How to Generate AI Videos of WHATEVER YOU Want With JUST ONE CLICK!

today we're going to be talking about how to generate AI videos of whatever you want with just one click head over to then click on get Shine ranker for just one dollar the tool is going to look like this go over to the viral topic finder and type in something that you want to find topics for after that copy it then head over to our AI chat this will then make you a script based on what you typed in then copy and go to AI video tools click on Advanced options and paste your own custom script go to 11 Labs if you want to use your own voice to integrate this to shine ranker go to profile settings and copy the API key paste it right here we have a few music selections here you can choose for background music you can also paste your API key from mid Journey if you want to use it but you can also have an option to let shine ranker make images for you then hit on generate now the video is done if you want me to send you a full training showing you how to get started with this just respond with the word yes and I'll send it to you right now

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