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all right well I don't really know what just happened but I was going live on the other stream that I was just doing and it ended it after 1 second which is kind of annoying but today is the second day of the challenge I guess you would call it and what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to work on the business instead of in the business because for a long time I've pretty much done everything myself and I wanted to show you everything that I'm doing live so uh today specifically specifically what we're going to be doing is we're going to be working on the new checklist that I've been putting together here it is and basically what I'm doing is I'm building this checklist for my team but I'm showing you what I'm basically doing to train my people the people in my business um so that you can see behind the scenes how I'm doing it so this is the spreadsheet that we put together um in the last live stream and I wanted to kind of put show you some of the things that we're working on some of the things that we're doing welcome welcome welcome everyone Maria's from Mexico well welcome all right so uh let's see where we left off so basically we're trying to automate our long form we're trying to automate our emails we ran into a problem with cartra so let me explain kind of where we're at with email so over the last I don't even know uh probably three or four months we've been dealing with our email not sending as well as it used to and originally what happened is about four months ago I was on convertkit and I've been on convertkit for I was on convertkit for years convert kits just a CRM that lets you send emails and I went and verified my domain basically there's an option where you can verifi verify your domain they recommend that you do it if you're sending a certain amount of emails so I did it the next day I sent an email and guess what I had 100,000 emails bounce off my list and my open rates went to like 2% so I said to myself well uh that's not good I contacted convertkit they're like look there's nothing we can do whatever so I downloaded my list I opened up a new convertkit account I imported the list in without a without a verified domain I sent the email everything delivered perfectly and then convertkit banned me so I had to get on a new CRM and I went and tried to get on a ton of different crms until I wound up getting on cartra okay cartra is another CRM that you can use so I finally get on cartra it took me like over a month to get like the right email CRM that would let me send and import my list because I have like 200,000 emails um and I sent an email eventually through cartra uh first day I get 30,000 opens 30,000 people open that's like a 15% or 16% open rate I go oh my God this is amazing I got my email back okay uh month later we um uh Ryan one of the one of my partners verified the domain on cartra because it said that you should with the new email things that are coming in from Google and whatever there's like new you know terms I didn't know he was going to verify it um because I probably would have assumed something like this would happen again he verified it our open rates went went to 2% and this was uh like two days ago right so I call Ryan I say Ryan uh our open rates just dropped to 2% you know what did what happened he said well I verified the domain and I went oh my God this is what happened with convertkit so I say to Ryan to go look can you just take out the verification you know let's see if it resets us and gets us back to the 16% open rate so we take out the verification guess what we're still at 2% open rates okay now we're here now we're three or four months out with this email thing open rates again let me just show you here I just sent an email about this live stream uh it says we got 1,000 open 1,500 unsubscribes which I think that this is the bounces that are probably happening um because I don't think that it's not even possible to have this many people unsubscribe with the amount of opens we're getting so again this is basically what happened with convertkit so now we got to figure out if we're going to go and open up another cartter account but long story short if you're doing email I from my experience I would not recommend that you go and verify your domain because again if you look here uh this is before we verified the domain you can see 40,000 opens 30,000 opens 40,000 opens and then this is after uh 4,000 opens 4,000 opens 4,000 opens and then boom all these unsubscribes but either way no matter whether you're on convertkit or on cartra I found that it's just going to be very bad if you verify the domain now I'm not saying you know maybe long term it will work it you know it'll eventually work out I'm just saying from my experience it hasn't worked out so far it's been terrible so do whatever you want I'm just letting you know what's going on we're probably going to have to open up another account and not have it verified um and then when the new like Gmail sort of thing comes out which is your supposed to have the verification we'll see what happens there but I'm just letting you know my experience has been terrible and our sales dropped like crazy because of the fact that we haven't really been able to consistently send emails um anyways welcome everybody in chat what's up uh Millennial money mom one Universe from Australia what's going on uh can I pay you to set this up for me are you talking about email um I have all the links for our services in the chat uh description okay so uh that's that told you the story with the email do what you want with it okay um next we have the long form videos now in the last stream I was talking about hiring somebody to help me do this we have somebody that I think started entering the ideas I'm not sure who entered these ideas I'm sharing this with a few people on my team I'm going to actually call Jonathan right now and I'm going to call Ryan as well so you can kind of see the business calls because most of my um my time these days is spent just getting on the phone with people and walking them through what we need to get done so I'm going to do the calls so you can be a part of them and again my goal is just to do one of these live streams every day just so you can see what I'm working on and follow along Philip what's what's going on technology for business what's going on let's start with Ryan we're going to call Ryan here um and we're going to ask him where we're at I actually might start with Jonathan hopefully you guys can hear this hey what's up we're on uh YouTube right now oh you are awesome yeah you're on the live stream how's everybody doing hopefully uh everybody's doing well I think um how's everybody doing Jonathan asks there's a delay on the stream we won't find out for over 30 seconds um but yeah I wanted to check in with you I sent you a Discord message because I know you said you were trying to figure out um you know how to edit that sheet I don't know what email you want me to send it to so if you could just paste your email and Discord I I can send it to whatever email it is yeah I'll do that right now okay cool um we got some high Jonathan's in the chat got a hi Jonathan from Melissa um so as far as the videos go Ryan made one last night um I don't know if you were going to start picking up on the videos today and by the way everybody on the live stream basically the plan is is we're going to have we're thinking of having Jonathan help do the the long form videos um for the uh different things we're going to be teaching I don't know though if you can are you ready to kind of go over the um the uh GSA stuff yet or do we still need to train you up on that we need to go over that stuff okay yeah all right well I don't we might need to do a group call with Ryan I wonder if I should just call him now should I just call him and add him to the call yeah however you want to do it otherwise the only day I have a conflict is Friday let me call him and I'm gonna merge the call how's that good okay one second Ryan might not be available oh he is hey Ryan we got a couple things going on I have first of all I'm Live on YouTube so you're you're on YouTube second of all I have Jonathan on the other line I was going to merge the calls so we could kind of go over the video stuff okay is that fine or do you want to do it a different time yeah okay no fine okay let me merge it I mean it might have been easier to do this on Discord but whatever um Jonathan and Ryan we got both you on here and we're on YouTube at the same time on YouTube hey how's it going um so basically we're trying to figure out this whole long form thing you know who's doing the videos um you know when and ideally we have to we should be doing a video a day up until Friday and then the last video will drop before the class so like 9:00 am or 8: am basically saying the class is starting today um the only thing is I don't know how much uh Jonathan can help with the videos yet without knowing the full GSA setup unless he's going to be teaching like a segment of it which I'm just trying to figure figure out the best way to coordinate this um and we don't necessarily have to do every video exactly on GSA but I'm just trying to figure out logistically what we want to do here I mean so at this exact moment what is today today is Tuesday right Tuesday so Tuesday so there's only three more videos like I already did a video like I'm literally editing it right now oh you're already doing it yeah for today is there a is there a way we could have you start putting those in the spreadsheet yeah I did oh I only see I only see the titles or that means those are the ones you're working on but you haven't uploaded them yet correct those are my titles okay gotcha okay well that's fine um we could have Jonathan start working on the next week's videos um because ideally the way I have this set up is that um you know ideally we want to have products that go with each week of the month so like week one we have a $27 product week two we have a you know $150 product week three so on and so on so we could have Jonathan start working on week one's video of next month and then you and I can finish up on these ones for this month Ryan I think that would be great I think that's a perfect idea so what is I think we should do the I think we should do the $27 shiny subscription and that way um Jonathan can also since he's familiar with that um he can he can I mean you tell me Jonathan but I think that would be something that would yeah I'm I'm pretty confident with shifi been using it in a while now so I can teach it okay well then let's just do that um and then how we're going to position the videos like let's say that we're still going to be talking about you know contact forms we could we could have Jonathan explain also like how you know you can get leads with shine with contact forms and then you know use shifi to to fulfill the service or whatever also also we have Ron in chat saying did you know the dinosaurs did you know the dinosaurs dinosaurs are wonderful I know them all all of them all of them I'm starting to feel like a dinosaur with how long we've been doing this YouTube stuff I signed up for my first YouTube account in 2005 when YouTube started wow along with that email address that I just sent you okay so how about we do this so we got um Ryan is it true all of these videos are all the way up to 21 or I think that's not true I think that's just how you put them in here um so I'm going to put the dates I'm going to put the dates for Ryan all the way up on the long form all the way up till the 31st and then okay I mean well this promo is gonna well we're probably going to extend the promo a little bit I think on the class Ryan so we'll probably go you and me from the 244th to the 31st and then um Jonathan if you want to start working on the 1st to the 7th um and then if you want to I'm going to put all the dates in the spreadsheet and then what we can do is uh you can just fill those out maybe with the title and then just a short description outline of what you're going to cover in there and then and then I'll approve it and then you can start making them if you want that sounds great oh we got good news Melissa used the transcriber and shiney and it worked hasn't worked for like a month I think oh really um so anyways okay well that sounds like a good plan Ryan are you good with that plan yeah I think it's a great plan um I can move the stuff into the description I was just dumping ideas in here uh it doesn't have to be those specific days either also it's probably useful as we figure this out this is my thoughts you can do whatever um to rather than say actual dates so as we move through here just reference days so like I reference tomorrow I don't ever reference a date I reference tomorrow yesterday three days from now that way if something happens and we have a great opportunity or change courses we don't like and we make videos they're still relevant we could like delay them by three days or something and it's still gonna work Evergreen Evergreen is the idea 100% um my next statement question is too uh I was trying to find a place in this spreadsheet that as like the products that we're going to sell so it's always been useful for me to have like a calendar of like or at least the dates in the longterm tab or somewhere we put products sell I put a tab in here set it's called products and it says 2124 to 2824 Shine ofy for $27 and then we have the next one to n to whatever the next is uh I I just put in there as a placeholder viral AI checklist for 147 and then the next one is contact for masterclass 297 and then whatever the last one is 9997 um but I have something in there is that what you're saying or no yeah that's what I saying I should I saw that I just didn't really understand what was going on there yeah so I didn't finish it was more of an idea I mean I just kind of put that there as a placeholder um and then my idea too for us is that I was thinking I could do a live stream a day because I don't really have a problem doing a live stream if I'm going to be for example calling you guys or anybody else that's working with us um and just kind of turning it into content because it's almost kind of like in my opinion like a vlog because they're kind of just seeing what I'm doing in real time and then we could even use that as a way to clip the content and even maybe turn it into Tik Tok content because this type of content doesn't really get banned um so I was thinking of doing like an hour live stream a day just covering what we're working on and then it's just it's just you know extra content so that kind of supplements also the the long form we're doing um also Ryan I just discovered on our email which I just I put earlier in this video but in this live stream but uh same thing that happened with convertkit we have uh yesterday it says a TH or no today 1 th000 opens 1,500 unsub subscribes yesterday 4, uh 500 opens 4,700 unsubscribes uh and again and again this is what happened with um convert kit it says hard bounce um whenever I did the verification I had over over 100,000 emails bounce out a convert kit and it looks like that's what's happening with cartra now and uh it doesn't matter that we pulled out the the dkim it's still doing it so I think that our accounts burnt and we probably have to get a new account and we need to export everything including all the unsubscribed because I don't think they're accurate they're just uh hard bounces that happen because of the domain verification yeah so I'm already working on that but I also want to set up the Integrations with the emails so that we have a backup meaning if we have to verify or a warm up a domain it would be super handy to say okay let's set up a Sr account and then like once a day once every a couple days you can send an email to only engaged people right and you send it just click over par is cool because you can just click over and pick send grid and for that email you send send grid and that helps warm with the domain and then you come back and you send your other email with just cartra for example if that makes sense that it's I was just thinking out loud because I've been trying to figure out how we can work through it because I pretty sure that when February hits we're going to have to at some point it's going to break again right we talked yesterday um and we're going to have to domain name in there at some point should start wor but it might not break I mean all I know is that between between convert kid and cartra doing the domain verification has has destroyed our email list both times so I mean I would rather do what was working until it doesn't work and then and then we can figure out what to do but like all these hard bounces that are happening because of the verification like I mean it's it's the exact same thing that happened before well haven't taken in with car see if they can fix it if they can fix it great if they can't fix it fine we're gonna get a new C account anyway so and if if Google's gonna bounce the emails whether we have the dkim or not we might as well just not have it and and roll the dice I agree and disagree long game six weeks from now if we set up the DK and it if they're going to bounce them either way we can take steps towards long game being able to not have the but at the moment then yes I agree with you today I agree with you I mean even if we get an extra month of being able to send emails I feel like it's worth it anyways yeah yeah and at some point maybe we just cons we just consider switching to texting or something instead I don't know but either way um okay well that's that um as far as the long form though goes Ryan are you good with finishing up this month and then we'll start having Jonathan do next month yeah whatever we're doing with the the master class at the moment so that end at the end of the month I'll just finish all of that and then whenever shifi starts then you know Jonathan you crush it and then um we'll just tag team as is appropriate I think for me the first thing I need to be able to do this in my logic order and and maybe your different G tell me um is the month of product plans like I can't make videos or titles or think to the things until I know exactly what products were sell I can do that exactly I can I'm on the same page I can work on the products and then I'll just when I get the products ready I'll run them by you guys just to make sure you are good with what we're selling um I do think we should consider that message sending service we talked about Ryan because obviously the lead service is a little wonky um and I think that that could pretty much be the exact same thing without like the the the angle we we were experimenting with um but anyways uh definitely either way we should finish up this promo on the um new class and then we should I would say do like a week of shiny and then that gives Ryan you a week off of the long form too and then I think that we should also consider trying to find I don't know if either of you know anybody but somebody that can help edit the videos as well and make them like really nice um but we shouldn't do it to the point of you know oh we have to wait another month to get these videos out like I don't want the editing to be so overdone that it's like not able to work within the calendar You' find most edit I mean even somebody on Fiverr is usually pretty pretty decent on editing I mean they don't have to know Final Cut or Premiere or anything like that they can use cap cut basic stuff right yep yep sounds good all right well um okay anything else we need to talk about before uh go ahead but I just sent you my email just make sure you add me on yeah yeah yeah I'm adding you right now awesome um I can recap a couple things the shaa is already sending an email I'm gonna prove it she's drafting it for the current people that have bought the leads to offer them the option to send messages instead so that way we can test it with anybody that wants to do it because I agree with you that be a good service and I talk all that out with her last night and then um I do want to finish on the videos and and Jonathan's doing the next one but I don't necessarily I'm for taking a week off but I don't want to take a week off meaning I don't we never know what the next week's going to hold so if I happen to be in a week where I have more time then I prefer to go ahead and start in the videos that's why I me more I meant more like you wouldn't have to do as many videos that month but if you wanted to for example Jonathan's working on week one and you wanted to work on week two I think that's totally fine too yeah because if if we know the whole month in advance maybe the first half of the month is like better and then we get into like bog down fulfillment the second half of the month I'd rather just have it done right yeah yeah yeah I agree with you no I think that's a good idea um okay well I'm going to work on the products and then uh I'll work with you Jonathan on well you kind of know what to do we just need the ideas for the next um for that first week and then Ryan you're finishing up on these other ones Sean is sending out the email for kind of the new thing that we were going to do um the different angle for the Fulfillment um I think that's pretty much everything oh and then I would just say Ryan just make sure and I I know you already know this but on you know Thursday and Friday's videos to kind of promote the scarcity of the class because you know obviously we want to do that as much as possible um and the price will go up on the actual class um it won't go up on the shifi subscription but it will go up on the class so when like after the I just need well on Friday after after uh I would say 12 after the class is over it's going to go up so okay or we'll just call it midnight on Friday sure that's fine um and then oh this is kind of good I wanted to actually tell you guys about this Melissa said I need a shiny and cap cut integration I think Gio and the other developers actually building in a um an online editor inside of shifi so you can like cut stuff I don't know I know I don't know how that's going to go but that was in the plans anyways um all right cool are we all good then um yeah I'm just gonna let me just make sure that I got that uh in my Google sheet check it out real quick Ryan are you all good yep I'm good okay I got way plenty to do what I got way plenty to do yeah for sure uh I don't see it in my sheets you you added that email right yep um it says it right here that you're in here um I'll just copy and paste the sheet link and then you should be able to see yeah and then I'll be able to find it yeah all right I'm gonna let you guys go awesome thank you talk toan talk to you later all right see you guys bye okay so that's that um so that's I mean ideally it sounds like we're going to be able to do a whole month worth of promotion in advance I think that's really cool we're going to have to figure out what products we want to promote I kind of know what they are already um but the other big thing is just getting the email back um I might even switch to start trying to get text messages going if emails going out and like we keep having these bounce problems I might try to get everybody or as many people as possible on texting that way I don't have to worry about you know B bouncing um so but either way I will be right back and then we're going to work on the short form content all right I think that light just made it really dark in here well it made the uh made the background light but not the foreground all right so um let's talk about the uh let's talk about the short form content next so um long form's going to be going well emails we going to get fixed questions somebody needs to do these um and what I need to do is I need to basically hand a couple assignments to uh some of our vas and one of them is turning the long form into questions and posts on social media um I did explain this in the last live stream so I don't think I have to explain it again um I'll probably just ask my team when they can start doing that short form uh one of the biggest things that we need to focus on with short form is we need to get our um we need to get our Tik Tok working again because we had two different Tik Tok accounts both of the Tik Tok accounts got banned why did both the Tik Tok accounts get banned because the way we were posting Tik Tok doesn't like and so we have to have a different type of posting for Tik Tok I found the best type of Tik Tok uh best type of posting for Tik Tok is to do content where it's just like talking head talking face um no background and just sharing tips and then clipping the tips and then putting them on Tik Tok so I think we should have a separate social media account just for clips of probably the live streams that we're that I'm doing okay um as far as the other types that we're doing which are more like the tutorials you know some of them do really well some of them do not so well um I'll show you on YouTube let's go over here here shorts so like 1.4 th000 2.9 um I mean I think that we should try to do more of what we were doing before that got you know like these types of videos where it's you know it's I think these ones actually did the best consistently and basically the way these videos were it uh we were making them is that we had you know a screen record on the top and this on the bottom I think that we should have somebody recreate and make videos like this um but again we're going to need to find somebody that can make videos like this I think that uh one of the ways we could do videos like this is use an AI Avatar at the bottom and then screen record on the top I think consistently again these videos did the best so I I might make that as an actual suggestion for our team geez I was pretty fat over there I think I was just more inflamed I've been I've been switching to a really high protein diet and I swear to you like a lot of my like I don't have as much it's been going down a little bit um anyways side topic so yeah I think the videos should probably incorporate more of the talking face below videos talking face below I also think that we should start more Facebook pages um back when I had my personal account that was connected to these uh Facebook pages we had like 10 Facebook pages going uh with radar posting to all of them I think you know maybe we should consider doing that again blog post I probably need to find somebody that can start um uh start making these and we need somebody to probably do the keyword research first so probably need to find somebody for that products uh we need to fill these out and then the podcasts the lives um we could start turning the these live streams into podcasts you know like I need to probably on these on these on these lives what I probably need to do is part of them needs to be like 10 tips on something and then that just gets turned into like a like kind of like a vlog type content it like more like Alex her mosy type content right so every live I do I should probably start out with you know something like this cuz all of these are just from his it's basically a podcast so like I helped uh let's see 10 tips whatever seven business Concepts so like I can start all my lives like this and then I could talk about what I'm working on Melissa says delicate some tasks to me what do you want to do Melissa so like for example tip number one do this tip number two do this I could easily start my live streams like this like for example like this with a whiteboard and then just hit the record button turn it into a vlog SL podcast and then towards the end of the live stream go into like I don't know whatever this business stuff is oh I need to do this I need to do that so that might be an idea um I don't know but uh yeah that's probably it for now I think that's probably good um again quick Shameless plug if you haven't joined our new live class yet that we're doing you should join it or end or starting it on Friday deal ends on Friday price will go up um I'll leave a link in the chat Melissa said she'll be an AI Chase AI clone you'd have to you'd have to clone my face and my voice somehow with shifi all right so the ideas that's pretty much it um let me know if you guys have any questions I'll probably be on tomorrow uh to do another live if you like these let me know reply with the word yes but that's it for today I'm going to go hit the stair master and uh go enjoy the rest of my night I hope you enjoy the rest of your night and we'll see in the next one and I'll probably be seeing you tomorrow

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