what's going on everyone today we're going to be talking about a guy named Brandon who just made over $6,000 in one week with AI and chat GPT as a beginner so this is somebody that I've been coaching and I'm going to show you a few of his payments that have been coming in here's somebody that paid 200 200 200 200 we got another payment for 400 another payment for 300 another payment for 200 another payment for 2,000 and you can see all the different booked appointments he's been getting and all of this is with AI now the best part about this is he didn't have to spend a ton of money to do this he didn't have to be an expert he just had to take some of my advice and start implementing it and he was able to start making a ton of money with AI so you can see here he says thanks to Chase's exp exceptional expertise and extensive knowledge in generating leads I was able to fill my calendar and Achieve outstanding sales results generating thousands of dollars per week week I wholeheartedly endorse and highly recommend his teachings Chase's guidance has been invaluable in Driving My Success so let's talk about what we implemented for Brandon and let's talk about how this applies to you as well because if you're looking to earn money with AI you're in the right place I'm just going to be doing as many case studies like this as I can on this channel from here on out if you look at yesterday's video I also did another case study with somebody that used the AI methods that I recommend and he was also able ble to earn money with clients getting new clients so let's talk about basically stepbystep everything that you need to do but before we do that I do want to mention that we have a full live boot camp if you want to join our six week boot camp that's starting in just a few days there's still a little bit of time left I'm going to leave a link in the description it's called AI lead system and inside of that boot camp we're going to basically walk you through on live calls how to really get dialed in okay so this video is going to be an overview of what you needed to get started with you can go out and try to learn it all on your own or you can go and join our live boot camp replays will also be available but it's going to be completely optional um whether or not you want to do that okay so let's talk about the first thing we did for Brandon so essentially what you want to get started with is short form content and let me actually go ahead and mirror my screen because I have an iPad where I've already kind of written down everything you need to do here we go and let me go ahead and mirror this all right so this is the Bas basic system and hopefully you can see this okay so essentially what we want to do is we want to start out by doing content and I recommend doing about three short form videos a day why short form videos because short form videos seem to work the best now what is a short form video a short form video is anything under 60 seconds a long form video is anything over 60 seconds now you don't need long form videos to start making money when you first start out the only reason I do long form content these days is because of the fact that for me I'm able to sell more but it's because of the fact that I'm getting so many leads per day I'm shooting for about a th000 new leads a day you don't need 1,000 leads a day to get started and remember I'm making about 150 to 200k a month so for me it's I'm playing a different game I'm looking for more volume and I'm looking to automate my sales at a higher level if you're just starting out you don't need a huge amount of volume or a huge amount of sales to make money all you really need is a few people people or a few sales at anywhere between let's say 500 to $11,000 and that's kind of the range we're shooting for for you if you're already getting a ton of traffic then I'd recommend maybe automating more sales and getting more customers but if you don't have really a lot of traffic or followers which I'm assuming you probably don't if you're starting out then you wouldn't use the method that I'm showing here which is this top one so basically the way I do it is I get about three videos a day around 60 seconds I get about 1,000 leads a day and then I sell low ticket products to medium ticket then to high okay but again if I were you I wouldn't start out by going straight to like a $7 product I'd actually be going to a higher ticket product because of the fact that you're going to be charging for your time and so anytime you're going to charge for your time you want to charge more okay so let's talk about how you actually get views on these viral videos or on these videos so essentially what you want to do is you want to find a video that's already getting views and there's so many videos that you can replicate I would recommend though not just replicating any video you don't want to just take any video that's going viral and replicate that you want to go and find a video that's actually relevant to the thing that you're offering okay so one of the things could do is you could do let's say top got a crayon there I don't know how that happened let's say you you found a video about like the top a little confused how I'm still in crayon mode top ways to make money with AI maybe you have a video that you want to replicate on like the top AI websites and and it doesn't have to be AI it could be on anything right so this method will work if you want to sell anything you want but essentially what you're doing is you're taking a video that people are going to be interested in more information about whatever you're talking about right so that's pretty simple let me add another page here so if you find a video let's say it's about let's just say it's about the top websites online top websites to earn money with earn money and let's say you replicate that video it's a short 30 second video you might be wondering well how do I find these videos just go on Tik Tok go on YouTube go on some sort of website and and just search this on the search bar and then the shorts are going to pop up the below 60c videos now all you have to do is find a video that's got views that's relevant and inside the video what you're going to do is you're going to replicate the video and you can use AI for this I'll talk about how to do that in a second and inside the video you're going to tell people hey if you want more information about this if you want more websites if you want something extra right so if I did a video on the top five websites to earn money with and I saw somebody who did this video got a million views in that video I could say if you want more websites I can use a CTA it's called a call to action CTA is call to action for short I can say respond with the word yes if you want more info okay and so this is exactly what Brandon started doing on his post on his Instagram account on his different social media platforms Facebook page YouTube Tik Tok right he started telling people if you want more info about the thing I'm talking about in his case it was AI respond with the word yes now remember if you don't want to make these videos yourself you can always use our app so we have an app it's called shifi I'll leave a link in the description to it but this app will allow you to go and just take videos that you want to replicate just like this me scroll over here so you can see it and all you have to do is plug in your own script or you can plug in a video URL and it'll recreate the video with AI okay and then you can start posting these videos and these videos get views we have tons and tons of case studies uh and testimonials of people that are using this tool and they're getting let me actually just show you here they're getting tons and tons of views okay and so the the idea here is if you can get views you can get leads if you can get leads you can make sales so here you can see this person says I finally tried the video tool after all this time I posted three so far the one I posted today is going sem viral 2300 views uh 100% worth it four accounts daily look at there's some a bunch of people commenting saying that they're interested they see people begging for info so this method that I'm teaching you here actually really works and there's a lot of people using it we even had somebody post a video that got over a million views look 1.9 million views with AI okay so all you have to do is start creating these videos now if you don't want to use our tool which our tool is about I think it's 90 90 bucks a month 99 bucks a month or if you get the yearly it's about I think it's like 500 bucks a year which breaks to breaks down to like somewhere around 40 bucks a month right so you can get the tool but if you don't want to you can do it yourself right so you can go manually do it the only reason we built this tool is because if you manually do this yourself it takes a lot longer okay so if I were to go do everything that the Tool's doing which is like you know AI generate images with mid Journey if I were to go generate the voice because we use AI voice with 11 Labs I'd have to pull it all together put it in an editing software probably take me about 1 hour what you can do with one click inside of our tool Shin ify but that's completely up to you uh you can maybe save a little bit more money if you do it all yourself but it's going to take a lot more time okay now what's going to happen is once you start doing these AI videos and you start doing the call to actions in them right you start saying hey go uh learn more about this by responding with the word yes what we can do is we can set up a robot okay so how do we do that so we can set up a a thing called many chat and many chat will automatically respond to anybody that leaves the word yes and let me just show you an example of what this looks like on my Instagram so if I log in here profile and this is actually just another profile we have we have multiple profiles let me see if I can find one um and that's the beauty of this I'm going to show you this this at the end is you can scale this by having tons and like this isn't even my main profile I actually um acquired this profile and you can see it's getting thousands and thousands of views and uh I don't really even have to do anything besides just post the content I'm already posting on my other profiles on this one so here you can see this is one that we did 2500 views this is with shiny this one got a 2,000 but here you can see there's people responding with the word yes right now this isn't the main profile so there's only a few people responding here and we don't have the many chat automation set up on this profile at least we didn't back then but ideally what would happen is let me show you on the main one they're going to respond with the word yes in the comments because they want to learn more and then the robot as you can see here it says hey it's Chase I sent you a DM you can also find the link in my bio and that's going to send them to whatever we're trying to sell right so many chat will go and send the link now remember if you don't know how to do all this stuff we teach it in the boot camp this is something that we're going to going to be teaching in our sixe boot camp so if you haven't grabbed the boot camp yet I really recommend you head to the description it's $297 to join right now it's going to be higher in the future the price goes up pretty much every week and uh the boot camp is going to start very soon so make sure you claim your spot before it's too late so we're going to do an AI video with shiny or manually we're going to set up many chat to going to either send a calendar link with something like cenly or we're going to just have the people text us okay it's kind of up to you on how you want to do it it really just depends on how many leads you're getting so in Brandon's case what he did is he set up a cenly link and the way this works is you just go to cle.com it's a free calendar and um you can just have people book appointments with you now what he would do is when somebody would get on the phone with him and they'd say hey I want to learn how to use AI to make money or to you know bring in leads Brandon basically walked Walked the lead that he got the calendar lead the person that booked an appointment with him through this process or this system okay so how does that work all you have to do is just show the lead hey look we can book leads or we can book appointments on autopilot and remember this works in any industry if I get if I get a lead like this for a Car Service Company like let's or I don't know let's just say a dealership right let's say you get a bunch of people that are interested in buying a car so you can use AI to generate videos with with chat GPT and shiny and all that stuff I showed you and then you can put a call to action in those videos and then you can have many chat respond and book appointments and and this will work again just for anything that you want to sell because it's the same process for any business all you're showing people how to do is how to use AI to autogenerate leads and that's why that's what Brandon was selling he's just selling this process okay now the thing that he made money off of is $1,000 setup so Brandon what he did is for $1,000 he helped people get set up with our system so he helped them generate their first videos set up many chat and then even use a tool called radar to schedule out all the social media posts he just walked him through the system and then on top of it Brandon was able to get an affiliate too because our tool and a lot of these other tools many chat radar uh shiny all of them have affiliate links and and so all he had to do once he got them sold on the $1,000 setup is give the customer his links affiliate links and he was able to earn a 40 to 50% Commission on each product so not only is he making money on the front end up here for the setup he's also making money on all the reoccurring payments so this is really cool because you can do the exact same thing or you can sell this system however you want you could uh the guy in the last video Jim if you watch our last video last case study Jim actually just sells the videos so if you wanted to just instead of sell people on the system so they can do it themselves you could just sell them videos you could say hey I'll make uh these videos for you for $100 a video and you can generate the videos in one click with shine shiny okay or you can make them manually and sell them however you want I'm just giving you options okay but that's pretty much the system system if you can create short form content with AI uh you can schedule it out with radar this is another tool that'll allow you to schedule out your content you can get people to respond with the word yes and you can set up uh appointments with them and then sell them on whatever you're um going to be selling you can sell them coaching you could sell them Affiliates on the products you could sell whatever you want and then if you want you can just repeat this and scale it with multiple profiles and so again within just a few days of implementing this look at how booked Brandon's calendar was and this is pretty common if you start out even with new profiles and you start posting on different platforms right because you don't want to just go post on you know one platform you want to go post on multiple platforms you want to post on Tik Tok you want to post on Facebook you want to post on YouTube you want to post on Instagram and by the way if you if you don't want to wait right let's say you building a new account and you don't want to wait one of the things I recommend is just go acquire a brand so what I have is I have vas basically virtual assistants that I hire for about four or five bucks an hour and I have them go and message people on these different platforms for me so they go and message these people and they make them offers they say hey how much would it be cost to acquire your brand and a lot of the people that are running these different channels right they're maybe they're getting 1,000 views of post on Tik Tok or 1,000 views of post on YouTube a lot of the people that are getting views they don't know how to make money because they don't know what I'm showing you here and so you can offer you know a few hundred bucks all the way up to a few thousand bucks just depending on how much money you want to spend and how many you know uh followers these people have but I've been able to get brands with thousands of followers tens of thousands of followers for a few hundred bucks and then all I have to do is just implement this system into that so I take an account let's say it's getting I don't know let's say it has 30,000 followers I start implementing my AI content on there start doing viral content start putting this system on here with the word yes and I that's what I did with this brand right here I I I acquired this brand with 880,000 followers and now these leads are coming in look all these people want to learn how do I get started with AI and then I just bring them into an appointment okay now as I said earlier eventually you're probably going to get to the point or you're not going to want to get on the phone all day right to start out I'd recommend either you or someone you hire gets on the phone and starts closing uh these leads because if you're start if you're if you're strapped for cash and you want to make a few thousand bucks kind of like Brandon did you know he's making six grand a week uh what I'd recommend is you start selling these coaching packages and you get on the phone that's the quickest way I think that you're going to start making money because when you have less volume it's more about becoming more uh catered like you want to spend more time nurturing the leads by getting on the phone showing them your real person showing them that the system works but once you start getting let's say thousands of leads like I do I get thousands and thousands of leads every single month then what you can start doing is you can start setting up more automation right then you can start setting up email optins you can start setting up uh like basic basically sales pitch videos like this long form content that's why I do all this long form content because I get so many leads it's easier for me to make a video like what you're watching right now than it is for me to go and uh you know get on all these calls right or even if I hire a team it it's going to take a long time for me for our team to get on all these calls so that's why I do the long form content because I can I can reach more people and I don't have to get on every single call okay but again if you're starting out I would recommend making your call to action somewhere something like schedule an appointment or send a text now here's the thing I wouldn't I when you're getting appointment scheduled make sure you don't let people book too far out I would say 24 to 48 hours max because anything past this the lead's going to start to get cold the the mo the if you want to make the most money have people text you have them say have them text you like hey I'm I'm I'm looking to um learn more about Ai and then ask them to send you some information too say like in your DMs you can say send me a text at this number and let me know how serious you are and what your budget is and if they send you a text and they say hey I have $1,000 well guess what go give them a call and if people text you and they say they have zero dollars just ignore them okay but if you start doing this if you start getting people to text you and you start calling them and they say they have a budget and you're getting you know 10 20 of these leads a day which you you could easily do you would be surprised how fast you can start pulling $1,000 a day okay so hopefully that's helpful to you if it is let me know reply with the word yes I won't have a robot respond to you I will actually have me or my team respond to you if you do um and then again make sure if you haven't already grab shiny if you want a really cool AI tool before the price goes up because the price goes up constantly I will leave links in the description for shiny if you want to start doing AI video and make sure you grab the new boot camp um AI lead system because in here I'm going to be training you and a group of other people live it's not going to be a recorded video like this it's going to be a live video and you can go in there and ask me questions okay so it's an actual Zoom call where you can jump in you can unmute yourself you can say hey Chase I don't understand this part of the system and then I will actually cover that inside of the boot camp but you got to join and uh you got to join quick because it's starting soon and again if you can't make the classes you can still watch the recordings afterwards okay that's pretty much it I appreciate you for being here and until next time happy moneymaking I'll see you bye

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