Introducing Jasper Campaigns

– [Narrator] Coordinating
a marketing campaign can feel like wrangling
cats: multiple people, multiple platforms, misaligned messaging. All that back and forth can
mean your message falls flat. AI is about to change all of that. Now, you can spin up a
full-fledged, multi-channel campaign with a single creative brief,
organizing all your assets and contributors in one place. With one brief, Jasper
Campaigns creates a first draft of all the marketing assets you need so you can stay in one platform
for your entire project.

And Jasper makes team
collaboration seamless, keeping everyone and every
platform on the same page. Jasper Campaigns ensures your message is impactful across platforms, while preserving your
brand voice and identity. One brief, one team, one voice. One AI platform with end-to-end marketing. Harness the speed of AI without losing control of your message. Harness the power of one..

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