Here’s How I Make Money Creating Viral Instagram Posts (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

hey what's going on everyone my name is Chase rer with shifi and today I want to talk to you about a step-by-step system that I've been using to get hundreds of thousands of views on Instagram YouTube Facebook and more and I want to show you how you can too now this system is actually pretty simple all I'm doing is I'm taking viral content that's already proven to get millions of views and I'm reacting to it so I'll give you an example of how I'm doing this first thing that I'll do is I'll go on somewhere like Tik Tok and I'll type in AI when I type in AI I'll find different videos that are getting millions of views then what I'll do is I'll take those videos and I'll do something called stitching basically all that is is I'm taking the video and I'm plugging that in the front of my editor so I'm downloading the video and I'm plugging it in the front of a tool I use called cap cut and then on the rest of the video I basically create a reaction to it so I'll give you an example there's a brand new video about Elon Musk talking about putting his neurolink brain chips in people and I thought wow there's millions of views on this it's relevant to the things that I already talk about which is AI and technology and so I reacted to that video and I said you know what's scarier than Elon Musk putting brain chips in people you sitting on the couch all day and not earning money with your laptop or with your computer and then I went and made the video talking about how you can get started that's a great way to start getting views because again what you're doing is you're taking something that's already proven to go viral and you're reacting to it and you're plugging whatever thing you want to promote at the end of that video now do you have to do that in this industry and in if you want to sell AI tools no you could create tons of different types of content you can do howtos you can take videos like the one you're watching right now and you can condense them into short form content there's so many different ways to create short form content but either way what I recommend if you haven't done so already is start your day with creating short form content short form content is hands down the easiest way to bring in new views and leads for your business so what I always do in these short form videos is I at the end of the video do a call to action now what I do in the call to action is I tell people to text me I go I point to the screen and I say text me at this phone number if you'd like me to walk you through this system now we're getting tons of texts probably over a thousand different people texting us every week or two asking how they can get started with AI and by the way if you'd like to text me and my team send a a text to this number on the screen I'll put right now and we'll walk you through how to get started now what do we do on these calls first of all I don't get on the calls I send them to my team I there's no way I could get on the calls with a bunch of different people it would take me forever and so I have people that I coach in person and I train them how on how to go and create viral content how to use AI to automate the process how to schedule out the content how to use robots to automatically interact with people on social media and what we're offering on these coaching calls it's a free coaching call is we're just walking you through the system and showing you how it works now if you want to go spend money on the system you can go spend money you can buy the tools you can figure out what parts you want to pay for you can pay for one-on-one coaching there's all kinds of stuff that you can pay for but most importantly we've created a system where we're creating this really easy to create viral content and then we're automating pretty much the whole follow-up we're automating the scheduling of the content the comments and the Outreach DMS all of the stuff is automated and we're showing people how they can set this up either for their own business or for other people's business and the best part about this is if you want to learn the system you can set up the system for yourself and you can go and sell this to other businesses one of the most common questions I get is Chase how do I start automating my leads with AI for this type of business and the truth is whether you're in a real estate business or you're selling online products it does not matter this system is going to work for any industry and the reason why is all we're doing is generating views in a certain Niche and then we're automating those views and leads by scheduling out the content using robots to interact with people and then we're booking calls and we're getting people to text us now that doesn't matter what industry you're in because what you can do is create content for Real Estate or create content for some sort of product and you can use the exact same system now I have a really exciting update if you're using our tool we have a tool obviously called shifi and shiny right now automatically generates videos the way it works is you can take a clip of your voice you can take a picture of yourself and you can actually automate your content you could type in something like make me a video about this new product and chat GPT inside of our tool will create a script it'll create prompts for the images that it's going to put in the videos it'll generate you a full full video about whatever you typed in but one of the problems is we can't people can't use their own videos yet and so one of the updates that we're actually adding into this tool is the ability to take videos of whatever you want let's say you're taking a video of a cat and let's say you're selling Cats online now you're going to be able to type in on the chat GPT option inside of the tool to make you a video about this cat that you're selling for whatever price it's listed for now what's going to happen is the videos that you created you're going to upload in there and now you're going to get an automatically generated video with a video of that cap but more importantly a voice that either is yours or a pre-made voice doing a voice over on top of that video along with captions so AI really is the easiest way to get started if you've never done video before if you've never automatically posted content before if you're not responding to people on all these different social media platforms that are going to be leaving comments for you you can use AI you can use robots for all of this you can also do what we're doing which is acquiring Brands we're going out and taking profiles that have let's say 50 to 100,000 followers and we're reaching out to them and we're saying hey would you be interested in selling your brand to us we can then go and automate that profile if we go and acquire it and so we have multiple platforms multiple profiles on different platforms like Instagram Tik Tok you name it where we're buying up these Brands and then we're automating content like this and the best part is you can create content with any voice any pre-made voice anything um any Avatar that you want so that it's Unique to the Avatar and the voice that you create now one of the things I want to mention by the way is that this stuff probably will start becoming regulated pretty soon eventually we're not going to be able to tell the difference between an AI and a real person and people are probably going to have to start disclosing that they're using AI to automate who they are to automate their presence to automate their interactions online and that what that means is that part of the reason why it's becoming it's going to become regulated or why we're probably going to see some companies start trying to regulate this is because it's very easy to use AI now to automate what you're doing and to really create another version of you I really think that in the future we're going to have our own AI clones running around doing all of our work for us the problem is most people just haven't caught up with it yet they don't understand how it works I think it's like 70% of people haven't even logged into chat GPT to go and try out an AI chat bot yet and so in the future what we're really going to start seeing is more and more people adopting this technology we're going to see more people being replaced by AI you're going to see thousands and millions of people their jobs are going to be left irrelevant let's take for example somebody going through a drive-thru and they order a cheeseburger you don't need somebody standing there anymore taking that order you can hand that to a cloned version of that person that sounds like them with their voice that has responses that's probably more polite than you would have with the average person working at a fast food restaurant and you're going to have a better experience working with AI and communicating with AI than you would with real people I think that people are going to start preferring AI over real people in the future because AI is going to really understand us look at all the algorithms right now YouTube Facebook Tik Tok these are all algorithms that are based on ai ai understands us AI is continually learning about us and in the future I believe that AI is going to do a better job than us and so the question is do you want AI to replace you or do you want to learn about how to use AI to start automating what you're doing to start controlling the system how do you start clicking buttons so that you run the AI instead instead of the AI running you this is stuff that you want to think about and if you look back when the Industrial Revolution happened everybody was afraid of losing their jobs millions of people were thinking I'm going to get replaced what am I supposed to do now that I'm not going to be doing manual labor building I don't know let's say uh match sticks let's say uh that you're at a match stick Factory back in the 1900s and the Industrial Revolution is coming you're like I'm going to lose my job well guess what now that the robots automated that our society has advanced and our society is about to advance again and so you want to be prepared for that one of the highest paying jobs in the future I believe will be people that know how to learn understand and communicate with AI and so that's why we're selling this that's why we're creating content around it that's why we're doing what we're doing to promote and build products around AI now you can be involved with it with us that's why when we build tools for you when we build software shiney our other tool shine ranker we're coming out with a new tool called scheduli it's an AI automated posting tool you can sell these tools with us and you can be a part of the brand new AI Revolution so I invite you to join us again if you want to send me a text or my team a text and get on the phone with us and understand how it works you can do that I'm also going to leave some links in the description we have some um AI boot camps that we're doing six week training programs you can go join them watch the replays um join us live we do them Tuesdays and Fridays and interact with us live on Zoom but it's completely up to you either way if you're learning about Ai and you're trying to make money I think you're in the right place place and that's it I'll see you very soon until the next time happy moneymaking we'll see you bye

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