I Made a Complete Guide on GSA Website Contact (Send Millions of Messages With Bots TODAY!)

what's going on everyone Chase with shifi here and today I want to give you a complete guide on GSA website contact so that you can start sending millions of messages with Bots and I'm going to give you a ton of information today I'm going to give you a bunch of links below this video in the description so that you can follow along resources uh different things that you can use to make the process of using this tool easier and I'm also going to give you all of the links to the tool and to things that you can use with the tool like the capture breaker again in the description of this video it also helps out the channel when you use those links because I do have an affiliate for them but regardless of the affiliate this tool is amazing and I use it all the time and the affiliate is actually not that big of an affiliate I think it's like 20% anyways uh let's talk about this tool what it is and then let's go into how to get started with it so right now you can see I'm sending out messages with with it um we're using this project here project 14 to send out thousands and thousands and even millions of messages actually this has about 415,000 scheduled to send and we're using this tool to send messages through a website's contact form so all of these different sites here 415,000 those are all websites with contact forms and the way the tool works is it's sending messages um by entering in data that we're going to be specifying within our projects um and so we can enter in whatever we want we can enter in different names we can enter in different emails we can enter in different messages and we can submit thousands and thousands and even millions of messages through website contact forms and we can get a ton of leads with these messages as well all right so that's what GSA is let's talk about the basics to the tool okay so let's just talk about getting the tool set up and running you have a few different options when it comes to setting up and running this tool you can either run it on a server like I'm running here this is a remote desktop in another location in Los Angeles um you can also run this on your own computer though just know that when you run this on your own computer instead of a server you can see I have a bunch of servers set up here um I connect to them with um the remote desktop connection on Windows you can also use Mac for this but just know when you use it on your main computer it's going to take up resources and you probably won't be able to use your actual computer um for example if I was running this tool on my actual computer right now I probably wouldn't be able to record this video because it'd be taking up a lot of resources so I connect to a different computer and a different location to be able to run the tool and I'm going to show you how to do that as well but again let's just talk about getting the tools let's head over to the links in the description and we will get started let me actually just go to one of my previous videos because I have all the links in there and before I actually go and install the software um and show you how to set it up let me actually just talk about what the different links are here first and then we'll actually get into getting um set up with the tool so first of all we have the setup service I'm going to actually mention this now so that way you know um if you ever get too confused and you go hey I don't even want to set this up I just want you to do it for me we have a setup service it's $497 um the reason why it's $497 is because it takes us um a little while to actually go and set up for you because we have to go and set up your server we have to set up the licensing we basically have to do everything that I'm going to show you in this video and I'll talk more about this setup service at the end but again if you ever at any point during this video go I just want you to set it up for me um you can head over to this link you can buy the done for you setup and my team will go set up this whole thing that I'm going to show you today um in 24 to 48 hours after you buy um there's a landing page video as well you can watch it shows you how the whole setup service works but we'll talk about that later because again this video is going to show you how to set it up yourself again if you don't want to you can always get the done for you setup all right uh first thing after the done for you setup we have GSA website contact this is the tool we're going to be using this is the tool we're going to be covering today and this is how we're going to send messages so GSA website contact it's $97 um that's just to send messages if you want to break captas you're going to get the capture breaker as well that is the next link and that is actually how you can um when you're sending messages you can automatically you know when you see those things where it says make sure you're not a robot this will go and actually do that for you that is $92 so together they are $189 proxies this is what we're going to use so that we're not using our own IP address and the actual um messages that we're sending uh because what happens is when we're sending messages through websites we're going to have to submit those messages with a certain IP address proxies helps us not get our main IP address banned virtual private server this is how we're going to connect to another location um contact form list this is a list of contact forms so that if you don't want to go find the contact forms yourself which I will show you how to do but if you don't want to you can go buy lists of contact forms forms as well um Discord group this is our free Discord group if you want to join um our group so you can ask questions I'll also leave a link to our free Facebook group as well if you're not on Discord um go high level this is another app that uh works well with GSA because it allows you to capture your leads that's a 30-day free trial right there and then um some of these other ones make.com this is actually for um basically getting your leads transferred over to high level from a Gmail account mail meteor this is another way to do it um and then scary tool bot.com this is a list of tools that you can actually get paid to promote with affiliate links in your actual messaging and then this is my cell phone here if you ever want to text me and reach out to me and ask me any questions I can't guarantee I'll respond though because I'm very busy okay anyways those are the links let's get into each one so first of all GSA what I'd recommend is get website contact at least if you don't want the capture breaker don't get it just cancel it out and at least get the cap uh GSA website contact so when you go grab it and click on check out now there is a free version of this the free version only helps you find websites it doesn't let you submit the messages so I would recommend that you actually buy the license because it will let you send the messages so you click on check out it's going to give you the tool and then once you have the tool um you're going to install it either on your main computer or you're going to install it on a private server if you want a private server what I'd recommend is go to the link here that says VPS and again the two options you have right right if you run it on your computer it's going to take up resources if you run it on a private server you're going to remote desktop connect I'm going to show you how to do that in a second but you're going to connect to a server in another location and then you're going to send the messages from there that way if you're sending messages you can cancel out of that remote desktop and then you can turn off your computer because this computer will be on 24/7 it's not an actual computer that you um necessarily own in your location it's a computer that you basically rent so you can run this somewhere else okay I recommend that you do get a private server and if you do you're going to go to this link here you're going to go to Windows VPS and you're going to get the ryzen VPS I think this is the best one it's $34 $34.95 a month and once you get this they're going to send you a login it's going to come into your email and then it's going to basically look uh sort of like this it's going to have a an IP address like that and then it's going to have um your username and your password your username is going to be administrator and your password is going to be um whatever the password is that they give you and when you log in you click on connect it's going to take you to your server okay now when you go to your server you're not going to have any of this stuff on it you're not going to have GSA you're not going to have capture breaker so what you're going to need to do is you're going to need to install it on here so you're going to get an email um with your uh uh licensing key and then what you're going to do is you're just going to install it on the server by you know taking the install file um which you can get through your email you can forward the email to yourself and open up your email on this uh remote server you can also drag files over so if I have a file on my computer that I want to drag over let me just show you this here if I go to my desktop like so and let's say I want to transfer um this file here uh let's say I want to transfer this file I can I can I can copy it um by holding contrl X and then I can do command or contrl V and it'll copy it over like that okay so if you have the install file you can just copy it over like that um and then also obviously if you don't have the install file you can always uh you know open it up via email as well on your server but remember this looks like it's my computer but it's not if I go up here to the top left and I minimize here or um click on the windows icon whatever this thing is the Box uh I can see that this is a computer in a different location this isn't my computer I can exit out of at any time or if I just full screen now I'm in a computer in Los Angeles okay so uh whenever I get the GSA website contact on the computer I'm going to open it up and if I got capture breaker I'm going to open that up as well okay now all these files right here you're looking at on this desktop these are all contact forms that we already found in advance um and I'll talk more about this later but basically what these are um are it okay let me let me break this down just really quickly so we spend months and months and months basically finding websites that have contact forms on them okay there's only so many websites with contact forms on them and so uh what we do is we basically scan for them for months on end until we find millions and millions of websites um with contact forms okay now we have probably half of the internet's contact forms like I'm not just making that up I'm actually serious there's probably at a given time around 28 million total contact forms on the entire internet we have about half of them we have about 14 million it takes us a really long time to get these how do we get these it's a it's a secret sauce I can't tell you because it's not even my recipe but um a good friend of mine who's been doing this for over 15 years his name is Ryan um he does this he's an expert at finding these contact forms and he sells lists of them um and that's why I mentioned earlier if you want to buy the contact form list you can get 2 million of these for I think it's 127 bucks um monthly basically you get 2 million new contact forms every month or if you want the big list I'll leave another Link in the description to the big list and you can get all 14 million contact forms I think it's for like a th000 bucks and then it refreshes every month but you only pay like a 100 bucks a month okay um and again if you're confused about any of this you're like Chase I don't understand what you're talking about don't worry I'll go more in depth but just know that we have lists of contact forms that you can just load in and send messages to now one of the questions you might ask is well what's on these contact like what kind of websites are these every website so every website you could imagine you know websites in different countries websites um you know with different top level domains like edu.gov like there's so many different websites but in general a lot of them are just us websites okay the majority of them are us websites um but anyways let me just before we go down the rabbit hole on the cont because I'm telling you we could literally be here all day like I'm not kidding even though this is the complete guide I'm giving you everything you need to know to get started we could probably be here for an entire month if I like really told you everything like it it it is crazy how deep you can go with this stuff okay and I'm not just saying that to like get you all excited or something I'm telling you like seriously you can go extremely in-depth I've been doing this I don't know for like two years now Ryan's been doing this for close to 15 years now um and we're still learning new stuff pretty much every day so it's it's a rabbit hole okay anyways let's just talk about getting started let's talk about what you got to do to get set up so when you first start you're not going to have any of these projects here there's not there's not going to be anything here it's just going to be blank okay I'm not going to delete them because I would have to redo all these projects I don't want to do that but if I click on new I'm going to click on Advanced I'm going to just create a project I'm going to name it number 15 just because I have all these other projects click on okay now default when you start using this tool um it's going to enter in whatever project you put it's going to say this is the keywords that you're going to use to actually go and scrape websites and what does that mean so the tool allow you to find websites okay so if you want to go find websites listed for I don't know SEO I can click on SEO click on okay and then I can L click on start and scrape it's going to start finding websites that are listed for SEO uh that have contact forms the way it does it uses these search engines here whatever's selected I can select or deselect them and it's going to find um websites that are listed listed for SEO it's going to find their contact forms it's going to allow us to send messages to them okay if I click on ADD cities here it's going to let me do local base keyword so I can do any City in uh whatever I want so if I go to us and I don't even know if wherever it is us is in here but I'm not I'm not going to spend all my time trying to find it I'm just going to click on this so we're going to say cities of Si State kma I don't know where that is but you can do all the US cities and states as well um and then here if I click on use proxies I want to make sure I have proxies enabled because um again if you're not using proxies what's going to happen is you are going to potentially get your IP address banned and the way this works to use proxies you click on configure you click on ADD and then you're going to actually add in the proxies that you buy from this link here my private proxy here it is um by the way I'm going to also um if this is way too fast for you if I'm going way too crazy I'm going to leave a full step-by-step checklist as well um with line forline everything you need to do to get started with contact forms we actually built a full um core SL checklist that you can buy and it has all this stuff broken down so like how to use proxies how to how to log into your VPS it does e everything step byep this is more of a overview on how to get started because again if I were to do everything it would just take me an incredibly long amount of time so um I'm going to give you everything I can in this video but if you want the full step-by-step guide um I will leave a link um or not stepbystep guide but full step-by-step course I'll leave a link as well in the in the description so anyways if I go to uh my private proxy here and I go to private proxies now here here's another thing you need to know when you're setting up these um contact forms you you need to realize that they run on something called threads so if I'm going to send out let's say if I go to options here and I go to checking and submission if I want to send out a th000 messages a second basically I would crank this to a th000 if I want to crank this to a th000 though I need to have at least 100 proxies because the general rule is that every proxy is worth about 10 threads okay so one proxy equals 10 threads okay so if I want to send out um you know a uh let's say 100 messages or 100 messages a second I would want 10 proxies okay so for me because I have so many servers I'm running anywhere between 500 to a th000 proxies at a time if you're going to run one server or one computer and you want to run a th messages a second ideally you'd want to run about 100 pro proxies at a time okay um if you want to send only 100 messages a second you you know Run 10 proxies okay so it just depends on how fast you want to send and again it just depends on how big you want to go but ideally if you wanted to run really fast you wanted to start out with one server or just you know your main computer you would run about a 100 proxies here okay next um what I'm going to do is I'm going to load those proxies in that I get from my private proxy they give you just like a file like here's the file right here I can click on configure and I can just drag that file in and I have my proxies ready to go and then I'm just going to enable them here and then I'm also going to enable them on checking and submission content so let's talk about what's actually in this app first because I want to just show you everything um what all these things mean and then we can kind of talk about running the actual project okay so new here again I don't use the wizard it's just a waste of time always do Advanced um save export this is um if you want to save save uh contact forms that you've ran um export websites uh if you want to create a backup we're not going to do that start this is how you're going to start scraping for websites um and then you can start doing other things as well you can import URLs uh like we have here you can scrape Plus Check meaning scrape the websites and then check if they have contact forms and then you can scrape Plus Check plus send messages all at the same time and then you can have a scheduler as well um if you want to schedule this stuff out and usually you're going to use a schuer if you're going to do multiple projects at a time tools this is how you get to project settings here um this is if you want to import URLs and a lot of this stuff by the way is the same sort of stuff so like if you right click on this you're going to get the same thing you're going to get on tools okay if I go to new here or if I click on Project settings it's going to be the same thing as if I double click on the project so there's a lot of like the same stuff going on by the way it just looks like there's a lot more going on um duplicate project this is if I want to duplicate the project and usually you want to duplicate the project if you have um settings already saved in it reset status this is if you want to rerun it with the contact forms that you already have and you don't want to um you know have to reload the URLs every time um select this is if you want to select certain things like you know if the contact form failed or not if it failed you can export only failures or only success um message uh only successful URLs that were sent me that we sent messages on um free memory I have actually no idea what that is and I just clicked on it didn't do anything options here um this is where we can kind of tweak the settings like we can increase the size of the user interface um we can send more messages you don't ever want to go above a th threads this is your Blacklist this is uh to make sure you don't contact websites that are blacklisted um you know if they complain about certain things this is where you can send an email not notification I never use that help again I don't really use any of this stuff um so don't worry about it okay but um most of your time is going to be spent in the actual project so if I double click on the project here so again we're scraping by the keyword SEO if we want to add more keywords in here as well we can enter in different keywords like Ai and whatever else we want we can also import keywords if we have a bunch of keywords in our clipboard um and then again we can add our own URLs if we have our a pre-built list of own URLs um which is what I would recommend because for me I don't want to have to go scrape my own websites rather just take a pre-built list of URLs I already know work um but again it is a little bit more expensive filter this is if you want to do any filtering I'm not going to go into this just because I never use it uh checking here this is the different types of contact uh pages that you can actually check um and again I just leave all this default um except for I think this skip sublink parsing for contact forms and then you use this you select this only if you're using the pre-built list because it saves time and then submission content this is really the most important part here um this is where you're going to actually submit the forms okay so what we want to do is we want to submit um messages that are going to generate us leads right so um first name you can leave random last name you can leave random or you can specify the name I don't think it really matters too much I can just call myself Bob and then last name Willis or I don't know whatever I want if I leave it default it's just going to select a random last name from this list um or if I click on self-defined here it's going to let me choose whatever I want let's just do Willis Bob Willis I can fill out all these other things the only real things that it seems like it matters to fill out is first name last name email subject and message I wouldn't recommend filling out phone because um phone is going to give you a bunch of Auto dialers and it's not going to be fun now when you do an email right and you switch to cell self defin you want to make sure you're using a burner email if you use your main email you're going to get a ton of autor responses it's not going to be fun also I recommend that you use a Gmail because Gmail has a built-in feature that allows you to filter your leads automatically and I'll show you how how that works in a little bit but um either way I could just put in I don't know test gmail.com or you know let's just do Bob Willis I I obviously have to make that Gmail but I'm not going to do that right now I'm just showing you this as an example subject so this is going to be whatever I want to say you see I can actually do conditional types of messaging as well here I'm just going to do um you know attention as the subject line and I try to keep this stuff as short as possible so if I'm going to you know put a subject line it's usually going to be one to two words if I'm going to do a message it's probably going to be one to two sentences so I'm going to say uh you know hey I have this thing I have this free thing for you um are you interested and it okay now you can ret retry to submit if the submission fails for whatever reason because um you know there's multiple reasons why a contact form could fail um it might the page might time out it might um you know the caption might not work there's all kinds of different reasons so you might want to retry these multiple times if you want to be thorough um if you want to be fast you just do no retry and then captas we need to enable GSA capture breaker here so that way we're breaking the captas the way we do that let me just delete this so you can see it is I click on ADD GSA capture breaker and then this is how many times I want to rryy to break the capture if the first one fails I'm going to put zero just so we can go fast and then this is the scheduler and this is any extra notes you want to add in okay so we got two keywords in this project we got SEO and AI if I click on start here and I can do scrape plus check it's going to start finding websites here that that um you know are listed for AI or SEO you can see it says check the ones in the green are the ones that have contact forms the ones in the red are the ones that don't okay if I click on stop here um you can see where we found 83 websites with contact forms listed under SEO and Ai and it also had those local parameters that we put in there as well looks like we got up to 546 now um once this is done and by the way it kind of takes a little bit for it to finish once you start up you have to realize that it's it launches like however many threads you put in it at once so it launched a th threads when I stop it it it's basically shutting down all those threads so sometimes it takes a while um you can also see here all the keywords that are being used so uh AI uh kousma whatever wherever that is and then it's and then it's showing the search engine that it's using as well to find those pages now if it takes an extraordinarily long time to close and it doesn't one of the ways that you can actually to close it a lot faster is to just click on start Task manager and then you know just close it out by going end task and then relaunching it okay I have to do that sometimes because this tool is a little wonky it will crash um and then when it does I just do that okay so um it's back up here I don't know if it's going to keep those websites we'll see if it does um but either way uh what we can do is we can if it kept the websites we can click on start and then we can start sending messages to those websites by clicking send to the um websites it looks like it didn't keep it because we closed it before it saved the info um so what we can do instead um this time is we can do scrape Plus Check plus send so it'll send this message with the subject line with all the fields that we specified um and it'll check for the websites at the same time as well now remember when you're doing this um with just the keywords it's going to take a while for you to reach out to a lot of websites okay so it's a lot FAS faster you're going to get a way higher success rate and it's a lot faster for you to actually just use the pre-t contact forms because we already know that these contact forms exist now obviously it's going to be a a very general um list of websites right it's like 14 million websites that are very general uh now the downside is that they're General but the upside is that if you send 14 million messages or even 2 million messages you're going to get a lot of people that still fall into whatever you're trying to offer right so let's say you're offering gold you know you're selling gold to people I don't know what why you'd be selling gold but let's say you were you could say to the 14 million people hey we're selling gold are you interested now let's say 14 I don't know 13,950 th000 people aren't interested let's say 50,000 people are okay you still got 50,000 people interested in buying or gold so uh what I would recommend is do the pre-u list just because it's faster um but if you don't want to and you want to build your own list you can always do that as well um not sure why this keeps crashing on me here it might just be because I'm doing a tutorial while I'm trying to do this um but that actually shouldn't matter because we're on a remote desktop like I said earlier I don't know um but either way uh let me show you how to load in the pre-built contact forms if you're just going to buy the form so what you would do is instead of you know going and setting up the project with keywords you would double click on the project add URLs and then you'd add a million URLs at a time you would also make sure that you import Against The Blacklist so you're not contacting people on The Blacklist um and then you can only do up to a million URLs per project otherwise uh you're going to start running into the tool phasing on you um and if you're going to be sending multiple messages at a time right like 1 2 3 four 5 you six million whatever it is you have to import it across multiple projects so so the way you do that is you start with project one you set up all your settings whatever you're going to say in Project one and then you duplicate project one so that you keep all the same settings and then you have project two 3 four five six so on and so on then what you do is you import each URL for each project so if the first million would be project one the second million would be project two the third million would be project 3 and so on and so on and I actually think I know why this is crashing it's cuz we have 15 projects um the more projects you have in the tool the more likely the tool is to crash um 14 is seems to be fine but um you just you definitely don't want to like try to load in too much and the tool wasn't even really meant to send this many million at a time um by the way you can actually send more than 14 million at a time because if you have multiple servers right let's say I have 10 different servers sending 14 million at a time I could send up hundreds of millions of messages at a time okay um anyways if I go to start schedule now I can schedule out these at at the same time I'm going to do send message um we're going to do switch projects we're going to do five projects at a time click on start all projects and now this is going to start sending between the first five projects and when it's done there it's going to go to the next one okay so that's kind of the basics to getting started and I know I went really quick I know a lot of people are going to look at this and they're going to go okay I don't understand any of that um but I'm trying to show you in a nutshell how this works okay um once these messages start sending you can see they're all sending right here uh what I can do is I can head over to wherever my Gmail is now I recommend you have some sort of spreadsheet if you're going to use if you're going to try to scale this okay um without a spreadsheet it's very very hard to track all this so inside of my spreadsheet what I have is I have my servers here all my different IP addresses my usernames my logins um what I'm sending messages for my emails that I'm sending messages from the subject and the message that I'm sending okay so when these are switched to Green you can see here it says Red's not set up uh it's not licensed or anything yellow's waiting meaning it's waiting to send and green means it's sending which we are sending right now with this one so I can switch this to Green um but basically this allows me to manage multiple servers at a time right where I know okay each one of these is sending 14 million each um and whenever these are done right I can switch them back to Yellow meaning that it's waiting for the next message that I'm sending and then I can also hire somebody right where if I put in the subject in the message I can hire somebody to go and actually set these servers up now to set up these servers again it takes a long time remember how I said we have the done for you setup uh my team I've trained it took me a long time to do but I trained my team to actually start um being able to set up these servers where we set up the licensing we set up all the contact forms and we've even built Python scripts that'll actually load in the millions of messages into sorry the millions of contact forms into each project and duplicates the project and does everything for us because again it takes a long time to do that um but if you don't have your own team you don't want to have to worry about all of this and worry about doing the setup and everything you're going to have to do uh it might be advantageous to you to just go and buy the done for you setup and we'll just set you up with your server and really when you set up your server it's going to look like this you're going to log in it's going to have basically this exact setup going everything's going to be running the only thing is that you're going to have 2 million forms instead of 14 million because we throw in the first 2 million but if you want the other 14 million we can sell you those as well okay now once you start sending the messages you can log into your actual email and you can see what the responses look like now I'm going to have to do a different tutorial remember how I said earlier I could be here all night like I'm not kidding I could actually be here all night um by the way there's other uh tabs we have in the spreadsheet like the Gmail these are our logins so we can keep track of all of our Gmail logins and our numbers cuz because you have to use a burner uh burner phone numbers to be able to build these Gmail accounts we have all of our proxies here um and so uh that's how we track all of this but let me just really quickly log into this Gmail for the server we just set up so you can actually see um what the responses look like but again if I were to show you this whole flow like um once once you get the leads how to actually put them into something like go high level and put them into an automated sequence and everything else you're going to have to do again we would be here literally forever so instead of me doing that if you want me to do a part two on this and you want to see like how to use high level and how to use all the things that you're going to need to be able to actually um follow up with these leads and everything else let me know and I'll make a separate video for that but anyways if I click on important here you can see none of these leads are filtered yet within Gmail if I click on settings here see all and then I go to the inbox uh and then markers if I click this save changes you can see it says let me go back so you can read that uh it says Gmail analyzes these messages uh to see what's important okay so if I now go to important this is going to automatically filter the leads now in this actual message the server I just showed you that we set up we're offering them a free marketing video now when they say yes I'd like a free marketing video uh we're using our tool shifi which is our app to actually go and at them a marketing video for their website um and again I'd have to give do another tutorial on shifi to show you how to use this tool to actually go and generate videos for them um so you can use Ai and chat GPT to go generate a video but again in a nutshell you can use a tool like this to go and like basically create a video that they can go and buy and then you can sell them on an affiliate for a tool like this okay um but that's the basics to GSA um I again will leave all of the resources in the Des description of this video and if you want to watch all the different things I do a ton of case studies I do a ton of challenges around this tool you know can we make money with Affiliates can we make money with you know Services all these different things I have it all documented on my channel so feel free to go look at these other videos um but in a nutshell that's how you use the tool um can you use other things with it most definitely you can use scrapebox to find websites you can use um you know something like go high level to go and automatically respond all the leads there are so many different things you can do with this tool but to start out that's how you use it again if you have any questions let me know in the comments and if you want to see part two let me know um but that's it for today uh and if you want to grab the done for you setup again I will leave a link in the description if you don't want to have to figure all this stuff out yourself just go buy the setup and I'll do it for you okay that's it thanks for stopping by we'll see you in the next one till we do happy moneymaking see you bye

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