Here’s my entire money making system

all right what's going on everyone Chase trainer here uh I've been working really really hard on developing a system where I don't really have to do anything but I'm still able to earn over a hundred thousand dollars a month with this system and I want to show you how I'm doing this I want to show you like the complete behind the scenes how I've been automating all of these things so Instagram reels Facebook Facebook reels YouTube shorts Tick Tock videos uh long form content this is actually something that we're we're in the work doing um we're planning on right now emails getting a bunch of sign ups getting thousands of email opt-ins a month and then getting a good amount of Revenue okay so that's actually these are actually my goals but I want to show you where I'm at right now and I want to show you how you can get started if you've never made money online before uh this is going to be a really good video I think for you because I'm going to be showing you again everything that I'm doing to make over a hundred thousand dollars uh per month okay so um let me go ahead and share this with our group I'm going to copy this URL share it in our Discord server what's up top G and then we will get started send off an email to now one disclaimer I want to give you by the way is that while I do make a lot of money I also spend a lot of money as well on labor and okay development of our tools and support and so just because I make over a hundred thousand dollars a month doesn't mean that I necessarily keep all of that money and especially since it's Q4 I'm trying to spend more money right now just because I don't want to have a bunch of money at the end of the year that means I'm going to have a lot more taxes that I'm gonna have to pay so Q4 is really the time that I'm going to spend the most money just so I can write off certain things like labor and advertising and all that good stuff okay what's up what's up bald man it's an interesting name all right so it's a little early so I'm just kind of waking up I'm drinking some tea so bear with me if I'm a little bit slow right now I wanted to do this get this out of the way just so I can um kind of show you what's going on behind the scenes and and just update you so I want to just give you a quick timeline okay so about eight years ago when I started my YouTube channel I started selling services and I got my service based business selling websites and SEO Services up to about 50k a month uh but that was probably the most I ever worked I was working probably 10 you know 14-hour days uh to make sure all of the clients were the services were fulfilled and I was pretty miserable so um this is after the first couple years so maybe that's like year two I was at about 50K okay now um I again wasn't making 50k I wasn't making net 50 cakes I had employees that I was paying um I was I was paying people to help fulfill the services and I realized that I didn't want to have to do Services forever I would rather you know do something that doesn't require me being as accountable for the delivery of everything and so that's when I started selling courses so I I figured that you know a lot of people would love to learn how to get their first client love to learn how to make their first thousand dollars and how to run an agency and leave their nine to five so I was like okay I'm gonna start creating courses showing people how to do that and for the next couple years I would say from year two to five I would say three years um I was doing courses and I made a lot of money with courses actually in fact I think I made more money with courses than I did um with what I'm doing right now but here's the thing the problem with courses and with Services is you don't really get to build a company that really has a high level of a lot of exit value right nobody really wants to buy a service based business and nobody really wants to buy a course-based business um I'm sure you could argue that they'd want to buy the leads and the clients or the email lists but overall these company these two types of businesses don't really have a whole lot of value if you're going to go and try to sell them so I started thinking about what's my long-term game plan um at this point I think I was about 28 years old 27 28 and I started thinking about building software so you're five to eight software I would actually say six to eight this timeline might be a little messed up but either way um that's when I started developing software so that's when we built I built My First Tool and in fact the very first tool I ever built was not shine ranker it was actually a different tool um called rank Chaser or something like that and that tool flopped I built another tool after that that one flopped as well and then I wound up building another tool after that that one flopped and then I built shine ranker so shinemaker is actually the fourth software I've ever built actually it's the fifth there was another one too and then um here's the thing though every time you pivot okay this is why I want to tell you this because before I go into the system I want to explain to you uh something that might help you based on where you're at every time you pivot in business you're going to lose Revenue okay even if you go from your nine to five job into let's say selling services you're going to probably temporarily not make any money and so it doesn't mean that that you're doing the wrong thing it just means that anything that you do um you have to think about the short term in the long term and the short term you probably will lose some money but the long term things usually get easier and so every time I've pivoted like this things have gotten progressively easier and I'm at the point now where I really literally could just work maybe I don't know one hour a week two hours a week if I wanted to and I would still make over a hundred thousand dollars a month and that's not me bragging that's just me saying that I figured out a way to make things a lot easier by incorporating certain elements now could have I done that sort of Lifestyle with these other businesses sure but um I'm honestly just not a fan of these other businesses and I don't like um I don't like the stigma that comes with them I also don't like the type of people that you have to deal with when you're in these types of businesses um selling services is very stressful people are constantly complaining people are constantly um you know wanting to uh find ways for you to do more stuff for them and I just am not a fan of services it's it's not it's not my favorite okay uh courses you know nobody wants to be the guru nobody wants to be like the self-help person right and while I still do courses every now and then I prefer not to um to stay there I'm just not a fan of it okay um and software I really like because again with software not only do you get a very uh scalable model where you know of course you still have these people that are going to complain and they you know need a lot of help and that sort of thing but it's a lot more hands-off right you can scale a software company and hire developers and hire a support team and they can help kind of grow the software without you really being involved in it and on top of it if you think about the exit value on a software company it's a lot higher than any other business so if you were to let's say make um I don't know one million dollars a year and reoccurring subscriptions uh with software companies you can generally look at or expect a 5-10x return okay so let's uh General company value return acquisition spelled that last one wrong so trying to find a good uh article here but just trust me when I tell you most companies like SAS companies you can get a five to ten X um valuation or exit value so if you have a one million dollar per year company in subscriptions which is about a hundred thousand dollars or a little bit less per month in monthly reoccurring uh you can sell that business for you know ten five to ten million dollars okay uh if you have a two million dollar per year business then you're looking at you know 10 to 20 mil okay so for me I'm already I was already making you know a couple one to two million dollars a year with courses and I thought okay maybe it's going to be a little bit harder to do software but if I can focus on growing that then I actually have a long-term game plan if I ever want to you know sell or if I want to get investors you know I have a lot more value in this and so if you're making a million dollars a year with software you're more uh you're actually making a lot more than that um in in general just for the fact that that company is worth so much more than if you're to sell a course the other thing about uh software is that just reoccurring right so if I make 100K a month with software um and I make 100K a month with courses well guess what uh the courses generally aren't reoccurring unless you sell membership and memberships are a little weird I've selled I've sold those before but overall software's the way to go so now so now here's the thing though you might be thinking okay I should be doing software right now that's not what I'm saying what I'm saying is that it takes a little while to build this up right so for me when I started out I didn't have money to afford software so yeah I make over 100k a month with software but the amount of money that I spend per month is probably anywhere between I don't know 40 to 50K maybe more uh between hosting and support and you know development and now I can choose to spend less I could spend less and not grow my company as fast but I choose to spend a certain amount of money to be able to create a good company that grows and so there's more there's a lot more stress uh when you have when you have more money coming in and more money going out it feels more stressful and so part of your role as you grow is also becoming more um centered right you have to be good at not um worrying about things as much uh the more you are somebody that owns a big company that makes a lot of money and and you start worrying about oh this person's leaving the team or this person's complaining or this isn't working the more you're going to start tanking the company and you're going to start uh stressing yourself out as well and so uh there's a lot of lessons in here that I don't think people realize that they have to actually understand before they can get to this amount of money if you're trying to get to this amount of money 100K a month and you're trying to do it with something like software that's a completely different Dragon than trying to get to 100K a month with something like Services um and so you know you could argue that some of that Services is more stressful but you could also argue that it's less stressful in certain ways too but I'm not going to get too into that again I just wanted to kind of break down where I'm at so with all of that being said I want to talk to you about where I'm at currently what does my what does my system look like that makes money um and I'm even gonna break down my financials for you I'm very transparent with everything I don't really care if people see where I'm at um in fact I always think that it's really cool when you look at a business and they actually show you what's going on behind the scenes what's actually working how they're making money I honestly don't really don't understand the point in hiding things it doesn't make sense to me so if you're watching this live you're watching the replay let me know if you're interested in me keeping you updated with this type of stuff if you'd like to see more videos just showing you behind the scenes what I'm doing uh before I get into it let me see the chat commercial real estate investment Done Right will reduce your tax burden to zero um yeah well there's tons of ways to invest right but my favorite way to invest is in my own company because I get the biggest return for on my investments from investing my own company but I definitely like the idea of diversifying um because you actually I feel like get less stress when you have your money coming in from multiple different Avenues so if one thing breaks you still have money coming in would definitely appreciate that okay cool Nico says yes so let's go over uh some financials really quick just so I can show you so year to date on stripe I have two different payment processors right I have um stripe and then I have PayPal okay so it's just two different different payment processors Some people prefer paying on PayPal for my uh products Some people prefer paying on um stripe so this year to date uh on stripe it's September 6th 6 right now you can see my gross volume is 883 thousand dollars and my last months or last four weeks was 77 000 just on stripe okay we're gonna go look at PayPal in just a second last 12 months so one year is 1.2 million and again I'm not saying this to brag to you I'm just showing you what's working for me and what's not let me go pull up my PayPal account just so I can show you what we're working with here hmm a lot of gurus don't pop the hood yeah I really don't understand why I mean like look if we're taking me talking about making money then we should be very transparent about how the money what the money is and how it's being made um one second I'm going to pull up PayPal here all right last 30 days on PayPal is a hundred and three thousand dollars and that's actually a lot more than I thought it was let me actually see here so last 30 days so it looks like in the last 30 days between stripe and PayPal we've made about uh oh where'd my oh yeah here we go about 77 plus 103 so we made about 180 000 in the last 30 days okay now that's not including um you know refunds or uh you know different business expenses like that's not my net profit and I'm not gonna go necessarily into my net because I'd have to break down a lot of stuff I'd have to go into QuickBooks but at least you know how much money the company's actually generating and and by the way most of this is organic I'm not spending really any money on ads um the only time I really spend money on ads is usually at the end of the year um when I'm trying to just dump cash um into uh you know things that I can write off so 180 Grand lasts 30 days and then in the last uh let's do 2023 and year to date so 883 plus 651 so we are at 651 Plus uh 883 so we're about 1.53 uh sorry 1.5 million this year to date and in the last 12 months on both we got oh I guess I can't do that either way we're we're making about two million dollars a year okay so what does that mean for you what is that because again this isn't about me this is this is more about you and and you shouldn't be comparing yourself to what type of money I make because it's really irrelevant uh the type of money that I make um the only reason again I'm showing you this is because I want to show you that my system is working a lot of people look at my stuff and they go uh Chase you're just lying to us you're not actually making money and I don't know how people still think that because I I own a legitimate company with thousands and thousands of users and paying members so it's very odd to me that people still think that but uh either way how did how am I growing the system and what are my plans as the owner of this company to keep growing how am I going to get to 3 million a year how am I going to get to 4 million a year and that's what we're going to talk about and how are we going to get you to your first thousand dollars in sales if you're not making at least a thousand dollars and I say this in all my videos if you're not making at least a thousand dollars with AI um and an automated system you are doing something wrong one of the biggest opportunities on the internet right now is is um is what I've been using for my own company and and that's really just Automation and Ai and so if you can watch this video if you can uh stop yourself from going to the next video and watching a you know a video about a cat and you can just focus for like one hour and watch this video I would be very very surprised if you didn't go and take the things that I'm going to tell you today and you didn't go make your first thousand dollars in sales okay um do you have set times usually always go live uh not really like I said I'm a pretty busy guy and so um I only I only really go live when I when I have time for it and so I try to go live uh as much as I can but I don't always have the time okay so let's talk about let's break down um what I want to do first is I want to talk about priorities okay so if you don't have a list of priorities and you don't have goals you're not going to get to your destination okay so uh basically imagine like driving a car without a steering wheel okay you're just gonna crash and so step number one is figuring out what is the target you're trying to hit now if you're trying to get to a thousand dollars in sales right then what we want to do is we want to figure out okay what are we going to have to do to get to that thousand dollars in sales right so my goal right now is to go from around 140k a month with the software to around 200k a month of the software and so I have to break down what do I have to do and I'll be able to uh be able to hit that Target okay and that's where this other stuff comes in that's where we're going to start I'm going to show you actionable steps on the things that you're going to actually have to do for this but either way step number one let's say we set a goal it's a thousand dollars in sales by the way if you could just really quickly in the chat just give me um an idea on what a goal would be for you just a good first goal what what sort of Target would you like to hit and I'm not saying you know a million dollars 10 million dollars any of that I'm saying like a a goal that you would want to hit in like let's say your first month if you could spend 30 days let's say you did a 30 day challenge what would be that first goal that you'd want to hit would it be a thousand dollars would it be ten thousand dollars just let me know in the chat okay so let's say let's say we have um a thousand dollars as our goal now it's very important though as I said here a second ago that we have a time frame okay if you don't have a time frame you're not going to get it done so kind of like with driving a car without a steering wheel if you just say oh I want a thousand dollars in sales if you don't say when you want it by it's basically like driving without gas okay so when do you want to accomplish this SEO videos show dude what's up bro dude that's it's good to see man how's everything so we need to have a time frame and I like to go within 30 day chunks and then I break down those 30-day chunks into days and then I break it down into hours and minutes okay so let's say we want a thousand dollars in sales in 30 days uh oh wow we got a lot in here Rob Moore says a thousand 2K by Kroll's world uh AI connection two thousand a month thousand okay Chase brought me to my first thousand dollar in sales what's up Brandon good to see you dude you're awesome bro that's funny um Greg 2 000 100 at least okay so these are all great goals awesome so what we need to do is we need to say we want a thousand dollars let's just say because on average it seems like everybody's saying about a thousand let's just say we want a thousand dollars in sales in our first 30 days okay we're just gonna break it down like that um and actually I'm gonna give you a little bit more credit because I think you can do more than a thousand let's say you want ten thousand in 30 days okay so what are we going to do to get to ten thousand so we need to break down what are we going to be doing in these 30 days and remember the reason why we're doing all of this is is because when we start to plan all this out we're going to realize that we're doing a lot of irrelevant stuff that we were that has nothing to do with this okay and and what's going to happen is as we start to really plan on what we want we're going to realize that we need to stop doing certain things that aren't giving us any results so when you're going and scrolling on Facebook or you're going and watching you know a video about a monkey that's on a unicycle that's not going to make you any money okay and and the more we can ask ourselves questions is what I'm doing contributing to my goal or is it taking away from it right it's very easy to spend time doing a whole lot of nothing and so if you're sitting here and you're thinking wow I really would like to get to this goal and I'm doing all these things but they aren't bringing any results then I have a news uh uh I have something to tell you you're doing a bunch of nothing and and that's not me trying to be mean to you I'm just saying like I'm being honest with you if you're if you're spending a bunch of time doing something it's not giving you a result you're not doing anything important you're just doing a bunch of random stuff okay so that's why we have to have priorities and that's why we have to break down this system for you so that anytime you're doing something that has nothing to do with this system you you look at it and you go oh my God I'm going and doing this random thing again I need to stop and I need to go back and focus because if you're not making ten thousand dollars a month yet your issue isn't that you can't it's that you aren't able to focus long enough to be able to get the thing that you want because 10K a month I'm telling you is very very doable like it's not something that's like completely unreachable I've I've so many people that I know that make this type of money literally in days and you don't have to have a massive following to do this so okay so step one we create a goal okay so write it down if you can if you can follow along with me it would help because if you actually go and write this down for yourself it's going to create a certain level of accountability for you as well and and I think you're going to actually get better results if you actually follow along with what I'm doing right now and just bring open a notepad write this down so step one we're going to write down our goal ten thousand dollars in sales in 30 days okay so write that down whatever your number is if you want to change that go ahead now step number two we need to break down how much money we're gonna have to make per day and what we're gonna have to sell in order to get to this result okay so let's say we want to make ten thousand let's just go ahead and divide that by 30.

So we're gonna go boom boom boom divide 30. okay so we're gonna have to make three hundred dollars and sorry 333 dollars per day in sales to be able to earn ten thousand dollars in a month okay so what we need to figure out is what activities will produce 300 in sales every single day okay now there's so many different ways that you can make money right you can sell Services you can do affiliate marketing you can do courses you can uh I mean you could literally go door to door and you could make this much money I I almost guarantee you that if you found uh a product that you think people would want and you went door to door or even a service if you went door to door and you sold um like I don't know window cleaning or or something you know uh car detailing you would only need three people to pay you like 110 bucks to make this okay so it's again not that you can't make this amount of money you could easily make ten thousand dollars a month but you have to focus on what you want what you want to sell and what you're willing to do to be able to get this and you also have to realize it's a numbers game if you reach out to 100 people and only one of them is interested then you either have a bad product or you're in the wrong environment okay where's the best way where's the best place to sell bottles of water in the middle of the desert where nobody has water okay so if you can identify something that people want that they need and you can talk to them about it and you can sell them on it you can sell a lot of things to those people so we need to make 333 dollars a day in sales now we need to break down in hours and minutes what are we going to have to do to be able to reach this per day what hour what hours are we gonna have to spend to be able to hit this okay so 333 dollars a day divided by let's say eight hours that's your hourly rate you're gonna you're getting paid forty one dollars an hour okay 41 dollars an hour now first of all I'm sure you could find a job that'll pay you this if you went and just applied somewhere that you know wanted to hire you for digital marketing uh if you know a little bit about digital marketing so one one of your ways out if you're not interested in building your own business just go work for a company there's a lot of companies I'm sure will pay you this rate if you're good at marketing but second of all we need to figure out what activities and this is really really really this is the really important thing that I want to show you here yeah once we figure out what your time is worth then we then we can actually assign a value to what you're spending your time on and we can figure out whether or not it's something that you need to do or something that somebody else can do for you okay and the faster we can start figuring out where your time is going and whether or not we can Outsource your time this is the big determining Factor if you're ever going to make it if you're ever going to make it big so I want to just give you an example of this I make I made over two million dollars in the last year like uh last 365 days how much do you think my times worse just just guess so if we were to break my time Down based on how much time I spend on my business and how much money I make it's probably about I would say you know ten thousand dollars an hour because I don't spend that much time actually in the business right what does that mean so there's two different ways to work um with your business right so you can work on your business or you can work in your business what's the difference between the two so when you work on your business you're working on delegation you're working on uh making sure that things are running that your strategy is strong you're working on innovation you're working on hiring when you're working in your business you're doing manual things this is when you're getting paid an hourly rate you're basically uh your own uh worker so you're you're the boss and the worker okay and at a certain point you want to go from you working for money to what to your money working for you that means that you're spending money you're spending money to produce a greater result than what you're paying so if I if I tell somebody hey I'm going to pay you ten dollars an hour and I want you to go door to door selling chocolate bars and I give them the inventory and I give them you know everything they need and they go out and in three hours they produce a hundred dollars in sales okay now I had to pay for inventory so let's say it was twenty dollars and then I had to pay for the hourly time which is three hours so that's fifty dollars and I take home fifty dollars but I do nothing all I do is I just get the employee okay and so again going back to this right here if your hourly time is forty one dollars an hour how do we delegate this task to somebody else now you're not going to be able to delegate until you start producing so first of all we need to produce we need to produce a result if you've never produced a result you never made a sale then you're not gonna you know you're not going to be able to hire anybody okay so step number one you don't really need to worry about Outsourcing but this is something that you want to think about because you're going to start realizing how valuable your time actually is so if you're spending let's say eight hours a day right and half of that time is going on Facebook doing random stuff you're going on Facebook and you're like oh I wonder what I can um you know sell today and then you go and look at what other people are doing and blah blah blah so you just spent four hours of your work day and that cost you 166 dollars and if you do that for the next 30 days that costs you five grand and that costs you half of what your goal is you see that so literally just your lack of focus is gonna is costing you right now thousands and thousands of dollars the fact that you haven't sat down and focused on figuring this out yet what your goal is how you're going to break it down what you're going to sell and what your hourly rate is the fact that you haven't done that is the fact is the reason and I'm talking to this to people who haven't made uh ten thousand dollars a month yet online the reason why you haven't made it yet is because your lack of focus and planning is what got you here okay now the thing is is that the thing that you're doing currently the lack of focus and lack of planning is you you have to change this Behavior because until you change this you're not going to change your result and this has nothing to do by the way notice how I've never said anything about a product I never said you have to do this hack and sell this thing okay so none of this has to do with what you've learned it has nothing to do with what you're selling it has nothing to do with some special hack all it has to do with is your priorities and your focus and your planning and your goals and that's why I always say to people don't worry about what I'm doing don't worry about what this other guy's doing don't worry about the the person that's on Instagram flat you know flexing their their Bugatti and the fact that they just made money with stocks and real estate that has nothing to do with you your lack of focus and planning has to do with your own personal mindset and goals okay so before you can work on any of this right before we work on the ten thousand dollars in 30 days the 33.

33 a day in sales the 41 dollars an hour and then Outsourcing and producing your results we got to figure out what do I want what are my goals and so if you're sitting there and you're going well I don't know what I want okay well who's going to come up to you and tell you what you want only you can do that so I can't come up to you and say that you should do this I can't come up to you and say you should do AI or you know hire people to build you an app or to do Services the only thing that you can really do at this point is figure out what do you or what do I want what do I want do I want to sell services do I want to sell and you might be thinking well what's the easiest way to do it Chase well as I told you at the beginning of this video I've done it all I've done Services I've done courses I've done software and everything has its drawback okay there is no best way the only way is the way that makes you at the end of the day feel happy and fulfilled okay and you might have to think about it like this ten thousand dollars in sales for you might be different than ten thousand dollars in sales for me why because we're at different points in our journey it might be easier for you to make 300 in a day just selling services to people because you'd only have to sell three products and if you don't have a big audience then you only have to get three sales now if you have a big audience then getting 300 in in sales by selling a one dollar product might be more doable or more scalable or more easy so either way green tea morning top G mindset uh doing black tea all right so let's take a break for a second um anybody you want to jump in here let's see I hold I hold I like to figure out how to build system automate okay all right so I'm gonna take it away from you for a second because we've been talking about you let's talk about my business and then you can figure out your own goals based on the things I show you about my business okay because again uh with the business that I have I'm making over two million dollars um a year and it's very very automated okay I'm able to produce results like this it's a different ratio though right let's say my ratio is more like 100k uh let's say it's 3 300 a day let's say the hourly rates I don't know four thousand an hour or 400 an hour or whatever it is okay so I'm going to show you how I got here and then you can reverse my engineer my funnel if you like it and you want to do the similar thing okay so what do we got to do what do I have to do every single day and I'm going to show you the things that produce the most results for me and you can figure out if they produce results for you or not so uh first of all in order to make money what do we need people that want to buy things from us right so I need leads everybody needs leads it all starts here if you don't have people that are interested in buying things from you you're not making any money okay so how do we get leads what's the easiest way to get leads I've found the easiest way to get leads is to do short form content why because it gets used one of the easiest ways to get free views and traffic is literally just to go and post short form uh you know 30 to 60 second videos so I'm going to give you an example of this if I go on Instagram right now and I look at a video that I've posted except I didn't post this this was my team in in our software and the automations we've run if I post a short form video you can see I got 9000 views on this video two thousand four thousand fifteen thousand and now you might be thinking well Chase is a brand new account okay uh if I bring up my other accounts I have like 10 different Facebook pages they're all brand new pages have barely any followers they all get thousands and thousands of views so the cool thing about short form content is you don't actually have to have you don't have to have followers to get leads and views okay if you set up an automation that I'm going to share with you you can literally tap into unlimited leads and you can turn up this uh automation as high as you want I mean you can really go hard with this automation I'm going to show you how uh you can okay and uh by the way there's plenty of people that we have as testimonials I'm not just seeing this on my end if you look at um our landing page for our software uh people are using not just our tool but their own strategies as well to get thousands and thousands of views uh with short form content okay so this isn't just some magical thing that I'm like like saying oh it's only working for me you can you can go look at the testimonials There's real people tons of real people that are posting these short videos with brand new accounts and they're getting thousands of views okay and so if you can get views you can get leads okay and so that's our first question is how do we get views and leads and what's the easiest most efficient way for getting views and leads and at short form content I can tell you that hands down the reason why I spend uh tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars on development for our software and for our team and for our company uh around this around short form content is because of the fact that it works I don't just build it for you I build it for us I build it for my company because I know it works and I'm not going to go build something that I know that I don't think is going to work okay or I don't have proof that it works so if we can do let's say two to three videos short videos short videos per day on let's say Instagram Facebook YouTube and Tick Tock every single day in the next 30 days if we can get two to three every single post every single day we can get we can pretty much almost guarantee I'm not going to say guarantee just because there's no guarantees in life but we can almost guarantee that we're gonna be getting you know 100 to 200 leads in the first month if not more okay so if you so so now it's not about whether or not you can get the leads right it's about can you sell so anybody can walk out of their house right now and start knocking on doors you could go you could probably if if you got up right now let's say it's in the morning your time let's say it's 8 A.M your time I know some of you it's not but let's just say it is reasonably you could probably get up right now and go knock on 100 Doors if you are fast enough but the issue isn't whether or not you can get the leads that you can't whether or not you can get people to open their doors what's the issue will they buy and what am I selling and what are they interested in okay so this part's easy if you can't get views and leads with short form content I don't know what you're doing and and if you're not trying out shine ranker yet to go and get you know to produce these videos you literally go into our tool and click on AI video tools and you can produce these short form videos that get views if you can't do that and click a button and get views and leads then you need to reevaluate where you're at because this is really like very very simple and I actually if you want to I set up a tutorial for you so you can go watch this you go to and then enter your email you'll get taken to this page watch this video it shows you how to run this tool it's a one dollar trial it's 24 hour trial if you if you don't like it you know cancel okay but if you can't get views with our tool by producing videos um and leads then again you're doing it wrong so this part I'm not even going to question whether or not you can do it because I already know you can okay now here's the hard part though the hard part is not getting the views and leads the hard part is what am I selling what can I get people to buy what are they interested in now remember if you're dealing with 100 to 200 leads you might have to be a little bit more Hands-On so I'm getting let me just show you here because I like to be transparent I'm getting about four to five hundred leads a day right now and this is just to one of my email lists this doesn't include all my new followers every day uh my group members I I mean I get thousands of leads probably every day okay again that's not to brag I'm just explaining to you that you can't compare yourself to me if you're wondering well Chase can sell this thing why can't I when I sell something I'm selling to hundreds of thousands of people so if I do a video like this I'm reaching thousands of people if I go into an email I'm reaching hundreds of thousands of people if I'm doing social media or anything I'm reaching thousands of thousands of people if you're starting out and you're doing content let's say you're getting a few thousand views and every month you're getting a couple hundred leads if you go and send an email guess what's going to happen you're probably not going to get that many sales why because you're dealing with a smaller quantity of people and because you're dealing with a smaller quantity of people you can't replicate exactly what I'm doing because I'm doing a blanket approach that means I'm I'm going and I'm trying to reach out to more people by doing things like what I'm doing right now a live stream that is going to serve more people at once if you're only getting 100 or 200 leads a month which again is very doable then what do we need to do we probably need to nurture a little bit more okay how do we do that one of the best ways to sell things is to get on the phone or get on a video call and walk somebody through personally how to get set up on something okay how does that work well and again this comes back to what so so here's your question what am I selling you're selling whatever is going to be valuable to that person and so a lot of people are worried about how much money they're making and the real thing that they need to be worried about is how much money is the person that they're selling to making meaning that when somebody buys your product they need to get an immediate value increase in their lives or their business so let's say I sell to you my art tool shine ranker right I'm going to say hey you need to buy shine ranker it's one dollar for the 24 hour trial and then it's 20 it's 97 a month okay now I'm going to ask you a question and and this is a very important question that you should ask to your prospects and I'm going to ask you this right now I want I want you to answer me in chat if I can if I can get you a result of 100 to 200 leads that are going to be likely to pay you anywhere between 100 to 200 each let's say that's uh I don't know let's say you sell you know 10 of these for a hundred dollars whatever we're selling that's a thousand bucks would first of all what would that be worth to you thousand dollars right now I want you to answer this would that be worth ninety seven dollars to make a thousand dollars probably right and to get a bunch of leads so what are we doing for our our people that we're selling to if we start getting people coming in right we start doing these videos and we start getting leads and they start saying wow I I saw that you made an AI video with a cloned version of yourself how do I do that what we're going to sell to them isn't necessarily the tool if we're going to sell shine Rinker or we're going to sell a service what we're selling is value we're selling what would it be worth to them to be able to do that and how can we make it easy for them to create their first video does that make sense so when you're dealing with less people you want to think about how can I get on the phone with them and how can I create a way for them to get set up getting results as quickly as possible and that's why what I always recommend is if you're not if you're not getting to the number of sales that you'd like and let's say you have more time than you do money right and by the way when you start out you have pretty much unlimited time well not unlimited but you have uh you have a lot of time to be able to go work and learn uh the thing that you're trying to do and sell but as you get further in your journey it actually reverses and so you go from having more time than you do money from to more money than you have time and then that's when you have to start to learn to delegate but you're not there yet and so what we want to figure out is how do we get your time I forgot what I was saying how do we get your time to produce more money whatever anyways I'm sure it'll come back to me so uh will they buy what am I selling what are they trying to forget figure I'm trying to figure out where we're at um I lost it let me let me answer some questions while I wait to get it back uh Chase I told you before you're a great motivational speaker thank you when I send emails to my leads they get routed to spam and promotion folders all the time um probably use a better CRM so like when I was using MailChimp that was happening to me like crazy so I would start working on um maybe using like something like convertkit or use a company that probably uses better um servers that aren't getting um their users aren't hammering their users as much or their email list as much and so the spam level goes down Leverage yeah I totally lost what I was saying uh so let me actually kind of go into what what I was actually going to try to show you though today because I kind of went off on a tangent uh either way so when it comes to doing this stuff right let's say you wanted to start uh really automating your leads coming in because you want to sell things right you want to sell uh whatever you're trying to sell let's say you're trying to sell a one dollar subscription to shine ranker and then that's a 97 per month value and you're getting a 40 Commission on that well you can go and make videos yourself right you can go and start making these videos um with shine Rinker or you can just have somebody go do it for you all right um I don't actually really do anything anymore I have ai or virtual assistants pretty much automate everything that I do so if I'm going to be selling these one dollar shinemaker subscriptions I don't want to have to go and do the content to get the views I don't want to have to go and do the emails I don't want to have to go and do the videos um I really just want an automated system that I can pour money into and I can I can get results out of and so what I recommend is you want a way to work on your business where you're able to automate what you're doing and you're able to Outsource what you're doing and if you have a few dollars but you don't have a lot of time what you can work on is getting people to run your automations for you so what I would do and this is what I'm doing currently is I would go over to a website called online jobs and I'd go and find somebody that can be a virtual assistant for me that can run my AI tools Okay so you can go find somebody right now if I go over to and I go to search for talent and I'm going to type in virtual assistant foreign so we got uh seven dollars an hour ten dollars an hour fifteen dollars an hour five dollars an hour four dollars an hour three dollars an hour so let's say we picked uh this one this person and we contacted them and said hey I need so for 352 dollars a month to work four hours a day I need you to go and start generating these videos for me right so you're spending let's say uh three hundred dollars I don't know where we just were just go back over here so you're spending three hundred dollars uh per month to have somebody work 80 hours per month I believe because that's 20 hours a week yeah and in those 80 hours per month they're going to be running a tool let's say it costs 97 a month so you're spending let's say you're out of pocket 400 a month now within that month let's say you get 200 leads now this person the one that you hired might be responsible for going and creating your content and scheduling it up okay and you might be responsible for going and uh responding to the leads and getting on the phone with them and that's what I recommend and this is now I kind of remember what I was going to say if you're going to be selling things to people instead of trying to sell things right out the gate do something for free if you have yeah this is what I was going to say if you have more time then you do money start focusing on getting your foot in the door by offering extreme value right out of the gate okay offer value that I'm not going to offer so remember I'm doing a blanket approach I can't get on the phone with everybody and offer them free stuff why because I don't have time for it I have a lot more uh people that I have to deal with and so I I can't go and offer everybody a free thing you can if you have time and you start need to start getting clients paying you or leads paying you start offering something so valuable for free that they would be dumb not to keep paying you okay I'll give you an example we had a kid come up to me um at a car show and if you don't know I really like car shows but he came up to me and he said uh you know how do I make money how do I get people to pay me and I and I looked at him and I said it's not about you it's about them and he said I know that but uh how do I get them to give me money like I I know it's about them but I need I need them to give me money and I said well what are you giving them and he's like what do you mean he's like that's what I'm asking you what do I sell them and I said to him well it's not about what you're selling to them it's about what value are they getting right so let's just let's just say it like this let's let's say right now I put in in the in the chat my phone number and I said anybody in the next uh eight hours can call me and I'll get on the phone with you and I'll give you an hour of my time for free and I'll help you make your first thousand dollars um and I'll and I'll coach you through it this is normally a like let's say a ten thousand dollar coaching call now obviously I'd probably get a lot of people calling me here's the problem though first of all I can't I can't reasonably respond everybody but I would make money off those phone calls why if I'm giving them away for free how would I make money and the answer is I would make money off those phone calls because that first phone call would give the person so much value that they would say to me Chase how do I keep paying for your time right and so your issue is not whether or not you can get people to pay you your issue is that you're so focused on what you're selling and you're not focused on the value you're providing and if you just focused on giving away so much value that people would literally pay you for what you do they would say hey Chase I feel kind of dumb not uh asking how much would it be work how much could you know would it be possible what would be the offer for me to get on the phone with you again or what would be the offer if you could help me with this how much would I could I pay for this and so you want people asking you hey why are you giving this away for free this is so valuable I want to pay for this how do I keep paying for this and so the answer I gave to that guy was like look you gotta you gotta start going up to people at this car show stop worrying about what you're trying to get and start worrying about what they're trying to get go take a picture of somebody's car and say hey where do I send this to you what's your phone number how can I how can I send you more of these pictures when can I get in front of you you know when can I give you your first free photo shoot it's not hard to build a profitable relationship if you be if you bring more to the table than the other person is and so instead of focusing on what you're selling focus on who you're selling to and what are they getting and how much value can you give that person that they feel uncomfortable not paying you okay so as I was saying back here respond to the leads get on the phone so you could have somebody create content scheduled out and this is pretty easy I mean we're doing it in our team so you can use you can they can use shine ranker or they can you can hire video editors I pay about twenty dollars a short to have people go and edit these videos for me and then all I have to do is have them go into radar and post this out for me I don't I don't have to do anything besides um you know just tell people what I want I say hey go create this content scheduled out for me and then they go publish it and then it gets published on all these different platforms okay and then from there if I wanted to let's say I want I don't want to get on the phone either I want somebody else to do that okay well I can go back to online jobs and find somebody that's good uh that has experience with uh telemarketing and I can say Okay I want to pay that person 300 for 30 hours 80 hours so now we're spending 700 a month and we've now automated our content creation our scheduling or responding to the leads get it on the phone and selling and let's say we're selling a service then we find somebody that can fulfillment do the Fulfillment and then we find another person so you just build like that and it's not rocket science like you don't have to be really really smart to do this stuff okay you just have to be smart enough to be able to know things that other people don't know right so if somebody goes hey how do I uh how do I make money with AI you go look I'll show you how we do it I'll set it up for you so I'm not going to give you an exact like number on what you should sell what you should do I will tell you you know you can sell shine ranker if you want if you go to you go to the Thrive cart page type in partner at the end get a one dollar trial link and you can sell what I sell but just because I'm selling it doesn't mean that it necessarily will work for you it could you could get sales but um if you're not getting sales let's say you're getting views and you're getting leads and you're not getting sales the problem isn't the product okay it's never the product the problem is the value and if people aren't buying it's not because you can't sell the thing it's because the thing that you're selling to them isn't that perceived valuable enough yet for them to buy and so if you want to sell something add value how do you add value get on the phone offer a training offer a free setup there's a guy um he's one of the highest paid Affiliates at high level his name's Dom Baptist this guy's a great example of this he just sells an affiliate he just sells an affiliate to go high level which is a software company if you look them up it's Dom Baptist this guy has 18 000 subscribers which isn't that much I know it might sound like a lot to some people but it's not that much I mean you could do this with just short form content alone and this guy makes so like close to 200k a month in affiliate and what does he do he goes on the phone with people and he sells a 300 service where he just helps people get set up with this tool and so maybe that's your thing maybe you sell a service you say hey for 300 bucks I'm going to help you get um you know your AI videos automated for you we're going to get all this content ready and posted for you and then you give them your affiliate link and now not only are they paying for a service but they're paying you monthly this guy does like 16 hours of Zoom calls a day something crazy like that maybe not that many but do something like that can you save this note as a document we can download if not uh I'll just put it in the description uh but that's pretty much it that's a lot of rambling hopefully um some of that helped you if it did let me know if you want me to do more videos like this in the future also please let me know um it does help me just seeing your feedback and sorry I blanked out a little bit earlier I totally forgot we were talking about for a second but um yeah so uh that's it I'm gonna be focusing on what I was talking about with you today just delegating and hiring I still have a lot of stuff that I have to actually get done in that regard it's an ongoing process but hopefully that helps you make your first thousand dollars if it does or it helps you kind of have a better game plan let me know and uh again make sure you set goals have a top have a goal if you could get anything from today set a goal and set a time I want a thousand dollars in the next 30 days and then go break down how you're gonna make that happen and if you just focus on that right kind of like me I'm breaking it down as well if you just focus on a goal and a time frame you'll be amazed at how fast you'll get there okay so we'll see you very soon until we do happy money making we'll see you guys bye

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