I Broke Down My $100,000 Monthly Work Schedule For You

what's going on everyone my name is Chase Riner and today I'm going to be walking you through a schedule that I follow that makes me over $1,000 a month now I've actually broken this down for you into weeks how I actually sell things week by week and how I automate all of my sales with AI and automated systems now before I get into that though I want to take you with me through my day so you can follow along and see what I do on a daily basis I got some fun stuff planned today I'm going to leave time stamps to everything I'm going to be doing in this video in the description so if you don't want to watch the boring stuff or you think it's boring maybe you think it's cool I don't know it's up to you you can just skip straight to this business breakdown and watch that instead but either way follow along with me if you'd like I'm going to go start by getting some tea and then we're going to head over to the gym so I'll see you very soon all right so we just made it to Starbucks and unfortunately I don't have cup holders for this car so I'm going to have to hold whatever I buy all the way to the gym but that's okay it's the price you have to pay for owning a $300,000 car yeah I I really don't understand why they didn't put cup holders in this car I guess rich people don't need cups or something but it is kind of an inconvenience I do know what these newer models um or the uh the the upgraded models I think they do have them and I do think there is an option to actually get it but it's like an extra $10,000 I could be wrong on that but uh yeah we're not too far away from the gym so I don't have to worry too much about holding it for that long all right so we made it to the gym now I want to show you something else that's kind of funny about these cars that you probably wouldn't expect so I'm going to pull up the uh roof here and what you're going to notice is that this car does not have a lot of head room I don't know if you can see this but my head is literally touching the roof right now look at this like there's like no there like no room so I don't know why they made these cars so small and why they don't have cup holders but it is what it [Music] is [Music] [Music] I [Music] [Music] got [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right guys so we just got done with the workout and I can barely hold this camera right now because my arms are dead I did back and buys today and I took some video but I don't know how good the video came out oo look at this in the parking lot we got a Urus right here a green Lamborghini Urus that's kind of cool and we got the Huracan right there so I'm not really sure what I need to do at this point most of the time I'll get on phone calls and start coaching people on my team after the gym I think it's about 11:00 now it's a little bit later than I'd like it to be but uh we'll see what the next thing is I need to sit in the car and think for a second cuz I am worn out from the gym SES right right now and um dang that car looks really good look at that green let's go check this out really quick I think this is a performante Urus actually but yeah I'm going to go uh recalibrate in a second figure out what the next move is I might head over to that dealership next the car dealership um I might also get some food yeah this is a performante here this thing looks awesome look at the inside of that W so cool oh and it's it's got like a carbon fiber hood wow that looks great really really cool this probably is the next thing that I want to get just cuz we don't really have a family car we kind of have two two-seater cars right now and um in the Shelby I actually thought I was going to get a back seat um we're going to add it in back seats because the car came with the back seat delete and unfortunately it's a little bit harder than we thought to get those seats in there so I might actually be selling that but anyways I'm going to sit in here and think about what we got to do next and I'll see you in a second all right so I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to go get a protein shake across the street and I actually have to go to the Lamborghini dealership I just remembered because we have a car rally this weekend and I don't have anywhere to put my luggage because the uh the front trunk in the Lamborghini won't open open for some reason which apparently is a common issue with these cars so I'm going to go get the protein shake go across the street take this in and uh I think they have an Aventador that we can go check out as well um and there's a Ferrari dealership next door that we can go check out some Ferraris but yeah I got to get a little protein just cuz I haven't eaten yet and uh then we'll head over to the lambo dealership all these people are yelling at me cuz I'm in this car right now it's funny all right um uh I'll see you in a [Music] [Music] sec [Music] [Applause] [Music] one [Music] should probably shake [Applause] [Music] this not bad okay so we are taking the Huracan to the back to see if the front can get fixed apparently this is something that's pretty common with these cars and uh it might might be a hard thing to fix who knows they said they can't really tell me without looking at it so we'll see but uh while we wait go check out some of the uh cars [Music] inside sh oh my gosh I thought that was the [Music] door what [Music] that all right so I just got done talking to the team over here at Lamborghini the service team and they said that unfortunately they're not going to be able to fix the frunk on the car which means that I'm going to have to figure out how to get my luggage in the front two seats and I'm bringing somebody else too so I don't really know we're going to do maybe somebody in the lambo club that we're going with will have a little bit of room I only really need to bring like an outfit and a toothbrush anyways but definitely inconvenient cuz we can't get it fixed before the rally this weekend but uh whatever we'll figure it out by the way we also apparently just heard that there is a Bugatti at Lac Luxury Auto collection we're going to go check it out see what it looks like hopefully they'll let us turn it on and we can hear what it sounds like as well so we'll probably head over there next all right guys so we just made it to Luxury Auto collection and I'm so excited because apparently they have a Bugatti inside of this place they're going to let us check it out and uh I've never actually seen inside of a Bugatti I've seen one from a little bit further away so I'm actually so so excited this place is awesome they got some of the coolest supercars inside of Arizona besides maybe uh Lapin which is another place that you should go check out as well if you're looking for a superc car and by the way they ship all around the world so you don't have to worry about whether or not you can get a car to you if you want to check one of these places out anyways we're going to go try to find this Bugatti apparently it is $1.5 million down if you want to buy a car like this it's $3.7 million total I think oh look at it it's right over here thing is sick I think it's a 2019 I'm not sure let's go check it out ah wow look at the inside that is [Music] cool okay so we were unfortunately not able to drive or even turn on or even open the doors of the Bugatti but it was still cool to look at um we got another place somebody handed me their card when we were recording a video last night that uh they want to just come check out their place so I'll probably go do that [Music] next [Music] [Music] all right guys so we just made it to this other dealership that we got invited to and I'm kind of excited to go check it out apparently they got Bentley's they got rolls-royce's and uh we're going to go check it out so it's kind of a long drive I think we're like 30 minutes away from home now but that's fine we're having [Music] fun guys it going Jonathan dunkerly here and today I want to show you the easiest way that you can be making one down all right so we just went inside of this dealership was pretty cool they had some Bentley some Rolls-Royce and uh a Lambo um interesting how a lot of these businesses these dealerships and even just these local businesses how they're not using automation they could benefit so much if they just started doing a little bit of Automation in their business and uh the reason why I'm able to go and do a lot of what I'm doing today drive around hang out make money while I'm literally doing pretty much nothing is because of the fact that I spent time setting up the Automation in my business to be able to do that I have people doing my Instagram I have people doing my Facebook my YouTube Everything my emails my development everything I need to get done is automated and it's because I sat down and set up all of this Automation and so my goal for you if you're watching this is to be able to automate your income as well is it going to happen overnight no is it going to happen in the next week probably not but you start by with one thing you Outsource to one uh you Outsource one of the things that you're doing and then you do the next and as you keep doing more and more you'll eventually have a system that makes you money while you sleep so we'll talk more about that in a little bit I need to get some food I still haven't eaten all I had was a protein shake today so I'll probably figure that out but let's go for a drive [Music] all right guys today is day two I wind up taking a break after yesterday I got super tired and sometimes that's just how it is but I want to to show you what I was going to show you yesterday which is my calendar this is how I break how I earn money into weeks and into days and then into hours and if you follow a similar schedule I think you can replicate similar results Now is it going to happen overnight probably not but if you start working on this you can slowly create momentum and you can create a long-term strategy for yourself to start earning income online now the idea of what I'm teaching you here today is that we want to automate one thing at a time I do a ton of stuff in my business I have a ton of employees it didn't happen when I first started I had to learn it myself and then as I learned it I had to start delegating to other people so first of all I'm going to share with you what the system is and then I'm going to share with you how you can start delegating the first steps now before I dive into it if you like these types of videos I'd love your feedback just tell me do you want the Vlog style content in the beginning or do you think it's boring if not do you want just the info type content that I'm giving to you here I'm interested to hear from you part of the reason why I'm doing these videos in the first place is because I automated everything and now I'm looking for something new to do and I think it's kind of fun to do this and share what my lifestyle looks like but if you're bored of it let me know anyways let's go to the schedule okay so I know you're probably thinking Chase I can barely see this whiteboard you need to get a bigger whiteboard I know I'm going to order one today and I'm actually going to take another Vlog after this video is done but I needed to finish this one first so I apologize if you can't really see this I will still explain it to you you don't really need to see it because I'm just going to explain what's here and how it works so ideally you break your schedule up into weekly promotions that you're going to be trying to go and sell so for me I like to break up my promotions into low medium and high ticket sales what does that mean so when you're selling something you generally don't want to sell the same product week after week with the same availability and anybody can get it any time so what I do is I run weekly promos what do I sell it really depends sometimes I sell like a 7 to $15 product on the low end sometimes I sell a $300 product on the medium end and then a uh higher ticket product maybe like $1,000 product on the high end now isn't really a right or wrong way to do this the way you want to think about this is that when somebody buys something from you they're usually buying based on the amount of trust they have for you and how much they like you most people are not going to go buy a $1,000 product from you when they first meet you it's kind of like asking somebody to get married on day one it doesn't work and so what we need to do is we need to figure out a way to build trust with the people that we're going to be selling to now one of the best ways to do this is by starting out by selling something that doesn't cost a whole lot of money and so what I like to do is week one usually out of the month and it doesn't really matter if it's week one week two I just kind of break it into it's less about the weeks it's more about just rotating your offers right so if you sold a high ticket last time you sold something $1,000 product then you would rotate to a lower ticket on the next thing and then to the medium so it's just like one 2 3 up up up right kind of like a staircase so what you do is you start by selling a low ticket product so recently I sold a course it was about $7 or $8 or $9 and I got a to a ton of new sales right the reason why I'm going to get more sales again is because people don't have to trust me as much or know me as much to buy a s or 8 product but now that I have a customer which it's harder to acquire a customer than it is to keep a customer right so if I have this new customer that just paid me $7 now I'm 10 times more likely if I gave them a ton of value in that product to sell them the next thing and so what this is here which again you probably can't see but right here we got week one sell a $7 product and then week two sell a $297 497 and so on now you might be thinking Chase I can't even sell products I don't have anybody interested in what I'm selling and that's why again we want and and and the reason I say again if you check out the last video video the one before this I show you kind of the sales psychology of using different methods and tools to start bringing people to the door and warming them up so you should go watch that last video if you didn't see it yet either way once you start getting some views coming in you can start warming these people up and selling a low ticket product now does it have to be your product No in fact the product that I was selling was on Warrior plus Warrior plus is a website sort of like ClickBank if you know what that website is and it allows you to sell affiliate offers so you could go and do this you could go and take a product that I'm selling or somebody else is selling you can go take a 50% affiliate and you can promote these products alongside people that are already doing all the Fulfillment doing all the um customer support doing everything they need to do to build that product out and then you just go and sell it but the idea is you start taking lower products to sell and pushing those first okay so if you're not making sales yet it's probably because the offers that you're creating are not aligned with the amount of trust people have with you yet the reason why I'm able to sell really high ticket products is one because I have a huge audience but two because I focus on warming that audience and building that trust with different offers so that by the time I go to sell something that's more expensive it's easy for me to do that cuz I've already built that trust the second reason why it's important to rotate these offers and not always be selling them all the time the biggest reason is because if you start selling something that isn't a scarce resource meaning that people can get it anytime they want there is no sense of urgency and most people will not buy something unless you tell them that they have to okay so the reason why a lot of people don't make money most of the time that I see isn't because they don't have good offers it isn't because they don't have views it isn't because they don't have leads coming in it's because the thing that they're selling doesn't have a sense of urgency so how do we create a sense of urgency we don't make it available at all times so what I like to do is I like to sell a course like a low ticket course it could be5 10 videos $7 something that's really easy to create but also easy to sell and I make it available for a week that's it and then when that's done I go sell the next thing now you might have offers that you want to sell every single month and you want to still make them scarce well put them on sale every month so my software what I do with my uh shifi tool my AI tool is I raise the price almost every single month okay and basically whenever I want to sell it so I do a week time span everything you do should have a sense of urgency in a time-based weekly time span so how do you do that you just go okay I'm going to be promoting this product this week and I'm going going to make it you could literally make it a dollar more forever right so they're the people that you're going to be promoting to actually have a reason to buy it even though it's a dollar more they're never going to get the older price again so I could literally raise the price by a dollar at the end of the week and I don't have to necessarily say how much I'm raising it by I'm just going to say hey I'm raising the price and at the end of the week I raise the price forever now another thing that happens is if you have a subscription type product that you're selling people are going to get the option also to get price locked which is really really cool because people are going to want to stay with your product if they know they're going to lose something if they stop paying for it for example my software has gotten increased over and over the original price of the tool I think was like somewhere around $250 a year now it's around I think it's like $400 or $500 a year and all the people that were paying 250 last year are still paying $250 this year and they're not going to want to cancel because of that price lock and so the more you can start kind of building in these different things into your offers things that give people reasons to buy give people reasons to stay on and paying the more money you're going to make and so again if you're not making money right now it's not because you can't make money it's just because you don't have the experience to create leverage yet because you don't know you haven't had enough people saying no to you yet when I first started I didn't have anybody saying yes to me but the reason why is cuz I didn't know all these different ways to create leverage and the more you can create this leverage the easier it is to make sales to people but you have to understand this and you have to start making progress first everybody wants to get to this destination that's you know black belt status in earning money online it's not going to happen overnight I've been doing this stuff for eight years and I'm not bragging to you I'm just saying it took me a long time I didn't just learn something and then it and it worked I had to trial and error trial and error and trial and error so don't expect to just start earning a ton of money overnight night start practicing look at it like you're playing the guitar eventually as you get better and better you will get to the point where you can go and play a concert but don't worry about the concert right now just learn about strumming the first cord now you might be thinking to yourself Chase what if I'm an affiliate and I don't have the ability to increase the price on somebody else's product so therefore I can't create urgency what you do is you create bonuses instead so if somebody let's say buys shine ranker and let's say our tool is perpetually at the same price which it isn't but let's say it was you could go and say if you go get this product through my link and send me an email or you can set up actually this as an option as an affiliate in some cases in our case if you're an affiliate shine ranker you can offer bonuses when somebody buys it's an option inside of the payment processor we use called Thrive cart you can tell the people that are going to buy from you that your bonuses are going to leave that means when they don't buy within the time span you're giving them they're not going to get the bonuses and you can still do these weekly pushes where you can say hey at the end of this week this is going to leave and again by doing this you are going to make a lot more money because you're telling people that they have to buy not that they have the option to buy so the more you can create offers like this to the people that are around you the more you can say hey this is leaving this is limited I'm not going to do this forever here's the day that this is ending people are going to start buying a lot more from you because of the fact that you are giving them a reason to actually go and do it so I hope that makes sense and again one of the best things you can do is create this certain level of scarcity and urgency in your offers if you just did that alone lo you would see a massive increase in the amount of people buying from you now remember you're not going to start making sales until you start getting people interested in what you're talking about and so if you haven't like I said earlier watched yesterday's video you should go and watch that but if you could just start planning out your week in advance say this is October or this is December whenever you're shooting for and write out your week write out week one I'm going to be promoting this $7 $10 product week two I'm going to be promoting this whatever product medium ticket 297 product and if you don't have products remember you can always head over to our checklist scary tool bot.com there's hundreds of different offers and tools that have affiliate programs that you can go and promote but start having your own sense of urgency in the things that you're promoting so that you can start earning money so not only is it important for you to to create urgency for others but it's important for you to create urgency for yourself if you're just aimlessly going out and trying to sell things and make money oh I think this is a cool tool I'm going to go promote it for a day you're not going to make any money maybe you will a little bit but if you want to make the big bucks you want to plan out what you're doing okay week one I'm going to be promoting shine ranker week two I'm going to be promoting this course week three I'm going to be promoting this and plan it out in advance now that you have it planned you can start creating content around those things in advance so maybe you need to create 12 short videos that you're going to talk about the thing that you're going to be promoting maybe you need to create some long form content maybe you need to create some emails but start planning ahead stop trying to do things at the moment most of the reason why people have a hard time earning money in the moment right now today is because they're planning on today instead of tomorrow if you can start thinking of things ahead of time and plan for the month and break that down into weeks and then into days on what kind of content you need to use what kind of things you need to do what the time span is if you start thinking this way instead of I need to make money today you're not going to think about I need to make money today anymore because you're going to start thinking about how do I make this much within the next few months or even years the most most of the people that have a hard time earning money uh when they start out the not the reason why they're they're struggling is because of their expectations they're thinking I should be able to make money tomorrow or today stop thinking in terms of that uh of in terms of a short time span this is a long journey if I were to rewind 8 years ago when I started and I were to think about making money that day I would have told myself dude you're full of it it's never going to happen you're not going to make millions of dollars even in the first year or a couple years so you want to be prepared for the Long Haul stop thinking about just right now think about what is the next 6 12 months even years going to look like for you if you stick to this and if you start becoming more realistic with your expectations your results will become better but you have to focus instead of on the money on the discipline on becoming better on becoming uh more EXP experienced having more knowledge and not worrying about getting everything right right away it's just not going to happen Okay so that's pretty much the tip of the day if that made sense and it was helpful to you let me know reply with the word yes if you'd like to see more videos like this and again give me some feedback if you like these videos I'd love to hear from you I'm going to leave a few links Below in the description we have a free group you can join our Discord server you can join our Facebook group uh I got a bunch of stuff that I'm going to put down in the links below if you want to check them out and uh that's pretty much it I'm going to go make another video after this one and I again I hope you enjoyed it but that's all for today until I see you next time happy moneymaking we'll see you bye

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