How to Make Money with Instagram Using AI and Without Showing Your Face

this Instagram account generates over 50k a month in Revenue using AI all without showing their face how do I know this because I own this account this method is very simple so you might want to save this for later what I do is create viral videos like this using Ai and make money through AI affiliate programs I can create these videos in less than 5 minutes let me show you how step one create a script to do that go to Google and search for best AI Tools in 2023 too lazy to do it all right I'll show you a faster way use chat GPT and ask it to create a one minute video script about the best AI tools make it simple and engaging next copy your script and paste it into 11 Labs then download the generated audio lastly use cap cut to edit your videos check out my step-by-step guide at viral AIC where I go in depth on how exactly I achieve this.

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