How to Generate AI Videos of WHATEVER YOU Want With JUST ONE CLICK!

what's going on everyone my name is Chase Renner and today we're going to be talking about how to generate AI videos of whatever you want with just one click I'm going to give you a simple step-by-step process that you can get started with today and I'm going to show you how to generate videos like the one I'm about to share with you right here and I'm going to show you how to do this for literally anything you can think of that's the cool thing about this tool is it combines mid-journey chat gbt and a few other tools to generate these really unique videos that you can post either for yourself or for your clients and you can actually earn money with these as well so I actually just did a testimonial about this I posted one in our Discord group this guy just made 89 Pig videos not sure why but again you can use this for whatever you want let me show you an example of somebody who posted a video that they made with this tool a space powered by Cutting Edge AI technology explore diverse AI topics from industry leaders around the world right from your screen check out our interactive AI driven workshops designed to enhance your knowledge connect with other innovators virtually and Spark new collaborations or practical conversations witness the unveiling of revolutionary AI products in our virtual seminar rooms ask your burning questions in real time to our AI experts during q a sessions thank you for joining us stay tuned for more AI advances at our next virtual conference again you can do this this for anything this is somebody that did cats versus Nazis this tool here it's called shine ranker if you haven't checked it out before it's super cool you can just type in right here whatever you want so I could type in dinosaur fighting and elephant and it's gonna go and generate me a script it's going to use Text-to-Speech and it's going to use mid journey to generate a completely unique video so this is the most basic version of the tool this is just if you wanted to enter an idea and just get a video that kind of looks cool there's Advanced options though that we've been adding in and these Advanced options let you do a lot more and before I get into those Advanced options let me show you how you're going to actually go and use this tool to bring in a ton of views and generate sales and make money with it as well so what I would recommend is start out by going to if you're not already on the landing page you don't need to go to enter your email and then below this video the one you're watching right now you're going to click on get Shine ranker for just one dollar now we have so many people using this tool right now it's absolutely crazy look at all these different testimonials tons of people look at this guy Tommy I just got this testimonial the other day I used it for a client today and I closed at 100K a year so you can actually sell this as a service as well if you don't want to do it for yourself but this will apply for whether you're selling services whether you're selling info products or physical products anything you can imagine because you can now create content with just one click that you can use to go and sell whatever you want so once you get the tool again it's a dollar trial just to try it out for the next 24 hours you're going to get taken to the login page and once you log in the tool is going to look like this so this is just the basic dashboard this is all your projects if you want to have multiple clients in here I'm not going to worry too much about sharing this with you if you want to check out the full step by step on this tool you can click on the shine ranker VIP and I've already made you over 140 videos showing you how to use this tool and how to get set up and how to do everything you pretty much want to do to earn money online with AI so you can go watch the full step by step there but what I'd recommend is start out by heading over to the viral topic finder and type in something that you want to find topics for viral topics so if I wanted to enter in let's say AI or AI tools and I could type in anything I could type in dog food it'll give me all the most viral topics around dog food but let's just do AI for now assuming that we're going to be promoting let's say some sort of AI tool and by the way you can promote so many different tools right now if you don't want to sell Services let's say you head over to the shinraker VIP tab here click on the 400 plus AI tools here at the bottom oh let me go back over here this is over 400 AI tools that you can actually get paid to promote and I'll show you how to sign up for their partner programs for free so you can promote them in your videos if you feel like doing that either way I went to the viral topic finder I got some keywords I can click on this check mark update difficulty this will show me how hard it is to go viral for these keywords how many people are competing for them but if I take one of these topics here like mid-journey AI or let's say AI chat bot I can copy that topic we can see there's 90 000 people searching for this a month and I can head over to AI chat and this actually gives you access to chat gpt4 without having to go and pay for an account over on openai chat GPT so I can type in that topic there AI chat bot the one I just got from over here the trending topic and I can say please make a right two to three paragraphs about AI chat Bots so this will go and make me a script right now remember with the tool I showed you a second ago this one dinosaur fighting an elephant if I don't want to go and make my own custom script I don't have to I can just enter the idea and it'll just throw out a video based on what chat GPT recommends just for this topic but if I want to make this more unique let's say I can copy this I can kind of edit it and make it more unique to the video that I actually want to make because the cool thing about shine ranker with the advanced features now is you can add your own text in so you don't have to just go with whatever chat GPT recommends but you can actually say in here I only want two paragraphs I want to say at the end if you're interested and getting a chat bot service set up for you call my phone number right or visit my website visit or whatever the website is I can copy that and now it's going to do the whole video but it's going to put my sort of call to action at the end of the video right and all I have to do to get this going is click on Advanced options here and then I can actually upload my own custom script into this box and that's going to go and render out the video now let me show you some of the other settings here in the advanced options because we actually added the ability to add your own API keys and if you don't know what an API key is it's basically a way for you to go and directly integrate with some of the technology we're using so you actually have faster videos it's optional you don't have to use your own API keys but if you want to have a faster render if you want to make the videos more quickly you would use your own API key so for this we're using mid journey to generate the images in the video we're using 11 Labs if you want to use your own voice so what 11 Labs is if I head over to eleven I can actually go and clone my own voice or my clients voices into this video so if I click on add voice here at generative or cloned voice instant voice cloning I can go and take a clip of me talking let's say I take this clip right here or one of these clips this one and I say AI Chase this is going to do a clone of my voice if I click on add voice here and then it's going to add me in this menu of voices I already have cloned and then if I want to integrate this I can actually go to my profile settings inside of 11 Labs show the API key copy it paste it right here and then if I click on get voice models now I'll actually have my voice or anybody's voice that I want to clone and remember you have to have permission when you go to 11 Labs it's going to ask you when you add the voice do you have permission you can't legally clone other people's voices unless you have their permission but if you have their permission you clone it and then you go into shine ranker here and you can actually select one of these voices and you can do a text-to-speech inside of this video with that person's Voice or if you just want to use a pre-made voice you can do that as well you can also choose some background music right now we just have a few different music selections that you can choose from we will have more in in the future and the ability for you to add your own you can enable or disable captions you can enable animations or disable animations if you do enable animations it will make the video take a little bit longer to render I think it's about five more minutes on top of what the normal render is if you add your own mid-journey API key which I'll show you how to get over here I can go to next leg API click on Mid Journey API here sign in and then it's going to give me the ability to buy an account here it's 40 a month to get an account and then I can go and grab hold on the auth key here right here it'll give me a auth token copy and then I can just paste that in there and then when I paste that in it'll also enable ability to do accuracy and so essentially the way we're doing this normally when you go and make a video it will go and generate only two images you can see my accounts generating eight I think it's because accuracy is automatically turned on for my account but it's really up to you whether you only want to do two image prompts or eight image prompts eight image prompts makes your video more unique it makes the images match the video better where less image prompts make the video not seem as unique because you only have a couple images that are randomly being selected for the video I can turn on both I recommend you turn on both if you're going to turn on one because it's only going to add a couple extra minutes if you turn on both and then you're going to click on generate there and you'll have a more unique video okay um now next what you can do is you can click on generate and here's the thing if you add your own mid Journey API key it's going to be a lot faster you're going to be looking at about two minutes with your own mid Journey API key if you turn this off if you don't have your own API key your it really just depends on how many people are in the queue because we're just using one mid-journey API key for the entire queue and we can only run 12 concurrent jobs at a time so with this it allows you to do it a lot easier because you're on or a lot faster because you're the only one in the queue now the plans by the way in mid-journey you can choose from if I click on this URL here you can see right now I'm on the mega plan this 120 a month 60 fast Generations but you can get away with the 30 a month but again it's not necessary if you want to just let a video run like this and you want to come back 30 minutes later you'll have the video it's just if you want like a two minute video render or a 10 minute video if you're adding animations and all that other stuff but either way the video is done and here we can see we got the elevent or dinosaur fighting an elephant let me play this welcome to the unique world where dinosaurs meet the modern Wilderness watch as the mighty elephant the symbol of raw power and Majesty takes its stance on the other side there's the Ferocious dinosaur a literal blast from the past as the tension Rises the ground literally shakes with their combined weight so as you can see right now the dinosaur doesn't really come into the picture because the accuracy isn't enabled so if I wanted to enable accuracy and animations and maybe make some music here I will get a more accurate render of the elephant and the dinosaur if I go and click on generate again well I promise this will probably take 10 minutes with my own mid-journey API and that's the only way that it's really going to be able to run with the accuracy because we can't go and do accuracy with our current queue because it would really make our queue huge and then the videos would take forever so I'm going to let this run then I will pause the video I'm going to come back it's probably going to take about 10 minutes and I'll show you what the video looks like with the accuracy and the animations and the music alright so the video just got finished I just realized I forgot to enable captions but that's fine it can always add the captions afterwards with something like cap cut if I want to edit this video even more but let me just press play on this so we can see what it looks like it sounds like welcome to an epic showdown worthy of a journey through time and space picture the scene an ancient landscape Untouched by the modern world where a towering dinosaur stands its ground across the field a massive elephant born from the wild powerful African savannas locks eyes with its prehistoric opponent raw power versus Brute Force they charge a cloud of dust marking the battlefield the Earth is shaking as the elephant's Mighty Tusk clashes with the dinosaur's fearsome jaw each Valiant Beast unwilling to back down they fight tirelessly a testament to their strength and determination day turns to night but the struggle continues a silhouetted dance Under The Majestic stars as we leave this legendary confrontation we're left wondering who do you think would emerge as you can see it was more accurate right when the El when we talked about the Elevate in the video the elephant popped up and we talked about the Dust the dust popped up and the tusks the tusks popped up so it was more accurate but this tool is still very new right so some of this stuff might not match like we got Lions here and then we got people here we're still working on perfecting how this actually goes and generates the images to be perfect and the videos to be perfect but still it's very cool uh to be able to do something like this right and to be honest with you if we did something a little bit more simple to make images of for example dinosaur walking through the forest or dinosaur with hats on then we would be getting a bunch of dinosaurs with hats on or dinosaurs in the forest and we wouldn't be having to have two different things going on one image of a dinosaur and one image of an elephant uh and then vacillate between the two so it takes some experimenting it takes some tests to see what's going to work the best for you some of these videos come out great some of them come out kind of random it's up to you to kind of decide on what you want to test what you want to do and what I'd recommend is just do the fast Generations first turn off the animations and the accuracy till you get a good render and find something that looks really good and then turn on the other things when you do it like this it's only going to take a couple minutes to get dinosaurs walking through the forest if I click on generate and then if I like what I get then I can turn on animations and accuracy but as for making money with this tool and with these videos obviously again you could sell this as a service or you could just head over to the shinemaker VIP Tab and go through the step-by-step videos I show you how you can actually promote this tool shine ranker if you want to promote this actual tool you get a 40 reoccurring commission anybody who signs up for it and again I would just start going through this whole checklist and learn everything you need to do to start earning money online with AI because I can give you a little bit of what you need to do I can show you how this works in a video like this but really you want to go through the full step by step so I hope you enjoy the tool I hope you enjoy the checklist and I can't wait to see what you end up doing with all of this and we'll see very soon until we do happy money making see you next time bye

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