How I Make Over $1,000 Per Day With Ai / Chat GPT (LIVE)

and what I'm going to be doing the reason why I wanted to try doing a video like this in these Dimensions is because I wanted to see if I could just answer some questions take the content from this video and turn it into short form content so welcome everybody in the live chat we got facts theories what's up first affiliate money with Alex do you add tags to shorts I actually I yes I do and I use vid IQ to do it because vid IQ does it automatically I don't have any money absolutely zero dollars how do I make money that's a good question so first of all if you want to make money online best thing you can do is check out the presentation I did the other day on how to use Ai and short form content to earn money if you want to check that out go to essentially what I show you how to do is spend a few minutes to an hour a day getting set up and using AI to take long form content turn it into short form content and then you're going to use that short form content to send traffic to affiliate offers now you don't have to promote affiliate offers if you don't want to but I've found that it's kind of the best place to start if you don't have time to build and promote your own products I don't have money absolutely zero dollars how do I make money so if you don't have any money best place to start is short form content doing 60 second videos if you can start building a following if you can get to a thousand followers you'd be surprised how easy it is to take that following take the traffic take the views that you get and turn it into sales and essentially what you're doing is you're taking content right you're taking content showing people how to do something and your creating an offer whether it's your own offer or an offer from let's say an affiliate and you're sending people to that offer from the content you create but the hardest part is just getting set up getting accounts warmed up and getting people clicking on your links but if you get people to click on your links it's pretty much just a numbers game you can sell whatever you want oh we got a lot of uh comments in here oh thank you can I use your videos repurposing for affiliate your course so I have something set up it's called the viral video vault and that website basically I allow you to use my long form content to repurpose on places like Tick Tock Instagram Facebook and that's probably the best place to start if you want to spend a few bucks if you don't want to spend a few bucks then you should probably start by creating your own long form content or your own short form content but the cool thing about the viral video vault is you don't really have to do anything besides take the content that I've already built for you and use it in your videos how can I make money from phone using chat GPT so really the best way to make money with chat GPT isn't by using chat GPT the easiest way to make money with chatgpt is capitalizing on the trend and what I mean by that is that there's a lot of tools that utilize chat GPT that you can earn money with and so we've actually put together a spreadsheet of tools that use Ai and chat GPT if you go to you can grab it for free and inside that list there's a ton of different tools that you can get Affiliates for you can go and send people to and say hey this is a tool that utilizes chat GPT go and sign up for it and you make a commission on that tool so again the best way to make money on chat GPT is by capitalizing on the trend on AI on using chat GPT now there are some good tools that use chatgpt and some of the ones that I've been really getting into are the ones that actually do video editing but again if you can get started with just getting traffic just getting a following around AI around chat GPT there's so many different tools that you can promote and it doesn't matter if it's from your phone or from your desktop you don't even really need a computer anymore it's so easy to to get views these days with with just your phone so many questions in here love from Pakistan thank you what's up Ellie I'm in the viral video Vault will there be an update of a new batch videos coming soon yeah so what I do is I do long-form content I download the content and I put it in the vault we've been trying to figure out a way to automate it it is a little tricky but I think I've found a way around it but yeah I mean you can access it anytime you want access to long form content that I do and uh you can get started with that can we use chat GPT and AI voice over and make videos on YouTube on motivation Niche will my channel monetize so anytime you use AI voices I think YouTube's super against AI voices so I don't know if I would focus on monetizing with ads and in fact I don't even think monetizing with ads is really something that anybody should be focusing on in general right now anyways especially because if you're going to be utilizing short form content you're not going to make that much money on on on ads because short form content just doesn't make that much but if I were you what I would use is short form content to go and actually build traffic to some sort of email opt-in if you can build an email list you can make a crazy amount of money just by getting people on that list and if they're interested in let's say motivation you could have a product that you promote around that Niche and you could make money just creating different offers around different products to your list and so really the secret and a lot of people I don't think realize that this is really the easiest way to get started is to do short form content because it's super easy to get views and traffic with and take that short form content and send people to an email list and then build that list and promote different products you could promote let's say five different products and if you sell a couple of each of those products and let's say they're reoccurring you're already making money every single month just rotating between different products and promoting them to people who've opted into your list so that's how I would start I get thousands and thousands of dollars a month just from different Affiliates paying me out because I've gone and built my list and I've offered different things so you start out selling other people's products because you probably don't have a lot of resources to build your own and then I would recommend as you start to scale you want to get a hundred percent of the profit you don't want to have to split it with an affiliate then you'd start building your own products love from Indonesia what's up right love from Nepal thank you how to use chat gpt4 for free well I think chat gpt4 right now is uh you have to be on a waitlist so we're actually our company's on a waitlist right now for it I know some people have access to it it's kind of random but you would ideally go to the open AI website and you would go and sign up for the wait list what was your first attempt at making money online oh I had a lot of attempts so I remember when I started out I was actually living with my mom still and I built a website and what I built was a website called and on that website I offered computer help to people in my area so what I would do is I would charge about 20 bucks an hour and I would go and help fix people's computers or set up their printers or anything that they needed in regards to computer help and I wasn't getting traffic back then because I didn't know about SEO I didn't know about Google I didn't know about ranking and what I would do is I would actually make ads on Craigslist I would use the free posting feature and I would post on all the different sections of Craigslist because I found a way to basically bypass the spam algorithm on Craigslist and I would just post and people would contact me and they'd say hey chase you know I need help setting up my stereo system or I need help setting up my Wi-Fi network and then I would go over there for 20 bucks an hour and I would make money that was kind of my first attempt and then what happened is as I started making money doing that I started getting into digital marketing you know I read a book on digital marketing and then I started learning about ranking on Google and that's when I started going down that route so but my first attempt to making money online really was just helping people with their computers and look I think it's still a strategy today if you wanted to do something like that I think you totally could but I don't think long term you want to be in Services it's so much easier to make money without having to show up to an appointment or show up and and have somebody pay you for your time right you only get 24 hours in a day and so it's much easier to sell something like an affiliate offer where you could sell 100 of somebody else's product or even of your own product if you make your own products but you're not having to sell your time for money right if you're selling an hour for 20 bucks 40 bucks whatever it is at a certain point you're going to run out of time right and that's when you need to start figuring out how to sell products so short term selling your time is great if you want money quickly if you want a long-term strategy I would recommend selling products wow we got a lot of questions in here I'm trying to keep up with all of them I'm just going to try to read one of these off here any tips for marketing a in-person training course so I would Market an in-person training course the same way I would Market an online training course and remember it's what I said earlier you would do content you'd build a following you'd start building traffic and then you would promote an offer right and so whether you're promoting a product whether you're promoting a service whether you're promoting an affiliate whatever you're promoting it's going to be the same outline no matter what you're gonna do content short form and long form if you want to do both you're going to send people to a list like an email list start building traffic start building a following and then you're going to offer whatever you're selling but it doesn't matter what you're selling it's going to be the same process no matter what what do you mean with email list so an email list is essentially something that you're going to use to capture people's emails and send offers to right so let's say I talk about making money with AI and I say look if you want to make money with AI go to my full training program at so you go click on that link and it says enter your email now when you go to enter your email what's going to happen you're going to go on my email list when you go on my email list I'm going to go and send you offers I'm going to say look this person just got success with the boot camp with the training program you should get into it and so as you start to see those emails coming in you might buy something now you might not buy the first thing I offer but I've captured your email right and as long as you're not unsubscribing I can keep sending you more and more offers I can say well look you didn't get the boot camp you didn't get the training program why don't you go and grab this tool that I like why don't you go and grab this and so you could have one person on your email list go and make you thousands of dollars over the next year just by you sending them different offers if you have a video on how to set up GSA yeah if you actually look at my channel and search by that you'll see it in which course of yours do you explain this method of building an email list so I show you inside of the AI cash course and that's at if you go over there you can see the full presentation I built for you it's a free presentation I think it's about 40 minutes and you can go check out the full system how to get set up how to start building your email list how to start building your short form content how to automate all of that good stuff all right we have another question is the method that you were teaching in regards to the short form riches course still working today I have a landing page set up to promote Jasper and I want to know if it's still effective yeah so again anything that's short form content it's going to do great right if you can build these 60 second videos and you can publish them on places like Instagram and Tick Tock and Facebook you can get a ton of exposure you can get a lot of people watching you and you can start building traffic to places like your email list or your landing pages and remember it's just a numbers game once you start to get a bunch of people on your pages seeing your offer all you have to do is make sure that you get a certain conversion rate if you can get enough people buying your offer and seeing your offer you can keep promoting it until that offer kind of doesn't do as well and then you can switch the next offer shine Rinker versus semrush well it's kind of hard to compare shine ranker to a billion dollar company but shine Rinker is great because it uses chat GPT we're building in a ton of new uh things into it I don't know why my camera just turned off let me see if I can put that back on sorry about that maybe my uh oh there we go we're putting a ton of new things into shine ranker like we're planning on doing some sort of AI keyword research tool a keyword rank tracking tool for YouTube we have a ton of plans for shine ranker and so semrush is great if you want like an overall SEO tool shinemaker does SEO stuff as well but again I'm not going to compare the two because they're completely different tools at different stages in their Journey semrush has been around for what 10 years now shineringer has been around for one I will say that shine ranker is a lot more affordable than semrush that's really the big thing about shine ranker is that you can get access to a lot of very similar tools that you find in semrush without having to spend as much money how would you create a landing page for selling your course create an informative video on how did you do so I'm not sure what you said on the last part of the question but how would I create a landing page so I use thrivecart it's a software that is sort of similar to click funnels and what Thrive cart does is it just helps you build landing pages that you can sell products on and the way I build them is I usually will just put a bunch of testimonials on the page I'll put a video or a presentation at the top and that's pretty much it how did you stay focused on working on your online business and not over procrastinate so that's always a struggle one of the hardest things too is just not getting distracted by shiny objects one of the things that I do every single day and I recommend you do if you haven't done this already is create a list that you write down the same thing pretty much every single day now you can add things to the list but what you would do is you would take a list you'd say okay I need to do this I need to do that I need to do this and so for me I'm always trying to somewhat improve what I'm doing so if I get let's say 5 000 visits a day to a landing page and I can see that when I look at my analytics then every single day I'm going to say I want to get to six thousand if I'm making five thousand dollars a day in Revenue then every single day I'm going to say I want to get to six thousand dollars a day if I'm getting 500 email opt-ins a day then I want to get to 600.

or you could do the Double Down principle and say I want to get from 500 to a thousand it's it's the same principle either way though you want to make slight improvements at what you're doing and so one of the best ways to do that is write down similar goals every single day and I don't know why my camera keeps turning off it might be running out of battery kind of getting annoyed by this let me actually check really quick is my battery dead no it's not well I'm not sure why it keeps dying my opinion about Andrew Tate I think he's a very very smart marketer and I think that people don't realize how good he is at bringing in attention in a calculated way I think a lot of what he did was very planned and well thought out and so I think maybe some people look at him and go well you know he got all this recognition because he got lucky or because he said outrageous stuff but I think it's more than that I think he really thought out hey I need to get a bunch of views and sales online I'm going to map this out and I'm gonna I'm gonna do this in a way where I know it's gonna work and so I think he's very smart at marketing that's what I wanted that's that's what I'll say about him do you invest in any websites uh so yeah so I invest in uh software my own software I have developers I pay around ten thousand dollars a month for development I invest in growing social media profiles by you know running ads and boosting boosting to get more followers so most of the stuff I invest in is all online stuff I think that one of the best things you can spend money on right now is not re not physical real estate but digital real estate if you can if you can tap into the main currency right now which I believe is is the highest currency that you could tap into is its attention I call it attention dollars if you can drive attention to something you can drive attention to an offer you can drive attention to a video you can drive attention to anything that is really the most expensive asset you could have or not expensive valuable asset that you could have right now what is the best online money making for beginner short form content email list affiliate offers do you have a all free teaching on how to make money with a short form with a short learning curve so remember I said this earlier if you weren't here go over to and check out the full free presentation I did it's like 40 to 50 minutes and it takes you through everything you need to do to get started if you want to get started for free you can do that it just takes a little bit more time and effort on your part because you're going to be having to create the videos yourself if you don't want to have to do it for free then you'd spend a few bucks and you'd have either AI or somebody else do it for you what type of affiliate links can I use on my insta and Tick Tock I post interesting facts well I mean look there are affiliate offers for everything and so if you're posting let's say interesting facts about it could be anything right I mean gosh there's so many different interests let's say you have interesting facts about health right about diet you could sell people a supplement right there's trying to find these supplements they're supplement companies that'll give you an affiliate link and you just send people to those supplements so again it doesn't really matter what you're selling there's an affiliate if you just go on Google and type in affiliate programs for X right and your and let's say the thing that you talk about is that X thing right so if you talk about health look up affiliate programs for health if you talk about money talk about affiliate programs for making money if you talk about AI right the reason why I always say start working on promoting things around AI building and following around AI is because AI is so highly trending right now like it is crazy how many people if you look at Google Trends right now like go look at Google Trends and type in AI so many people are looking for information products Services everything around Ai and so if you can start building a following around that you'll be able to monetize it because of the fact that you're capitalizing on one of the biggest Trends right now let me get some more questions in here this is a good one how much time do you spend on actual work every day and how much time do you make for yourself so remember the list I was talking about earlier I have a list right gosh darn it I hate this I don't know what's going on with this camera it's driving me nuts let me fix this I don't have problems all day and then now I have problems with the camera so I have a list right and I have a list that says I want to make this much money I want to get a bigger house all these things right and then I have on the same list I'll usually put my personal goals as well like I want to go rent a boat or I want to go work out or I want to like all the personal things right and so I kind of work for as long as I feel like I usually work from 8 00 am 9 A.M till around 11 or 12.

then I'll usually go out and do something I usually go like I don't know work out or go get food or whatever and then I'll usually work a little bit at the night in the night time but I won't do as like I won't do as complicated tasks right because it's very hard my camera is driving me nuts it's very hard to do the complicated tasks when you are tired and so I don't do videos usually at night time I don't do like presentations I don't do anything that's super complicated at night because I don't have the energy for it so do all the hard stuff at the beginning of the day and then at night time that's when you usually do like the easy things like maybe sending emails or whatever's easy for you I want to make money online but I think I get distracted too much because of social media you have any tips yeah so look that's one of the biggest problems that people have and it's something that I have and it's like you have to you have to detox from the dopamine and what I mean by that is it's very easy to get distracted when you're like brain is wired to be dopamineed out all day and so if you're eating like a bunch of junk food all day you're on social media all day let's say I don't know you do other unhealthy things like Gamble gosh darn it I I'm probably gonna have to end this stream just because the stupid camera what's gonna happen is um you're just going to be distracted by anything that's dopamine because your brain's gonna be like oh there's dopamine over here there's dopamine over there I need to check my phone I need to go do all these dopamine things and so you need to detox from the dopamine you need to rewire your brain and you need to stop getting the dopamine hits all the time and the best way to do that is just stop doing all the things that give you dopamine stop checking your phone all the time you know stop eating a bunch of junk food like and I'm not saying I'm perfect and I do do that perfectly either like I check my phone all the time I still eat pizza like all that stuff but ideally you want to do as many low dopamine things as you can because it when your brain is more wired to have less dopamine it's easier to focus I've found that's a huge thing too is the camera running out of battery no it's not I don't know what's going on but I actually look this was more of an experiment this is only a 25 minute video I wanted to see what would happen um I actually have to get on a phone call very soon with uh one of the people over at Opus which is the tool that helps you clip videos so I'm gonna go do that I will make sure my camera doesn't do this next time I apologize for the issues but that's it for today we'll see in the next one and uh till then Happy money making see you guys bye

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