I Made a Guide Showing You How I’d Make $1,000,000 With AI Bots / ChatGPT Starting as a Beginner

today we're going to be covering a step-by-step guide showing you how I'd make over a million dollars with Bots starting as a beginner and the reason why I want to do this is because the last video I did on YouTube got a ton of Engagement so I thought well if you were interested in seeing how I made money with Bots I want to show you how I would do it if I were to start all over and not have any resources not have any followers not have really anything except maybe a few hundred bucks now if you're interested in staying up to dat with all these different guides I've been doing all of the tests I've been running all of the challenges the complete guides please respond to the word yes in the comments it lets me know to make more videos like this for you in the future and it also helps the video get more views so take a second leave the word yes in the comments right now I'd really appreciate it all right so I created a step-by-step system for you that I would use starting out day one and if you have no idea IDE who I am I've been doing this stuff for a while you can see I started this stripe account back in 2017 I wasn't making really any money maybe a few thousand dollar a month and that was even after starting even previous to that I was actually in business two years before this as well um so just to show you I wasn't actually making that much money when I started but I also didn't really know what I was doing okay um now let's talk about what I would do if I were to go back to when I was very first first starting out you can see I started this YouTube channel about 9 years ago and here's me in a garage trying to earn money trying to sell services to people and I wasn't making that much money and that was even after doing so many things to um try to go out and earn money okay so first thing we need to talk about on the list is building your value exchange now what does that mean we need to give out value in order to get people to want to buy from us okay so just like any relationship a relationship's not going to work unless you have two people bringing something to the table and ideally the person that you're going to be marketing to is going to be bringing money to the table and you're going to be bringing some sort of skill or some sort of info something that they need okay now how do we get them to bring their money to the table well first thing we need to do is we need to offer something that they're in interested in something valuable and that's why what I do is I build a lot of free resources okay um if you look at the description of this video you're going to see so many different free resources you're going to see a free Facebook group you're going to see a free Discord Channel or group you're going to see um a massive list of AI tools that you can grab for free and the reason why I give away all these free resources is why because I want to grab information I want to grab contact info and that's what you want to do as well you want to be able to grab at least 50 to 100 new emails or people's information that you can contact it could be phone numbers as well if you want to do texting I prefer email just because it's seems to me to be the easiest but you want to grab 50 to 100 emails a day now you might be thinking well if I'm starting out how am I going to grab 50 to 100 emails a day and I'm going to show you later on in this video how easy it actually is to grab $50 100 emails a day if you're doing the right stuff but either way we want about 50 to 100 emails a day and what we're going to do is we're going to add all of those emails to an email list now the reason why I'm able to make as much money as I do isn't because I'm this super talented guy with all these great products that you know sell so well I mean I have stuff that sells well sort of right like my epcs my estimated cost per visit um or value per visit the amount of money I make every time somebody visits a page is pretty average it's about a dollar about a dollar to$ two dollars um but I'm going to get that if I sell other people's products too any of the products on this list so it's not like it's not like I'm like this super talented guy with all of these really really great products that I sell it's it's pretty average actually the reason why I actually make money it's not because of because I'm this extremely talented guy it's because I have a massive email list okay I have about 200,000 people on my email list okay and so if I get enough people opening their email I can sell pretty much whatever I want as long as it's relevant to them right so if I went through this list and I sold this product and this product and this product and this product I'm going to make probably about one to $2 per visit that means anybody who clicks on one of my affiliate links or anything that I'm selling I'm going to make about $1 to $2 whether I sell my own products or I sell other people's products now the kicker though is that when somebody is going to be buying an affiliate product I have to split that with the actual person selling the product right so I have to take usually a 50% loss 40% loss um but if I'm starting out that's not really a problem okay I recommend you do affiliate when you start out or sell some sort of service and I'm going to show you a hack towards the end of this video that you can use to start selling services and Affiliates at the same time but if I were starting out I would not be selling my own products I would take the 40% loss selling an affiliate product so that I don't have to go and fulfill the service because starting out you're probably not going to have as much time you're going to be working probably you know some sort of side job 9 to-5 job and so if you don't have a lot of time um or money right you need to maximize that time and money that you do have and the only way that you can really do that is by focusing on selling other people's products and building optins in the process okay so the idea here here is that if you can break even meaning that if you can get let's say I don't know 3,000 new emails a month starting out and you can make $3,000 but let's say you lose $3,000 in the process because it took you $3,000 to go and generate those emails with whatever you're doing okay you broke even but now you have an email list with 3,000 emails on it and those 3,000 emails are very valuable because these aren't going to go anywhere right you might get some unsubscribed but in general if you can build up a list that list is going to last you a very long time for example I could do nothing over the next year and I'd still make over a million dollars just because I have a list of over 200,000 people what did I have to spend to acquire that list though that's the question right so if I had to spend $200,000 to get 200,000 emails it would still be worth it to me because I'm going to make a million dollars on that okay and because I don't have to do anything once I have the list so that so all of your money and I'm just going to repeat this so you really understand this all of your money is going to be in your list okay if you can get an email list it's going to serve you for a very long time and it's really the main way that I make money and all of the people I know make money um it's in their email list and anybody that's not using an email list is losing out on a ton of money and I'm telling you this out of experience because these first few years I was in business I was not building an email list because I always thought to myself well who opens their email and I was very very wrong okay so how do you build an email list how do you build an opt-in and and I'm going to show you a quick overview uh if you want a complete guide on on building a list sending out emails all that stuff make sure you leave a comment as well um with the word email and I will make sure to make you a complete guide on this channel I've been thinking about doing this for a while um and in fact it was going to be part two of the other complete guide I just recently made on how to actually send out messages so you can build an email list which we'll talk about in this video um but I do want to make that part two so if you want to see it respond respond with the word email okay so uh what I would do is pull up the link in the description of this video um which says cartra this will give you a trial to and it looks like I'm signed in on um on this browser so I don't think it's going to work but when you go to this link it's going to give you a trial to the tool that I use to send out emails and I used to use another Tool uh it was called convertkit but it that company is just very very corrupt and they wound up it was just a really bad experience so I wouldn't use convertkit um I probably wouldn't use system.io I used to use that as well um but cartra is probably one of my favorite tools um and you can try it out for free again I'll leave a link to the trial um in the description of this video because I think with my link you get a 30-day trial but you can log in and when you log in you can start building your opt-in pages now you might be thinking to yourself okay well how do I um you know start build building these value exchanges right like I don't have anything that I can give away well I would just recommend copy what I do okay so in in the description of this video there's going to be all these different links right there's going to be the Facebook group link there's going to be the Discord there's going to be all these different links right you can create optins for every single one of those links and you can build these yourself you can build your own Discord server you can build your own Facebook group you can build um even this checklist I have a lot of people who actually copy this checklist they go and they take this checklist they change these out with all of their affiliate links and then they give away their own checklist and and I'll be honest with you I don't care right if you go and copy me it's just a compliment okay I'm not concerned about you going and copying me and if anything if you copy me put my tools at the top sell my tools okay it's just going to get us all more sales but anyways copy my opts I got tons of links in the description that you can go and build optins for and what you do is you go to to your forms inside of cartra and you can start building out your optins and again I'm not going to actually go and or sorry Pages not forms I'm not going to go and do a tutorial on this right now but you can go to Pages click on new page and then you can start building things that look like this where people enter their email and when they enter their email you you redirect them to a another page um and the other page is just wherever they're supposed to go so let's say they're going to go Jo a Facebook group right let's say it says join our Facebook group um what's going to happen is they're going to enter their email when they enter their email you're going to have them uh redirect to the actual Facebook group and then not only are you going to get people in your group right see it says page redirect here um not only are you going to get people in your group but you're also going to get people in your email list which is more important than the actual group itself okay now look at this um over the last I don't know few days I've got about 200 leads a day 200 leads 155 leads and I actually get more leads than this um and I'll explain why in a little bit but uh there are ways that you can get leads where it's not just direct directly people opting in there's certain things you can do like when somebody joins your Facebook group you can ask them for their email when somebody buys a product from you um or buys an affiliate you can download the list of emails that are of people that are signing up for the affiliate so there's all these things you can do to actually get even more emails on top of just getting people to opt-in through an optin okay now you might be thinking okay I built my opt-ins I have the things that I can give away as value how do I get people to actually sign up I don't have any traffic and and this is where it gets interesting because there's so many different ways to build traffic and I recommend using Bots I recommend using AI you know um chat GPT there's so many different ways that you can build traffic on autopilot and I'm going to show you my top three favorite ways there's of course more ways than this but these are the main ways that I focus on and I found that you don't really have to do much more than this um these are also the ways I'm going to show you are ways that are extremely underutilized most people don't do um what I'm about to share with you because they don't know how to it's very complicated um so first thing and this is probably the Least Complicated way but it's to use our app shinfy okay so shineiy.com we have an app uh the reason why I built the app is because most people don't like doing short form vide short form video is extremely good for getting optins though and getting traffic because algorithmically you're going to get a lot more people watching a 30- second video than you are going to get them to watch a 10 minute 20 minute video 30 minute video whatever like this one okay and so especially if you don't have an audience already so what you can do is you can use something like shiny which I also need to make another complete guide for because I haven't done one in a while but if you go to shiny you can get shiny here for uh try out for 27 bucks um you get I don't know how many credits it is it's what is it 50 credits something like that um and then you can start generating videos now inside these videos uh you can say whatever you want you can say hey here's the easiest way to you know start using AI uh this is actually a long form video you can now choose to do long form or short form by changing the dimensions here um but you can do all kinds of different videos and what I like to do is use the transcriber you can take a video um off of YouTube or off of Tik Tok let's see maybe this isn't working right now let's see if it uh will work for us the Tool's still pretty new so we do have some every now and then we have some little bugs in it yeah I don't know what the problem is here but um you can basically transcribe a video here's one I did before one that's already got views and you can regenerate it you can regenerate the video change out whatever you want and then you could post it on places like in Instagram Tik Tok you know Facebook reals YouTube shorts and most of the videos I actually make um Are all uh not me so a lot of them are just AI voice AI generated and I have people that actually go and um take the AI videos generated in shifi and then they'll go and edit them in a little bit and put them on my channel and I get thousands and thousands of views on these here's the point though inside the short form videos you're going to point people to your optins right you're going to point them to let's say your AI checklist let's say you're going to point them to your Facebook group wherever right cuz every single short form video you can tell them to go and join these different things now when they join them you're going to get the optin and then once you get the optin you could start loading them into email sequences I honestly don't know if it's that important to do the email sequences I like emailing people every single day just manually because it doesn't take that much work and I like doing email personally but a lot of these actual tools like even our tool shifi and these different tools they have something called swipe files it means that you can load in a file you can load in a list of email emails that have already been built for you and you don't actually have to go write the emails the emails will actually um sell the product for you and most of these Affiliates have these swipe files okay if you go to their affiliate programs you go find just look up the name of the um affiliate plus swipe file and I'm sure you'll find it okay now what I recommend is when you start getting these emails you know if you're doing short form and I'm going to show you an even easier way than doing short form as well in a second to get emails but however you start building the emails you want to start grabbing affiliate links for whatever you're going to sell now you can grab affiliate links from this spreadsheet um scary tool Bots I'm also going to leave another spreadsheet with all of my products because I have a ton of different products I sell um and you can go become a partner for any one of these products and you can get a percentage of the sales on any of these products as well but just choose something that you want to promote and remember all of these are going to have very similar um PCS meaning that every single visit you get every single click you get to these affiliate links it's going to be very very similar so if you send let's say 100,000 visits to an affiliate chances are you're probably going to make around $100,000 if the traffic is good you might be thinking wow that seems pretty easy but it's not as easy as it might seem if you were to get 100,000 visits remember a lot of these visits are going to be filtered through an opt-in first and so if your conversion rate on an opt-in is 50% you're going to have to get more like 200,000 visits to get 100,000 visits to a page and even then you still want to get unique visits because you're going to have to get people that you know aren't just going and revisiting the page as well because that's not going to count so just remember there's certain things that you got to consider when you're sending traffic over um but anything over 100,000 visits I found that the epcs start to kind of you know equal out okay anyways you grab your affiliate link to whatever you want to sell this isn't very important though when you're starting out because don't expect to make a ton of money in the beginning this is this is one of the biggest things that I think people actually mess up on it's not that they can't build this system it's that their expectations are that they're going to start and they're going to make a million dollars within I don't know their first year uh and it's I'm not saying it's not possible but I'm just saying like based on my track record I've never done that like for me to start out I think the first three or four years I was in business I didn't make I don't know I made I think my first few years maybe year three or something I made over 100 Grand but I didn't make a million dollars till like year seven okay so if you make a million dollars in the first year great but remember like you're you're dealing with a system that takes a while to compound the reason why I'm able to make so much money is first of all because of my email list but it's also because all these different things I sell right let's say I sell I don't know affiliate one and then I sell affiliate 2 and then I sell like after a while these these things start to compound right I make money from this every month now I make money from this one every month make money and then eventually you make all this money because you've compounded all these things that sell over time right all these different reoccurring things if you're starting out you're not going to have any of these Affiliates you're not going to have any lists you're not going to have really anything going on so don't expect to start making all these sales and make all this money right out the gate the the the hard part of of getting started is getting started right is creating the momentum once you get the momentum once you have the list once you have all the Affiliates coming in once you have all the things that you have to do to get set up and and keep all this stuff running that's when you're going to be able to maintain a certain amount of money like for me it's easy to make 100 Grand a month or over 100 Grand a month because of the fact that I went and built all this stuff in advance and now I have this accumulation that is easy for me to maintain but it's not easy when you're starting out because you don't have anything so it's you don't don't have a lot of time you don't have a lot of money you can't invest all a lot of stuff into the system so it's going to be harder okay so just be patient don't worry about trying to make you know millions of dollars your first year it's probably not going to happen focus on maybe making your first you know couple thousand dollar a month and then go from there but but be patient with yourself don't don't worry about the end result just worry about getting started and creating this accumulation effect that we're talking about so you get some affiliate links don't worry about the sales too much just start worrying about building your list I wouldn't worry about making a bunch of money again as the main goal starting out my my main worry for you would be 50 to 100 emails a day can you do that and and if you start doing the short form content this will be pretty achievable but it's going to be even more achievable and I can almost guarantee this result if you do something else I'm about to share with you in a second um but you can do the short form content and then you can do long form content if you want to start doing that most people probably don't want to do that um shifi will help you do long form content if you don't want to do it yourself um and then if you're doing an affiliate let's say you're doing an affiliate of my products you can actually Pro uh promote my videos and promote my stuff because what's going to happen is if you promote an affiliate link of mine the user you send to that link is going to get cookied to you and if you if they start following me and watching my videos if if they ever buy from me it it's going to go to you because they're cookie to you um so it's a lifetime cookie right so all you have to do is send people to a landing page they get cookied and then they start watching my videos they start seeing my emails and then you get the sale whenever I sell to them okay or whoever the affiliate is it's not just me so before I get into the next thing the robots and everything else that you can do to start farming these leads and basically get guaranteed leads I want to talk about remember a second ago I said your expectations are very important another thing I want to talk about and and this is one of my biggest mistake starting out and in basically my entire career is you want to have a limit of what you work on and then you want to focus on you so what does this mean so if you're starting out right you're wanting to make all this money like I need to make money you know I need to provide for my family I need to um you know I need to get that car I've been wanting to get I want to get that house all these things I need to get my debt paid off whatever great that's a great goal to have but how much can you reasonably work right for me I I was working like 10 12 hours a day did I need to do that no I needed to do a few certain things a day and then I needed to go focus on myself because the thing is is that you get to a point where your life becomes unbalanced right and you might already be there if you're watching this video you might already be at the point where you're like dude I'm spending all this time working you know I'm super unhealthy I'm not eating well I'm not doing the things I need to do I'm not going to the gym don't get to that point like it's not your life is supposed to be somewhat fun it's not supposed to be miserable 24/7 and so for me like one of the things I had to start doing is I start had to start like getting some account accountability right I had to hire a trainer I had to hire a you know health coach and I had to have somebody that hold me accountable to make sure that I was going to the gym that I wasn't overeating that I wasn't eating you know pizza every night and I'm not saying you can't eat pizza every night but stop eating like just pure junk all the time because you can eat a healthy version of pizza um but here's my point here like don't just progress in one area of life like if you only progress in the terms of your wallet okay you'll have a fat wallet but you're also going to be fat in general like it's not good so what I recommend is like spend a certain amount of time working on your business and then spend a certain amount of time working on you don't have business be the only thing you do have some hobbies that make you happy and and hopefully those Hobbies have something to do with your health right like I don't know go freaking start learning karate I I mean it could be anything right but my my point is like for me I had to start like not just only working on on work because my life became really sad it got really depressing I was just working all the time I didn't have anything else going for me I felt really unconfident with myself and so you want to have a certain level of confidence in yourself and you want to do that by having a certain level of respect for yourself so I'm not going to go into that rabbit hole right now but I'm just letting you know that if you are overworking and you're setting these expectations for yourself to overperform um and you're not focusing on on being a certain level of healthy you're going to make yourself miserable and you're going to end up having all this money at the end of the day but you're going to be still depressed and unhappy okay and I'm telling you this because this happened to me many many times even recently you know I had all this money that I was making you know millions and millions of dollars a year but I was extremely unhappy extremely depressed okay anyways so let's talk about the robot so this is the really cool part and this is where I would recommend you check out the complete guide I made on this it's a free complete guide It's called um complete guide on GSA I'll leave a link in the description to this along with all the other links um that I'm going to leave right here but you can Farm email leads by sending messages with robots and this is like really where I've been spending a lot of my time lately because I think that this is something that pretty much anybody can do and it's something that's pretty much guaranteed to work the short form content's great as a long-term strategy but you got to stay consistent with it you got to warm up your accounts you got to make sure that you know you're posting um consistently you got to make sure that you're posting good content like all these things you have to do with short form it's a great long-term strategy but it takes a while to build that following to build the the momentum with it if you need leads right now or you want leads right now and I'd recommend that you do both do the short form content but then also use some Bots to start start sending messages through contact forms these are Bots right here that we use that send millions and millions of messages every single day for us and we're basically generating leads of people saying yes I'm interested in learning more about whatever the thing is we're pitching so we could say hey are you interested in learning about AI then if we get you know I don't know let's go look how many leads there are here we get 821 people saying yes I'd like to learn more about AI well guess what that's 820 leads that we can then opt in to our email list so if you combine doing contact form marketing along with doing short form content and even some long form content you could reasonably let's say in a few minutes generate a few short form videos with shifi um and then on top of it you know let's say it's you spend I don't know uh 10 20 minutes doing different messaging with contact forms you could spend maybe under an hour a day getting over 50 to 100 leads a day if not even more because we're getting hundreds and even thousands of leads a day with contact form forms and short form content now again I'm going to leave links to the in the description of all the different things I talked about today because I can only go so long here let me just briefly cover what's in the description um so by the way this is the main thing that I sell right now it's completely optional to you but I have something called the done for you setup this setup if you go to it um I'll set up a server for you so you can start sending contact forms the price is $44.97 on it um some of the other links in the description are just the different tools I use including cartra um and just different things that you can uh get started with I don't know where that oh there it is um GSA capture breaker proxies I'm going to leave um the Discord group the Facebook group everything and then we also have a Marketplace here called digital profit Marketplace and inside the marketplace it's just a more organized version of um the uh description so that you can get started with um different things like we have uh uh we just added coaching calls in here if you want to book a time with us um we added all kinds of different things in here I don't know why it's not loading let me see if I can find it over here really quick um but again I'll leave links to everything in here and if you're still curious and you're like hey I don't know what's going on just join our Discord group ask questions we have a full support team 24-hour support um here's the uh digital profits Marketplace and you can go through here and book a time with me or Ryan and we're just going to be adding everything that we've been doing in there but yeah that's how i' start over and again if I was kind of scattered today hopefully it made sense um I would just really really long story short I would really focus on building emails build building a list if you can start building an email list 50 to 100 a day you know you can get your first 10 20,000 emails um the general rule of thumb is that you know every email on your list is worth anywhere between 50 cents to to to a dollar per month okay so I have 200,000 people on my list so I make about $100,000 a month so it's about 50 cents per email if you get 20,000 emails you know you could expect to make anywhere between 10 to 20K a month okay so focus on the emails don't um forget because if you do and you start doing all this other stuff you try to focus on making money right out the gate doing all this other crazy stuff you know you're going to waste a lot of time and then um I actually told you I was going to give you a way of actually selling these Affiliates um and services together this video is getting kind of long so I'll probably make um another video on that but again if you want me to keep you updated respond with the word yes lets me know to make more videos for you and I'll see you in the next one till I do happy moneymaking we'll see you bye

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