How to CREATE CONTENT QUICKLY! (1000+ Words in 20 minutes) [ BOSS MODE]

– In this video, I'm gonna show you how I created and published this article. Did it in less than half an hour, it's over a thousand words long. I even did the images as well within that time. And it was written completely from scratch with no prior knowledge on the subject. I wrote the article using the fantastic Jarvis.

ai, used to be called Conversion AI. I'm gonna put a link up to Jarvis right now. You'll find it up in the clouds up there, and also in the description. It's an affiliate link, thank you very much if you use it. Now I know I've been banging on about Jarvis in quite a lot of my recent videos and live streams, (pictures popping) but, you know, there's a reason for that and that reason is that I'm still blown away by how good this tool actually is.

If you're blogging or if you've got an affiliate marketing website and you need to create content, then it's just an essential tool.

It's a must have tool. I simply can't live without it at the moment. Between that and Canva, which I'll also be using in this video, they're the two tools, if you've got them two, you can pretty much do anything. But anyway, I think that's enough intro from me.

A couple of things I just quickly wanna say before we get started on this. First is I'm using Jarvis with the new Boss Mode, which is a new feature that just basically makes the whole product a whole lot better. So yeah keep that in mind. Second thing is, I did set out to create the article in around 15 minutes, which is what I say during the recording of the computer. But yeah, it took just under half an hour actually to get the article created and published with the images and all that kind of stuff, which I'm still really pleased with.

So, just keep those two things in mind and let's take a look at what happened when I created an article from scratch using Jarvis.

Let's go. (classical music) So the site that I wanna create an article for today, is this one, it's I've got this brand new category on journaling, and I've got no content.

So I'm gonna use Jarvis in Boss Mode to see if I can get something up in 15 minutes. If we look at the time it's now 10 to 11.

So I'm hoping that by five 11, that's in 15 minutes time, we've got something published and ready to go, so we better get cracking. So I've got Answer Socrates here, which is a great keyword research tool, a great way to generate question ideas, things like that. I'm gonna use that to help me structure the article.

So I'll type journaling into the topic box here, and it throws up a whole load of questions that we can use to put our article together.

So let's go to the website, I'm gonna publish straight into WordPress, no messing around today so that I've got a new post. And the article is gonna just be A Beginner's Guide to Journaling. I think that's a good place to start. So let's call it, Journaling for Beginners.

That is how you spell beginners, isn't it? Yeah, I think so. Perfect. So there's our title. I'm gonna put that into the Journaling category.

I'm gonna set some tags, (keyboard typing) journaling and beginner's guide. Perfect, let's not waste any more time on this. Save that draught. So let's jump into Jarvis. Got it right here, I'm logged in, ready to go.

I'm gonna use the Blog Post Assistant. So let's go in here. Let's start from scratch. The title is of course, I mean, I can just copy and paste, you know I'm lazy, let's just paste that in. A beginner's guide on on how to journal.

I'm just thinking of this out of the top of my head Beginners guide on how to journal and the benefits of journaling. What's wrong with at stupid Grammarly. So the keywords are journaling, how to journal, and benefits of journaling, perfect. So let's start with, I'm just gonna start with the title of Journaling For Beginners. So to make a title, you just put a couple of hashes in like this.

Where's my hash, not the pounds.

There we go. Journaling For Beginners. Onto the next line. Then I can just enter a command like, write a blog post intro for the above.

If I press command and enter, it'll be control and enter I think on a PC, it should do that. There we go that's a good opening paragraph. I don't think I need this bit, journaling for beginners or five tips for getting…

Nope, don't want that bit. If you're interested in starting a journal, this article would be, this article would be an insightful read. Okay, that's okay let's start with that. Okay, so I'm gonna add another heading now. I'm gonna put some thing like, What is Journaling?

I mean, let's start with the basics, hey, going to add that. And then I'm gonna ask Jarvis to write some more. Okay, how do I journal? There's no right or wrong way to journal as long as you're open, you're able to open up and carry on Jarvis, that sounds fine.

Journal about anything that comes to mind.

I'm gonna add a little bit to this one. All you need to journal, see what Jarvis can come up with that. Is it journal (indistinct), is a…

I'm gonna put… Okay, that's fine. I guess we used the word journal a couple of times, that's fine.

Benefits of journaling, yeah I want that but not quite like that. I think I'm gonna put this as a question. What are the benefits of journaling? I don't know why I said like that nevermind. Hey, come on Jarvis, let's see what the benefits are.

I don't wanna go onto side effects yet. Journaling can help improve memory and concentration. Let's move this on to the next line. Journaling pushes you to concentrate more on what you're writing, which tricks your brain into thinking it's learning something.

Journaling can help improve your short term memory as well as overall concentration level.

I guess we kind of said the same thing, but that's fine. Got any more benefits? Journaling helps you become a better writer. Okay, don't want that bit. See if we've got any more benefits.

Relieve stress, it's a personal journey, writing things down that others may not understand or find value in will what? Help you see things in a new light, it will help you realise yourself and who you are. Journaling can provide comfort to people who are going though certain events, such as breakups or death of a loved one by allowing them to express their thoughts and feelings in private. Brilliant, brilliant. I mean, I don't even know if I need Answer Socrates.

What journal should I get? I don't think it really matters, does it? Let's have a look. Perfect. Can anyone journal?

Anyone can journal but if you feel journaling is not suitable for whatever reason it's, what? Where should I journal? Anywhere that's quiet where you can be uninterrupted.

How long should a journal entry be? I mean, this is fantastic, isn't it?

Journal entries do not need a specific length as they are entirely up to you. However journaling for just a few minutes every day is better than journaling for an hour once a week. Are there any disadvantages to journaling? There are not many disadvantages to journaling but if you share the things that you have written in your journal with others, there may be some people who judge or ridicule what you wrote. What you wrote?

Well I'll finish your sentence there for you Jarvis. Okay, let me see if I've got any other questions that we might need to answer. Can journaling help with anxiety? That sounds pretty good. Let's see if Jarvis can help with that.

Can journaling help with anxiety? What do you think Jarvis? Yes, journaling can help with anxiety. Anxiety often stems from a lack of control and journaling give you an outlet for your negative thoughts and feelings which are hard to cope with when they come out as well as a sense of control over how you express yourself.

Journaling also provides an outlet for anxiety which involves, involves what?

Come on. everything journaling is helpful. Okay. Is journaling appropriate for children? Yes, children of all ages benefit from journaling.

It can help them cope with the loss of a loved one or even just an upsetting event like getting bullied at, bullied in school. Why's it the end of the article? Jarvis! How many words we got? 572.

I think we need a few more yet. I need, you know, I need at least a thousand words. Let's get some more questions in here. Can journaling be harmful? Wouldn't we have covered that with our disadvantages?

Let's see if we can do this one. Don't want a bullet point. Put a question mark on that. It's currently one minute past, that means we've got four minutes. There are no known cases where journaling has been harmful, however journaling can lead to journaling addiction if journal entries take up the majority of your time.

Fair enough. We've done how long. What have we got here? Can journaling help with weight loss? That's an interesting question.

Maybe it can if you're journaling your food intake and stuff. Let's see. Yes, journaling can help with weight loss. Journaling helps you stay focused and concentrated on writing, which tricks your brain into thinking it's learning something. Okay, wait.

Okay, this extra concentration can pair with journaling, can a pair with journaling being on outlet for the negative thoughts and feelings which (man mumbling) Okay, this needs a bit of tidying up. (keyboard typing) Deal with negative thoughts or feelings. Can help deal with negative thoughts and feelings people have about their bodies among other things, which can lead to lead to less comfort eating.

Anything else on this? Okay, perfect, perfect, that's good.

About what your, you are, come on Jarvis, simple grammar. Lead to less comfort eating. Perfect. See if we got any more questions in Answer Socrates. What have we got?

What are journaling bibles? What indeed are journaling bibles? Let's have a look. Compose. A journaling bible is a journal that you can write down all your personal thoughts and feelings in, so if something bad happens to and you want an outlet for your emotions, journaling bibles are a great way.

They're basically a journal aren't they? Journaling bible will also help with journaling addiction because journaling bibles are a journal that you can write in where you don't have to worry about journaling taking over your life. Doesn't make much sense. So that's fine. What other questions have we got here?

What are journaling pens? Oop, wrong window. (keyboard typing) Let's go, what are journaling pens? Journaling pens are a journaling tool which helps you journal in peace.

These journaling tools allow you to journal without worrying about the pen running out of ink and they don't make much noise when writing.

Fair enough. It's just a pen, isn't it? What should I journal about? Anything that's bothering you or anything that's on your mind. Okay.

What else we got? I guess we'll do one more question Then we'll do a quick conclusion. Got any more questions, have we? Ah here. Fine, we've done all of them.

Can journaling replace therapy? Interesting question. Oh no, it's five past 11, we've taken a little bit longer than 15 minutes but here we go. We're nearly done. Journaling cannot replace therapy especially if journaling is a new concept to you.

But journaling can be used along with therapy, with therapy. Let's have a little full stop. Maybe it's gonna be a 20 minute article. Journaling maybe more of an outlet for your emotions than talking to someone which can help make the time spent in therapy more pleasant.

What makes journaling effective?

The reason journaling is effective is because journaling allows you to express how you feel without having to worry about someone judging you or being cruel. What are some journaling prompts? Sounds like a good question. What are some journaling prompts? I don't know what that gibberish was, let's do that again.

These journal prompts can be journaled about how they allow you to journal even when you aren't sure about what to journal about. We don't, there's a lot of journaling questions. Sorry, the word journal has been used a lot there. Journaling prompts are questions or journaling topics. These prompts can journaled about and they allow you to journal even when you're not sure what to journal about.

Here are some example journaling prompts. Get rid of this. Put this here. Let's put the cursor there, so it knows what we're doing. Okay, I like these.

Okay, that's fine. Okay, I think all we need now is a conclusion paragraph. So to do that we just add a command, write a conclusion about the above, command, enter.

I don't need that. Although I should write an article on journal prompts a full one, I think so.

Yeah, maybe a link to that. There we go, I think that's fine. 1012 words. I say it's taken nearly about 20 minutes. But let's quickly publish.

I'm gonna copy all this, go back to WordPress, paste that in, then all we got to do is add some headers. I don't need that one cause I've got it at the top, so let's just get rid of that.

And then this we're gonna make this into a heading, of course. I do it H2. You don't have to watch me do this, let me just quickly do this.

Okay, so there we go, we've got our article all formatted and ready. It took about 20 minutes to produce that bit of content. So what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna quickly create a couple of images in Canva and then we can publish.

So let's jump into Canva. I had to quickly stop recording there.

I had someone at the door, which has messed up my timings but nevermind. Let's jump into Canva. So Canva is a free tool but there is a pro version. The pro version, you get loads of free stock photography and all kinds of other cool stuff. Highly recommended.

This and Jarvis are my two essential tools right now, can't live without them. You can find links to both in the description. They're both affiliate links. Thank you very much if you use them.

But yeah, this is Canva and yeah, it's really cool.

Let's start by creating an image for the kind of body of the article. I've already got one here, which I've done for a previous article. So let me just quickly make a copy. And we're gonna talk about journaling, so let's see if we can find a journaling sort of picture of a journal or something. I want photos.

Now some of these photos will be free like that one, most of them are kind of paid for. That's a nice free one there. Let's go with that look. Let's click that. In fact, I'm just gonna drag it, that would be better.

And then a little quote, journaling is a powerful way to manifest, okay, no maybe not manifest, to overcome problems in your life. That's good, that's good, like that.

Probably could have gotten Jarvis to write that, but nevermind. I'm going to make that a little bit bigger, I think. There we go.

There's one image. Let's download that as a JPEG. So let's save that, perfect. Have we got another quote or something I can take? I like that one.

And I'll take that. Let's let's go back and make a copy of this. Let me go back to home, make another copy and add two to the article, I think that will look nice. Paste that in. It's quite a long one, this one.

Want another journaling type of image. They all come up for journaling. Oh, nice. Oh, I like that one, that kind of contemplation sort of thing there. Beautiful.

Make that a little bit smaller, kind of wrap that around her shoulder. Beautiful. Right, download this. We've got two lovely images now. I think the whole article altogether is gonna take about half an hour, which is pretty quick.

Journaling benefits, something like that, perfect. We do need a featured image, which is the image that goes across the top of the blog post.

And we go back to home. Let's see if I've got one I've done before that I can duplicate. Oh, I've got so many Canva images that I've done for my different sites and stuff.

It's such a powerful tool. I think we, ah this one, this one right at the top here. Don't often put text on these, I seem to remember. So we just need again a lovely journaling sort of image. Just filter that by photos.

What have we got? I mean, her sitting by the fire journaling, that's quite nice. I don't know, is that too cheesy? A little bit cheesy. No one sits like that, do they?

I don't know. A little bit cheesy. That one, thoughtful is quite nice. The books stacked up. I mean, I could be looking at these all day.

What is that journaling by the, oh I like that one. Let me just check, I don't think I've added much text, have I, cause it does it itself. Yeah we don't need text, this is fine. Her sitting by the beach or the river, I don't know. In the woodland there.

So many to choose from. This kind of more abstract one, it'd quite a big finger there, I know. This is too cheesy, that's too cheesy. It stinks of cheese, that one. I think, I think I'm gonna go for.

.. I've wasted 10 minutes looking at images. I quite like this one by the river. She's just journaling, she's chilling, it's cool.

It's some great journaling, we're gonna go for this.

Ah as a JPEG. Let's call this Journaling For Beginners. I can never spell beginners, it's a tricky old word ain't it, beginners. Right.

So now I just quickly need to add these. I'm gonna add that one with the quote here. So this is just the Gutenberg editor, of course. I'm sure you're familiar with it. So image and let's upload.

Let's upload, it will be this one. Beautiful. Then down here, I'm gonna add another one I think about here might be good. Get out of here, oh no. I want it here.

Journaling is powerful. Perfect. And then we need add the featured image. Should we do that over here on the right-hand side. Upload, select, where is it?

Here we go. I think we're ready to publish. Let's do it. Brilliant. There we go, it looks good.

Journaling for Beginners, got the table of contents that's automatically done. Look at all them questions we've answered.

Journaling is a great way to relieve stress, improve concentration and focus, and explore your inner self. Oh, little bit of a inadvertent hyphen there. We'll clean that out, but generally, I mean, look at this article.

Done. What time did we start? Ten to, that's about half an hour. I did have to go and answer the door, so that was five minutes gone, let's say 25 minutes. 25 minutes for an article over a thousand words written from scratch, published with the images using two fantastic tools, Jarvis and Canva.

There's one last thing I wanna show you because I know in the comments people are gonna ask this, they're gonna say where on earth did Jarvis get all that great content from? He must be copying it from other websites. Have you checked the content through a plagiarism detector? Well, yeah I have, here you go, Copyscape the leading plagiarism detection tools. Just put the URL in, run it through and yeah, as you can see, no results found.

It's all good. This content is fresh and it is unique. So that's the end of this video, I hope that you found it useful. Let's finish off by looking at my face. So there we have it, a fantastic article written and published from scratch in less than half an hour.

I think that's a pretty big game changer if you're in the content creation game.

But I'd love to hear what you guys think about it. Have you been using Jarvis? Have you tried out the new Boss Mode? Are you churning out content at a, you know, a rate of knots or is it just not working for you?

Let me know in the comments. I will read all the comments that I get and I'll try to reply to as many as I possibly can. If you're new here, I would love to have you as a WP Eagler. To do that, all you gotta do is subscribe. Just click that subscribe button below, click the bell, and you'll be notified of new videos and live streams.

And if you enjoyed this video, if it helps you out in any way, please click that like button, it really does help me out.

But until next time, good luck with your sites. Bye for now. (gentle upbeat music).

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