I request a payment contact must be attributed and name to request a payment Please assign a name uh we'll just say Bob I mean you could have your team sitting here setting all this stuff up for you too foreign request a payment item name so I'd get on the phone and then they would pay oh this was this would just be to request a payment for I don't know what this is for so this would be an invoice just for a direct payment for what subscriptions so then how the heck do I sell how do I sell this how do I create a client that's what I'm not understanding create a sub account so I get them on the phone right and I say give me your information put in their information and then they would use your affiliate link they provide you access or you could sell them a sub account on your account with a payment on your go high level well I don't really understand the difference what's the difference between them getting set up underneath me or my affiliate that's why I don't understand you can create the product or service first then just lead them to the sales page I know but what is I don't understand the difference what is the difference between them clicking on your affiliate link and signing up yeah I've seen a lot of software and just took a mini course on it have not purchased as of yet but looks interesting I honestly don't understand the difference here like what you're supposed to do sub account allows you to upsell them on your account with additional products and services you charge for that service well I'm just trying to prove the concept I don't understand like what uh like I don't want their login affiliate link you would just make a monthly commission I I get that but I'm I'm trying to prove it for the customer like if you were to buy like if you were to buy this thing right if you were to buy go high level how would you set this up for somebody else in fact there are other people who take care of customer service for your clients for a fee okay so I guess the best way would be they sign up and then they give me their account and then I go set up for them oh I guess they would add me as a person and then I would go set it up for them because they could you can add an admin then I basically clone the dashboard over right that's the easiest way they sign up through my affiliate link I clone them over the environment they then go and create content with the automations right as a user foreign I honestly like still don't understand why I'm so confused by this it's it's kind of funny how how much this confuses me I mean I guess I guess I can just start calling these people hold on give me one second foreign see my number live in the feed seen a lot of software and just took a mini course on it um feel free to call oh it's Todd Martin I guess we'll call Todd since he's on the live foreign Todd I thought you were joining foreign if Todd's not answering then we're going to call uh I don't even know all right well we're gonna call somebody I'm not gonna do it on the air because I don't wanna turn off leopard mode all right we'll do this one Todd wants me to call again Todd yeah what's going on it's Chase hey buddy how are you good man how are you good good yeah no it wasn't supposed to be a leopard supposed to be sleep mode oh gotcha oh it's all good so uh you said you were on the stream right okay that must be a little weird um cool well the stream will probably be a little bit delayed so if you're watching me right now it'll be like 30 seconds behind but don't worry so yeah um I don't know I'm kind of trying to test this out uh seeing seeing what what we can do here I'm not really sure the best way to go about this but I I think that I kind of like the idea well you tell me what do you think well you know I just looked at it and I saw what you pulled up and uh right there so I kind of went I went through that a little bit and uh you know high level of the CRM uh it's got some good features to it that I would definitely like in some of the other crms I'm using but it looks like it's got more of a a general automation feature to it that could be helpful right [Music] um I mean now specifically if you're going into um you know billing and charging clients you know that's something that I think that this is really good for right well yeah and that's what's kind of interesting here is like you could use this to you could either sell like an affiliate like this right or you could um you could sell it as an affiliate right so I could send you the link right now and and you could you could basically set up on it and get get started you know you could start or you know I'm trying to think the best way to do it because like for me I think personally I probably would do it the affiliate route but I think most people would be doing it to manage clients but the thing is is that I don't know I mean would you okay I guess this is my question for you would you ever sell if you had a way to sell let's say short form content or like AI automation would you sell that to people absolutely I mean here's the thing right so going through your courses and classes right now and and past classes you know one of the hardest things is to put the content together so if somebody can slide into your line um your downline or whatever you want to call it and you can simply just clone it and paste it in right or you can add it in in pieces in other words you don't give them everything right you say you know every 30 days we're going to be doing this you know or you know every 15 days we're going to be doing this uh and then to manage that would probably be an ideal situation right well I mean you could you could essentially generate all the content for them and then you would have them on there because they'd be paying to to manage their leads right but you could also be doing this for yourself to be getting the leads as well like I mean I don't know if you saw but I just I sent one email we already have like 20 leads that just came in in like two seconds yeah so I mean we could do that with shorts very very easily and you could you could just generate the shorts right and I think one of the things that I saw on that is that for if you're you know if you're white labeling it and selling it to two different clients you know one of the things they talked about doing was obviously going in creating the the marketing content or the short form content and then putting that in a backend in a Google drive right you know to give the client the option so you can have different options right if people want to post it themselves or if you want to be in charge of posting it right you know for them well you could charge extra you could also charge extra for that you could say hey I'll make you all the content but you have to post it or if you want to pay an extra 300 bucks a month you know we'll we'll go and schedule it all out for you which would only be a couple extra clicks correct correct yeah and once you trained a VA to do that you know you could have a VA you know they could handle anywhere between five to ten accounts a month right well and and also yeah well you could also even just schedule it out through high level I mean they have the right or shine Rinker we're gonna have that in there too soon so program I think trying to find the the price points you know that's gonna that'll create your sweet spot you know what's what's good enough um you know to get done you know I mean as you go into to different Services obviously people charge different things for different services and you know if you want white glove then it all goes through there but I really think the thing is is that it just depends on the short form content that the individuals want right so if somebody's looking for short form for affiliate marketing or for myself I'm looking for short form for um you know real estate content right so and affiliate and affiliate marketing you know I it would it would be a little bit tricky because the other thing too is if somebody is doing short form content for um let's say the affiliate marketing side you know you're going to have to have them you know possibly generate some of their own videos on which you can match up mash up with you know URLs video library right well and the new thing that we're doing now is we're we're making it so that you can basically enter in a topic it'll it'll generate you a list of websites for that topic and then it'll actually go and make you videos on automatically with your voice or whoever's voice you put in it could be your client's voice and it'll say hey here's the top five Real Estate websites and then and then it'll say if you want more information on this you know text this number and then and then we could basically set it up in high level where that's where you manage the leads and call them yeah yeah I I think it's a neat concept I haven't uh I haven't jumped in yet because I've got three other crms that I'm in right so you know um so when you're when you're doing this to learn another you know another system right that can also be daunting too right right um and trying to figure out what's the best use of your time and your money right I almost wonder though if it was something where we just built the like basically the Clone you just copy and paste it over oh I mean absolutely I mean the there are some systems now and you know specifically within you know the real estate Niche where you just get you know just a basic similar to an API key right and you can post that or paste it into your backend CRM it automatically copies you know the delays the text message The Voice drops all of that stuff right so yeah one of the things that and I don't know I'm assuming the high level could do this and it depends on on how it's set up but um you know one of the things that I found that's very good for business is the uh The Voice drops right so I do voice drops through slide broadcast I think it is right right and um yeah yeah that's definitely you know well integration so if you can't capture a phone number yeah high level could essentially we could make it where they text you off of a short video and then high level would just automatically voice drop them which would be pretty cool I think yeah yeah I mean and the nice thing is you're not chasing down somebody sitting on the phone dialing waiting for somebody to pick up right and I mean you could also just send them a voice message over text too automatically with high level I believe but I don't know I like I kind of like this angle I don't know it seems kind of cool again you know managing three other crms that's like you know the the basics are there but then there are our differences that you have to figure out new systems right yeah yeah I I think I definitely think that can be negated though if we just made it like and easily like where you just upload the we could make like a 10 minute video just how to upload the Clone and then oh yeah well I mean I've got a video of that already it's super simple okay gotcha yeah I mean it's it's it's super simple it's not difficult at all right you literally you literally build your program then you get a specific and then you know you just share that key with somebody and they plug it in okay um but yeah I mean it's it's a pretty easy system and the interesting thing about that is in a lot of systems people have to be well in real estate and a lot of those systems for cloning people have to be in your in your network right so if you if you white label and sell this to somebody else um and somebody sells it to somebody else with the say let's say the the white glove where they want you know somebody to implement their systems and uh you know post to their social content so they would go into the back end of that person's high level or the way that they right here drop in the drop in the key and it doesn't matter where they are you shared a new one you know with your group and that group you take the key and Implement another place so that's that's the nice thing about this kind of thing oh that's cool yeah yeah so I think there's a lot of good stuff okay well I mean so what do you think about like just the angle of this where we get people to text and we get them on the phone call kind of like this and then and then we say Hey you know sign up for the account we'll get you set up I mean do you think that that would work because it seems like a lot of people are like I even just texted them like hey it's 100 bucks a month you know would you pay this and they're like yeah no problem yeah I mean I think the ones that the ones that you definitely reach are going to be the ones that are interested right right now you're you're mailing list and your list is definitely a lot larger yeah but it depends again on what Niche the people are falling into and what they want to do right yeah but I think that you could sell this I mean I think you could sell this to anybody right like you could literally you could do content or you could do emails or you could do whatever you wanted and you could say hey you know you're not doing short form content you need to get set up with this I'm going to set you up you know do you have a second to get on a call you get on the call with them you say look you know in order for us to do this we do need like to get you set up with a website or like a page or like you know an email list or a text messaging like so people can text you you know it's like 100 bucks a month um like people are gonna pay that just to get like if you're doing everything for them they're gonna pay that no problem I mean don't you think oh yeah I mean I do it all the time right you know right I mean I do I do I do it all the time because I don't have time to set up and do a lot of my own stuff right pay somebody who can do that no but I'm saying in terms of like reaching out to people I think that you could go up to most people and say hey I need I'll get you set up you know with getting your shorts going getting you views getting you leads but we need a place to you know capture these you got to sign up for this tool like people I think people would pay for it because it's gonna yeah I agree well I mean yeah people don't people don't understand I mean even in even in the classes that you guys are teaching now um you know that's the hardest thing and I mean like you said it's not in the beginning you know where you shoot one or two shorts and you put it out there and you're a millionaire overnight the biggest thing that's going to come from this is the follow-up sequences that you're going to have with that right but but don't you think that it would be an easy sell to like because because here's the thing if you're saying hey you just have to get set up with this tool people are not going to be feeling sold to because you're going to say like hey I need a place to be able to like you know we need a place to be able to contact your leads we'll you know will you sign up for this they're not going to feel like you're selling something to them because you're going and doing them a free service and so if they're going to go pay 97 bucks to have an email list or a text message list or voicemail drops like they're not even going to think about oh yeah I just signed up for this tool sure but you're still getting paid 100 bucks a month yeah no absolutely absolutely I agree I agree it would be it would be easy Once you show people the power of this right and and what they see is it comes in you know as as it starts generating right you know more and more business more and more leads right so yeah absolutely right on um and I think too you know I think depending on the person's business on what they want to do are you are you looking at this from a standpoint of everybody's individual business well you know short form content I mean are you looking at it specific from like a look I'm how do you see how do you see managing people in different businesses so I'm looking at it this way everybody wants to make money online I mean that's like that's a given right I don't know anybody on on this Earth that doesn't want to make money online um the problem is most people don't have two things they don't have a way to get views right and they don't have a way to capture the leads and so if you could solve that problem for them in like two clicks and charge them monthly for it I think I think that's pretty easy to do because all you all you really have to do is you do a short form video you say hey look here's the easiest way to make money you get you make it you generate content with AI and then you build an email list and then you sell things right I think everybody's in agreement that that probably will work but the problem is you need to get set up with that right so you have to get set up you have to generate the content you have to build the list right so how do you do that well I'll go set up the content for you right I'm gonna go do that I'm gonna go generate the content for you I'll get your account going I'll schedule out the content for the next year or whatever the deal is but I need you to sign up for this software so that I can make so that we can manage your leads and so I think that's such an easy sell because they're going to be like okay well I I obviously will probably need a software in order to do this like I can't just send out emails from nowhere I can't send out text messages or voicemail drops from nowhere so 97 bucks a month I'll go sign up for that if you can help me get started now they're paying every single month to manage their leads you're getting the 97 you have all these people paying you and and you can just keep doing this over and over I mean you'll get I I would be surprised if you didn't start getting hundreds of people texting every single day like and then getting on the phone and being like Hey how do I get set up yeah no I mean I agree like you said um you know when you're building it up once you guys talk about when you when you build up something you know at first it starts out a little bit slow but people got to know like and trust you in order to do business well but we do that through the content that you create we have automated accounts though that literally have 40 followers on them that are getting with AI content getting thousands and thousands of views a day if we just put a phone number in there like we would we would be getting I mean I'm getting just some off my main account like 500 leads a day through email that's not even through text if we were doing text we'd be getting even more so I mean this is something where you could get set up with a brand new account and probably within a week you'd be getting 10 20 leads a day texting you I'm sure and I'm willing to prove it too I I mean like that's probably the next thing I'll do but like you can go over to the accounts right now and look at them I mean there's one on Facebook let me see what is it called oh you're on the stream you can probably see this uh I have a whole spreadsheet of different accounts that we're tracking that my va's are cloning my voice and using AI to generate the content and they're getting like thousands and thousands of views it's crazy I can only show it on my phone but okay yeah AI if you look this up on your phone AI Cash Generator it's got a hundred followers each video is getting like a thousand views per video it's all AI it's crazy yeah on Facebook I'm gonna put it in the in the YouTube chat go look at that if you look at on your phone you can actually see the views you can't see it on the computer but uh like that's something that we could set up for somebody and and I'm using my voice my face at the beginning because I just like automatically like I made a bunch of those and they're just automatically getting combined into the front part of the video but um you could we could have I mean we have accounts like I'm not the only one doing that there's another guy that's doing this he's just reposting all my content but you just put your phone number in there and you're like now you're getting all these leads people like oh you know I saw that video you were talking about how to get set up with AI you know how do I do that and then you get on the phone with them go hey look I'll I'll set up this content for you I'll literally clone your voice for you you do it in two seconds set them up and then get them on there they're paying for an email list or whatever and I mean you could you could probably do this five to ten people a day I mean that would be what third you probably get like thirty thousand dollars a month if you got if you got what one person a day paying oh no yeah yeah you'd have to get 10.

Well no because you have to get 10 by if they're paying 100 but I mean that would probably be pretty doable yeah you've got I don't know what it is on the uh uh on how many how many can you have on the 97. [Music] I'm still confused on how you even get people set up in here because like I think one way you can do it you can just give them your affiliate link but then another way you can actually set up them up an account and I don't really know what the difference is between those two I guess if you like why would you want to get why would you want to get them an affiliate Link versus set them up I guess you would give them an affiliate link if they wanted to go get their own clients and then yeah that's yeah I mean if they if they wanted to do that um right here okay so I guess I guess if you're selling b2c or B to if you're selling no if you're selling B to B you would have them as your own client if you're selling B to C you'd have them sign up with an affiliate because they're gonna go and want to go They're gonna go want to work with businesses right right so let's see I don't even know I don't even know how many teeth in the back end um yeah I can't I can't see it I can't tell I think what the limit would be but you probably wouldn't fill it up well I mean it depends how many businesses you got right right I mean I guess you would have them as clients if you were also if you're trying to work with them more individually like if you were okay so I guess this is the big difference if you're going to be generating the content and you're going to be scheduling out for them they would be a client if you're going to be signing them up and they're going to be doing the client the content themselves and signing up their own clients right then you would make them an affiliate it's it's very hard yeah go ahead [Music] sub accounts yeah Brett says 297 is unlimited um and you would probably could you could probably still charge them you know a monthly fee based on that um right going in and and they do the 97 you know where you get a smaller portion of that where you still control could control you know if you had a sub account um you could take the 97 and keep that all yourself they were doing everything by themselves or whatever they figured out right yeah I think I think yeah I think if you're going to be doing their marketing for them then you get you create sub accounts if you're gonna not be doing their marketing for them than you would do an affiliate yeah 97 is your account and one 97 is what your account and one sub account okay so you have to do the 297 if you were going to do others yeah but I think you could start you could start with 97 get one sub account like get one person right that's going to be paying you and then that would pay for probably the two well it would pay for the first and then you would get the 297 I don't know I mean I'm sure you could find a way to get that person to pay 297 too yeah probably yeah you should probably definitely do that especially if you're selling a service right right I think the thing I'm confused about is how do you how much are you gonna have to pay to manage their emails for them like is it are you paying for every text message and every email they send yeah that see I don't know I don't know what they're charging on I'm assuming they're they're hooked into twilio somehow um you know just like everybody else they're they're connected to something called lead connector or twilio I guess lead connector is the easier one but you can turn on you can turn on email or phone for them and then you can give them a certain amount to per month where if they go over it I believe then then they start having to pay more per like I think it's like it's like one cent per email or something but you can charge them automatically like two cents an email okay like you can choose how much you want to charge them yeah and that was you know but again there were still like questions that just like you've got I don't understand how it goes because we know we know that nothing is unlimited right because there's always going to be a limit you know chat GPT you know you've got so much and then you're gonna have to start paying for credits right depending on what you do and how much you get um same thing here you know phone call text messages um and you know like you said if you're managing well if you're managing emails from people are you just automatically putting them into a group or when they respond do you do you turn that over to a live person right well I think the best way I think the best way is to turn it over to somebody because right now like the way I did it is you you basically you get them to text I think the way to go is texting if you want to sell a service you do texting and calling if you want to sell like an affiliate you do email because it's a lot harder to like sell individually over text I mean uh right if you want to sell individually you don't do it over email you do it over text or phone and so I think the way to do it is if you have a client or you or you have somebody that you're trying to sell to you get them to text you and then you do a couple voicemail drops or whatever warm them up and then and then you sell them the thing right so you sell them like the management the service whatever but then these people when they're when you set up their account and they get leads you could give them the same Automation and teach them how to sell whatever service you want to sell I mean theoretically they could be selling you know short form content as well you know generating content that kind of thing but I don't know I mean I that seems a little weird though because then everybody's just selling short form content so I don't know if that's the way to do it well I I think the thing that you have to be careful with here is that if you have a company uh like you got up on the screen here so the medical clinic or I don't know what what Addie is if that's a business or a person oh that was just an example okay so when you have a when you have a business that's signed up for for this you have to be able to transfer the leads that come in to those individuals or that company and that company that is responsible for the conversion you can't be responsible for the conversion because right if you're responsible for the conversion and they think that they're going to be converting for sales or appointments or seminars or whatever it is that's that's a hard that's a hard road to follow right right so you've got to you've got to draw a line in the scene and say okay when do we give this over to the client to do their own conversion right we we get the right in the door we get them interested but your company has to follow up or use the individual you know right right um I'm getting that all set up so I guess yeah I guess the question would be you know what are you what are you helping them sell or what are you helping them get leads for and I mean short form content you can generate leads for anything really um you know if if they have like a I don't know dog grooming website yeah who was the guy that you had on your um the one you did before Cash Cow again I can't remember that was a short form content creation or something the one guy who got on there and talked about he lives in the bus with his wife oh James and he literally James he literally it was cracking me up he's like I get up and I point at my heater and I sold 35 of them [Laughter] God that's a genius you know and he just put his affiliate Link in there well yeah and that's what you can do is like you could literally like set up short form content for like let's say somebody that I don't know sells Dogs online which there are people I mean my wife's mom literally sells and breeds and sells dogs you could be like hey here's the top five websites to buy a dog on you know if you want help buying a dog Texas phone number and then you're generating them leads because they're going to be texting hey I don't know which you know where do I buy this dog blah blah blah and they get on the phone they make money and they're getting leads so right and the thing I like about the thing I like about this is you can forward I don't know if you can forward the text from inside of of high level to another line um but that would be that would be the ideal situation because when they come in they get forwarded obviously calls get forwarded uh to to the business line oh yeah somebody wasn't yeah you could literally you could even um have it where it texts the business but then it also calls the business like with the hey you got you know somebody hitting you up so yeah yeah absolutely and and I think really being able to go in and show them the report is that you know hey here's what we did here's the short form of content here's the social platforms we posted on and then here's all the clips you got here's all the likes here's all the links here's all the shares like it's going to be more than the business is doing now anyway right um and I think that that's where you're going to really grab the attention but you know having when the person texts or when the person emails back or when a person calls the system has to be set up so it it goes into high level but it also goes directly to the business right I think that's where you don't you don't want to mess with conversion of a business you're going to let the business convert the business right yeah I mean it makes sense to me I think is the problem is there's just so many moving parts right like you got the business selling things you got the person who's selling things to the business selling things and then and then if you're doing content on top of it you're like and like for me if I'm doing affiliate on top of this like trying to teach this model I mean it's like you got three layers yeah kind of crazy you end up getting into here is you end up becoming a digital marketing company right um as an individual when you're doing this because you've got somebody who sells Dogs online but then you have a family medical practice and then you have a local hardware store and then you have a buddy who owns the you know the local trampoline park right so those are all four different countries that you're going to have to be creating and managing right so so the question is is how do you create General content for a specific business now we've all seen you know you can create 30 days of content with chat gbt in canva right right I mean that's that's super super simple super easy to do but somebody's got to do that to get it to the point where you then set it up but on all these different business lines then the question is how do you manage the different type of businesses do I think people would pay for it absolutely I think people would pay for it but you've just got to figure out I think that's the one thing that that to me was kind of when I was looking at this going this is really neat I could use this for my business and really see how it goes if I can set it apart from the other you know crms that I'm using right now um but to manage everybody different Niche um I think to me is that's what the challenge is right yeah but I I do think that it's I think it's pretty easy though because here's the thing like if you're generating content um around a certain Niche I mean what we're doing with our with our short form content is very repeatable I mean you could literally do this for any Niche and you could get leads with it I mean it it wouldn't be that hard to do um I think the question is you know I actually don't even know if there is a question I think I think the hard part is thinking about like just how do you lay it all out because I really think that you could sell this to anybody I mean I'm looking at all these leads right now and I know like these are for my list but I think that even without a list I could do this I mean I think I could use AI content to do this oh I mean I mean I absolutely I absolutely agree with that right I don't think I think I think it's a no-brainer right I think um but yeah I mean I think the way that like I said generating it for the for the the different clients and the different clients businesses I think that's what you just have to figure out once you've got that figured out the rest of it's a piece of cake it'll fall into place right and I think one person could manage between five and ten accounts a month if that's what they did so in other words one VA to handle five to ten accounts a month um and then as you grow you know another VA right yeah makes sense to me well thank you for the feedback no man I appreciate it and uh you know keep your mind if you want to um collab a little more or you know I jump in and um I'd be happy to get you know get high level and work on it with you and see about uh you know cloning and how we could do this yeah yeah I mean I guess yeah I I think right now I'm just trying to troubleshoot like what's the best way to do this but if we were to do something like that would be interesting to try to get you set up on like an affiliate account and then sure and then maybe I could try setting this up inside your account where I drive some leads to you or something you you try to sell them I mean that that could probably work I mean I could even probably make it where we almost make it guaranteed to get the first lead right like you said you get set up we put a lead in your account or your first 10 leads or whatever because I mean all I'd have to do is point traffic like at this point I had so much traffic coming in it's like it's almost hard not to to get leads terrible problem to have well no my issue now it sounds crazy but my issue now is like more of like a scaling problem I don't know like the best way to like let get like to the next level you know and that and that's a problem that's a problem that a lot of people face um you know trying to trying to jump on it like you feel like you're just like one or two steps from the uh uh from the top of the platform and all you got to do is get two steps up there but you know you keep getting kicked back a little bit right but it's right there it's right there you know if you just make one move you know if that could change that could change everything right yep no well um I like the idea I like the idea yeah Kimmy posted on if you think of anything if you have any ideas let me know because I think I'm just going to kind of sit on this and try to think about what the best way is to go about this all right we'll do will do and uh yeah absolutely and I'll be back from class uh next week awesome all right well it's good talking to you Todd and uh we'll we'll see you very soon take care bye all right well that was that um I'm gonna go mold this over think about it if you have any ideas let me know be interested in hearing from you but that's it we'll see you very soon till then Happy money making see you next time

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