Make $1,000/Day with ChatGPT and MIDJOURNEY

hey how's it going Jonathan dunkerley here and today I wanted to share with you The Beginner's blueprint on how you could be making one thousand dollars a day using chat GPT and mid-journey and then I'm going to share with you a list of 400 plus AI tools that you could use to make money with this system and don't worry you could start as a complete beginner even if you have never made a penny online before or used AI I'm going to show you how to use chatgpt I'm going to show you how to use mid journey and then I'm going to show you a tool that pretty much automates everything that I am showing you right now now first if you want that list you can go right here to you're gonna get a list of these AI tools that you could use this system to promote and make money with every single one of these now I'm going to show you the manual steps to do this so you could build your AI video using AI tools and then I'm going to show you a tool that you could use in order to do this kind of on autopilot and it pretty much does everything for you so you could use chat GPT 3.5 or you could use chat GPT for the 4 is paid and 3.5 is free at the moment so you could just use 3.5 so now I have this prompt write a script about why your business needs AI tools this is for short form content like Tick Tock have a call to action at the end to comment yes because this this is a really important part for for more information to learn more or how about yes to learn more and then I'm going to hit enter and now it's already given us a script we only need the dialogue we don't need any of the scene direction we could ask chatgpt to rewrite it without that but the next thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to ask it to generate five prompts that I could use in the next tool that we're going to go to Mid Journeys so I said give me five mid Journey prompts based on the script above so now we have our five mid Journey prompts we could look at these and see if they're exactly what we want and what mid journey is it's a tool that creates AI images and you run it through a platform called Discord a lot of people use Discord for things like gaming and communities but you could run it directly in a private server let me just show you what it looks like so I created a Discord server just for some AI tools like mid-journey so let's just grab one of these prompts just to see what we can get out of mid-journey and you would need to do this to every single one because you'd want at least five images to use in your video that we're going to create so to generate your image you just put just slash command you click image and then you could just paste in that prompt and then if you want it to be vertical like this you would put Dash Dash AR and then whatever aspect ratio in this case it is 9 by 16.

and then you just hit enter and it will generate an image that you could use in your video now I've cleaned up the script that Chad tpd wrote for me and we're going to go to another platform while our images are generating called 11 labs to create our voiceover you can create a clone of your own voice or somebody else's voice at 11 Labs like I cloned my voice right here and then we cloned Chase's voice right here and I could use either of our voices or you could use any of the ones that are built in so when you create your account if you want to grab their API key later it's right here in your profile you just have this drop down menu and you click profile I'm not going to click it right now because it would show you my API key but you could click that and you would be able to grab yours so then we would just paste in that script and then I could just say whatever voice I wanted if I wanted it to be my voice I could or I could have it in anybody else's so I could just why don't I do my voice then I would generate the voiceover and it just takes a moment and now we have our completed voiceover so it created an entire script with the voiceover in my voice that I'm able to then download I'm going to download the voiceover then I'll be able to take the images that I created you could use all these images that were created from this one prompt or you could continue to add in more and more prompts to create more images so I'm just going to get the upres versions of all four of these images so I could work with them in the next step and then you just want to save all of these images you can just click here you'll get the best version if you save it from your browser and you just right click hit save and then you could save the image all the images are being saved cool now we have saved all of our images we have our voiceover that we got from our script and our next step is going over to a tool like cap cut to assemble all of the pieces so cap cut is a free editing software there is a paid tier if you would like to get that add some extra features as you know syncing to the cloud and things like that but those aren't really 100 necessary for you to accomplish this so I'm just going to go ahead and create a new video and it's going to ask me the aspect ratio and I'm going to do vertical 9×16 and then I'm going to add in the voiceover that we created in 11 Labs now I can take the voiceover drop it into the timeline then we take these images we're going to drop them in on top of our voiceover then we're going to grab another one dropping it over the voiceover dropping it over the voiceover then we stretch these out make this longer or stretch it out try and make them match up with the the sound and then once you have these aligned I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time on this just because there is a easier way there is a faster way to do this a more efficient way so what I would have to do here to add motion is I would have to go and do something called keyframing and I would have to add keyframes and add motion so it'd be like I would start here and then I would say that okay that at the end of the the clip I want it to look like this I would stretch it out okay now it looks different and there'd be Motion in the in the video and it would attract people's eyes and then you can come over to the side where it says captions and you could generate Auto captions and then you just need to proofread that every single one is correct and that's really the process of creating these videos and it does take a little bit of time you have to go and create your initial images that you got the prompts from chat gbt you got your script from chat gbt and then you go to Mid Journey journey and create your your images and then you have to go and create your voiceover using something like 11 labs and then you have to go and go to something like cap cut and edit the video together and you're gonna even want to add in some music so you're going to want to have some music added in which cap cut has that built in and you could add in audio and grab one of these audio tracks so there's a lot of steps that went into creating this video and another thing that you can do is you could just go and look at what's already working in in your Niche so for example if I went to tick tock I can go and search for like AI tools and if I wanted to recreate this video that's already got nearly a million views or this one that already has 3.4 million views which is actually about AI video I can click this then if you click on the video right click and go to view video details and now that we're on this version of the page we can go to these three little dots grab the transcript and if we wanted to we could just copy and paste this into chat gbt and tell it to rewrite this as a fresh original script and then we could drop that into 11 Labs we can take that and put it into uh mid-journey images and then create our video with original script with a video that is based on a video that has already done really well and this is shinify the tool that takes all of those steps and wraps it into one nice bundle so let me just show you what you could do with shinify versus taking all of those steps if you still need to get a shinify account you can get it at but when you get into your shineify account you're going to be able to go down here to the shine ranker VIP section and when you click that there is going to be so many tutorials in here if you want to know how to do anything with the tool go through the tutorials and they are very very detailed and clear if you're ever lost this is the easiest place to get an answer so the next place that we're going to go to is this spot right here where it says AI tools I'm gonna click AI tools I'm going to click AI tools and we're going to use the AI text image because this basically does exactly what I just showed you how to do manually so I could take the image prompt that I put into mid journey and paste it here and then I could take the script that we also put into 11 labs and copy that and I could take that and go back over to shineify and I can go to script and I'm able to paste in a custom script now I could go back over here to video and there's a couple settings that you that you could adjust this is accuracy and it requires an additional API key if you did want to do this it would make your videos a little bit more unique in every image from a different prompt and if you did want to do that it's through the and that you sign up through them and then you would be able to get your authentication token and add it in and the next one is auto captions it takes your script and it puts it onto the screen then there's animations it adds motion into the video so you don't have to sit there and keyframe every single part of your video then if you'd like you could also turn on an avatar and this is through hey gen so it's just like our API for mid-journey we can go to hey gen and we can create avatars like this that we could take and put directly into our videos for example here are a few avatars that I've added into my videos with my own face and here's an example of one of the avatars I use with hey Jen with my 11 Labs API also entered so now it looks like I am speaking and it is my own voice but if you don't want to do that that's fine you could always turn off the Avatar and then we can go over to voice again you can go here and it will bring you back to 11 Labs where we were before if you want to get your API key you can go ahead and grab it right here but again these are all optional features you do not need to do any of these things you could turn off custom voices and you could pick from any of these other voices these are all really good voices for instance how about we just pick Charlie and we could sample it like this then we can go to the next tab which we was script and we already have our custom script in there and then we can go to the next tab which is music so if we wanted to add our own music in we could always just export it with no music but any of these we could add in unlock me let's go with that so now let's just double check everything and we can go video okay we're not going to do accuracy but we're gonna have add captions add animation go to Avatar we're not going to have our avatar on right now that does take extra API credits just so you know and then voice we have Charlie we're gonna go with Charlie we're done doing the API for that one because we're not using my voice and then we have our custom script and we have our music so all what you need to do at this point is hit generate video and look we are automatically generating an original video and if I wanted to I could even just mix this up really quickly change the song Maybe maybe I wanted it to be in a different voice let's pick another voice how about Freya perfect and if we wanted to change any features on the video we could change the prompt we could change animations on or off whatever we want but now I could just hit generate video and it's going to take that same exact script but have a different background we get to have different music we're gonna have a different voice so it's going to be a very original script and then if we wanted to we could always just grab this script go back over to either chat gbt or we can just go over into shinify there is an AI chat tool right here on the left side and we could say rewrite this script and then hit enter and just like that we have another script that we could just put into the tool and have original videos so I'm going to go back over to the AI video tools and then I'm going to go into script and I'm going to paste this new script now I would recommend that you always proofread what comes out of an AI generator you should read through this and make sure that the script is what you want and then when you're ready you could hit generate video and while we're waiting for these to generate I wanted to talk about how you could actually take this system and make real money with it so in this AI Avatar agency it's a three-step system unveils how to get multiple payments of 750 plus per week basically taking these strategies and creating these videos for other people and then you could also go to places like Fiverr and have other people create the videos for you and Paul James and Chase Raynor have used this system and they have proven that it works so one thing to notice is that the price is always going up so I would jump in and try and grab this before the price increases and this course is about how to get ahead of a market that is about to explode and already really is exploding and if you want to get the information on how to get started with making money with AI video whether it is you creating your own videos or if you're creating content for other clients just make sure that you jump in before the price goes up again so now we have three different videos completed a hundred percent by Ai and if I hit play and then we have this other video that had the same exact script it's a different voice a different background then we spun a different script for this one using chat gbt pondered the power so now we have three very original videos that we could post all over the internet in Facebook groups on Instagram on YouTube anywhere that short vertical videos Tick Tock anywhere and you could post these videos and get leads that lead to your email list that go to your affiliate products or anything from that list at and you could see that when you're posting a bunch of these AI videos on a platform like this like Instagram or on Facebook pages or on Tick Tock or on YouTube shorts then you could post them in multiple places and get several thousand views twelve thousand views videos end up blowing up and get even more views than the other videos but because they're being posted so many times in so many places you're going to get leads from these videos so if you want to take the shortcut go ahead and grab shinify at shiner dot com and go ahead and look in the Discord because there are a lot of people in there talking about how they are using shinify to get leads for their business and again do not forget about the AI Avatar agency course you could be making multiple payments of 750 plus per week you're going to learn the foundations of how to set up this type of business and again the price is only 14 right now but the price always is going up but this will show you how to get these jobs and how to actually make money making videos either manually like I was showing you or you could even use tools like shineify in order to automate this but jump into this training for only 14 right now or it might be more by the time you see this video so I wouldn't wait on this and I will see you in the next video

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