Introducing Campaigns: Marketing campaigns instantly made with AI

What's going on everyone? Welcome to today's webinar. You're gonna learn how to make
marketing campaigns instantly with ai. Really cool new feature we're
announcing today at Jasper campaigns. I see that y'all are streaming
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Thanks for hopping in there and
let's go ahead and get into it. Yes, it will be recorded. It'll be on YouTube later today. And yeah, all have access to this product. It's available now for everybody. Y'all can create a campaign today. Sweet. I'm gonna turn off chat, but my
team will be there to help you. Let's go ahead and get into it. Hey everybody. Welcome to Jasper's webinar today. Marketing campaigns
Instantly Made With ai. My name is Austin Distal and
in today's webinar we'll be going over a few agenda items. I'm gonna show you how ai an AI
that's built for marketing teams. If y'all are new to Jasper, if
this is your first introduction.

Wow, that's awesome. Welcome. Most of y'all probably here
today are already customers. Most of the time. This is product education, so
there's not a strong pitch. Don't worry about that. We're gonna be talking about our new. Feature called campaigns. And this allows you to instantly generate
all the assets you need for an upcoming campaign in just a few minutes, not weeks. And I'll show you three examples. No matter really what industry you're
in, you're gonna do a marketing campaign and Jasper will make it easy. Stick around to the end if you're live
with us today for a q and a session. Let's rewind the clock. I've been doing marketing
campaigns since I was a kid. This is me and the Jasper team creating
marketing campaigns for years now.

In fact, about a decade ago, as of now,
I had a marketing agency and Dave Rogan Moser, c e o of Jasper was actually
my mentor helping me grow that agency. Cuz you know what? He had a marketing agency as well with his
two co-founders of Jasper, jp, and Chris. We know our way around what
marketing campaigns are about. We've done this hundreds of times for
Our own companies for clients and we talk about this stuff all the time.

It's really what we live. So that's why Jasper has built four
marketing teams is cuz this is our life. This is what we live. So we know that there are three
stages in marketing campaigns. You got your prep stage, your create
stage, and your dis distribute stage. But I think about this like cooking. You wanna prep the food, you
want to cook the food, and then you want to eat the food. So when we look at this today,
we're gonna be sa talking mostly about this middle create stage. But coming into Jasper, you're
gonna wanna bring in your research. So research about the offer, what you're
going to be promoting research about your competitors, research about the
latest trends and like the way that you're gonna distribute the content. Do you wanna go for a video heavy? Do you wanna go for an event? That's the kind of
research you want to do. You wanna find your hook.

What's gonna make your product stand out
from the crowd or your offer really land. Your audience, who are you selling to? This isn't just your I c P it's also
what stage are they receiving this? You could do a campaign towards your
cold audience, your warm leads, your current customers, or your past customers. So there's a lot of
different audiences there. And you wanna come into
Jasper knowing that. You should also tell the AI about
your goals and your metrics. You should write down your budget,
your timelines, and figure out who's gonna be involved in your project. So Jasper is built for teams, so you
can bring in all of your marketing team and other stakeholders as well into
Jasper to help you prep this content. All right, you'll package that into
a brief and I'm gonna show you a few examples of a campaign brief
that will give you a lot of success.

Then in Jasper, I'll show you how to
create a campaign by choosing your channels, planning your assets, often. Marketing teams will delegate this
to all the specialists on their team. So you'll have a social media
manager, you'll have an SEO O director, things like that, right? You might even have agencies or external
partners that help you create this. So you wanna delegate that content
creation to other people, and then you gotta review it and
optimize it, edit it, proofread it. This often takes weeks of time to do. It's no easy button until today. I'll show you how that
works with campaigns. And then lastly, once you have these
assets we'll generate today in Jasper, it is then on you to go and schedule
and publish those at the right time.

Monitor. The success of those campaigns how
people are interacting with it, engaging with your community, and then measuring
the results and analyzing over time. You'll see Jasper growing into
this distribute phase and measuring and analyzing being performance
based with a lot of good stats. So that's our direction
where we're growing. But right now we're really
focused here on creating the most high performing marketing copy. Here with the create phase. So today with Jasper campaigns,
we're introducing how you can now create high performing marketing
assets in minutes, not weeks. And how does this work? Jasper's the only AI that stays on
brand when it writes, and it can write factually about your products,
your audience, your services, and ultimately about your business. So if you wanna write. A campaign that actually works,
that actually performs hit, helps you hit your marketing goals. Then stick around. We're gonna do a live demo. In this live demo, we'll do three
campaigns, a SaaS webinar, a membership Black Friday campaign,
and a retail product launch.

Are you guys ready for this? Let me know in the q and a
what industry that you're in. So if you are in SaaS,
in the Q and a SaaS. If you are in memberships or newsletters
or content, let me know that too. And if you're in retail, let's
say you sell an e-comm product or you're on store shelves or if you
have other types of products, let me know what is the common product that
you're selling, what's your offer? Are you in events, things like that. So thanks for Wow. Over 50 people have replied. That's great insight for us to
know how we can serve you best. Now, I would like to know, sorry, team. You're gonna have to go in
and go and answer all of those just by clicking confirmed.

I wanna know what. Types of campaigns you have coming up,
a product launch, a content launch, an event launch, maybe an upcoming date. So for example, it's summer. Maybe you have a summer sale,
or now today you gotta probably start prepping for Black Friday. I know that we are like six months out,
but if you're already starting to think about this stuff now you can prep those
assets and save yourself time later. Cool. All right, so let's go ahead
and get into the live demo. All right, so welcome to Jasper. Here we are on the dashboard. This is a blank slate. So I've gone ahead and basically started
from scratch here in my demo account. And we're gonna start
off with brand voice. And to begin, we're gonna begin with a
a company I made up called Room and it's a meeting software for working remotely. And so I created this fake style
guide, what I do, probably you'll have a style guide, something like this.

It's either in Google Docs
maybe it's on your site. It's a notion, it's somewhere you
have a way that you write content. And there's specific things you
want to do and don't want to do. You wanna sound like yourself
when you're writing with Jasper. So copy and paste all of your
we're gonna create a new voice.

I could either enter url, we'll
do that later, and then right here, I'll just paste that text. Continue. Now what Jasper's doing is it's
analyzing all of this content to figure out how it should write to
basically be your digital twin. It's learning how you write and then
before it, it writes for you in the future for all your campaign assets. It will sound like you. It's pretty awesome. So what we're gonna do is name this voice. I like starting off with
an emoji to keep it fun. So rooms brand voice. I can make this default for all campaigns,
but I'm gonna use a few examples today. This is great. If you have a team, so let's
say you got a whole bunch of salespeople that you're trying to
keep them on brand when they write.

Now you can with Jasper. Let's say that you're onboarding
new teammates that have yet to learn the style guide, right? You know that often onboarding freelancers
or internal teammates takes a while. Jasper brand voice helps
you always stay on brand. Okay, so now created my voice. Now let's go ahead and create a campaign. We're gonna do a campaign about. A webinar that's coming up. This is a little meta, isn't it? You're on a webinar learning
about how to promote webinars. Here's the campaign brief. Here's the way I go about it. And right now we don't have a template for
you all, but everybody, every marketing team does this a little bit differently.

The way I do it is I like to talk about
the background of the company, what we believe in, like what makes us different,
some of our ethos and core values. Then a campaign brief. So if you wanna just jump straight to the
chase you could just simply do a paragraph and it would get you 80% of the way there. But there's some really interesting things
you can, really go above and beyond with if you include items like the audience
and who should be a part of this campaign. So anyway, let's go ahead
and copy and paste that. Name this campaign, the
state of remote work webinar. And as the title sounds, it's basically
a webinar all about how to work remotely as a, as an effective team. So now I'm gonna select the voice that
I want the content to generate in. This is Room's brand voice. If you have like multiple clients
or multiple products, maybe you wanna create a personal voice for
yourself or the c e o, the founder versus a company brand voice. That's why you would want to
have maybe multiple voices here.

All right, now it's time
to select the content. There's obviously a lot of things that go
into a marketing campaign, but normally when you go into it, you have an idea of
what channels that you want to execute on. Maybe I want to create a Facebook
ad to promote my webinar. I will probably promote to my email. List to join the webinar
because that's often warm leads. You might get some cold audiences
to a content, but normally it's like a nurturing sequence, right? You don't really do a press release
for webinars, so I'll skip that one, but I might need a landing page copy to
promote the webinar registration page. And how about some tweets too? All right. Now, just like that, in the click of
the button, Jasper is studying your campaign brief and one by one creating
all of your assets that you need. And this is really cool. It's gonna generate your first draft. So I'll show you here in a
second, like how to create status for review and assigned to
stakeholders, things like that. But this is a really
quick way to get started.

If you can just get 80% of the way
there in one, 100th of the time, isn't that gonna save you a ton of time? And then you can go in and do your edits,
review, optimize, things like that, right? All right, let's go ahead and look
at this promotional email sequence. Okay. Email one. Discover the future of remote work. Join us for the state of work
work, state of remote work webinar.

I love that it brought in actual
facts of who's hosting it, so hosted by the founder Emmanuel Antonio on
the actual date at the correct time. Often these other ais that
we work with all the time. And look I love working with a lot of ais. Sometimes they just straight
up hallucinate and they are not factually correct. So if you're gonna create campaigns,
you gotta rely on an AI that's actually built to, for business
that you can rely on to be factually accurate in your tone of voice. And so that's what
Jasper's really known for. In this webinar you'll learn how
to three bullet points, right? So notice the structure of this
email, it's designed with intention. As marketers, we know you wanna have
here we wanna have a compelling hook. So often we know emojis
increase open rates. So you'll notice here that's designed for
performance, it's action heavy, right? So it's a strong called action.

Above the fold. We have all of the details we need
to make a decision or to learn more. We scroll down for easy
reading, three bullet points. We have some scarcity here, right? Spaces are limited to
a thousand attendees. So Rever, so strong call to
action with a link to the page. And we I in the campaign brief, wrote
the link to where they're gonna register. Save your spot. Awesome. Okay, so that's email one. Then we go into email two, unlock the
secrets to successful remote teamwork.

So this is a transformation
positioning, right? How do you if you want successful
remote teamwork, there's a couple secrets you might want, right? And so it's all going back to the
pillars of what they're gonna learn. This is the ethos of great
content marketing, right? Of, of great marketing in
general is is this kind of structured email sequence, right? So I'm I just love the outputs here as a
professional marketer, like there's not that much extra editing I need to do.

And so I, I could maybe add in, different
tone of voice and things like that. But I'm gonna go ahead and
put this status as complete. It's ready to go ahead and put
into our email automation sequence. Okay. So how about some tweet ideas? Let's go ahead and see
what Jasper generated here. Alright, sweet. So I like that it gave me like, 10
different tweet ideas and now I'd go in and I'd cherry pick which ones I really
like, and sometimes I'm not always just trying to copy and paste directly. I'm looking for inspiration. I'm looking to figure out what are
the different positioning angles. Tired of zoom fatigue. Discover the future of remote work
at our state of remote work webinar. This is so good. Okay. Wanna become a remote work wizard? That's fun.

Global teams, United Spirit. Oh my gosh. And so also I wanna just give credit
to, we look at the written style guide. What does it believe, what
does this company believe in? Transparency, creativity, accessibility. The values are inclusivity and diversity
with people from all around the world, cultures, backgrounds, and all that. Why am I sharing this? Think about it. We go back to this and we can see
clearly that Jasper's writing with this ethos in mind, global team, United
spirit, that is exactly what this company would want in their content. All right? We can see here, maybe I wanna have this
in review for the social media manager to come in and and take a look at what,
which tweets to use and upload them into Hootsuite or something like that. All right. So here we are. That's everything you would need to
for the state of remote work webinar. If we wanted to go and edit our brief,
let's say we forgot some things, right? We can see our brief right up here and
Jasper's gone ahead and created this in a more easy to read fashion, right? So you have your campaign name, the
overview, who's your target audience, all of this, the key message.

And you can go in here and edit. Let's say you wanna. Have your key stakeholders
assign this to different people. Put in your timelines. These are more like notes for yourself. Jasper's not gonna read like
your budget before it writes, so don't worry about that. But you can see here this is
really helping me just solidify a place to generate my content
for my marketing campaigns. And everybody can visualize
what is going into the campaign brief to generate this content. And if I want to go in and just
start a new document, I can. And now it's nested
inside of this campaign. Alright, so what'd y'all think
about that very first example here? SaaS companies commonly do
webinars like this I love it. My team will be here in the q
and a answering all your calls, questions in the meantime. I'm gonna go ahead and go
into example number two. So this is a real company
this time called

And long story short, they basically send
you email alerts if there's a mismarked flight and they'll send it to your
email to go and book that flight, right? So super cheap deals on on. On Great. On, on flights coming outta your airport. Okay. So obviously a new product, right? If you're an agency, maybe you
wanna go in and create a new brand voice for your different client.

This time I'm gonna do it by a url. So Jasper will go and scan this
URL to develop the brand voice. Sometimes you don't have a perfect written
brand voice, like this company would. So if you don't have this yet, the fast
track is go ahead and copy and paste. In this example, I'm gonna just be,
this is a blog post where they talk about their rebrand and they talk
about their new ethos and how they write and what's important to them. So this is great. This is gonna give Jasper a lot of
content to understand how to write. I'll paste that. All right. Now, just like how, if it, you were
to upload your written style guide. Now Jasper's detecting your
tone of voice, and normally this takes roughly about a minute. Don't worry about that. You only have to do it once. And then whenever you create content,
whether it's a campaign or if you're creating SEO content in documents,
you're creating ads and templates, no matter where you're creating campaign
or content with Jasper, even in chat.

You can select this tone of voice. All right, so now I'm gonna do name
this voice, the going brand voice. Okay, so now I have two brand
voices, two different companies. Let's go over here to campaigns. Create a new campaign. For this example I've created, by the way,
this is a fictional campaign, so don't go over to Scotch Cheap Flights or
and say, Hey, are you gonna honor this? Don't, it's just a campaign
I came up with, right? But I know that they're
gonna do a Black Friday deal.

And I looked up what they did
last year, and they did 50% off their premium membership,
which is normally $49 per year. So this time I basically went with
the same thing where I wrote about for the campaign brief, who the
company is, what their product for the premium membership is, who their
audience is, like young millennials who enjoy it in an adventurous lifestyle. And there are maybe honeymooners,
they're frugal adventure seekers. All right. They got some social proof. They're loved by 2 million
travelers as seen on Good Morning America, things like that. These are facts that we want Jasper
to know and we also want Jasper to reference them in our campaign. Alright, so the offer is a Black
Friday deal of 50% off their premium and elite memberships. We see here the call to action, the
way that you purchase this is online.

It is important to note that because your
call to action might be register, it might be give us a call, it might be come into
our store, it might be et cetera, right? So there's different call to action. Be clear with how they take action. You might wanna have some like
urgency limitations, any policies to know that Jasper should know
or reference in the campaign. So it's only available for 72 hours. It ends this year on
November 27th at midnight. These are important details that Jasper,
you don't want Jasper to hallucinate or generate different content, right? Any guarantees. So they're promising that all
deals are at least 40% off, if not sometimes up to 90% off. And this is data that only their
internal company would know, right? So you want that in the messaging here. All right. So again, a fictional campaign.

But we're gonna go ahead and copy
and paste this into here, say, Goings Black Friday campaign. There we are. Let's go ahead and select some content. So what do we need for
a Black Friday campaign? We're gonna need an ad, we're
gonna need a LinkedIn post, we're gonna need a press release. We're gonna need an a
promotional email sequence. Let's just start there
and see what happens. All right, so while these
others generate, we can go ahead and look at this Facebook ad. Don't miss out on our Black Friday deal. Get 50% off going awesome. Ends November 27th. It's factually accurate. This is really good. Limited time. Heck now. Love it. By the way this is a document, just how
you expect Google Docs or anything else.

But I can also say create more campaigns
more ad variations, like the above. All right, so now I submit that cam that
Into Jasper, and that's just a prompt. It then follows suit. What are other marketing angles? Perfect. If I want to continue following
my thought, I just click compose. And how easy is that? So start your journey with 50% off. Going Premium membership. I love this. So now I can say, okay, this is ready. It's in review. If I wanted to go into power
mode, I could also look at other different types of templates in here. If I need a caption for Instagram
or if I need to do some s e o work. All of that can be done
right here in templates. All right. Let's look at our pro
promotional email sequence. The Black Friday deal
we've been waiting for.

This is great by the way,
for our hot audience. This is our leads. We email them this, so we
already have their contact info. They already know who we
are and what we're about. Maybe they're on our free plan,
maybe they've downloaded content, but we've collected their emails so far. So we don't gotta do a lot of
salesmanship on the actual offer, but more of now's the time to take action. Ready, set, go. Black Friday. Savings on the going premium membership. I literally wouldn't
change anything about that. It's so good. Hi there, fellow adventurer. Have you been dreaming up of
a spontaneous trip to amazing destinations at a fraction of the cost? Luckily, today's your day. Look, this is so good. Oh, look at this, the perfect
stocking stuffer for your traveling, for your travel loving
friends and family this Christmas. The context of this campaign
being right before Christmas. This just shows you how
good the marketing copy is. This is gonna perform really well.

Click here to claim your
50% off going membership. So I would highlight this and maybe link
it right to the to the url, so Bingo. All right. There we are. Happy travels the going team. Okay, so in the beginning you
wanna announce the campaign, but then we go into email two. It's the middle of the campaign. The clock is ticking, right? So hurry up, it's scarcity urgency. Act now only a few more days left. And then finally, your last chance
to save on your dream vacation. I love the transformation journey
here, but also the urgency to act now. Final call, 50% going, okay. Hey jet setter. You know what? I love that. That's so good. Okay, so you'll see this is fantastic
marketing copy generated instantly and if you don't want to use all of 'em, you
can just use a couple copy and paste it. Alright. Now let's say that I forgot,
I need to generate, let's say, How about a blog post, right? So I wanna generate a blog post.

All I do is use that instant magic
right there, and within a click. It's already generating it. It's referencing the campaign brief
and my tone of voice, and then bingo. Just like that. It's gonna generate. The blog post. And so this is again, a great first draft. You wanna go in, edit, revise,
maybe optimize for your keywords, things like that. But ultimately it's just gonna save you
a handful of hours on your first draft. So here's our H one. Unlock the world of budget. Travel with going's Black Friday deal. So all you would do is copy
and paste this into WordPress. And there you go.

Go ahead and publish it. Un missed. Oh, this is so good. Okay, so it's all about that. Why choose going premium cuz in
the middle, for your H two s and threes, you wanna have specific
promises in the headlines. So stay ahead of the game with
going premium, personalized alerts, expert advice, and a community. And then we go back to our
H two summarizing the deal. I love it. So there you go. There's a blog post. Let's say that it's published, it's
ready to go, it's already on the site. You can put the status there. Alright, so there you go with
our second example creating a time event-based campaign for a
content newsletter travel company.

Alright, let me know in the
comments or chat if you guys have any other questions about that. And let's go into our third one. In this third example, I thought I'd hop
on something a little trendy right now. But I'm going to rename it. So this is Orange's New
vrs headset called Goggles. Y'all know this amazing
company called Orange.

They came out with a revolutionary
new product called Goggles, and this is their official pre press release
from Tom Scheff, their c e o here. So it tells you all about the
goggles and what they do for spatial awareness and getting rid of that
2D screen for a 3D environment. All right, so if this is the press release
that's official with all the details you need, wouldn't you just be able to
remix that and turn that into a campaign? With Jasper campaigns, you can. We're gonna go ahead and start off
with our brand voice though, right? Because we wanna generate
content that's on brand. So here, I'm going to go to the
style guide of orange, copy and paste everything on the page. This is something that's public, right? So some of you all have not only done
private, some of you don't have any style guide, but some of you have
one that's publicly on your site. What if you could just literally copy
and paste what's publicly on your page? Paste that right there.

So now Jasper's gonna learn how you write. I think y'all are figuring out
how to do this by now, right? So it's detecting your tone of voice,
understanding how you write, and when it generates the content, it'll sound
like you, it'll be your digital twin. We'll name this, the orange brand voice. All right's go to campaigns. Create this campaign,
get our press release. The campaign name is goggles orange goggles. Our voice is orange, the brand. Let's go ahead and select some content. So what do we need to remix or
repurpose this press release into? Maybe I want some tweet ideas
on promoting this on Twitter. Maybe I want to do a LinkedIn
post to all my followers. Maybe I want to do some Google
ads for anybody that looks up our new product for a product release. What other things do you
need for a product release? You should probably also do a nurture
email sequence, maybe Facebook ad. How about a podcast script? Maybe YouTube in Instream ad.

That's good. We already have our press
release, so we don't need that. And of course we need
some landing page copy, so not much time at all. We'll start to see all of
our content rolling in. And again, agencies, internal
teammates, getting that first draft back often takes weeks. At least here, you now get it in
minutes and now your team can go and review that content, schedule it,
and optimize it for each channel. Okay, let's look at our landing page copy, revolutionary new VR headset, the meta
description, so it's giving you all the SEO stuff you need as well, right? Discover the future of spatial computing
with orange goggles seamlessly blends the digital world with reality.

So good shows you the key
features, experiences, its price. And and how to order. All right, so we can see here, this
is the basics of a landing page. You might wanna go in
and add testimonials. You might wanna go add different,
pieces of content here that give color to your landing page, but
this gives you a great first draft. Okay. How about. That LinkedIn post. So you want to activate all of your
teammates, all of the employees in your company to talk about the new
orange goggles with citrus os and all the different unique features of
it, but it needs to sound personal.

We all use and love emojis on
social media so it understands the context of that platform and
adapts the content accordingly. This is awesome. It even recommended a
few hashtags to hop on. Sweet. Okay. How about some Google ads? See what different headlines it's
recommending, and then you could go in and ab test these, right? But for getting your first back
draft, this is really cool. I like, look, it is telling
even just different. Use cases. So you have movies, games, 3D apps,
so all depending on what your keywords that people are searching for, you
might wanna use different headlines. What I really like about this is it
is Jasper's also generating ideas. So sometimes I'm like,
wow, I didn't think that I.

Our product could be used that
way, but that's pretty cool. I like that. Elevate your productivity experience,
multitasking like never before. So maybe that wasn't the primary
use case of goggles, but now you see Jasper generated this idea and you're
like, we could go after that market. And it's as easy as copying and
pasting this now that Jasper gave you the comp, the copy. Very cool. All right, great. So again, you can use instant
magic to generate more ideas. You can And this was not based
off of pro of a campaign brief, we just remixed the press release. So depending on where you are in your
campaigns right now, whether you're prepping for them or you are getting
ready to review the last ones, to prep the next one you can use all these
different features of campaigns with that.

Hop back over to q and a now. Thank you all for joining me
for that live demonstration. And now it's time for q and a. So I hope I delivered on our
promise today of making marketing campaigns instantly with ai. Thank you for joining me. Go ahead and create your first
campaign today, and now I'll hop into the live q and a. And teammates that are on with me
if there's been any common questions that have come up that you'd like
me to answer for the crowd, I'm happy to to answer that now too. Yeah, so there will be a lot more
use cases coming to campaigns. So as you saw that there's a
handful such as like tweets, blog posts, things like that. Let us know what other use
cases you're looking for.

Are there different campaign assets that
are missing out of what we currently have? If you type that in, now
we're gonna actually save and export all of these q and As. And so now's the time. Give us some feedback. What assets do you need generated? And we can look at getting that
into the next product update. All right. Let's see. Is there a length limitation to
campaign briefs, or is it basically you can upload the entire white
paper and it will reference that? Yeah.

Right now, as it is today, there's not
a, there's not any limits to how much you can include in that campaign brief. Jasper will then analyze it and Actually,
pull in the most important details depending on what you're creating. It's actually really intelligent at
being able to cipher, which important details are for generating each asset. And so that's why you don't have to
worry about the length of your brief. How is this different than other
tools that are mentioned in this q and a question like alternatives. So the main thing is alternatives. They're not gonna speak like
you in your brand voice. It doesn't analyze your content,
understand what your tone of voice is. Your brand, your message
is it's just gonna. Kind of be generic, right? So Jasper's designed for
marketing teams to stay on brand. So Jasper's basically
your brand proponent. Also other ais will not understand
and reference your product details.

Anything specific about your company,
you would always have to season the chat, as they would say, before you
ever write with Jasper, you just upload your knowledge, put it in your
campaign brief, things like that. And then it's gonna write factually. So as you saw when we generated, for
example, that webinar template, then it was pulling in the actual CEO's
name, the actual date, how many seats are remaining, things like that. If you want it factual, accurate for your
company and your brand voice, whether it's like your company brand voice or
it's your team's voice, your CEO's voice. So for example Dave Rogan Moser,
the CEO O of Jasper is from Kansas. And we taught Jasper how to write like
Dave and it uses sayings like y'all. And so it is just cool to see how. That works, right? Whereas if you were to use
a competitor, it would sound like everybody else's content. And we know in marketing, it's not
about just producing a lot of content. It's about how to stand out, how
to have your message resonate, and how to have a point of view and a
perspective on what you're creating.

So that's why you would need
something like that where you're teaching it how to write like you. Okay. Let's see. Yeah each one of these
assets that are generated. Basically taken to concern the
context of where that output is. So for example, like
tweets are 240 characters. I know there's longer ones these days,
but there's a limitation there for Google Ads, headlines and descriptions. There's only so much you can write. It does its best to stay within those
limitations and write for the platform. The context of the platform does matter. When it does generate a tweet,
it's not a long blog post. It's short, it's concise,
it's punchy, it's been trained on well-performing tweets. For example, the Facebook ads
there's different sections. So when you generate a Facebook ad,
it's gonna create your primary text, your headline, your call to action
all for the context of a Facebook ad. If you look at. A blog post, it understands the need
for an H one, H two s, and H three s.

It's gonna be more long form. So yes, it does take into consideration
the context of each one of those assets. Lucia is asking, she's a brand designer
and she finds it all so fascinating. Are you able to create brand imagery
in visual style guides at this time? Currently, Lucia, unfortunately, we do
not have visual style guides in Jasper. I could foresee that coming down our
product roadmap Jasper Art, you can generate content and you could tell it
directions on how you want it to look. You could say it's illustrative.

You could say it's 3d, you,
that kind of stuff, right? You could say tell it to use the
color blue, but there's not a way to add like a specific brand tone
color or something like that. So we're just not there
yet for visual design. But Jasper's main use case at
this point is written content. Is there a way to make
everything SEO optimized? Thanks for asking that, Debbie. So the way that Jasper
works is it's going to be. SEO optimized in its design. However, I would also recommend
that you add in our integration with Surfer seo, so surfer It's a fantastic tool and they're
one of our deep integration partners. So inside of documents, you can
open up power mode or SEO mode, connect in your surfer SEO account.

Then you can actually, literally on
the left hand side, see, based on your keyword clusters, what content Jasper
should generate to rank at the top of Google for your keywords on your plan. If you're missing anything in the H
one s or a certain number of images or certain FAQs, then surfer will tell you
that, and then you can direct Jasper. To go and follow suit on
those s e o strategies. So Jasper actually uses multiple models
to, in its AI engine we're actually Bard's one of, Bard's very first partners for
their ai, their large language model. Of course open ai stability, andro. And many others. So think of Jasper as like this entire
mixology of AI, where you can actually get the best the latest, most up-to-date
models, fine tuned for each use case, and then easy to use, and then with a
layer of performance marketing on top. We've trained it on specific
examples and strategies that work. For Facebook ads, for blog
posts, for tweet ideas.

So ultimately you're gonna get a
better output because you're using the most up-to-date models, the
correct model for each use case. Fine tune for the output that is on
that is for what you're generating. Yes. We work in over 30 languages, so you
can actually write in one language. And then generate in another. So this is great for localization. If you're doing international
campaigns or maybe if English is not your native tongue, then you
could actually generate content. You could input content in
your language and then generate it in English as an example. Lot of positivity in this chat. I love seeing it. Thanks you all for engaging
today on this webinar. I'm gonna go ahead and go for two more
minutes and then we'll continue this conversation in the Facebook group.

My recommendation to you all
today is first, get your style guide uploaded to Jasper. Make sure that it's writing
in your brand voice. And then now that you have your account
set up, go and add your teammates. Why don't you add your
teammates now, all of them. So you're now multiplying yourself
to generate content across everybody on your team that's gonna
really be great for your brand.

I think your brand
director's gonna love that. It's also, you can train it on your
salesmanship one time and now all your other salespeople can write as effectively
as your top performing salesman. I would also recommend adding the Chrome
extension because sometimes you don't want to just go to Jasper to generate content. You also want to be inside of
Gmail, inside of Google Docs or inside of the ads managers inside
of your email marketing tool. And so with the Chrome extension, Jasper's
just right there on the other side of your cursor, and so it makes it much easier
to generate that content right there. That's a pro tip. The people who use the Chrome
extension freaking love it. I think it's one of the greatest
innovations Jasper's ever created. Yeah, a lot of love coming in right
now for that Chrome extension. It's also available on edge. Y'all you can use it there too. Some of you are looking for like a sample
campaign brief and a sample style guide. I don't have an example campaign brief,
but what I'll just do for you right now is I'll go back to the example.

And then you can like
screenshot that if you want. So yeah, and just still in the
chat we've been saying we'll send out along with the recording of
the webinar your sample, Okay. Later in an email. So everyone should be able
to get it after the webinar. Cool. Thanks Casey. Yeah. Here's an example. I would include a background on
your company, what you stand for.

What makes your tone of voice unique? So this is something that I created. Another version of that is content. If, let's say you have publicly shared
what you stand for, like Scott, like going has this is the way that they write. Here's what's important to them. This is another example of how
you could do a style guide. The third is a public. Under your like brand guide. This would be for a media kit or for your
affiliates, or anybody riding on behalf of your company or for your company. Here's an example of orange's style
guide on what they on what they say to do and not do, and how to write
with consideration, things like that. There's no one size fits all. There's no perfect style guide. You can see here Fortune 500 companies.

It looks like this. You can see here for like
mid-market and growing companies, it could look like this. Or it could just be like a private
internal document like this. All right. Thank you all so much for
joining us live today. It's been my pleasure to
introduce you all to campaigns. My ask of you today is go in
and create your first campaign. It's super simple. You saw in less than an hour,
I created three campaigns for three different companies. And so you can at least get one out
the door to play around with it. And if you're actually doing this
for an upcoming campaign then go ahead and save yourself some time. And also it'll increase
your performance, right? If you are busy doing a lot of other
things and you wanna knock out. All your marketing assets, go
ahead and hop in there today. The recording will be uploaded
to YouTube along with all of our other product education.

If you enjoyed this and you want
more trainings like this, go over to our YouTube and dive on in. Thanks for joining us live and
I'll see you on the inside..

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