Here’s how you make $1,000 + per day with Ai / chat gpt

here's how you make 1783 a day with AI step one go to and enter in AI you'll get a list of the most viral topics around AI just select one of them in green these are the easiest ones to go viral for next you're gonna have chat gbt find you the top websites for that topic and you're gonna have it Summarize each of the websites into a sentence just store the list of websites with their descriptions into a spreadsheet next you're going to feed those descriptions into a tool called 11 labs and you're going to use this tool to actually take screenshots and make you a video of those top websites then just put it all together and you'll have a video with your cloned voice talking about the top websites inside of tick tock videos last step just link the affiliate program for one of these tools in your bio and you'll get paid anytime somebody signs up if you want to check out the full video I did on this for free just go to my YouTube channel and check it out now or just reply with the word yes and I'll send you the video

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